Scenes to make your ball hair stand on end (The most intense moments in film)

by Visionless | created - 17 Apr 2012 | updated - 04 Jan 2016 | Public

Intensity is a very hard thing to accomplish in films. It's rare as it is to come across a film that can give you a sense of dread, but it's something truly special to witness a scene that makes you want to put the film on pause, leave the room and take a breather or two. In opinion, the moments on this list captured just that.

I originally wanted to make a list of the most intense films, but I realised it would only be a list of very few items. No film is intense for its entire run, and the ones that are might not be quite as tense as a single scene from a differentfilm. So with scenes, I can add many more that deserve to be mentioned. I'll try to make it spoiler free as possible, although it will be very hard to do. I recommend skipping to the next image if you see a title you haven't yet seen.

Oh yeah, and please recommend me some I may have missed. Just make sure you use the all important spoiler tag!