Streep Wins … … … … … ..

by nuwansdel_02 | created - 03 Apr 2012 | updated - 03 Apr 2012 | Public

… at the Oscars.

With a record of 17 nominations and 3 wins at the Oscars, she is one of the greatest contemporary middle-aged superstars today. (Yes, she’s a couple of months away from turning 63, but doubt in today’s day and age a 63 year old lady should be called old, and especially not Meryl Streep.) She’s one of the most vibrant, vivacious and active modern women we have today. Besides the Oscars, she’s won numerous awards and many a nominations, in various award ceremonies, including the BAFTA’s and The Golden Globes. With her latest Oscar win, for ‘The Iron Lady’ (2011), the philanthropist Meryl Streep has donated the salary she received for playing the one and only female British Prime till date, to charity.

Here is a photo-montage of Streep films that she was nominated for, along with her three wins, at the Oscars in her 36 year old career so far.

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