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The definitive list of actors who have appeared in all three of CSI Vegas, Miami and New York as different characters.....

See how much of a CSI buff you are by seeing how many of these people you recognise....

If there is someone who isn't on this list but should be, please leave a comment accordingly and I'll add. There's no need to leave a comment if the person completed the grand slam after the date shown below :)


Please also see the list for the "Ultimate" Grand Slam (i.e Vegas, Miami, New York and Cyber) http://www.imdb.com/list/ls076453827/
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Cynthia Addai-Robinson
Cynthia Addai-Robinson is an English-born actress. She was born in London; her mother is from Ghana and her father is an American citizen. She moved to US when she was four, and was raised by her mother in a suburb of Washington, DC. She is a graduate of Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring...
“ Naevia in Spartacus: War of the Damned ” - Jarvish
Mark Aiken
Actor, 24
“ NY in 2005, Miami in 2006, Vegas in 2012 ” - Jarvish
Daniella Alonso
Daniella Alonso was born in New York City, to a large family of Puerto Rican, Peruvian, and Japanese descent, and was raised in an all-women household. At age fifteen, she was discovered by the Ford Modeling Agency, and began booking jobs for teen magazines like Seventeen, YM, and Teen, which led to her booking commercials for Clairol...
“ Anna in One Tree Hill ” - Jarvish
“ Played a doctor in both NY and Vegas ” - Jarvish
Yancey Arias
Actor, Kingpin
Yancey Arias was born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City. At the age of twelve his first experience in entertainment was when his grandmother threw him on stage to sing a song for a neighborhood talent show at Henry Street Settlement in downtown Manhattan. Yancey was discovered by Professor James Green at Saint John's Prep High School in Astoria...
“ Agent Johnson in Die Hard 4.0 ” - Jarvish
Daniel Arrias
Daniel Jon Arrias was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He was a stand out athlete in high school, playing football, running track and pole vaulting. He set records only to beat them himself each year. Daniel began Taekwondo training immediately upon high school graduation. It was a natural fit...
“ His role as Bobby in NY was uncredited ” - Jarvish
Anthony Azizi
Actor, Eagle Eye
Anthony Azizi started his career many years ago, as a child, acting in plays for the Touchstone Theater run by Bill and Bridget George in Bethlehem, PA. He also started writing and staging his own plays at the age of eight for school and other public venues. He continued in the arts throughout all of his schooling...
“ Omar in Lost ” - Jarvish
Emily Baldoni
Actress, Coherence
Emily Baldoni (born August 3, 1984) is a Swedish actress who lives in Los Angeles. Before her marriage, she was credited under the name Emily Foxler, a shortened, variant spelling of her birth name, Emily Malou Fuxler. She is best known for her leading role in the film Coherence. She is married to actor and director Justin Baldoni...
“ NY in 2007, Vegas and Miami in 2009 ” - Jarvish
“ Aaron in The Event ” - Jarvish
“ Derek in One Tree Hill ” - Jarvish
“ An original member of the Pussycat Dolls ” - Jarvish
“ Vegas in 2006, Miami in 2009, NY in 2010 ” - Jarvish
“ Thomas Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful ” - Jarvish
Benjamín Benítez
Benjamin was born in New York City. He studied at The Actors Studio. He honed his craft in Off Broadway plays at the Joseph Papp's Public Theatre. His theatre work included "Short Eyes", "Cuba and his Teddy Bear", "The School of the America" and "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui". He received critical acclaim for performance in both his CBS and ABC Showcase...
“ Tommy Rodriguez in Wanted ” - Jarvish
James Black
A onetime professional football player for the Cleveland Browns, James has always had a passion for the arts and pursued his passion even while playing for the Browns for two years as a running back. He also played for the Canadian team, The Ottawa Rough Riders. Many recall James as the security specialist...
“ Tarnell in the PJs ” - Jarvish
“ Won a daytime Emmy in 1985 for his role in As the World Turns ” - Jarvish
Andrea Bogart
Actress, Side Effects
Born and raised in St Charles County, Missouri, Andrea Bogart's love of acting and dancing thrust her to the front of the camera. While she's a small town girl at heart, the world has been her oyster having traveled for work in places as far as Japan and Fiji. Andrea's small screen appearances on a variety of popular shows include "NCIS"...
