up and coming actors and actresses in the new england and surrounding areas

up and coming, unknown actors and actresses in the New England area. These talented people are trying to make it. Help spread the word about them!

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Lily Davis
Actress, High Watch
Lily was born to Susan and Alan Davis as a premature baby. She was fragile but determined to live. As years came by, her spitfire and bubbly personality set her up for her love of the arts: graphic design, creative writing and theater. She had been in musicals and shows nearly every year she could at camps and schools...
Meredith Prunty
Actress, Exeter
Meredith Prunty was first introduced to the world of acting in her role as "Abigail" in a theater production of "Huckleberry Finn" and was so determined after that experience to become an actress that she convinced her mother to let her pursue her dream. Acting in every opportunity that came her way including movies...
Seth Chitwood
Writer, Them
Seth Chitwood is the co-founder of the production company Angelwood Pictures. He is the creator of six web series: Lungs, Family Problems, World's Worst Director, The Dreamer, Red Circles, and In the Bedroom. His production company has also released the films: The Love Triangle, Them, and The Woman of Harry...