My All-Time Favorite Actresses!

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These to me are the most gorgeous ladies I have seen on film. I would watch anything (and I have with some!) they would be in! :) I have followed their careers and really enjoyed their films.

1. Judie Aronson

Actress | Weird Science

Born in Los Angeles, California, the fourth of five daughters, she was dubbed "the baby with the beat" by her family - a title she earned for her frequent song and dance routines. Aronson began her professional acting career at a young age. In the height of her success, she left acting to attend ...

Lovely Judith M. Aronson was born on June 7, 1964 in Los Angeles, California. She stand s at 5'5''.

Appeared in the Nelson video '(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection'.

The death of her character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) was filmed on a cold December night. It was so cold out in the middle of the lake that Judie, started crying. Ted White, the stuntman who was playing killer Jason Voorhees, became angry with director Joseph Zito for being so insensitive to her discomfort and threatened to quit if Judie was not given a break from being out in the cold water. She got hypothermia while filming that scene.

2. Stacey Dash

Actress | Clueless

Stacey Dash was born in the Bronx, New York. Stacy knew that she wanted to act, and from an early age began to act professionally. She made regular appearances on The Cosby Show (1984), The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990), and also St. Elsewhere (1982). At 21 she made her feature film debut in Enemy...

To me one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood! :)

Stacey Lauretta Dash was born 20 January 1967, The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA She stands 5'5. She has natural green eyes. She is of Mexican and Afro-Bajan descent.

She made her official TV show debut appearance on "The Cosby Show" (1985 season), and also made 4 appearances on"St. Elsewhere" (1988 season). At 21 she made her feature film debut in Enemy Territory(1987) an excellent Vampire/Zombie like movie that also starred Ray Parker Jr. and Jan-Michael Vincent! She was so good in Clueless(1995) I'm so glad she did the TV series of that movie also. She also did a terrific guest appearance on the Pilot of "Men, Women & Dogs" with Bill Bellamy ,a nice little funny show that lasted only one season of 13 episodes. :(

Her sister is Internet wunderkind Darien Dash, CEO of DME Interactive Holdings. Her cousin is Damon Dash.

She has been married 3 times and has 3 children - a son Austin (born in 1991) with R&B singer and former boyfriend Christopher Williams, and a daughter, Lola (born in 2003) with former husband Brian Lovell and a child with James Maby.

Appeared in Playboy magazine's August 2006 issue. Was featured in the ads for Nick at Nite's Roseanne's Extreme Make-Under commercials and a AT &T commercial also. She is also the Assistant Producer of Rockefella Records.

She once said, "I took the bus, I took the train, I did whatever I had to do, and I went into the city and auditioned for things. I came across awful characters when I got some kind of status and came to Hollywood. Then you have directors trying to sleep with you, assuming that you will do things because of the way you dress."

3. Meredith Salenger

Actress | The Journey of Natty Gann

Meredith Salenger was born and raised in Malibu, California, the daughter of Dottie, an interior designer, and Gary Salenger, a dentist. As a child, she enjoyed performing in front of her family and friends. When she was eight years old, her mother took her to an acting class and Meredith found her ...

Another of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood

1st saw her in The Journey of Natty Gann (1985). She looked very tom boyish in it but that was just the role she was playing. next I saw her in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988) and I was a fan for life! She had blossomed into a beautiful lady! And she seems to get better with age! Nice!

Meredith Dawn Salenger was born on March 14 1970. She stands 5'3"

Began her career acting in TV commercials at the age of ten.

Attended Harvard University [1988-1992] Graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1992 with a degree in Psychology. Beautiful and intelligent! What a combo!

4. Daphne Zuniga

Actress | Spaceballs

Zuniga was born in San Francisco, California to Agnes A. Zuniga (née Janawicz) and Joaquin Alberto Zuniga Mazariegos. Her mother is a Unitarian minister, of Polish and Finnish descent, and her father, originally from Guatemala, was an emeritus professor of philosophy at California State University,...

Gorgeous Daphne Eurydice Zuniga was Born on 28 October 1962, Berkeley, California, USA Stands 5'8" Her father is a Guatemalan philosophy professor and her mother is a Unitarian minister. Sister of Jennifer Zuniga.

I first saw this beauty in Vision Quest and I was hooked ever since. I followed her career since then. Especially liked her on Melrose's Place(1992-96) Last seen her in the now cancelled 'Beautiful People'(2005-06)as a single mom rasing two different type of daughters. It only lasted 16 episodes. :(

Graduated from Woodstock Union High School in Woodstock, VT in 1980. Attended, but did not graduate from UCLA.

