You Only Get Noted Once

They might have a few other films but they're known (some of them) and recognised by just one. In current construction.

Criteria: below ten titles, only counting films and TV films, and with less than two known works (that's why you won't be seeing Heather O'Rourke here, just an example).
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Aaron Wolff
Aaron Wolff was born in March, 1994 in Minneapolis. In the years 2000 to 2005 he lived in London. Here he attended University College School and the Royal Academy of Music. He and his brothers are in a rock band called Bedrin. Bedrin is English slang for 'brethren'. In theatrical school productions...
“ Danny Gopnik in A Serious Man. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Chuck Aspegren
Chuck Aspegren conquered a small-time of fame after appearing in the Oscar winning film The Deer Hunter. In fact, he wasn't a trained actor but he was a steel worker from Gary, Indiana, who happened to be in the right place and the right time. When the likes of Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken began researching their roles as steel workers...
“ Axel in The Deer Hunter ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
François Leterrier
Director, Emmanuelle 3
Though François Leterrier's career evolved from assistant director to writer and director, he left an important mark in cinema with an acting role as the leading man in Robert Bresson's immortal classic A Man Escaped, as Fontaine, the man who skillfully tries several ways and attempts to escape from prison during World War II...
“ Fontaine in A Man Escaped. Best known as a director. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Danny Lloyd
Danny Lloyd was selected for the role of Danny Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining because of his ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. Because of his age (6) and the genre of The Shining Danny was closely guarded by Kubrick during filming and didn't know it was a horror film until several years later...
“ Danny Torrance in The Shining. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Easy Andy in Taxi Driver. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Edmund in Germany Year Zero. Seriously, what happened to him? ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Giorgio Cantarini
Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Giorgio was the only child born to Rimazio and La Tina Cantarini. Soon after Giorgio, whose family nickname is Gio, celebrated his 5th birthday, his parents were separated and thereafter divorced. He presently resides with his father in Florence while his mother lives in Los Angeles...
“ Giosué Orefice in Life is Beautiful. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Fernando Ramos da Silva
Actor, Pixote
Fernando was the star of only one film in his short life. He played Pixote - a street child - in Pixote. During his short period of fame, Fernando was seen as a symbol of hope for the Brazilian street kids. He grew up in a poor neighborhood of Diadema - a industrial city close to São Paulo - Brazil...
“ The title role in Pixote. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Lucien Lacombe in Lacombe Lucien ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Young Jack in The Tree of Life ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Stanley Spector in Magnolia ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ HW in There Will Be Blood ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Jack Curry / Simon Harrington / Erich Doring in The Boys From Brazil ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ The Street Drummer in Taxi Driver. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Charles Pallantine in Taxi Driver. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Joan of Arc in The Passion of Joan of Arc. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Mario Peixoto
Director, Limite
“ Writer and director of Limite (1931), directed at the age of 21 and regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian films of all time. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Bridget O'Connor
Bridget was born and raised in Harrow, London. From a large family, she was the second of 5 children. Her parents are Irish, her mother Bridie hails from Limerick and her father Jim is from Cork. As a result, Bridget grew up around Ceilidh bands and dancing. She attended Catholic schools and went on to graduate with a degree in English from Lancaster University...
“ Writer of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Has two other scripts but this is the one she will be remembered. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Obie in Big Shots. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Fanny in Fanny & Alexander. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Alexander in Fanny & Alexander. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Phil Dawn in Gloria. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Lydia in Children of a Lesser God ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Tony in Children of a Lesser God. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ William in Children of a Lesser God. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Danny in Children of a Lesser God. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Johnny in Children of a Lesser God. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Philip Holmes
Philip Holmes was born on December 20th 1976 in Newcastle Upon Tyne but moved to Penrith, Cumbria when just a few months old. His Cousin Gary Gilchrist is also an actor starting in films such as Rob Roy, Gladiator and Chariots of Fire. Philip is now a qualified Electrician and lives back in the North-East of England.
“ Glen in Children of a Lesser God. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Cheryl in Children of a Lesser God. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Brandon Stoughton
Actor, Stem Cell
Brandon Stoughton, born in 1981, in Los Angeles, California, is an American model, best known for his appearance in Britney Spears "Womanizer" music video. Stoughton started his career in 2006 represented by FORD models where he's done countless jobs all over the world from Australia to South Africa...
“ Thing in Stem Cell. Ok, who we're kidding, we all know him from Britney Spears clip. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Casey in Short Cuts. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Young Pink in Pink Floyd The Wall. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Bob Geldof
Writer, Live Aid
Bob Geldof was frontman for the late '70s to mid '80s Irish punk rock band the Boomtown Rats. He also conceived and co-wrote Band Aid's tune "Do They Know It's Christmas?" with his friend, musician Midge Ure of Ultravox, which became the 1984 Christmas number one in the UK and the best-selling British pop single until that time...
