Casting Potential Avengers

Below is a list of my picks for potential Avengers in the next couple Marvel superhero movies (Excluding Sony's Spider Man and Disney's XMen franchises) I realize not all these characters will be portrayed and nor would I want them to. But in the event any of them are, this is who I see in those roles with detailed reasons why.
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Jon Hamm
Actor, Mad Men
“ as Hank Pym/Ant-Man.
Hamm has proven he can pull off intelligent, misogynist and charming, all necessary to bringing Pym to life. In 30 Rock, he displayed self-depreciating humor and proved he looks good in glasses. I know he's not blond, but it's character that applies more than appearance. ” - claytondobosh
Olivia Wilde
Actress, Rush
Actress and activist Olivia Wilde is a modern-day renaissance woman. Starring in films and popular television shows, Wilde shares the screen with renowned actors while simultaneously giving back to the community. Olivia Wilde was born Olivia Jane Cockburn in New York City, to journalists Leslie Cockburn (née Leslie Corkill Redlich) and Andrew Cockburn...
“ as Janet Van Dyne/Wasp
She may be a bit young for Hamm, but in House she's shown her mature side while intellectually sparring with Dr. House. In Tron, she showed how well she can do as the center of the action. There's something commanding about her presence that I would believe the other strong characters could follow her as leader if they ever utilize that part of her story. ” - claytondobosh
“ as Vision
My favorite internet rumor is Agent Coulson returning as the android Vision. This casting is primarily based on that brilliant story, there's a lot of potential here, as Vision tries to distinguish himself from the hero the other Avengers remember, plus we get Gregg back. ” - claytondobosh
Don Cheadle
Actor, Crash
Donald Frank Cheadle was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 29, 1964. His childhood found him moving from city to city with his family: mother Bettye (North), a teacher, father Donald Frank Cheadle, Sr., a clinical psychologist, sister Dawn, and brother Colin. After graduating high school in Denver...
“ as Col. James Rhodes/War Machine
He was bad*** as Rhodie in Iron Man 2, and everyone knows he can do intense drama from Crash & Hotel Rwanda. As much as I enjoyed Terrence Howard in the role and as much as I know Howard would like to reprise it, let's not mess with a good thing we have in Cheadle. ” - claytondobosh
Ali Larter
A native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Ali began modeling at age 13 and traveled the world before moving to Los Angeles to study acting. Her first professional acting job was a role on the television series Chicago Sons. She received her breakthrough in the high school football drama Varsity Blues which included her infamous whipped cream bikini scene...
“ as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk
She's got action chops, whether she was running from it in Final Destination or into it in Resident Evil, Larter can kick some super-villain's in real life I'm sure. Plus, she's done the whole super-strength thing already in Heroes, except this time she gets to be green & funny! ” - claytondobosh
Ben Foster
Ben Foster was born October 29, 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Gillian Kirwan and Steven Foster, restaurant owners. His younger brother is actor Jon Foster. His paternal grandparents were from Russian Jewish families that immigrated to Massachusetts (his grandfather became a prominent judge in Boston), while his mother's family is from Maryland...
“ as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
This was a hard choice. Foster can prove he can run in Pandorum, and he proved he can straddle sympathetic & evil in 3:10 to Yuma. While he's already portrayed Angel in X3:The Last Stand, it's unlikely the two worlds will cross in film anytime soon. I wanted to go with Barry Pepper, who is just as under-utilized as Foster, but Ben's got some years on his side. ” - claytondobosh
Keira Knightley
Keira Christina Knightley was born in the South West Greater London suburb of Richmond on March 26th 1985. She is the daughter of actor Will Knightley and actress turned playwright Sharman Macdonald. An older brother, Caleb Knightley, was born in 1979. Her father is English, while her Scottish-born mother is of Scottish and Welsh origin...
