My Hitlist of German VOICE ACTORS

A hitlist of my favourite german male voice actors (in german: Synchronsprecher).
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Gert Günther Hoffmann
Gert Günther Hoffmann was born in Berlin-Lankwitz on February 21, 1929. After completing a commercial apprenticeship, he became interested in acting. He appeared in several stage plays before he started working as radio announcer for Berliner Rundfunk and as voice actor. One of his first voice works was dubbing Ben Johnson in Rio Grande...
Michael Christian
Actor, Solo Sunny
Christian, Michael is the son of German actress and writer Myriam Sello-Christian and the German actor Norbert Christian. He is an actor and also a dubbing speaker for foreign movies.
Friedrich Schoenfelder
Distinguished German actor of stage and screen noted for his rich, sonorous voice and gentlemanly bearing. Schoenfelder was a perennial favourite as a voice-over artist for English or American stars from Alec Guinness to Henry Fonda. He also did the German narration for such popular documentary series as "Wild Kingdom" (1963)...
Hubertus Bengsch
Actor, Das Boot
Hubertus, nephew of Berlin cardinal Bengsch, had his breakthrough in Wolfgang Petersen's 1981 blockbuster, Das Boot playing the First Officer. Born in 1952, Hubertus Bengsch studied at the Max Reinhardt school in Berlin. He has been in plays at theatres in Hannover, Bochum, Berlin and Salzburg...