A list of people that work at, or have starred in the productions of the greatest company on the planet.

this list is work in progress, more will be added.
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Burnie Burns
Producer, Lazer Team
Burnie Burns is an American film producer, animated filmmaker known for his Machinima work on the Red vs. Blue series. Also an actor, he appeared in the 2015 movie The Outfield. He joined the cast of The Amazing Race in season 28. He is also one of the co-founders of Rooster Teeth Productions. He also is a comedian...
Matt Hullum
Producer, Lazer Team
Matt Hullum wrote and directed The Schedule while attending the University of Texas. After graduating, he worked as a visual effects producer on films such as Driven. He then co-founded the company Rooster Teeth, later becoming its CEO. At Rooster Teeth, Hullum was a voice actor in Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles and was an executive producer of RWBY and The Gauntlet...
Geoff Ramsey
Geoffrey "Geoff" Lazer Ramsey, is an American voice actor and comedian. He co-founded the production company Rooster Teeth in 2003 and is best known for voicing Dexter Grif in the long-running web series Red vs. Blue. Geoff is also a voice actor and Internet and YouTube personality. He is also a producer and actor for Rooster Teeth who voiced Dexter Grif on Red vs...
Gus Sorola
Gus Sorola is best known for his role with Rooster Teeth and his part in Red vs. Blue as Simmons. Gus also stars in other productions by Rooster Teeth such as Immersion, host of Drunk Tank Podcasts, special appearances with Achievement Hunter, and the new game show The Gauntlet as coach of the Red Team...
Joel Heyman
Joel Pearce Heyman is an actor best known for his work with Rooster Teeth Productions, including the popular Machinima web-series Red vs. Blue as Private Michael J. Caboose/O'Malley. Heyman is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama Production...
Nathan Zellner
Actor, Kid-Thing
Nathan Zellner is a is a former Rooster Teeth employee, and actor best known for providing the voice of Andy the Bomb in the Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Nathan is also a director and producer, as well as being an actor known for Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014), Kid-Thing (2012) and Red vs...
Gavin Free
Actor, Lazer Team
Gavin David Free is an British born filmmaker who wowed millions with his slow-motion videos on the Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel alongside Daniel Gruchy. He has also done a number of other videos with the production company Rooster Teeth. Gavin was born on May 23, 1988 in Oxfordshire, England. Before fame...
Brandon Farmahini
Director, Immersion
Brandon Farmahini is a Rooster Teeth Productions employee that has worked on Red vs. Blue as the voice of several characters including Private Antoine Bitters and Demo Man as well as several soldiers in season 9 and 10. He is also one of the camera directors for the RT Podcasts and occasionally appears in them...
Kathleen Zuelch
Kathleen was born and raised in Southern California. She was educated at California State University, Long Beach where she studied Speech and Communications. As the entertainment industry was her primary interest she joined KDOC TV56 as an Account Executive focused on commercial and paid programming...
Yomary Cruz
Yomary can always be found where the action is! Her work has been seen nationally and internationally. Yomary's versatile talent has been spotted interviewing Hollywood celebrities, spying fashion trends, and showing off her 'car expertise' on ESPN / ESPN2's "Road Trip to the Auto Shows"series. "Gentlemen start your engines!" Victory Lane is no stranger to Yomary...
Jack Lee
Jack Lee was born in London, England in 1956. He attended the Webber Douglas Acadamy of Dramatic Art in 1979 and worked in theatre and TV in the UK before moving to the US in 1997 with just a suitcase and guitar and $350 in cash. He worked as a chimney sweep in Santa Fe, New Mexico, before moving to Austin, Texas, where he picked up his acting career again...
Shana Merlin
Awarded "The Best Improv Teacher" and "Best Female Improviser" by the Austin Improv Collective, Shana Merlin has been a professional improviser since 1995, performing from Calgary to San Francisco to Atlanta to Las Vegas to London. Shana founded Merlin Works in 2003, providing custom training, interactive presentations...
Frank Dellario
Camera and Electrical Department, Swoon
Jack Pattillo
Jack Pattillo (born January 3, 1982 in Texas, USA as Jack Shannon Pattillo is an American voice actor, Internet and YouTube personality and internet celebrity best known for his work with Rooster Teeth Productions, a media and video game company. He is also an independent filmmaker, actor, and a long time employee of Rooster Teeth...
Paul Marino
Art Department, Mass Effect
Monty Oum
Monyreak "Monty" Oum was an Asian American web-based animator and writer. A self-taught animator, he scripted and produced several crossover fighting video series, drawing the attention of internet production company Rooster Teeth, who hired him. He was also the original creator, director, writer, lead animator and a voice actor of RWBY...
Jesse Cowell
Producer, Shades of Gray
Writer/Director Jesse Cowell grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. As a child, when he wasn't being read to by his novelist mother, Stephanie Cowell, or chasing fires and swat teams with his news photographer father, Jesse was obsessed with going to the movies any chance he could. When interviewed for a local newspaper...
Griffon Ramsey
Production Designer, Immersion
Griffon Ramsey grew up in Oregon. After moving to Texas, she met her future husband, Geoff Ramsey, who was a co-founder of Rooster Teeth. Griffon started working for Rooster Teeth, writing comics, appearing on the company podcast, and acting in several short films. She was a producer on Immersion. She left the company in 2011.
Kerry Shawcross
Writer, RWBY
Kerry "Dragonface" Shawcross is an Internet and YouTube personality, co-writer of the Rooster Teeth production RWBY who also works as a co-director, compositor, and voice actor for Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. He is an employee at Rooster Teeth who is one of the primary script writers and was co-director of Volumes 1 and 2 of RWBY...