Actors and Actresses I've Met

Actors, Actresses and other famous people I've met.
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“ I met Mr. Mondale when he was running for president at a fund raiser held at a friends house. ” - dan_dassow
“ I met Mr. Humphrey at the same fund raiser. ” - dan_dassow
Garrison Keillor
Garrison Keillor was born Gary Edward Keillor on August 7, 1942, in Anoka, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. He was one of six children in the family. His father was of English, as well as Welsh and German, descent, and his paternal grandfather was Canadian. His maternal grandparents were Scottish immigrants...
“ I met him when I worked as a phone volunteer during the summer of 1974 during the pledge drive. I was a college student. I remember him as a talented, yet humble, morning DJ on KSJN. After 42 years on PHC he is as humble and talented as when I first met him. I distinctly remember the comments from volunteers cleaning the World Theater, which had been an adult theater prior to be a home for PHC. ” - dan_dassow
“ Fall 1976: I stood behind him in the dorm cafeteria lunch line at Territorial Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus. He was not happy that he had to stay in Territorial Hall until there was a vacancy in Sanford Hall. ” - dan_dassow
John Houseman
Academy Award-winning actor John Houseman's main contribution to American culture was not his own performances on film but rather, his role as a midwife to one of the greatest actor-directors-cinematic geniuses his adopted country ever produced (Orson Welles) and as a midwife to a whole generation of actors as head of the drama division of the Juilliard School...
“ I met Mr. Houseman during a book signing at the University of Minnesota Bookstore. ” - dan_dassow
Peter Schickele
Composer, Silent Running
Peter Schickele is a renowned American composer. Inspired by the music of Spike Jones, as a young teenager, he also studied composition and music history at Juilliard. After graduating from Juilliard he asked himself what in the world he was going to do with a PhD in music history, and proceeded to rewrite it (history...
“ I've had the pleasure of seeing P.D.Q Bach (AKA Peter Peter Schickele) twice. The first time was at Northrop Auditorium on the University of Minnesota just before I graduated over 31 years ago. The second time was in St. Louis a few months later.

During the first performance, Mr. Schickele auctioned off one of his albums. Initially, the audience did not think he was serious, but eventually people started bidding on the album.

When I bought tickets for the second performance, I suspected that he might do the same bit and got tickets in the fifth row. I was prepared for the auction with a crisp five-dollar bill in hand. When he started the auction, I stood up and shouted out five dollars. Mr. Schickele immediately responded, "sold."

Mr. Schickele told me back stage when I requested his signature on the album, that people probably thought I was a plant. I confessed that I had seen his concert six months previously.

I still have the album, although I have not played it in years. ” - dan_dassow
“ I met Mr. Doohan at a Star Trek convention in St. Louis, Missouri. ” - dan_dassow
Tom Baker
Actor, Doctor Who
The English character actor Tom Baker, best known as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor, was born in 1934 in Liverpool, to Mary Jane (Fleming) and John Stewart Baker. His father was of English and Scottish descent, while his mother's family was originally from Ireland. Tom, along with his younger sister...
“ I met Mr. Baker at a Dr. Who convention in St. Louis. ” - dan_dassow
Robert Keeshan
Television producer and host Robert James Keeshan was born in Lynbrook, Long Island, New York. As a young man he served in the US Marine Corps Reserve. Starting as a page at the National Broadcasting Company, Keeshan later began his on-air career as the original "Clarabell, the Clown" for the NBC The Howdy Doody Show (aka "The Howdy Doody Show")...
“ I met Bob Keeshan at a children's care show. ” - dan_dassow
“ I met him during a basketball workshop for children that my daughters attended. ” - dan_dassow
“ I met Ms. Sweetin when I took my daughter to a signing event at Chesterfield Mall. ” - dan_dassow
George Bush
The 41st President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush (known colloquially as "Bush 41" to distinguish him from his son, George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the U.S., who is known as "Bush 43"), was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts, a suburb south of Boston. His parents were Dorothy (Walker) and Prescott Bush...
“ I met President Bush at a reception a the airport. ” - dan_dassow
“ I met Mrs. Bush at the same reception. ” - dan_dassow
Andreas Katsulas
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Andreas from a working-class Greek-American family. Attracted from early childhood to being on stage when at 4 his mother took him to see a community theater performance, he took theatre as an extra-curricular activity in high school. He then majored in it at St. Louis University...
“ I met Mr. Katsulas at a publicity event for the fifth season of Babylon 5. ” - dan_dassow
Sean McNamara
Producer, Soul Surfer
To capture the essence of Sean McNamara's skills as a Director, one need not look further than critics' reviews of his latest theatrical work on "Soul Surfer" for Tristar Pictures/FilmDistrict. "Soul Surfer is the kind of sturdy, satisfying family drama that doesn't get made very often anymore. But even beyond that...
“ I stayed at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort on June 27 through 29, 2005 while they were filming The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold. The documentary crew set up outside my room when I arrived and they interviewed Sean McNamara (Director and Executive Producer). It was fun to listen to him being interviewed. ” - dan_dassow
“ I stayed at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort on June 27 through 29, 2005 while they were filming The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold. The documentary crew also interviewed Ross Thomas (Alex Harrison) outside my room. He talked about how his character is pig-headed. It was fun to listen to him being interviewed. ” - dan_dassow
Christy Carlson Romano
Actress, Kim Possible
Television + Film Romano has had a long relationship with Disney ABC Television Group by starring in hit series and movies for the Disney Channel and ABC Family including: Cadet Kelly, The Even Stevens franchise, Campus Confidential, Taking Five, The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold, and The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream...
“ I stayed at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort on June 27 through 29, 2005 while they were filming The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold.

I saw one scene filmed by the pool on June 28, 2005. The lighting and sound crew set up before I got back to the hotel from a meeting. Around 9:00 p.m. pacific daylight time, the lighting crew turned on the lights. It took about an hour for the lighting crew to make all of its adjustments. There was a lot of traffic noise from the Pacific Coast Highway which is adjacent to the hotel. Christy Carlson Romano and Ross Thomas were dressed in sweat suits while waiting to play the scene. Ross Thomas wore a blue sweat suit with red vertical stripes on his legs.

Around 10:00 p.m. they started to film one scene. Christy was wearing a blue sequenced top, a bright yellow light-weight dress and bright red boots. She starts at the edge of the pool, walks toward the hotel lobby, pauses, gestures, continues to walk toward the young man, kneels down and talks with Ross Thomas. The scene was filmed three times. However, it did not appear in the film.

The web site the for Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort is ” - dan_dassow
“ October 1, 2008: I was on the same flight as Ms. Mitchell, Chris Matthews and her crew. They were in town to help moderate a vice presidential debate at Washington University on October 2, 2008 Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin.

The flight was on American Eagle flight from Washington, DC to St. Louis that was delayed due to weather. The aircraft was Embraer 110 which only holds 21 passengers. I briefly met Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Mathews at Lambert St. Louis' baggage claim. ” - dan_dassow
“ I met him at the same time as Andrea Mitchell. ” - dan_dassow
“ He briefly attended our church. ” - dan_dassow