Shared an L.A. house with Meg Ryan when both were struggling actresses.

When she isn't acting she works for such causes as cleaning up toxic waste and counseling high school kids against the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Daphne was a founding board member of Earth Communications Office (ECO), an organization that harnesses the power of the environmental movement and the entertainment community. She is devoted to the conservation of our planet and "mercury awareness", having written articles for Oprah Winfrey's O magazine. She enjoys meditation and is a supporter of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts.

Rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle in her spare time. Has a body piercing through her navel.

(On her younger days) 'I was a real pain in the ass actually, kind of obnoxious. Moving around a lot and being the "new kid" on the block affected me. My life wasn't too normal in terms of Friday night dates and all that."

(On her troubled childhood)" I had a kind of anger inside of me that made me want to prove myself all the time. I constantly got into fights and usually ended up in the principal's office. My mother had her hands full with my sister and me. And yet those years taught me to be independent. I once thought that to be "normal" -- to have a mother, father, 2.7 kids and a dog -- was to be happy. I learned pretty quickly that wasn't my "thing" at all."

5. Julia Nickson

Actress | Ready Player One

Julia Nickson was born in the beautiful island city of Singapore. Her early years were spent in the vales of Wiltshire, England followed by the red rock canyons of the Zambezi river in Africa, but she returned to Singapore after her father's death when she was only six. From the age of seven to ...

Another of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood

I 1st saw her in 1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II. She was gorgeous! Held her own with Stallone. I was hooked ever since. I have seen quite a lot of her career but still have a lot more to see.

Julia Nickson was born on September 11, 1958 in the beautiful island city of Singapore. She stands 5'6"

.Her mother is Chinese and her father is British. Graduated from the Singapore American School in 1976, then enrolled at the University of Hawaii where she started modeling and acting. Has a sister, Jane Nickson.

6. Lucinda Dickey

Actress | Breakin'

Lucinda was part of the troupe when Solid Gold's third season began, and a short biography on her was included in press materials for the show. However, her stint was very brief -- so brief that most Solid Gold fans may not realize she actually danced on the show. Born and raised in Hutchinson, ...

Another "what happen?" case. A very beautiful woman. I 1st saw her on the 3rd season of" Solid Gold" as one of the dancers and then later in her film debut: "Grease 2" (1982) as a greaser dancer. Then in "Breakin'"(1984) as Special K. She next appeared in "Ninja III: The Domination (1984) and then "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984)

She then disappeared for 4yrs!? And reappeared in 1988 in "Cheerleader Camp"!? This was to be her "Swan Song" in feature films because she disappeared once again for 2yrs and reappeared somewhat in a 1990 TV movie "Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter" but in a uncredited bit cameo!

After this, she disappeared for 18yrs!!?? She reemerge on the TV series "Master of Dance" as herself and as a judge for 6 episodes!? Then right after she once again disappeared and hasn't been heard of since!!?? A true, true mystery. Last thing I know of her is that Lucinda currently lives in California with her husband, Craig Pilligian (who is co-executive producer of the TV show "Survivor") and their two children.

7. Meg Foster

Actress | They Live

Blue-eyed brunette Meg Foster was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1948 to David and Nancy. She has four siblings and grew up in Rowayton, Connecticut. Foster studied acting at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse.

Foster's first role came about in 1969, when she appeared in an episode of NET ...

Lovely Megan Foster was born on 10 May 1948, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA She stands 5'6".

Has strikingly pale blue eyes which causes directors to frequently cast her to portray duplicitous villains or traitorous double agents.

She was replaced with Sharon Gless on "Cagney & Lacey" (1981) after 6 episodes. CBS reportedly wanted somebody more 'feminine'.

This talented and beautiful actress with I think the most unreal eyes ever has always been my favorite. I think the only other actors that comes close is Brian Bloom and Neal McDonough but I met one to me a gentleman in real life who had them both beat! He was from Puerto Rico and his eyes were beyond unreal! They were so lite blue they were almost white! Like if he was blind-like. Like those Alskan Husky dogs! Ha-ha He was a short man like Danny Devito with a Richard Gere face like he looked in Cotton Club(1984)and had jet black hair and eyebrows so that really set off his eyes even more. Incredible and scary at the same time. Just like Meg Fosters.