My Scream 3 Remake Cast

Storyline: A new film is currently in production, and a killer is on the loose. The murders draw a reporter, ex-cop, and young woman to the set of the movie inspired by their life. They soon find out that they are dealing with a trilogy, and in a trilogy...anything can happen.

Plot Summary: Ghostface pays Sidney and her friends a third visit while they visit the set of "Stab 3", the third movie based upon the Woodsboro murders.

Taglines: The final Scream is going to be the loudest!

The Third and Final chapter in the trilogy that made you laugh, and made you Scream.

The millennium starts screaming.

The Millennium Starts With Scream The New Millenium Begins in Panic In order for Sidney Prescot to survive the future she must look to the past.

Rules of a trilogy: Chapter one sets the rules. Chapter two bends the rules. But in the finale...forget the rules.

Someone has taken their love of trilogies one step too far.

The most terrifying scream is always the last.

Welcome to the final act.

The best Scream is always the last one.

Just hope the last one isn't your own.

There's just some secrets you can't reveal 'till the very end.

Scream 3: The scare of the millennium!

The last Scream is always the scariest.

Obey The Rules Of The Trilogy... Or Die.

Pretending that I remade Scream 3 and it came out 6 months from now. Please enjoy! Please comment!! I take all types of criticism. I even have references to other films like Friends with Benefits and Tv shows like Supernatural that's hidden in two guys names.
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Anna Kendrick
Actress, Pitch Perfect
Anna Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine, to Janice (Cooke), an accountant, and William Kendrick, a teacher. She has an older brother, Michael Cooke Kendrick, who has also acted. She is of English, Irish, and Scottish descent. For her role as "Dinah" in "High Society" on Broadway, Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony Award (second youngest ever)...
“ Sidney Presscott. Goes by the fake name of Laura. A Woman's Crisis Counseleur. Lives in the mountain area by herself, so, no killer can kill her. ” - amity529
Emma Stone
Actress, The Help
Emily Jean "Emma" Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, to Krista (Yeager), a homemaker, and Jeffrey Charles Stone, a contracting company founder and CEO. She is of Swedish (from her paternal grandfather), English, German, Scottish, and Irish descent. Stone began acting as a child as a member of the Valley Youth Theatre in Phoenix...
“ Gale Weathers. In Hollywood to get the latest scoop on the murders. Mark Kincaid came to Gale for help in the investigation. ” - amity529
Johnny Simmons
Jonathan James Simmons was born November 28, 1986 in Montgomery, Alabama, to Cindy and Ben Simmons. He was raised in Dallas, Texas. His first film in Los Angeles was entitled "My Ambition". When casting notices went out, there was a misprint stating that the production was looking for a lead female to play Julie Walters...
“ Dwight "Dewey" Riley. (Full connection of beard but not bushy.) Now the supervisor of Stab 3. Lives in Jennifer's trailer. ” - amity529
Tom Hardy
With his breakthrough performance as Eames in Christopher Nolan's science fiction thriller Inception, English actor Tom Hardy has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide. However, the versatile actor has been steadily working on both stage and screen since his television debut in the miniseries Band of Brothers...
“ Cotten Weary. (Full connection of beard but with a light shade.) Main opening kill. Survivor of the past killing spree. Host of the show "100% Cotton". Living his life after dealing with the previous events.
Death: Sliced in arm. Stabbed three times in stomach. Stabbed in left shoulder. Stabbed in head. Later, body sat in chair and head positioned to face Christine's body hanging off the ceiling fan. ” - amity529
Leighton Meester
Actress, Gossip Girl
Leighton Marissa Meester was born in Fort Worth, Texas, to Constance Lynn (Haas) and Douglas Jay Meester. Although born in Texas, Meester spent her early years in Marco Island, Florida with her grandparents. There, she became involved with the local playhouse and made her stage debut in a production of "The Wizard of Oz"...