“ Abby Haver in over 100 episodes of General Hospital ” - Jarvish
“ Has appeared in over 100 episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Guiding Light, and All My Children ” - Jarvish
“ Has appeared in music videos for both Def Leppard and Hanson ” - Jarvish
Jeff Brockton
Born in Hollywood California, raised in Villa Park California, Jeff was a Radio Television Film Major at Cal State University Long Beach. He is well versed in numerous sports including Gymnastics, Football, Track and Field, Swimming, Racing Jet Skis & Down Hill Snow Skiing. He is a certified NAUI Advanced and Rescue diver and is boat trained...
“ Has been a stunt double for George Clooney ” - Jarvish
Jason Brooks
Actor, Star Trek
Jason began his career with his memorable portrayal of the dark, but likable villain, "Peter Blake", on NBC's long-running drama, Days of Our Lives, for which he garnered Soap Opera Digest's coveted Best Villain award. After leaving "Days" to pursue other projects, Jason continued to work consistently in leading roles in television and film...
“ Peter Blake in Days of Our Lives ” - Jarvish
Brianna Brown
Minnesota-born Brianna Brown began acting in elementary school and local community productions. After high school she journeyed to Hollywood to pursue an acting career full-time. She snagged a part in the pilot show for Judd Apatow's quirky, fondly remembered series Freaks and Geeks. From there she got parts in several theatrical features...
“ Lisa Niles in General Hospital - was also in Homeland ” - Jarvish
Robert Curtis Brown
Robert Curtis Brown has forged a career playing unique, diverse and interesting characters. This talented, Yale-trained actor has an intriguing, accessible screen presence and a depth of feeling and humor. The complexity that Robert brings to his characters may have its origins in his upbringing in Bucks County...
“ Mr Evans in High School Musical 2 and 3 ” - Jarvish
“ Has also appeared in both NCIS shows ” - Jarvish
“ Phil in Twilight ” - Jarvish
“ Prolific TV actor also appearing in (amongst others) 24, Skin, and Grey's Anatomy ” - Jarvish
“ Vegas and Miami 2004, NY in 2006 ” - Jarvish
“ Miles Laurence in One Life to Live ” - Jarvish
Shawn Christian
A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Shawn Christian grew up acting purely for the love of it. "Acting in and writing for talent shows and school plays was simply a small town passion until I graduated from Ferris State University." After earning a degree in Marketing Shawn left the next day to pursue...
“ Daniel Jonas in Days of Our Lives ” - Jarvish
Dameon Clarke
Dameon J. Clarke is a Canadian and American actor for films, television shows, anime and video games. He is perhaps best known for his roles in shows like "Graceland" 24, Castle, Supernatural and Prison Break as well as films How to Be a Serial Killer and I Love You Phillip Morris. He has worked with numerous Academy Award winning actors and directors in many films and TV shows...
“ The voice of Cell in Dragon Ball Z ” - Jarvish
Kim Coates
Kim's film career began in 1991 with The Last Boy Scout. Two Warner Brothers' hits followed: Innocent Blood and The Client. Since that time he has starred in over forty films, including Academy Award winners Black Hawk Down directed by Ridley Scott, and Pearl Harbor directed by Michael Bay. Other films include Waterworld and Open Range with Kevin Costner...
“ One of the carjackers at the start of Bad Boys ” - Jarvish
Rhys Coiro
Actor, Entourage
As a teenager, Coiro, a talented visual artist, spent summers building sets and operating lights at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Inspired by numerous productions, including Julie Taymor's "Titus Andronicus" at Theater For A New Audience, Coiro decided to study theater at Carnegie Mellon University...
“ Billy in Entourage ” - Jarvish
Chad Michael Collins
Chad Michael Collins is best known for playing the franchise lead role 'Master Sgt Brandon Beckett' across four successful Sony Pictures "Sniper" films. As the son of original star Tom Berenger's 'Master Gunnery Sgt Thomas Beckett', Collins has played alongside his pops as well as Billy Zane and Dennis Haysbert across four films...