“ Pink in Pink Floyd The Wall. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ The title role in Mouchette. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Escom Receptionist in Blessed. So hot! ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Julien Quentin in Au Revoir Mon Enfant. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Baby Kal-El in Superman. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Frances O'Connor
Actress, Freaks
Frances Belle O'Connor was born on September 8, 1914 in Granite Falls, Reville County, Minnesota. She was born without arms, but learned to use her feet in incredibly dexterous ways. Combining her physical beauty and an outgoing personality, it made her a natural for the sideshow circuit. Billed as "The Living Venus de Milo," and with her mother as manager...
“ Armless Woman in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Peter Robinson
Actor, Freaks
Peter Robinson was born the son of Norwegian immigrants. He stated that during his childhood, he had a normal appearance until his early teens when his weight began to drop rapidly. He first went on exhibition in 1895, working at Coney Island and later Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Robinson was married twice...
“ Human Skeleton in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Olga Roderick
Actress, Freaks
Olga Roderick, Madame Olga, was born Jane Barnell in Wilmington, NC on January 3, 1871 (or February 28, 1877, depending on the source). Her father was a Russian Jew and her mother Catawba Indian. According to historians, she was growing hair by the age of two and was bearded at four. Her deformity caused her mother to believe that Jane was bewitched...
“ Bearded Lady in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Josephine Joseph
Actress, Freaks
Josephine Joseph was born in Austria of Polish-Austrian descent in 1913, whose body was allegedly split down the middle, one side male and the other female. She/he claimed to be a true intersex, or "hermaphrodite,' but there is no evidence to confirm whether this was the case or not. Hermaphrodites generally share the genitals of both sexes...
“ Half Woman-Half Man in Freaks. Still living?!? ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Johnny Eck
Actor, Freaks
Johnny Eck was born John Eckhardt, Jr. on August 27, 1911 in Baltimore, MD at the home of Amelia and John Eckhardt, Sr., twenty minutes after his fraternal twin, Robert. At birth, Johnny weighed two pounds and was less than eight inches in length. He was born with a truncated torso due to "sacral agenesis,"...
“ Half Boy in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Prince Randian
Actor, Freaks
Prince Randian was born in the Demarara district, British Guyana in 1871, the child of British Indian slaves. Born with tetra-amelia syndrome (the lacking of all four limbs), little is known about his early life or how he was discovered, but it seems his incredible adaptability did not go unnoticed...
“ The Living Torso in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Elvira Snow
Actress, Freaks
Elvira and Jenny Lee Snow, also known as the Snow Twins, were born in Georgia, but they were often advertised in their sideshow act as being from the Yucatan of Mexico and sometimes from Australia. (Some reports state that they were not actually twins at all). Reputedly, Elvira's birthdate was March 2...
“ Pinhead in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Jenny Lee Snow
Actress, Freaks
Elvira and Jenny Lee Snow, also known as the Snow Twins, were born in Georgia, but they were often advertised in their sideshow act as being from the Yucatan of Mexico and sometimes from Australia. (Some reports state that they were not actually twins at all). Reputedly, Elvira's birthdate was March 2...
“ Pinhead in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Elizabeth Green
Actress, Freaks
Elizabeth Green (aka Betty Green) was an American sideshow performer who was presented to audiences as "The Human Stork" during the early 1900's. Elizabeth was actually the first "Koo Koo the Bird Girl" (predating Minnie Woolsey), and toured with Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus in the 1920s and '30s...
“ Bird Girl in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Koo Koo
Actress, Freaks
"Koo Koo the Bird Girl" was born Minnie Woolsey in Rabun County, Georgia in 1880. She suffered from a rare congenital skeletal disorder called Virchow-Sechel or Harper's syndrome, also known as bird-headed dwarfism or nanocephaly). This syndrome is very rare and is characterized by various physical shortcomings...
“ Herself in Freaks. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Josette Kaiser in Short Cuts. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Joe Kaiser in Short Cuts. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Sandy Shepard in Short Cuts. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Dustin Friel
Art Department, Ray Donovan
“ Will Shepard in Short Cuts. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Austin Shepard in Short Cuts. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Pelle in Pelle the Conqueror. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Rud in Pelle the Conqueror. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Dominique Dunne
Actress, Poltergeist
Dominique Dunne was born to a life of privilege in Santa Monica, California, the daughter of Ellen Beatriz (Griffin) Dunne and Dominick Dunne, a producer, actor, and writer. Actor Griffin Dunne is her brother. After her parents' divorce, she moved first to New York, and then to a posh home in Beverly Hills...
