Scream in the Victorious show

I always had this vision thats obviously not going to happen but I like Fan Fiction sometimes. The vision is that the show Victorious would end their franchise by having a two hour movie that is a WhoDunIt murder mystery slasher film with the killer dressed in the Ghostface costume and using the antics that Ghostface uses in the Scream films. In this film and in the Victorious show, Scream is just a film but a fan has taken their love for it too far. I have visions with iCarly like this too and iCarly and Victorious together like this. My killers in this would be between these pairs: The Most Obvious-Jade and beck, The Obvious-Beck and Robbie, The less obvious-Trina and Robbie, Not Obvious-Trina and Andre, and Shocking-Cat and Sinjin. I wrote three different versions of the script and the main one has Trina and beck as the killers. Who would be your pair of killers in this movie vision? Please comment.......
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Victoria Justice
Actress, Victorious
Victoria Dawn Justice, born February 19, 1993, is an American actress and singer. She debuted as an actress at the age of ten and has since appeared in several films and television series, including the Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101 and Victorious. She has made appearances in several theatrical releases...
“ Tori Vega. The lead. Survivor. She's interested in acting and becoming a musician. She has her silly moments but she is positive about everything. She's usually the one that brings everybody together everytime there is a dispute. She has a big heart. Always finds a way to succeed in all of her obstacles. ” - amity529
Leon Thomas III
Actor, Victorious
Thomas was born in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to Los Angeles, California, and now resides there. At age 10 he made his Broadway debut in 2003 as Young Simba in the Broadway production of The Lion King. In 2004, he appeared as Jackie Thibodeaux in the original Broadway cast of Tony Kushner's "Caroline...
“ Andre Harris. Tori's bestfriend. Also the bestfriend of Beck. Loves music. He's proud of his heritage. He has a positive view for everything. Everytime something happens, nobody suspects him. He often has the weirdest girlfriends. ” - amity529
Daniella Monet
Actress, Victorious
Monet was born in West Hills, California. She has performed on the small screen in numerous television commercials beginning at the age of seven. In 1997, she had a guest appearance in an episode of Pacific Blue. In 2003, she landed recurring roles on the television series American Dreams, The Bernie Mac Show and 8 Simple Rules...
“ Trina Vega. Tori's sister. Would do anything to achieve fame, money, and success. She's self-centered and conceited. She has a heart when she wants to use it. A lot of guys dont find her to be pretty because the effects of her being self-centered and conceited often hides her true beauty from the eyes of the boys that she try to date. Appears to have a small crush on Beck. Often referred to as weird but she's one of the most normal characters in the show. KILLER!!!!!!! ” - amity529
Elizabeth Gillies
Actress, Victorious
Elizabeth Gillies (born July 26, 1993) is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Elizabeth began acting professionally at the age of 12. With a strong background in musical theater, Elizabeth made her Broadway debut at age 15, starring as the character "Lucy" in the original Broadway cast of "13"...
“ Jade West. She's very mean and sometimes creepy. Although she's creepy, scary, and appearing fearless at times, she can easily be scared or creeped out. Tori's nemesis yet at times she could be Tori's bestfriend. She has a reputation for being a trouble maker. On Tori's first day at Hollywood Arts, Jade dumped a cup of iced coffee on Tori's head. Her personality is the way it is because of her father's lack of being a father to her and some other backstory that wasnt specifically explained. She's very jealous of girls when they talk to or become friends with her boyfriend. She's the ex-girlfriend of Beck and appears to be heading back into a relationship with Beck. She's one of the red herrings. ” - amity529
Avan Jogia
Actor, Ghost Wars
Vancouver native, Avan Jogia landed his first acting role as 'Danny Araujo 'on the award-winning TV movie drama "A Girl like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story," directed by Oscar nominee Agnieszka Holland. Jogia followed up with a recurring role on the SyFy Channel hit series "Caprica," as well as becoming...