“ Christine Hamilton. Opening kill. Cotton's wife.
Death: Stabbed three times in spine and later hung to ceiling fan with stabs to her stomach. All three killers were present but only one was shown doing the action. ” - amity529
Jennifer Aniston
Actress, Friends
Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California, to actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow. Her father is Greek, and her mother was of English, Irish, Scottish, and Italian descent. Jennifer spent a year of her childhood living in Greece with her family. Her family then relocated to New York City where her parents divorced when she was nine...
“ Maureen Presscott. Sidney's mother. Appears in Sidney's hallucinations. Also, in picture appearances. ” - amity529
Eric Mabius
Actor, Ugly Betty
Eric Mabius was born in Pennsylvania, the second of two sons of Elizabeth (née Dziczek) and Craig Mabius. His father has Austrian and Irish ancestry, and his mother is of entirely Polish descent. Eric spent much of his early life in Massachusetts. Upon graduating from high school, he attended the renowned arts school...
“ Neil Presscott. (Light beard.) Sidney's father. Breif appearance. ” - amity529
Chace Crawford
Christopher Chace Crawford was born in Lubbock, Texas, the son of Dana (Plott), a teacher, and Chris Wayne Crawford, a dermatologist. He grew up in Plano, Texas, and has a younger sister, Candice Crawford Romo, who studied broadcast journalism and won the Miss Missouri USA title in 2008. Chace played football and golf in high school...
“ Detective Mark Kincaid. (Full connection of beard with a light shade.) Sidney's possible love interest. He's a bit obsessive with the case of Sidney Presscott. He said his life is his favorite horror movie. Red herring. ” - amity529
Kyle Gallner
Kyle Gallner was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He started his career by following his sister along to one of her auditions. Perhaps best know for his role as Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas on the CW's lone hit series, "Veronica Mars" (2004- ), actor Kyle Gallner had been appearing in films and on television since his early adolescence...
“ Detective Tom Wallace. (Mustache connection with goatee. Also, Shaped-Up sideburns.) Partner of Mark Kincaid. A bit of an *beep* ” - amity529
“ Detective Kurt Bridges. (Very light shaded full beard.) Third detective on the case. killer.
Death: Stabbed in stomach by Gale. Shot in chest by detective Tom Wallace. Shot in head by Detective Mark Kincaid. ” - amity529
Jay Baruchel
Jay Baruchel was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is the son of Robyne (Ropell), a freelance writer, and Serge Victor Baruchel, an antiques dealer. He has a younger sister who also acts. He started acting in 1995 when he made his first of three appearances on the hit show Are You Afraid of the Dark?...
“ Roman Bridger. (Full connection of beard with a light shade.) Director of Stab 3. Dipressed that the killings forced the shut down of his movie. Sidney's unknown brother. Killer.
Death: Stabbed twice in back and once in left chest with an ice pick by Sidney Presscott. Shot a dozen times in torso area and shot once in head by Dewey. ” - amity529
“ John Milton. (Clean shaven.) Producer of the stab films. Has a past with Maureen Presscott. Red herring.
Death: Neck sliced by Roman Bridger. ” - amity529
“ Mr.Loomis. (Clean shaven.) Billy's father. Breif appearance. ” - amity529
Ashley Leggat
Ashley Leggat, a twice Gemini nominated actress, was born into a large family in Hamilton, Ontario. She joined her parents, Roy (a car dealer) and Patty (a former Secondary School teacher) and four older brothers -Rob, Brett, and twins Todd and Bram. Ashley's four brothers, all very athletic, played hockey in the winters and baseball in the summers...
“ Martha Meeks. Randy Meeks' sister. She came to show Sidney a tape from Randy that was never before seen. ” - amity529
“ Randy Meeks. (Same look as Scream 2.) He is in a never seen before video tape explaining the rules of a horror trilogy. ” - amity529
Helen Mirren
Actress, The Queen
Dame Helen Mirren was born in Queen Charlotte's Hospital in West London. Her mother, Kathleen Alexandrina Eva Matilda (Rogers), was from a working-class English family, and her father, Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov, was a Russian-born civil servant, from Kuryanovo, whose own father was a diplomat. Mirren attended St...
