The Top 20 horror movies of the 1960's Part 2

Part two of the Top horror movies of the 1960's.
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Peeping Tom (1960)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.8/10 X  
A young man murders women, using a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror. (101 mins.)
Director: Michael Powell
“ "I'm going to shoot the look of fear on your face...before you die"....

Quote: "Peeping Tom ended my career in England", unquote-Actor/Producer/Director Michael Powell.

British director/producer Michael Powell, (and Emeric Pressburger), made "The Life and Times of Colonel Blimp", (1943); "A Matter of Life and Death", (1946); "Black Narcissus", (1947); and "The Red Shoes", (1948), with Moira Shearer-the Ballet movie, made family friendly movies in England.

Then screenwriter Leo Marks gave Powell a script for a horror movie called "Peeping Tom", which was so disturbing, Powell was exiled to Australia, where he made sporadic movies including "They're a Weird Mob", (1966).

Hot on the heels of "Psycho", "Peeping Tom" begins with A N Lewis, (Powell), who uses fear as a psychological plot to see the fear on the face of his son, (Columba Powell), when he uses a torch and scares him in his bedroom. This terror device causes Mark to be unstable, so unstable that he uses terror to kill later on....

Decades pass....

Mark Lewis, (Carl Boehm), (b. Karlheinz Böhm in Austria), is a Focus Puller and making movies....But by night, he kills women by adding a, quote, "Murder part", unquote, to his camera, so that he can shoot the look of fear on womens' he stalks, then kills them....

Mark, who indulges in porn and other hiring prostitutes for sex, lives in apartment building, where Helen Stevens, (Anna "Frenzy", 1972, Massey), lives with her Mother, Mrs. Stevens, (Maxine Audley); Helen, (who is attracted to Mark), tries to be friends with him, (unaware of his psychotic behavior)....As women die, including: Milly, (Pamela Green); Dora, (Brenda Bruce); and Pauline Shields, (Shirley Ann Field), all sex workers and normal girls Mark picks up in London....

Soon, Chief Inspector Gregg, (Jack Watson); Det. Sgt. Miller, (Nigel Davenport); and Det. Baxter, (Keith Baxter), home in on Mark Lewis; Lewis, (who works on a movie), is a picture of calm, as a Clapper Loader, (John Chappell), makes sure a scene is ready for the director to roll; and P. Tate-The Studio Cameraman, (Guy Kingsley Poynter). Mark enters a Newsagency where Mr. Peeters, the Shop Owner, (Barlett Mullins); Robert Crewdson, (as The Shop Assistant-Film Set); and a Store Detective, (Alan Rolfe), all have issues with Mark Lewis, who is the Police's main suspect, though everyone working on the movie think Mark Lewis is normal.

When Mark uses his killer camera to murder Helen, she tries to flee, knowing that he's evil.

"Peeping Tom" is an excursion in voyeurism, terror, and horror. The fact that Michael Powell was unfairly distressed by UK film critics who labelled the movie: "Obscene"; "Shocking"; "Disgusting"; and other adjectives, meant he fled into exile to Australia.

In the end, the police home in on Mark Lewis...ending the horror.

"Peeping Tom" was released in the US two years later in 1962. Director Martin Scorcese found a new print of the movie years' ago, and restored the movie for US audiences, (because he wanted to restore Michael Powell's legacy), as one of England's best filmmakers. The fact that Powell wasn't Sir Alfred Hitchcock, caused the controversy. If a filmmaker, (known for genre movies that were family oriented), kicks off the 1960's with a horror masterpiece, and was bagged for it, then the critics in the UK are loses, because "Peeping Tom", is the UK "Psycho", and deserves better recognition.

Note: No UK actors wanted to play "Mark Lewis", so Austrian actor Carl Boehm was hired for the movie. It is not a goof that he has a strong Germanic accent.

"Peeping Tom" is on DVD complete and uncut. ” - roberthelliger
Black Sabbath (1963)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.2/10 X  
A trio of atmospheric horror tales about: A woman terrorized in her apartment by phone calls from an... (92 mins.)
Director: Mario Bava
“ Mario Bava's "I tre volti della paura", (1963), "The Three Faces of Fear", aka "Black Sabbath", in a anthology horror movie, introduced by Boris Karloff.

In "The Telephone", Rosy, (Michèle Mercier), is terroried by a criminal who has known her before. Can her friend Mary, (Lydia Alfonsi), save her?;

In "The Wurdalak", Gorca, (Karloff), a Russian Count, tries to get rid of a family of Vampires in 1800's European countryside;

In "The Drop of Water", a 1900's Nurse looks after a dead Medium, who passed on when performing a seance. When some strange things occur, her life is put in danger.

