20 Rising Star Texas Actors To Watch Out For (Best Rising Star Actors From Texas)

I'm really involved in the Texas independent film scene and watch a lot of films shot in Texas. These are 20 Texas actors to keep an eye out for, cast in your project, or audition for a key role. You'll likely see many out in L.A. eventually. They are all rising stars! (listed in alphabetical order by first name)
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“ To date, Al has been in two Robert Rodriguez movies and a couple other movies and TV shows that got a wide release. He's often been cast as the tough guy in projects because of his intimidating and dominant look. His performances are always delivered effectively and realistically. In real life Al happens to be a very caring and supportive guy who is also very business savvy and smart. Not only is he involved in acting, he's also involved in the production side of things on projects and understands the entire filmmaking process which makes him an asset to have on any project he works on. ” - Texas_Film
Ali Faulkner
Ali has recently landed the role of "Bianca" in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Ali's much appreciated childhood in West Plains, Missouri provided no outlets for an early career in performance. Relocating to Dallas gave her the opportunity to explore her talents, while achieving her BA in Communications. Her professional...
“ Ali is gorgeous and probably right in line with what the epitome of a Hollywood movie star looks like. She also happens to be a great actress and sweet person in real life. ” - Texas_Film
Andrew Sensenig
Actor, Powers
Andrew Sensenig was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and spent most of his youth in Central Illinois. Thanks to several inspirational teachers and mentors in public schools, Andy was introduced to acting and music at a young age, leading to a multitude of award-winning theatrical and musical achievements...
“ With 60+ credits under his belt, Andrew has been in a wide range of movies and even a super bowl commercial. Andrew is one of those few actors who is a 10 for 10 in the area of comedy and also a 10 for 10 in the area of drama. He's got a little bit of a Tom Hanks charm to him when he performs where you tend to always root for him which makes him a prime candidate for leading roles. He's also a great guy to know and meet. ” - Texas_Film
Arianne Martin
Actress, Drive Angry
Arianne Martin was born in Austin, Texas. Before the age of seven, she had lived in several different countries including New Zealand, Saipan, and American Samoa. Her travels led to an intense interest in arts and culture. She began her film career in production. She made the transition from being behind the camera to in front a few years later...
“ What I like the most about Arianne is her acting always comes across as very natural. This is the characteristic of a great dramatic actor. When she is in a role it always feels very real. She also brings a great deal of likeability to the characters she plays which is very important so your audience can connect with the characters she plays. She's also quite beautiful and real sweet in real life. ” - Texas_Film
Brandon Craig
Actor, Culper
Brandon Craig, the son of an oil refinery worker and a teacher, was born in Beaumont, Texas. In high school he caught the acting bug while appearing in student drama productions. After graduating high school he went on to move out to Dallas, Texas in search of success as an actor. He auditioned for many roles and got his first extra role in 2006 in the movie "Rain"...
“ When it comes to delivering a strong performance that leaves a lasting impression, Brandon has the ability to deliver every time. Known for his deep voice and dominant on screen presence, Brandon does extremely well in dramatic roles with depth. He's definitely an actor to keep track of. It will be interesting to see where his career takes him! ” - Texas_Film
Bryan Massey
Actor, Mad Money
Bryan Massey was born in Pontiac, Michigan but moved to Dallas, Texas when he was just 7 years old. He began his illustrious acting career at the tender age of 9 when he made the local paper by winning the 5th grade talent show lip syncing to Steve Martin's "King Tut." At the age of 13, Bryan showed an interest in cartooning and filmmaking...
“ With already 64+ credits under his belt, Bryan is a seasoned professional actor who has been in scenes with Josh Brolin (W.), Ted Danson (Mad Money) and Nicholas Cage (Drive Angry). His latest project has him starring opposite Judy Greer (Playing the Field) in a movie with an incredible cast of actors. Not only is Bryan incredibly talented, he's one of the nicest actors you could possibly meet in real life. Very humble and funny! ” - Texas_Film
Charles Baker
Actor, Splinter
Born February 27, 1971 in Washington, DC and raised in Hawaii, Charles has lived a life most people write books about. The son of an army colonel, whose father was written up in the Los Angeles Times in 1994 by Robin Wright, Charles traveled the world by the time he was 17. He's lived in England, Israel...