“ NY in 2010, Miami in 2011, Vegas in 2014 ” - Jarvish
“ Gaff in Breaking Bad ” - Jarvish
Christopher Cousins
Christopher Cousins has carved a career by portraying outstanding, diverse characters. This talented, theatrically trained actor has an intriguing, dark and captivating screen presence. The depth and soul that Christopher brings to his characters may have its roots in his birthplace, New York City, or perhaps in the secrets of Oklahoma...
“ Ted Beneke in Breaking Bad ” - Jarvish
“ Kevin Wade in 24 ” - Jarvish
“ Played different characters in Vegas in 2001 and 2009 ” - Jarvish
“ Simon Lee in The Event ” - Jarvish
“ Was a stuntman in Avatar ” - Jarvish
“ NY role was uncredited, Miami role unconfirmed ” - Jarvish
Mark Deklin
Actor, Riverworld
A critically-acclaimed actor and fight director, Mark has worked on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and at regional theaters across the country in addition to his work in film and television. He holds an MFA from the University of Washington's PATP conservatory, as well as a BA from Penn State University (in English and History)...
“ Miami in 2005, NY in 2006, Vegas in 2013 ” - Jarvish
Germaine De Leon
Actor, Dexter
Germaine was born in San Francisco, CA. He moved to Los Angeles as a teenager, and with a friend's encouragement began studying with acting teacher Lorrie Hull. This quickly lead to him doing a string of art house films--a time Germaine considers one of the happiest and most exciting of his life. At the same time...
“ Nick in Dexter ” - Jarvish
David DeLuise
The youngest son of legendary actor and comedian Dom DeLuise, David DeLuise is now perhaps the most popular dad on TV. He's won the admiration of millions of children and parents alike for his portrayal of family patriarch Jerry on the hit Emmy award-winning Disney Channel series, "Wizards of Waverly...
“ Has been in over 100 episodes of The Wizards of Waverly Place ” - Jarvish
Robb Derringer
Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, Robb trained at the Foothill Theatre Conservatory in Los Altos California before attending UCLA's highly competitive school of Theater, Film and Television acting program. Upon graduation from UCLA, Robb was invited to join the award winning dance troupe Diavolo Dance Theatre...
“ Jack in The Lake ” - Jarvish
“ Kevin Ryan in Castle ” - Jarvish
“ Born in Iran ” - Jarvish
Peter Dobson
Born in Red Bank New Jersey, Peter Dobson's illustrious acting career began at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the Lee Strasberg institute in New York City. Dobson went on to join the summer stock Royal Shakespeare Company in Monterey CA, and found his way to Los Angeles to began studying with acting coach Sandra Seacat...
“ Elvis in Forrest Gump ” - Jarvish
“ Wyatt in Raising Hope ” - Jarvish
Tiffany Dupont
Tiffany Louise Dupont is an American actress known for her portrayal of Frannie Morgan on ABC Family's hit drama series Greek from 2007-2011 and most recently for her recurring role as feisty vlogger Serena Parrish on TNT's crime drama Murder in the First (2016) opposite Taye Diggs and Ian Anthony Dale...
“ Frannie in Greek ” - Jarvish
“ Has appeared in commercials for Uncle Ben's and Cheer laundry detergent ” - Jarvish
Patrick Fabian
A working actor for over 20 years whose jobs have taken him all over the country and the world, Patrick's credits include playing with everyone from Angela Lansbury to Xena. Hailing from Central Pennsylvania and armed with a BFA in Performance from Penn State University, Patrick went west to earn an MFA in Performance from Cal State Long Beach University...
“ Professor Lasky in Saved by the Bell: The College Years ” - Jarvish
“ Claire Danes' other half in Terminator 3 ” - Jarvish
“ NY and Vegas character both called variations of James (James in NY, Jimmy in Vegas) ” - Jarvish
Eddie J. Fernandez
Eddie Fernandez is a Latino stuntman in Hollywood. Eddie started off in the stunt business in 1981 in his hometown of Chicago. He spent his earlier years honing his martial arts, wrestling and motocross skills, among others, which would eventually lead him into his chosen profession, stunt work. Eddie was ready to try or do anything adventurous...
