Cast of upcoming fantasy movie. More info on movie and characters later.
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Christian Bale
Christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK on January 30, 1974, to English parents Jennifer "Jenny" (James) and David Charles Howard Bale. His mother was a circus performer and his father, who was born in South Africa, was a commercial pilot. The family lived in different countries throughout Bale's childhood...
“ King Turcanér, later known as Enturcanor, comes from a house of rebels who secessed from Arannor and declared themselves as the leaders of the new kingdom of Hyarmennor. Although all that happened hundreds of years ago, Turcanér still needs to prove that he is a good king - not to his loyal subjects, but to his doubting self. ” - pertoon
Marton Csokas
Marton was born in Invercargill, Aotearoa, to Margaret Christine (Rayner), a nurse, and Márton Csókás, a mechanical engineer. His father is Hungarian and his mother is Australian (of English, Irish, and Danish origin). He inherited some of his talents from his father, a trained opera singer and at one time, a trapeze artist in the Hungarian Circus...
“ Grand duke Orvand Lyngenhom, later known as Hendumól. A tough warrior from mountainous Hínkwair who sets off a journey to renew old alliances only to rewake old enemies and ancient powers. ” - pertoon
Erik Knudsen
Actor, Saw II
Knudsen has appeared in several movies and guest appearances, mostly in Canada. In 2003, he started playing the lead role, "Donovan MacKay", in the children's comedy series, Mental Block. He also starred in Saw II as Daniel Matthews and as Dale Turner in Jericho, which premiered in September of 2006...
“ Curlindo, a young lad who led a simple life in Naldalair until he saved an injured highlander. Without knowing it, he became a haryon - a hero destined to lead the men, whether he wanted to or was suitable for such role. ” - pertoon
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, a city in the greater Johannesburg-area, in South Africa, the only child of Gerda Theron (née Gerda Jacoba Aletta Maritz) and Charles Jacobus Theron. She was raised on a farm outside the city. Theron is of Afrikaner (Dutch, with some French Huguenot and German) descent, and Afrikaner military figure Danie Theron was her great-great-uncle...
“ Mairea is an Elven aranel - a priestess trained to choose a haryon and change his destiny to make him a great hero. She has returned to Syeväers after nearly a thousand years; yet it is not enough time to make her greatest mistake disappear. ” - pertoon
Michele Boyd
Actress, Bar America
Born in Gainesville, Florida, Michele's childhood was spent constantly moving due to her father's Navy career, traveling everywhere from Virginia to Japan. Eschewing the usual career path of most actors, Michele earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior from the University of California...
“ Artanís, a beautiful Elven aranel and apprentice of Mairea, can get any man she lays her eyes on. When she finally meets one completely uninterested lad, her pride and stubbornness is stronger than the responsibility for the fate of the human race. ” - pertoon
James Cromwell
Born in Los Angeles but raised in Manhattan and educated at Middlebury College and Carnegie-Mellon University, James Cromwell, the son of famous film director John Cromwell, studied acting at Carnegie-Mellon. He went into the theater (like both his parents) doing everything from Shakespeare to experimental plays...
“ King Tarminyonér of Arannor rules over the last noble kingdom of Men for about fifty years - thanks to his Elven grandmother, he's the oldest and one of the tallest men alive, a living reminder of the older and more decent times which will surely end with his passing one day. ” - pertoon
DJ Qualls
Actor, Road Trip
DJ Qualls grew up in the small city of Manchester in Tennessee, USA, one of five children. After studying in the UK at King's College, University of London, he returned to Tennessee where he began acting in a local theatre. During that time, he was discovered by photographers David La Chappelle and Steve Klein...
“ Talantar, "The Fallen Elf", has been thought to be buried at the bottom of the Lake of The Fall for long centuries. There is still some hope that this Elf is just an impostor, though he's following in the footsteps of the greatest enemy in the history of Syeväers. ” - pertoon
Rachel Weisz
Actress, The Mummy
Rachel Hannah Weisz was born on 7 March, 1970, in London, U.K., to Edith Ruth (Teich), a psychoanalyst, and George Weisz, an inventor. Her parents both came to England around 1938. Her father is a Hungarian Jewish immigrant, and her mother, from Vienna, is of Italian and Austrian Jewish heritage. Rachel has a sister, Minnie, a curator and photographer...
“ Rhíseon, Queen of Calmindon, spends most days of the last years at the top of a lighthouse waiting for the return of her husband King Parfyr and mourning the death of her infant son. How long will it take until she moves on and starts a new life - if anyone ever gives her will to? ” - pertoon
Kevin Bacon
Actor, Apollo 13
Kevin Norwood Bacon was born on July 8, 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Ruth Hilda (Holmes), an elementary school teacher, and Edmund Norwood Bacon, a prominent architect who was on the cover of Time Magazine in November 1964. Kevin's early training as an actor came from The Manning Street. His debut as the strict Chip Diller in Animal House almost seems like an inside joke...
“ Parfyr, King of Calmindon ” - pertoon
Woody Harrelson
Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actor Woodrow Tracy Harrelson was born on July 23, 1961 in Midland, Texas, to Diane Lou (Oswald) and Charles Harrelson. He grew up in Lebanon, Ohio, and, after receiving degrees in theater arts and English from Hanover College, had a brief stint in New York theater...