"Black Sabbath" is one of the best anthology movies of the early 1960's, and marked one of Boris Karloff's best horror movies, late in his career. ” - roberthelliger
Blood Feast (1963)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.0/10 X  
An Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to bring to life a dormant Egyptian goddess, while an inept police detective tries to track him down. (67 mins.)
“ "How gory can one movie go?".....

Herschell Gordon Lewis was one of the Grandfather's of US gore movies. His legacy of graphic, gory, and upsetting horror movies made him a star along with Sir Alfred Hitchcock; Mario Bava; and others, whose horror movies in the 1960's, along with Michael Powell's "Peeping Tom", (1960); "Psycho", (1960); "Homicidal", (1961); and "The Horrible Dr. Hichcock", (1962), pushed boundaries, that by 1963, Roger Corman's low budget b horror movies were drive-in classics; "Blood Feast", increased taste to an extreme level.

Faud Ramses, (Mal Arnold), is a Egyptian caterer, who sacrifices women to the Goddess Ishtar....Once he has enough body parts, he arrives at a party, where he offers a woman, Janet Blake, (Louise Kamp), to the Goddess.

Can Det. Pete Thornton, (Thomas Wood); and Frank, the Police Captain, (Scott H. Hall), rescue her?

Co-starring: Connie Mason, (as Suzette Fremont); Lyn Bolton, (as Mrs. Dorothy Fremont)-Suzette's Mom; Christy Foushee, (as Toni Calvert); Ashlyn Martin, (as Marcy-a beach girl); Astrid Olson, (as a Motel Victim); Sandra Sinclair, (as Pat Tracey); Gene Courtier, (as Tony, a beach boy); and Hal Rich, (as a Hospital Doctor); and Al Golden, (as Doctor Flanders).

Followed by "Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat" in 2002! ” - roberthelliger
I Saw What You Did (1965)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.2/10 X  
Teenagers Libby and Kit innocently spend an evening doing random crank calls. These calls lead to murderous consequences. (82 mins.)
Director: William Castle
“ "I Saw What You Did....I Know Where You Are?", say teen girls, Kit Austin, (Sarah Lane), and her best friend Libby Mannering, (Andi Garrett), into the telephone line of various homes-as a prank-, until they say these words to Steve Marak, (John Ireland), who has really murdered his wife, Judith Marak, (Joyce Meadows)....a fact no one knows about....Soon, the girls are the killer's object, as their pranking gets them in trouble.

As Libby's sisters, Tess, (Sharyl Locke); Ellie, (Patricia Breslin); Amy Nelson, (Joan Crawford)-as a sexy neighbor, are targeted, the girls' father, Dave Manning, (Leif Erikson), calls the cops.

When a State Trooper, (John Crawford), arrives, he tries to stop the killer.

Co-starring: John Archer, (as John Austin); Tom Hatten, (as Gerald Nyes); Douglas Evans, (as Tom Ward); Barbara Wilkin, (as Mary Ward)-his wife; Glen Vernon, (as John Adams); and Sarah Anderson, (as Jill Adams)-his wife, as all phone prank victims.

William Castle's "I Saw What You Did And Know Where You Are?", spawned other phone-prank-chillers, like "Black Christmas", (1974)-when Barb, (Margot Kidder), is terrorised by a obscene caller, Bob Clark; "John Carpenter's Halloween", (1978), when Michael Myers, (Nick Castle), uses the phone to scare people; and Carol Kane is terrorised in "When a stranger calls", (1979), all who have been influenced and/or had variations on Castle's movie.

Recommended. ” - roberthelliger
The Conqueror Worm (1968)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.9/10 X  
A young soldier seeks to put an end to the evils caused by a vicious witch hunter. (86 mins.)
Director: Michael Reeves
“ "My name is Matthew Hopkins, and I've been sent to get rid of Witches....".....

Michael Reeves' "Witchfinder General", (1968), is about Matthew Hopkins, (Vincent Price), a sadistic, violent man who, with his Assistant John Stearne, (Robert Russell), to use torture and other violent acts to rid a English Village of Witches, during Oliver Cromwell's, (Patrick "Blood on Satan's Claw", (1971) Wymark's time. Cromwell is helping The Royalists win against The Parliamentary Party, for control of England's political rule. As a price for this Witches are subjected to cruelty, to cover for the political strife....

When Hopkins makes a Priest, (Beaufoy Milton's) life Hell, Richard Marshall, (Ian Ogilvy), tries to bring Hopkins and John Stearne, to account for quote, "Gross breaches of peoples' rights", unquote....Can he bring about the downfall of the sadistic Witchfinder General, before it's too late?

Starring: Rupert Davies, (as John Lowes); Hilary Heath, (as Sara Lowes)-his wife; Wilfred Brambell, (as Master Loach); Nicky Henson, (as Trooper Robert Swallow); Tony Selby, (as Tom Salter); Michael Beint, (as Captain Gordon); Bernard Kay, (as a Fisherman); John Treneman, (as Trooper Harcourt); Bill Maxwell, (as Trooper Gifford); and Peter Thomas, (as a Farrier).