“ Role in Vegas was uncredited - has been in Miami twice, one of which was uncredited ” - Jarvish
“ 01 Boxer in Charlie Jade ” - Jarvish
“ Phil in Lost ” - Jarvish
“ Has only ever appeared in 4 shows - the 3 CSIs and Big Time Rush ” - Jarvish
“ Has been in Vegas as three different characters ” - Jarvish
Cassidy Freeman
Actress, Smallville
Cassidy Freeman (born April 22, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actress and musician. She is known for her role as Tess Mercer in The CW's superhero drama Smallville and Cady Longmire in Longmire. Freeman was born in Chicago, Illinois to prominent Chicago-area attorneys, who also own a cattle ranch in Montana...
“ Tess in Smallville ” - Jarvish
Bryan Friday
Stunts, 24
Bryan was born in Ohio. After receiving his bachelors degree in business and working a few degree related jobs, Bryan did some Theater in his hometown of Zanesville. Realizing that there was only so much work as an actor in Ohio, and nowhere to study, he packed his car and moved to LA. Because of his extensive Sports background...
“ Played Handsome Young Man in NY - he was aged 46 at the time ” - Jarvish
“ Was in both Miami and Vegas in 2004 (NY in 2005) ” - Jarvish
David Gallagher
Actor, 7th Heaven
David Lee Gallagher was born on February 9, 1985 in College Point, New York, to Elena (Lopez) and Darren James Gallagher. His stepfather is Vincent Casey. David is of Irish (father) and Cuban (mother) descent. At not even two years old, he landed his first print ad job and he has since done commercials for corporations such as Walt Disney World...
“ Simon Camden in 7th Heaven ” - Jarvish
“ Played different characters in Vegas in 2009 and 2011. Also played different characters in 24 (day 1 and day 7) ” - Jarvish
Chris Gann
Born and raised on a goat farm in Reno, Nevada, Chris is a former world and national champion Jet Ski racer, who has been working as an actor for over 15 years. After graduating from Cal state Sacramento with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Chris moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and had absolutely zero short term success...
“ Role in Vegas was uncredited ” - Jarvish
Robert Gant
Robert Gant began acting in television commercials and joined the Screen Actors Guild at the age of ten in his home state of Florida. He attended undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania and law school at Georgetown University. While studying law, he never gave up on his true passion, acting, and performed in numerous theatrical productions...
“ Professor Ben Bruckner in Queer as Folk USA ” - Jarvish
Aimee Garcia
Actress, Dexter
A Chicago native of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, she made her professional stage debut at the age of seven in Paul Mejia's "Cinderella" at The Auditorium Theatre. By the age of twelve, she was dancing 20 shows a month as "Clara" in "The Nutcracker". She joined the Young People's Company, whose alumni include John Cusack,Joan Cusack...
“ Jamie in Dexter ” - Jarvish
“ Coleman in General Hospital ” - Jarvish
“ Todd in 10 Items or Less ” - Jarvish
Katie Gill
Katharine Elizabeth Gill was born in Santa Monica, California. She is the daughter of actress Morgan Brittany, known for the TV show Dallas in the 1980's and stunt coordinator/2nd unit director Jack Gill. After completing schooling at Agoura High School, Katie moved to Osaka, Japan to work for various print agencies...
“ First role was as a 10 year old in the film Money Train ” - Jarvish
“ NY in 2005, Miami in 2006, Vegas in 2007 ” - Jarvish
“ Best known for his role in Pet Sematary ” - Jarvish
“ In Law & Order, has played 6 different characters ” - Jarvish
“ Shane McGrath in The Bold and the Beautiful ” - Jarvish
Tim Guinee
Actor, 99 Homes
Tim Guinee was born in Los Angeles, California. He is a middle child, with three brothers and two sisters. He was raised in Illinois and Texas. As a teenager, he attended the Houston High School for Performing Arts. He also started a theater company in Houston before moving to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts...
