Top 10 New Young Actors

Check out these new up and coming young actors that wil soon take the industry by storm. These are hard working young actors that are making their presence known.
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Richard Meehan
Richard Meehan lives in the oldest town on Cape Cod with his parents and younger brother Joshua. He is an "old soul", someone whose sensitivity and emotion is well beyond his years. Richard leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets both young and old. Richard was introduced to acting during the summer of 2009 when he was an extra in "Grown Ups"...
“ Strong up and coming talent. Great work in film and TV! ” - rcreate
Brandi Alyssa Young
Actress, Evil Rising
Brandi has come a long way from her birthplace of Ft Myers, Fl. Raised in South Carolina by her parents Bruce and Sally, both of whom are in the medical profession, Brandi is an only child who has taken dance for 11 years and has had a love of performing since she was a toddler. She saw a local beauty pageant and exclaimed she wanted to do that...
“ Consistent. Working in the Southeast and heading to LA area. ” - rcreate
“ Just finished a powerful small role in the new Beyond The Farthest Star feature, set for a 2012 theatrical. ” - rcreate
“ Great look. Just finished Blood Reign. ” - rcreate
“ Several films completed in 2011 and 12. ” - rcreate
“ Great work in the new film, Crossroad. This kid does stunts, sings and packs a punch! ” - rcreate
Carly Peeters
Carly Peeters was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. When her family moved to the mainland, first to Pennsylvania then to California, she discovered performing opportunities not available in Hawaii. She quickly fell in love with acting and convinced her folks to stay on the Mainland instead of returning to Hawaii...
“ Who could resist this face! Great look! ” - rcreate
Meredith Prunty
Actress, Exeter
Meredith Prunty was first introduced to the world of acting in her role as "Abigail" in a theater production of "Huckleberry Finn" and was so determined after that experience to become an actress that she convinced her mother to let her pursue her dream. Acting in every opportunity that came her way including movies...
“ Smooth work in three 2012 features. ” - rcreate
“ Solid resume working for this one. She is a natural. ” - rcreate
Sophia Gilberto
Sophia was born in Florida and moved to New Hampshire by the age of two. Sophia started out in dance, community theater and playing piano before the age of 5 years old. Sophia's first introduction to film was in "Santa Claus in Baghdad" RA Visions Productions" as an extra, by the age of 10, in the Independent Film Industry and was hooked...
“ Working in some high-profile projects. Only a matter of time. ” - rcreate