“ Charles happens to be a funny guy in real life. Very candid, honest and open, telling jokes that will make you smile if you follow him on any social networks. They say honesty is one of the strongest traits of a great actor because it often translates into the roles they play, and his performances always come across as honest and real. He's well known for his role as Skinny Pete on Breaking Bad, however outside of being able to play edgy action type roles, he can play dramatic serious roles very well. The realism that he can bring to the characters he plays is unmatched. I'm very excited to see what he does next. ” - Texas_Film
“ With 54+ film and television credits under his belt, Dennis O'Neill has a great deal of experience in delivering what is needed on a project every time. If you want to be impressed, simply attend one of his acting classes that he teaches. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about acting, he's also very inspirational to everyone around him. All around Dennis is a wonderful person to work with and to know. ” - Texas_Film
“ Derek is incredibly talented when it comes to improv and has an ability to add much more to every project he works on. His performances come across as real and very memorable. He also happens to be a huge advocate for the projects he works on, promoting them proudly and helping to get the word out. All around Derek is a really nice and funny guy to hang out with in real life. I'm excited to see where his acting career takes him! ” - Texas_Film
“ With 40+ credits under his belt, Drew is most well known for playing coach Wade Aikmen on Friday Night Lights and Mike Dodd in The Hit List. Drew also has a number of projects in development through his production company and is very active at all levels in the filmmaking scene. The guy stays very busy and on the move, and if you have a chance to meet him and catch his ear for a minute, he's a really nice guy. ” - Texas_Film
Farah White
Farah White, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and began acting professionally in 1999. She started landing roles in film and commercials almost immediately. She's won over directors and fellow actors in such hits as "Miss Congeniality" (2000), "Serving Sara" (2001) and "Hate Crime" (2005). Her role in "Hate Crime" as a struggling detective and single mom...
“ With 30+ credits including a role in Miss Congeniality, Farah is just as beautiful in real life as she is in the movies she's in. Her performances come across very real and natural which is why she stays in high demand and is often busy working on new projects. She has a great energy about her that makes her fun to be around in real life. She's a nice person to meet and know. ” - Texas_Film
Frank Mosley
Frank Mosley has been called "a superb actor and filmmaker" (RogerEbert.com) and "the sort of experimentalist we don't see often enough...thoughtful, approachable, and unpretentiously curious about the nature of motion-picture artifice" (Keyframe). He is an alumnus of the 2015 Berlinale Talents and a graduate of Black Factory Cinema's 2016 Workshop for Auteurs with Abbas Kiarostami...
“ With 35+ credits under his belt, and a feature length dramatic movie he directed that got into AFI Dallas, Frank has quite the bit of experience. What makes Frank strong is he knows movies are a visual medium. You really get that when you watch his movies but you also get that when you see him perform as an actor. He can do more with few lines than most actors can do with hundreds of lines. He has the ability to fill in the silence with something memorable. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for. He also happens to be a very humble and nice guy who is very supportive of all the filmmakers he knows. He'll often post other filmmakers projects on his Facebook page to help them raise awareness, like any fan page they might send over, where other actors may ignore them. That says a lot about his personality and character and is another reason why I like him! ” - Texas_Film
“ I've heard quite a few stories about Jodie Moore from directors who have worked with him and the general consensus is that he is intense! He has the ability to deliver performances so strong that he's been nominated for awards for them. I've seen him do comedy fairly effectively but I feel his strongest area is in drama. His dramatic performances are something to see. ” - Texas_Film
“ There are a lot of actors that can do drama really well, but not a lot can do comedy. It takes a very outgoing, energetic and charismatic personality to pull off the wide range of demands that comedy requires and Katharine has it. She's not afraid to put herself out there, embarrass herself and have fun with the characters she plays. Her ability to do comedy and dramatic comedy has gotten stronger through her work in comedic improv classes. Even the most serious dramas need a touch of humor to lighten the mood and tension and she can add that. She has the ability to play a strong edgy leading lady that is believable. She's an amazing person to be around in real life. ” - Texas_Film
Larry Jack Dotson
Actor, Bernie
Larry was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has been married to actress/teacher, Tracy Dotson, since 1984. Always a performer at heart, he was often involved in school and church productions as a young man. Larry traveled the country as lead singer and front man for a quartet for almost 20 years...