“ Major Allen in Iron Man ” - Jarvish
“ Hannah Nichols in All My Children ” - Jarvish
“ Vegas in 2004, Miami in 2006, NY in 2011 ” - Jarvish
“ Sister Mary in Desperate Housewives ” - Jarvish
“ Dean in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning ” - Jarvish
“ Engaged to Tia from Sister Sister ” - Jarvish
“ Ethan in The Secret Circle ” - Jarvish
“ Ben Zajac in Boss ” - Jarvish
Louis Herthum
Actor, Westworld
Louis Herthum is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There, he started his career in the entertainment field as an actor in 1978 and in 1982, he moved to Los Angeles. Over the next decade, he appeared in over thirty productions in the Los Angeles area, winning critical acclaim for his work in two original plays...
“ JD in True Blood ” - Jarvish
“ The Beaver in Greek ” - Jarvish
Rick Hoffman
Actor, Suits
Born June 12, 1970 in New York City, New York and raised in Roslyn Heights, New York, Rick Hoffman graduated from The Wheatley School in Old Westbury, NY before attending the University of Arizona. After graduating from University of Arizona, Rick moved to Los Angeles to start an acting career. He landed his first role as a security guard in Conspiracy Theory ...
“ Louis from Suits - a legend!!!! ” - Jarvish
Neil Hopkins
Actor, Lost
Neil is best known for his recurring role on "Lost", playing Liam, the heroin-addicted rockstar brother of Charlie (Dominic Monaghan). His other TV credits include recurring roles on the Emmy-Award Nominated "Big Love" and the Paul Haggis series, "Crash"; as well as a wide variety of guest starring roles on "My Name Is Earl"...
“ Charlie's brother in Lost ” - Jarvish
“ Played different characters in Vegas in 2004 and 2008 ” - Jarvish
Kanin Howell
Stunts, Mr. Brooks
Kanin Howell is the son of Norman Howell, a two time Emmy winning Stunt Coordinator and multiple award winning Stuntman. Having a father in the business, Howell was exposed to movie-making at an early age. It was no surprise that he followed in his father Norman's footsteps, and debuted as a Stuntman at the age of five...
“ Has played 7 different characters across the 3 shows - 1 in Vegas, 2 in Miami, and 4 in NY ” - Jarvish
“ Kersh's assistant in X Files ” - Jarvish
Michael Irby
Michael Irby is an American actor and producer. He was born November 16, 1972 in Palm Springs, California USA. He is most known for his portrayal of Charles Grey on The Unit (2006-2009). Other credits include True Detective (2015), Almost Human (2014), Law Abiding Citizen (2009), Flightplan (2005), and Fast Five (2011). He will be in the upcoming NBC television series Taken (2017).
“ Played different characters in NY in 2004 and 2011 ” - Jarvish
Mark Ivanir
Mark Ivanir has been working as a professional film and television actor in Los Angeles since 2001. His first major film role was in Steven Spielberg's 1993 Oscar winning epic Schindler's List. He rejoined with Spielberg twice, first for a cameo appearance in Terminal, then again for Tintin. A pivotal role in Robert De Niro's 2006 film...
“ Nominated in 2010 for best actor in the Israeli Academy Awards for his role in The Human Resources Manager ” - Jarvish
“ O'Connor in The Last Ship ” - Jarvish
“ Former America's Next Top Model contestant - role in Miami was uncredited ” - Jarvish
“ Charlie in The Bold and the Beautiful ” - Jarvish
Tyler Kain
Actress, Illegal
“ Role in Miami was uncredited ” - Jarvish
“ Miami in 2002, NY in 2006, Vegas in 2011 ” - Jarvish
“ Fred Donohue (the Sports Reporter) in Bruce Almighty ” - Jarvish
Christine Lakin
Actress, Family Guy
Christine Helen Lakin was born on January 25th, 1979 in Dallas, Texas. After moving several times as a child, her family finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where Christine started her acting career. There, she attended the Atlanta workshop players - a theater group which plays in schools in the Atlanta metro area...
“ Family Guy voice actress ” - Jarvish
“ Stuart Radzinsky in Lost ” - Jarvish
“ Hector Salazar in 24 ” - Jarvish
“ JT in nearly 800 episodes of The Young and the Restless ” - Jarvish