“ Beck Oliver. Bestfriend of Andre. Good friends and advice giver with Tori. Rex's nemesis. Friend, advice giver, and a small guidance counseleur to Robbie. Cool with Trina. Often is a work partner with Sinjin. Appears to be Sikowitz's best student. Ex-boyfriend of Jade and it appears that he may go back with her in a future episode. Also, rumored on the net and in one of the episodes to be in a secret relationship with Cat. Some say he's manipulating her into the three letter word that starts with 'S' and ends with 'X' and no im not talking about Six, Sox, or Sux. I believe you know what im talking about. Some also say he told her that its the best for them if she keeps that secret between them. Some even say that the real reason he broke up with Jade in the first place wasnt because of arguments but so he can make Cat feel better. He's very cool. He's calm. He usually dont get mad but if you get him mad, he will avenge you with an everlasting effect. He has a lot of girls that are his fans. He's observant and often quiet. He appears to know a lot about acting. He lives in a trailer that is parked in his parents' garage because his parents told him "You live under our roof, our rules.". This indicates that he moved out because he wants to live under his rules and free. He can be sarcastic when he wants too. He appears fearless and often appears, disappears the next second, then reappears in the next couple of seconds. People believe he has a lot of luck but he refers to it as rewards for his hard work. Even though he's seemingly perfect, there appears to be a deep dark secret that he may be hiding but you just cant point your finger on what gives you this impression. KILLER!!!!!! ” - amity529
“ Robbie Shapiro. He's totally weird, yet, very intelligent and cool. He carries around a puppet with him that some believe is alive. While others believe the doll is Robbie's alter-ego that he carries around in his hand. Robbie is socially akward. He has trouble with girls and also likes almost any and every girl that he sees. All a girl needs to do is touch Robbie for him to do anything they want him to do. KILLER!!!! ” - amity529
Ariana Grande
Actress, Victorious
Ariana is a singer and lyricist. She was born in Boca Raton, Florida, to Joan Grande and Edward Butera, both of whom are of Italian descent. After growing up in Florida, She moved to Los Angeles when she received the role of "Cat Valentine" in Nickelodeon's Victorious, along with Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies...
“ Cat Valentine. Very silly. Bipolar at times. May have mental problems. Has a brother that she always mentions, yet, he never appears. Sometimes, she's smarter than everybody else. This makes you ask the question: Is this looney personality a cover for something else? and When she mentions her brother, does she mean someone else or something else? It appears that she may be covering a secret or she's just naturally looney. ” - amity529
Michael Eric Reid
Actor, Victorious
Michael Eric Reid (aka Mikey Reid) was born on a cold winters day in the Bronx, New York in Jacobi Hospital. He has always had a burning desire to perform, and as a young child would often imitate characters he saw on TV. He booked his first audition at the age of 5 for the Nickelodeon series "Emergency: Ask a Kid." and played a dying poison victim...
“ Sinjin Vancleafe. He's the tech geek and sound editor/technician for the school plays. He comes across as weird sometimes. He may have a crush on Jade. ” - amity529
“ Rex Shapiro. He's the puppet that is being carried around by Robbie. This doll(to say) is very sarcastic. He's rude and he has no remorse. He has no guilts or regrets. He says anything that he feels the need to, no matter how outrageous or unnecessary it may be. ” - amity529
“ Mr.Sikowitz. Hollywood Arts Acting teacher. He's psychotic at times. He's very looney at times. He dances to the beat of his own drum. He's the other red hering. Survivor. ” - amity529
Lane Napper
Miscellaneous Crew, Victorious
Lane Napper is an American actor. He is probably best known for his portrayal as Lane Alexander, Hollywood Arts hip and zen Guidance counselor on the Nickelodeon hit show "Victorious" as well as Ernie, Sam Pucketts former Dance Teacher on the television hit "iCarly". Lane was born in Alexandria, Va...
“ Lane. Hollywood Arts guidance counseleur. At times, he appears to be gay. He's also very jumpy. ” - amity529
“ Deanna Vega. Tori's mom. She's very kind-heardted and nice. She's also very inquisitive. Survivor. ” - amity529
“ Jim Vega. Tori's dad. A cop. Very sarcastic. Survivor. ” - amity529
“ Sinjin's friend. He controls the lighting and special effects of the stage plays Hollywood Arts have. ” - amity529
“ Daniel Tyler. Both Tori's and Cat's ex-boyfriend. ” - amity529
Jillian Clare
Actress, Pretty Broken
Born in Portland, Oregon, Jillian Clare has appeared on both the big and small screen in numerous projects including her double award winning portrayal of pre-teen 'Abby Deveraux' on NBC's Days Of Our Lives and guest appearances on ABC's Castle and Suburgatory, etc. Her most well-known character on the silver screen was in the hit Nickeloden Victorious film Freak the Freak Out as Tori's rival...
“ Haley Ferguson. Bitchy sister that is spoiled by her father. ” - amity529
“ Christie Ferguson. Bitchy sister that is spoiled by her father. ” - amity529
“ Rider Daniels. Tori's ex-boyfriend. Only goes with girls so he can get a good grade in a class and use them to succeed in anything else.. ” - amity529
“ Steven Carson. Tori's ex-boyfriend. Has a history of cheating on people and he would have still been getting away with his cheating if Robbie's camera and The Slap didn't exist.. ” - amity529