“ Dana Freeling in Poltergeist. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Lilica in Pixote. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Chico in Pixote. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Jack in To Live and Die in L.A. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Joey Hope Singer
Music Department, Beasts of No Nation
Joey Singer began her career working for music publisher Stage Three Music, representing the catalogs of Aerosmith, ZZ Top and Gerry Rafferty, among others. She transitioned into music clearance in 2011, working for music supervisor and mentor Robin Kaye on three music heavy reality series including "Q'Viva: The Chosen"...
“ Adele Foster-Travino in Falling Down. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Damon Albarn
Soundtrack, Trainspotting
Damon Albarn was born in Whitechapel Hospital, London. He was the son of Keith (a former luminary of England's late-1960s psychedelic rock scene that yielded Soft Machine and others) and Hazel (a stage designer for Joan Littlewood's theatre company). Arriving in Colchester, Essex in the late '70s, the young Damon began studying music (the piano) and drama...
“ Jason in Face. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Timmy Maplewood in Happiness. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Chloe Maplewood in Happiness. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Andrea in Diavolo in Corpo. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Hopkins in Dead Poets Society. "The cat sat on the mat". ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Spaz in Dead Poets Society. "Hey Spaz! Spaz! Brain Damage!" ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Young Max in Once Upon a Time in America. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Young Cockeye in Once Upon a Time In America. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Bic Bickham in Who Shot Patakango? ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Alvey in Son of the Mask. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Alvey in Son of the Mask. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Father Dyer in The Exorcist ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ The title role in Simon Birch. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Klinton Spilsbury
Klinton Spilbury was born in Chihuahua in Mexico. After his only feature film, "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" in 1981, he travelled around Europe, and also did some modelling. Amazingly, considering that he is only known for the one film, he coached acting at the Herpolscheimer Academy in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
“ The Lone Ranger / John Reid in The Legend of the Lone Ranger ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Freddie Prinze
Comedian Freddie Prinze seemed to have everything going for him by 1977. He was the star of a hit network series. Beautiful women were drawn to his good looks and natural charm. He was the father of a baby boy named after him. But there were a lot of things Freddie Prinze had against him: a failed marriage...
“ Muff Kovak in The Million Dollar Rip-Off. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Paris Themmen
The former child actor Paris Themmen was born on June 25th, 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts, the self-proclaimed "Hub" of the Universe, to classical musicians. Young Paris first appeared on stage in 1965, while his parents were performing in summer stock in Michigan. After the family returned to New York...
“ Mike Teevee in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Max Pirkis
Born in 1989, Max Pirkis performed in several school plays before winning his first role in a motion picture, as the ultra kind and friendly Midshipman Lord Blakeney in the blockbuster Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World starring Russell Crowe, reading for the part alongside Max Benitz (Benitz auditioning for Midshipman Calamy)...
“ Blakeney, Midshipman in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Julia Winter
Julia Winter is the envy of tween-age girls everywhere, having being plucked from obscurity to play Veruca Salt in the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, alongside Johnny Depp. It was the London schoolgirl's first professional role, although she studies drama weekly at a part-time theatre school...
“ Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Little Harry in Six Pack. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Daryl the Limo Driver in Pretty Women. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Reeves Nevo & The Cinch in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Nurse in The Outsiders. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Boy in Badlands. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Girl in Badlands. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Charles Fitzpatrick
Actor, Badlands
Charles was a resident of LaJunta when Badlands was being filmed in this small Colorado town. His son Michael played pick up basketball with Martin Sheen in the city park. One thing led to another and Charles was introduced to Martin and was given the clerk role in the movie. Mr.Fitzpatrick was a veteran of many local play productions and a huge movie buff...
“ Clerk in Badlands. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Gas Station Attendant in Badlands. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Billy Quarrier in At Play in the Fields of the Lord. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Angry Bar Patron in JFK. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Wilson the Volleyball
Self, Cast Away
Wilson the Volleyball is one of Hollywood's most loved volleyballs. His glittering career started when he became the only companion of Tom Hanks' Chuck Noland in Cast Away. Many say this is Wilson's best performance and he couldn't have given a better effort. He has made notable guest appearances on shows like Family Guy, where he was able to poke fun at his role in Cast Away.
“ Self in Cast Away. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
Elizabeth Threatt
Actress, The Big Sky
American actress who made an impression in her only film. The daughter of an English father and a Cherokee mother, Threatt grew up in South Carolina. At 19, she went to New York and began a successful modeling career. In 1952, director Howard Hawks saw her photograph and cast her as the Blackfoot princess Teal Eye in his acclaimed frontier film The Big Sky...
“ Teal Eye in The Big Sky. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Young Forrest Gump in Forrest Gump. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ The Alien in Alien. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Old Woman in Bathtub in The Shining. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Hiroshi in The Testament. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Annie Darwin in Creation. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Massimo Busetti in La Dolce Vita. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Grady daughter in The Shining. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro
“ Grady daughter in The Shining. ” - Rodrigo_Amaro