LMN (often original Melrose Place) actors who annoy

As a self-professed Lifetime Movie addict, I know that the same actors and actresses appear time after time after time. Many of them hail from the original Melrose Place, which was my guilty pleasure for the years it aired. So many of these faces have been gracing my TV screen for many years.

While that's not bothersome most of the time, there are a few who seem to eternally portray the same character, and do it so much by rote that it becomes distracting. There are also those who seem unable to display more than a single "face." That causes me to wonder what the connection is that keeps them working all the time.
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“ Sophie Gendron makes first place on this ignominious list, because her single face is an angry one that is so massively inappropriate in some of her roles that she always makes me cringe. I don't know if it's too much botox, too much collagen in her lips, or just that no-one ever told her that her "sexy" look isn't sexy, it's po'd. The worst is when she's supposed to be happy about something, as I've never seen an expression on her that even remotely resembles "sparkly" or "delighted." ” - ForVirg
Jamie Luner
Jamie Michelle Luner was born on Thursday, May 12, 1971 to Stuart and Susan Luner in Palo Alto, California. She grew up with her older brother, David Luner, and her mom Susan in California. Before landing her roles on Just the Ten of Us as dizzy "Cindy Lubbock", Jamie began her career in front of the cameras at the tender age of three doing TV commercials...
“ My number two has, unfortunately, been in a few films alongside my number one. This makes for uncomfortable movie watching, where it's nearly impossible for me to say if the scripts were passable or not, as I spend the entire movie waiting to see if either one can look anything other than their single emotion. Mind you, Jamie Luner is infinitely more expressive than Sophie Gendron, but she still tends to maintain that wide-eyed phony friendly look that is her stock-in-trade, regardless of the emotion of the scene.

There is one plus for Luner, and that is that I now at least remember her, which is more than I can say for her Melrose Place character. ” - ForVirg
“ Boti Bliss makes this list because she not only has a small range of emotional expression on her face, but because she often plays roles of supposedly irresistable man-baiters. I don't get that at all. As with Sophie Gendron, there are times where Bliss seems to be going for sexy look, but comes across as angry and evil instead. She seems to be cast as a "poor man's" Lisa Rinna, who makes the list as well... ” - ForVirg
William R. Moses
William Remington Moses was born on November 17th, 1959 to actress Marian McCargo and businessman Richard Cantrell Moses Sr. William's parents divorced when he was young. His mother met and married Alphonzo E. Bell, Jr. in 1970. Alphonzo adopted William and his three brothers. Alphonzo later became one of the most loved congressmen in California...
“ William R. Moses makes this list because he is the actor most single-faced. He comes across the same to me whether he plays the villian or the victim. Sometimes I can't tell which he is supposed to be. Unlike Jamie Luner, one of his fellow Melrose Place alumni on this list, he seems to be stuck in that series' casting forever more. ” - ForVirg
“ Another Melrose Place alumnus, Rinna long suffered from her over-plumped lips upstaging her. Fortunately, she's deflated them a bit over the years, and can therefore actually show some kind of emotion on her face. Still, her looks, while beautiful, tend to upstage her acting ability. ” - ForVirg
“ Calabro, yet another Melrose Place-er, has always seemed to me to have an ever-so-slight sneer underpinning all his expressions. However, I'm beginning to suspect that it may be my lingering impression of his Melrose Place character haunting him in years since, as he has played the good guy in some of these LMN flicks and I'm finding him less annoying and distracting as time goes by. ” - ForVirg