“ Bianca. (Blonde hair.) Breif appearance. ” - amity529
Columbus Short
Actor, Accepted
Born in Kansas City, Missouri on September 19, 1982, Columbus Keith Short, Jr., started entertaining at the age of three, by putting on shows for his folks' enjoyment. Whether impersonating relatives, dancing or just making people laugh, everyone sensed something special about the boy. Fortunately, his family later relocated to Los Angeles where...
“ Tyson Fox. (Light beard.) He was set to play as Dean in Stab 3. He was sort of a rules guy and thought he should have left once the killings started but was informed by police that he couldn't leave town until the killing stop because he's a suspect. He is sort of like a black Randy.
Death: Stabbed in stomach three times. Rug pulled from under him, which mde him slip in mid air and hit the floor. Stabbed in back four times. Banged against the glass door of a six foot tall clock tower. Slammed to floor. Stabbed five times in torso. Tossed through glass doors in hallway that led to a balcony. Then, thown over balcony to the ground. All was done by Detective Kurt Bridges. ” - amity529
Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Caradoc Hoult was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, England to parents Glenis and Roger Hoult. His great-aunt was one of the most popular actresses of her time, Dame Anna Neagle. He attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, a school for performing arts, to start acting as a career. Hoult has been acting since appearing in the film Intimate Relations; his breakthrough role was in About a Boy...
“ Tom Prinze. (Light beard.) Set to play as Dewey in Stab 3. He is a bit pissed at Gale for doing a story on her show where she ranted about him. He's also a bit pissed that Angelina rejected to date him. He smokes a lot and is a bit of an *beep*
Death: Tricked in to detonating a bomb by Roman Bridger. The bomb was a lighter created by Detective Kurt Bridges. The bomb goes off when you pull the trigger on the lighter. Roman placed the lighter in Jennifer's house next to the fax machine. Tom went back in Jennifer's house to read a fax sent by the killer. It was dark in the room with the fax machine, so, Tom lit the lighter and read the paper that said "Who ever smells the gas.........". There wasn't enough time for Tom to react as the lighter blown him and the whole house into pieces. ” - amity529
Teresa Palmer
Actress, Warm Bodies
Actress and model Teresa Palmer has gathered some impressive film credits. She was born in Adelaide, South Australia, to Kevin Palmer, an investor, and Paula Sanders, a former missionary and nurse. She completed high school at Mercedes College in 2003, where she was a popular student who was well-known for her practical jokes...
“ Sarah Darling. She was set to play as Candy in Stab 3. Had a conflict with the script having re-writes frequently.
Death: Banged through glass window of door and stabbed three times in back by Angelina Tyler. ” - amity529
Zena Grey
Actress, Snow Day
“ Angelina Tyler. She was set to play as Sidney Presscott in Stab 3. She's a bit obsessive with the fact of playing Sidney Presscott and a bit saddened that the movie was shut down due to the killings. Red herring. Killer.
Death: Neck sliced by Sidney Presscott. ” - amity529
Mila Kunis
Actress, Black Swan
Mila Kunis was born Milena Markovna Kunis to a Jewish family in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, USSR (now independent Ukraine). Her mother, Elvira, is a physics teacher, her father, Mark Kunis, is a mechanical engineer, and she has an older brother named Michael. After attending one semester of college between gigs...
“ Jennifer Jolie. She was set to play as Gale Weathers in Stab 3. She likes Dewey a bit and used to be "friends with benefits" with her bodyguard Steven. She has a small problem with gale Weathers.
Death: Stabbed twice in back, stabbed twice in stomach, and sliced in right arm by Angelina Tyler. Accidentally, shot in spine by Dewey. ” - amity529
Justin Timberlake
Soundtrack, Love Actually
Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Lynn (Bomar) and Randall Timberlake, whose own father was a Baptist minister. At the age of 11, he appeared on the show Star Search, and even though he didn't win, it didn't dampen his ambitions. He also appeared on The All New Mickey Mouse Club...
“ Steven Stone. (Full beard.) Jennifer Jolie's bodyguard. They were once "friends with benefits".
Death: Stabbed four times in back, once in right chest, and beaten with a steel pan by Detective Kurt Bridges. ” - amity529
Nathan Kress
Actor, iCarly
Known around the world for his lead role on Nickelodeon's hit show "iCarly", Nathan plays Freddie Benson, Carly's smitten next-door neighbor and technical producer of her web show. Now that iCarly has ended its stellar run, Nathan is breaking out into feature films, as a lead in "Into the Storm," a Steve Quale tornado thriller for New Line Cinema, due to be released in August 2014...
“ Jared Ackles. 'Stab 3' DP/Cameraman. (Light beard.) ” - amity529
“ Jensen Padalecki. 'Stab 3' Stunt Coordinator. (Clean shaven.) ” - amity529
Zac Efron
Actor, 17 Again
Zachary David Alexander Efron was born October 18, 1987 in San Luis Obispo, California. He is the son of Starla Baskett, a former secretary, and David Efron, an electrical engineer. He has a younger brother, Dylan. His surname, "Efron", is a Biblical place name, and comes from Zac's Polish Jewish paternal grandfather...
“ 'Stab'-'Stab 2' Dwight "Dewey" Riley & Himself. (Light beard.) Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Anne Hudgens was born in Salinas, California. Her family moved to San Diego, California, while she was still a toddler. She has a younger sister, Stella Hudgens, who is also an actress. Their mother, Gina Hudgens (Guangco), an office worker, is from the Philippines. Her father, Greg Hudgens, a firefighter, has Irish and Native American ancestry...
“ 'Stab'-'Stab 2' Gale Weathers & Herself. Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Michelle Tisdale (born July 2, 1985) is an American actress, singer, and producer. During her childhood, she appeared in more than 100 TV advertisements and had roles in theatre and television shows. In 2004, she was cast as Maddie Fitzpatrick in Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody...
“ 'Stab 2' Casey "Cici" Cooper & Herself. Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
Dianna Agron
Actress, Glee
Dianna Elise Agron was born in Savannah, Georgia, to parents Ronald and Mary Agron. She grew up in a middle class family, in Savannah, before moving to Texas, and later, San Francisco, California, due to her father's career as a general manager for Hyatt. Dianna and her brother, Jason, were raised Jewish, and she graduated from Burlingame High School with honors...
“ 'Stab' Tatum Riley & Herself. Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
“ 'Stab 2' Mickey Alteiri & Himself. (Light beard.) Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
“ Ghostface. ” - amity529
Ian Somerhalder
Ian Joseph Somerhalder (born December 8, 1978) is an American actor, model and director. He is known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost and Damon Salvatore in The CW's supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder was born and raised in Covington, Louisiana, the son of Edna, a massage therapist...
“ 'Stab'-'Stab 2' Randy Meeks & Himself. (Light beard.) Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
Daniella Monet
Actress, Victorious
Monet was born in West Hills, California. She has performed on the small screen in numerous television commercials beginning at the age of seven. In 1997, she had a guest appearance in an episode of Pacific Blue. In 2003, she landed recurring roles on the television series American Dreams, The Bernie Mac Show and 8 Simple Rules...
“ 'Stab' Sidney Presscott & Herself. Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529
Danielle Panabaker
Actress, The Flash
Danielle Nicole Panabaker was born in Augusta, Georgia. Her younger sister, actress Kay Panabaker, starred in the TV series, Summerland(WB, 2004-05). Panabaker started acting at a summer camp, before joining community theater productions when she was 10-years-old. Panabaker moved to Naperville...
“ 'Stab 2' Sidney Presscott & Herself. Cameo in an interview for the upcoming Stab film based on the previous murders. ” - amity529