“ as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
By far the hardest character to cast, Wanda has to be a sister, a near god, border-line (or completely) crazy and capable of holding her own in a fight. I chose the slightly frail-appearing Knightley for exactly that reason, she's been the not quite damsel-causing-stress before in the Pirates movies. In Atonement (I think, I dunno, didn't see it yet) she showed a deeper range. I think it's time to give Keira a chance to challenge that just another pretty face persona, just like Natalie Portman did in Black Swan. (Ed. Note: Almost went with Amy Adams) ” - claytondobosh
Djimon Hounsou
Actor, Gladiator
Djimon Hounsou was born in Cotonou, Benin, West Africa, to Albertine and Pierre Hounsou, a cook. He moved to Lyon, France, when he was 13. Hounsou has graced the catwalks of Paris and London as a popular male model. He has since left his modeling career and has worked on Gladiator by Ridley Scott and Amistad by Steven Spielberg.
“ as T'Challa/Black Panther
There's something about his presence that I almost believe he already commands a small country. A big guy, which is vital for T'Challa, Hounsou also has the voice to match the regality of a king, which an exec somewhere must have thought, because he voiced the Black Panther before. Time to bring him into the real world. I nominate T'Challa gets his own movie to introduce him properly. Not sure about this pick? See Blood Diamond and Four Feathers. ” - claytondobosh
Daniel Dae Kim
Actor, Lost
Through the diversity of his roles on stage and screen, Daniel Dae Kim continues to expand our perceptions of the Asian-American man. In characters ranging from the King of Siam, a Shakespearean hero, a social worker for the Chicago needy, to a counter-terrorist agent, his work has consistently proven to transcend the historical barriers of race and stereotype...
“ as Namor the Sub-Mariner
Think about it. It works. He can be kind of a bad guy, commanding, and then morph into a lovable complicated character. As Jin in Lost, Kim did just that. This is a bit different, but he has the acting chops, the action karate chops and he loves to swim and wants to play him! ” - claytondobosh
Zoe Saldana
Actress, Avatar
Zoe Saldana was born on June 19, 1978 in Passaic, New Jersey, to Asalia Nazario and Aridio Saldaña. Her father was Dominican and her mother is Puerto Rican. She was raised in Queens, New York. When she was 10 years old, she and her family moved to the Dominican Republic where they would live for the next seven years...
“ as Monica Rambeau/Photon/Captain Marvel
Although going transparent is exactly how I'd like Saldana to be, we know she can hold her own in action and under complicated special effects (See Avatar) This was another tough casting call, I almost went with Rosario Dawson, who I loved in RENT, but Zoe won out because of the action experience. ” - claytondobosh
“ as Carol Danvers/Warbird/Ms. Marvel
The moment I thought of Sackhoff, this seemed the only choice. As Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, I fell in love with this woman's ability to be so damn frustrating and still make me like her character. She can be tough, she can be sensitive, she holds her own as the center of heroics. She's my only pick for Ms. Marvel. If the Danvers alcoholism story line plays a part, I think Katee could make it her best role yet. ” - claytondobosh
Ewan McGregor
Ewan Gordon McGregor was born on March 31, 1971 in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, to Carol Diane (Lawson) and James Charles McGregor, both teachers. His uncle is actor Denis Lawson. He was raised in Crieff. At age 16, he left Morrison Academy to join the Perth Repertory Theatre. His parents encouraged him to leave school and pursue his acting goals rather than be unhappy...
“ as Dr. Stephen Strange/Dr.Strange
I know, I know, but hear me out! Let's give Renton/Ed Bloom/Obi-Wan a chance here. Give him a dark role again, dye those temples grey and let McGregor show us a psychaedelic mystic I know he's got in him. I read somewhere that Patrick Dempsey would be good as Strange, but I'm holding with Ewan. He's a rare talent. ” - claytondobosh
Larenz Tate
Larenz Tate was born on the west side of Chicago to Larry and Peggy Tate, the youngest of three brothers. His brothers are actors Larron Tate and Lahmard J. Tate. In 1984, Larenz and his family moved to California. It was while living in California that Larenz's parents got him and his brothers involved in a drama program at the Inner City Cultural Center...