“ With 41+ acting credits under his belt and growing, Larry has been in a wide assortment of projects, however his latest project Bernie will be one to really watch out for where he will be starring with such heavyweights as Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine. What I like about Larry is he often posts updates on social networks on auditioning for a role, getting a role, filming the role, wrapping on the role, and again when the movie comes out. Few actors out there show a passion and appreciation for a project like Larry does. You can tell he really loves what he does. He's an advocate for every project he works on and all around is a really nice and caring guy to know or meet. ” - Texas_Film
Nellie Sciutto
Nellie Sciutto is an actor who studied Chinese and business before training at The Actors Studio in Her hometown, New York City. When she moved to NYC, her acting teacher, Ivana Chubbuck, to,d her she was funny..to laugh at. Nellie promptly began acting in sitcoms, writing jokes for others (for Chelsea Handler on Girls Behaving Badly)...
“ Often in L.A. but sometimes in Texas, her acting is very natural and real. She also comes across as very likeable with her performances which help you connect and root for her. She has been in some fantastic projects such as Shutter Island with a great scene between her and Leonardo DiCaprio. Plus Aviator, The Departed, Criminal Intent, Entourage, JAG, Silk Stalkings and a whole lot more. ” - Texas_Film
Niko Red Star
Actor, The Judge
Niko Red Star was conceived beneath a Christmas tree on the island of Oahu in Waipahu, Hawaii. He was born in a small country town in central California, to a Portuguese mother and a Russian father. She was a painter and his father designed technology for the military. His parents divorced very early in his childhood...
“ Niko has built up the reputation of being quite the intense person in real life and in his performances. Where other actors may give 70%-100%, he's giving 900% or more. To watch him perform in a movie is to watch everyone around him suddenly disappear because he'll often steal the scene. It will be interesting to see where he is in a few years from now as an actor. ” - Texas_Film
Rebekah Kennedy
Actress, Bastard
Rebekah Kennedy, born in Texas, began acting on the stage. Rebekah spent all of her time doing theatre and it wasn't until after she received her B.A. in Musical Theatre from Palm Beach Atlantic University, did she truly discover the screen. While continuing her love for the stage, Rebekah started to explore the world of film...
“ With 28+ credits under her belt, one of her more recent projects Seasons of the Witch has her in a scene with Nicholas Cage. Not only is she incredibly beautiful and a sweet person in real life, she has the ability to play a wide age range because of her petite size. One thing Rebekah has going for her is she is by far one of the most active promoters of everything she works on and is constantly interacting with her fans and friends with over 35,000+ tweets (twitter.com/rebekahkennedy) on her twitter account! Actors can learn a lot from her on promoting themselves and the projects they work on. She's definitely a rising star. ” - Texas_Film
“ When it comes to drama and dramatic acting, Stephanie nails it every time. Her acting is very natural and real and will move you to feel something every time. She also has the ability to play cute and funny. She's a beautiful actress. ” - Texas_Film
Stephen Brodie
Stephen Brodie was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and is the oldest of three children. Growing up, he was an avid reader, and from an early age, he began to write short stories and poetry. Stephen was always creatively and artistically-inclined, and although he dreamt of acting, singing, and performing his poetry live...
“ With 27+ credits under his belt, Stephen's latest project will be the one to watch out for where he'll be in The Lone Ranger and will have lines with William Fichtner and Johnny Depp. Not only is Stephen a great actor but he's also a really cool guy to hang out with and know. ” - Texas_Film