“ Rácanyo of Hyarmennor, one of Enturcanor's Fighters ” - pertoon
Shaughn Buchholz
Actor, Scrubs
Shaughn is originally from Northern California where he grew up with his two older brothers Brian and Kevin. He graduated from Santa Rosa High School and then left to attend CalArts where he received his BFA in Theater. After graduation, he started working in commercials and television. He lives and works in Los Angeles.
“ Prince Tellumalinér of Arannor, son of Tarminyonér, lives in the shadow of his father who finds him incapable of ruling yet gives him no chance to show otherwise. A war will definitely be a good opportunity to prove him wrong ...or right. ” - pertoon
Natalya Rudakova
Actress, Transporter 3
She was born in Leningrad, former Soviet Union. Her parents moved with her from Russia to New York when she was 17 years old, and she continues to reside in New York. While working as a hairdresser at a salon, she was discovered by Luc Besson, the co-writer of Transporter 3, in New York, when she crossed a street. He gave her acting lessons and cast her as the female lead in Transporter 3.
“ Urúvafindwen, Urusúla Stangselhom of Arannor ” - pertoon
“ Mornwen Lyngenhom of Hínkwair, Hendumól's sister ” - pertoon
Joel McHale
Writer, The Soup
Joel Edward McHale was born in Rome, Italy, to a Canadian-born mother, Laurie (Jackson), and an American-born father, Jack McHale. His father, from Chicago, is of Irish descent, and his mother, from Vancouver, has Norwegian, Finnish, and English ancestry. Joel was raised in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Mercer Island High School...
“ Torvald Rävenklaan, Duke of Hínkwair ” - pertoon
Liev Schreiber
Liev (pronounced Lee-ev) Schreiber was born in San Francisco. His mother, Heather (Milgram), is a painter, and his father, Tell Schreiber (Tell Carroll Schreiber III), is a theatrical actor who had a small role in The Keeper. His mother is from a working-class Jewish family from Poland and Russia...
“ Chitrakesh, Varalok warrior ” - pertoon
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Actor, Watchmen
Jeffrey Dean Morgan endeared himself to audiences with his recurring role on ABC's smash hit series, Grey's Anatomy. His dramatic arc as heart patient "Denny Duquette", who wins the heart of intern "Izzie Stevens" (Katherine Heigl) in a star-crossed romance, made him a universal fan favorite. He also had recurring roles on The CW and Warner Bros...
“ Kobus of Enturcanor's Fighters ” - pertoon
Rodrigo Santoro
One of Brazil's most talented and famous actors, Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro was born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Maria José Junqueira dos Reis, an artist, and Francesco Santoro, an engineer. His father is Italian, while his mother, who is Brazilian, has Portuguese ancestry. Santoro is known for his performance in Warner Bros...
“ Dekke Knopsläkt of Enturcanor's Fighters ” - pertoon
Stuart Lafferty
Stuart Lafferty started acting at a young age, working in commercials and modeling for Champs Sports, OP Sunwear, L.L. Bean among others. Stuart has been a student at The Shop Simply Acting, studying with acting coach Andrew Magarian. He was raised in Hemet, California.
“ Renne Knopsläkt of Enturcanor's Fighters ” - pertoon
Peter Firth
Peter Firth was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1953. His parents owned a pub and he attended local grammar school. Firth took weekend classes at the Bradford Playhouse near his Pudsey home and by his mid-teens was playing in "Camelot" at the Bradford Alhambra. Leaving school at 16, he became a major child star in television series such as The Double Deckers...
“ Marthen Stangselhom, Duke of Arannor ” - pertoon
“ Leader of Wolfpack ” - pertoon
Andy Serkis
Andrew Clement G. Serkis was born April 20, 1964, in Ruislip Manor, West London, England. He has three sisters and a brother. His father, Clement Serkis, an ethnic Armenian whose original family surname was "Serkissian", was a Medical Doctor working abroad, in Iraq; the Serkis family spent a lot of time traveling around the Middle East...
“ Member of Wolfpack ” - pertoon
Christopher Eccleston
Actor, The Others
Christopher Eccleston trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and first came to public attention as Derek Bentley in Let Him Have It. However, it was a regular role in the television series Cracker that made him a recognizable figure in the United Kingdom. He appeared in the low-budget thriller Shallow Grave...
“ Member of Wolfpack ” - pertoon
Andrea Brooks
Andrea Brooks is a Canadian actress who began her acting career at age fifteen after being spotted at an open casting call for figure skaters for the Disney film Ice Princess. Some of Andrea's television credits include roles on Supernatural, iZombie, UnREAL, and Supergirl...
“ Curlindo's girlfriend ” - pertoon
Agam Darshi
Actress, Sanctuary
Agam Darshi was born Agamdeep Darshi in Birmingham, UK. At a very young age, she and her family moved to Canada. At the age of 14, she left home and moved to Calgary, to pursue a career of acting - which is her passion. Agam studied Theater and Fine Arts at the University of Calgary and earned a degree and photography...
“ Agnet, Dekke's girlfriend ” - pertoon
Griffin Gluck
Griffin Gluck is among Hollywood's young actors to watch, who at the age of 16 already has nearly ten years of acting experience under his belt. Gluck caught the acting bug early when he went to a summer children's showcase of Guys and Dolls at the Palisades Playhouse. At the age of six, he landed a leading role as 'Nathan Detroit,' and discovered his love for performing...
“ Melker, friend of Enturcanor's Fighters ” - pertoon