“ as Sam Wilson/Falcon
I think he could be a great counterpart to Chris Evans in a solo Cap movie or as part of the Avengers. Tate has an energy that practically has him off the ground anyway, let him fly. We know from Crash that he can handle a racially charged role, and that would be a great rift in the team if Falcon was forced on the team like he was in the comics. The first Avengers was fun, but comics (and art in general) have always been a medium for discussing social issues. Let's shake things up. ” - claytondobosh
Mekhi Phifer
Actor, ER
Mekhi Phifer was born in Harlem, Manhattan, and was raised by his mother, Rhoda, a high school teacher. Phifer's acting career began when he auditioned at an open casting call for director Spike Lee's Clockers and was selected for the leading role. Working alongside Harvey Keitel and Delroy Lindo...
“ as Luke Cage
It's been a while since I saw him in ER, but I remember that raw anger he could bring into a room. As Luke Cage he could be a powerful player on the team, potentially even leading it as he does now. I don't know much about Cage to be honest, so I'll stop now and let the comments prove me right or wrong. ” - claytondobosh
Ryan Gosling
Actor, Drive
Ryan Thomas Gosling was born on November 12, 1980, in London, Ontario, Canada. He is the son of Donna (Wilson), a secretary, and Thomas Ray Gosling, a traveling salesman. Ryan was the second of their two children. His ancestry is French-Canadian, as well as English, Scottish, and German. The Gosling family moved to Cornwall...
“ as Danny Rand/Iron Fist
Like Cage, I know practically nothing about this character. I do know he's a martial arts expect and sort of a side-kick role. I think Gosling can be witty, from interviews I've seen. He can be enigmatic like in Lars and the Real Girl and lately he's proven himself quite the action man in Drive. Let's see what he can do, or punch. ” - claytondobosh
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Joseph Wilson was born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, the son of Mary Kathryn (Burton), a voice teacher and professional singer, and John Franklin Wilson, a news anchor. Wilson has a B.F.A. in Drama from Carnegie-Mellon University. His theater work has produced many nominations and awards...
“ as Hank McCoy/Beast
It's a very long shot they'll get to use the Beast because of the licensing issues, but I can picture Wilson bouncing around as a blue ball of references and observations. He's been a hero before in Watchmen, and Insidious and the villain (sort of) in Hard Candy. Use him as a hero or villain, I don't care, just use him! (Kelsey Grammer was great, but I'm picturing a leaner, younger Beast, sorry Frasier) ” - claytondobosh
Michelle Rodriguez
Actress, Avatar
Known for tough-chick roles, Michelle Rodriguez is proof that there is a cross between beauty and brawn. She was born Mayte Michelle Rodriguez on July 12, 1978, in Bexar County, Texas, to Carmen Milady Pared Espinal, from the Dominican Republic, and Rafael Rodríguez Santiago, who served in the U.S. Army and was originally from Puerto Rico...
“ as Bonita Juarez/Firebird
Despite having the most ridiculously-intentional hispanic name in fiction, Bonita is a great character. A missionary who takes time out of working for the Church to stop disastrous supervillains! I was so glad to see Rodriguez survive a role in Battle: Los Angeles. We know she's tough, we know she can handle herself in action (Avatar, Lost) I want to see some range in casting and give her this sweet but tempestuous character. ” - claytondobosh
Edward Burns
Edward Fitzgerald Burns was born January 29, 1968 in Woodside, Queens, New York. He is the second of three children of Molly (McKenna), who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration at Kennedy Airport, and Edward J. Burns, a police sergeant and active spokesperson for the New York Police Dept. He was raised Catholic...
“ as Simon Williams/Wonder Man
I might be a little biased because I watched Saving Private Ryan yesterday, but why isn't Burns in more high profile roles!? He's a great actor, and he could bring a lot to unstable, celebrity seeking Simon Williams. ” - claytondobosh
Lucy Liu
Born to immigrants in Queens, New York, Lucy Liu has always tried to balance an interest in her cultural heritage with a desire to move beyond a strictly Asian-American experience. Lucy's mother, Cecilia, a biochemist, is from Beijing, and her father, Tom Liu, a civil engineer, is from Shanghai. Once relegated to "ethnic" parts...
“ as Sersi
Immortal and powerful, she would be a great addition to any Avengers team...wait am I talking about Liu or Sersi!? Who cares, Ms. Liu is a fantastic part of movies today. She dominated the screen in Kill Bill and she was the single most adorable character I have ever seen as the girl next door in Lucky # Slevin. Let her be the immortal Sersi, just cast her. If Thanos is the villain in Avengers 2, or if the next Thor movie explors the greater Marvel Universe, the Eternals will come up eventually. ” - claytondobosh
Peter Sarsgaard
Actor, Jarhead
Peter Sarsgaard was born at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, to Judy Lea (Reinhardt) and John Dale Sarsgaard, an engineer who worked for the Air Force and later Monsanto and IBM. He is a graduate of St. Louis' Washington University, where he majored in history and literature. He was a co-founder of the...
“ as Marc Spector/Moon Knight
Can't you just see it? An egyptologist who stumbles on magical something or other and becomes the white-clad Moon Knight! Loner superhero or with the Avengers, Moon Knight, if done well, could be a cinematic masterpiece... or the next Daredevil. With Sarsgaard, of Garden State, Jarhead, Flightplan, etc, I guarentee it would be a fascinating movie. ” - claytondobosh
Rooney Mara
Actress Rooney Mara was born in 1985 in Bedford, New York. She made her screen debut in the slasher film Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, went on to have a supporting role in the independent coming-of-age drama Tanner Hall, and has since starred in the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, the biographical drama film The Social Network, the thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the romance Carol...
“ as Moondragon.
Mara was captivating in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and downright scary in other parts. She could bring a realistic mysticism to Moondragon that wouldn't come off as campy. Admittedly, I haven't seen her in much else, or maybe I have and just didn't know it, she's that good! Shave her head, give her the role. ” - claytondobosh
Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich is an Ukrainian-born actress, supermodel, fashion designer, singer and public figure, who was on the cover of more than a hundred magazines, and starred in such films as The Fifth Element, Ultraviolet, and the Resident Evil franchise. Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich was born on December 17...
“ as Greer Grant Nelson/Tigra
Mila has a "multipass" to my heart. An action star from Fifth Element to Resident Evil, she can even hold the screen as the near silent Michelle in Dazed & Confused. I say, use some special effects, make her a cat with some awesome stripes, a tail and an oddly sexy bikini and you have the only Tigra that would be believable on film. ” - claytondobosh
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Actor, Inception
Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt was born February 17, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, to Jane Gordon and Dennis Levitt. Joseph was raised in a Jewish family with his late older brother, Dan Gordon-Levitt, who passed away in October 2010. His parents worked for the Pacifica Radio station KPFK-FM and his maternal grandfather...
“ as Eros/Starfox
A ridiculous character, the pleasure stimulating Eros, brother of Thanos, and yet such a vital part of the story of the Infinity Gauntlet. The only way we could accept a character like that on film would be if JGL here was in the role. I mean c'mon, just look at this guy, can't you see that thumbnail on the left trying to seduce you? ” - claytondobosh
“ as Duane Freeman
One of the latest in a line of Government liaison's for the Avengers, I think it's time Reddick got a role that didn't demand he be creepy. The lovable Duane Freeman would be a surragate for the audience as he was starstruck by all these superheroes and yet strong as he defied them and challenged them without any powers. ” - claytondobosh
Lee Tergesen
Actor, Monster
He was born on July 8, 1965 in Ivoryton, Connecticut and is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. His brother, Chris Tergesen, is a music supervisor and music editor. Lee has been married three times and has been married to Yuko Otomo, an art therapist, since 2011. They have a daughter, Lily, born in 2012...
“ as Henry Gyrich
The worst Gov. Liaison ever. Gyrich could bring some tension to the team without destroying a major city every movie. I pick Tergesen because of his role in OZ. This man can act his way though a black hole and come out unscathed. Throw some glasses and a crew cut on him, you have one evil human bastard that can give Cap, Tony and Thor a scare without nary an energy bolt. ” - claytondobosh