"Witchfinder General" was one of Vincent Price's best late 1960's horror movies he ever starred in; Micheal Reeves sadly died very young, aged 25 in 1969, a year after "Witchfinder General" was made.

Reeves begun his career with "Terror in the Crypt", (1964); "La sorella di Satana", (1966)-with Barbara Steele; "The Sorcerors", (1967), with Boris Karloff; Reeves as AD on "The Long Ships", (1964).

Reeves's idol was Don Siegel, and he got him a break into movies. Due to personal issues, he died before his career begun to grow. ” - roberthelliger
Repulsion (1965)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.8/10 X  
A sex-repulsed woman who disapproves of her sister's boyfriend sinks into depression and has horrific visions of rape and violence. (105 mins.)
Director: Roman Polanski
“ "I'm not mad...I am not mad....I am NOT mad".....

Carole, (Catherine Denueve), is a Belgian woman who lives in London as a manicurist.

One day, a strange man, named Colin, (John Fraser), enters her life and preys on her repressed sexuality, that also includes rape fantasies.

Carole lives in a flat with her sister, Yvonne Furneaux, who has a married lover/boyfriend Michael, (Ian Hendry), who repulses her so much, she can't understand the psychological reasoning for her unnatural behavior.

When Michael takes Helen overseas for a vacation, Carole descends into a catatonic state of disturbing images and the lines between real/not real is blurred.

Starring: Patrick Wymark, (as the Landlord); Renee Houston, (as Miss Balch); Valerie Taylor, (as Madame Denise); James Villiers, (as John); Helen Fraser, (as Bridget); Hugh Futcher, (as Reggie); Monica Merlin, (as Mrs. Rendlesham); Imogen Graham, (as the Manicurist); and Mike Pratt, (as a Workman).

"Repulsion" is one of Roman Polanski's best horror movies of the mid-1960's, and it made a star of French actress, Catherine Deneuve. ” - roberthelliger
House of Usher (1960)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.0/10 X  
Upon entering his fiancée's family mansion, a man discovers a savage family curse and fears that his future brother-in-law has entombed his bride-to-be prematurely. (79 mins.)
Director: Roger Corman
“ "The House of Usher was not the kind of place to live".....

Philip Winthrop, (Mark Damon), arrives to the Usher Mansion, where, Roderick Usher, (Vincent Price), suffers a mysterious illness; Usher's wife, Madeline, (Myrna Fahey), also suffers catatonia....As tales of a curse fills Phillip's head.

The Ushers only have one son; the other children have died or gone insane.

Can the Curse be lifted?

Producer Roger Corman's first of many Edgar Allen Poe adaptions; co-written by Richard Matheson, has a ominous feel of dread, that continues throughout the movie.

Co-starring: Harry Ellerbe, (as Bristol). ” - roberthelliger
Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.9/10 X  
Six people are lured into a small Deep South town for a Centennial celebration where the residents proceed to kill them one by one as revenge for the town's destruction during the Civil War. (83 mins.)
“ "The South shall Rise....With blood"....

Six tourists enter the town of Pleasant Valley, in the Deep South, where they're murdered by a group of psychotic men in Civil War outfits, who kill the locals.

Herschell Gordon Lewis's 2nd movie in the "Blood" trilogy, is a successful mold of blood, gore, and violence...worlds apart from "Blood Feast"'s Egyptian splatter-fest!

Starring: Connie Mason, (Terry Mason); William Kerwin, (as Thomas Wood); Jeffrey Allen, (as Mayor Buckman); Shelby Livingstone, (as Bea Miller); Jerome Eden, (as John Miller)-Bea's husband; Ben Moore, (as Lester McDonald); Gary Bakeman, (as Rufus "Rufe" Tate); Mark Douglas, (as Harper Alexander); Linda Corchran, (as Betsy); Yvonne Gilbert, (as Beverly Wells); Michael Korb, (as David Wells)-Betsy's husband; Vincent Santo, (as Billy); Andy Wilson, (as a Policeman); Candi Collier, (as a Switchboard Operator); plus: "The Pleasant Valley Boys", -a Bluegrass Band. ” - roberthelliger
Bloody Pit of Horror (1965)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 4.8/10 X  
A photographer and his models go to an old, abandoned castle to shoot some sexy covers for horror novels... (87 mins.)
Director: Max Hunter
“ "The Crimson Executioner returns...beware those who come to his Domain"....

"Il Boia Scarlatto", "The Crimson Executioner", (1965), directed by Massimo Pupillo, stars Mickey Hargitay, as Travis Anderson, who lures a group of innocent people to a old, Gothic Castle, where, believing he's the re-incarnation of "The Crimson Executioner", a 17th century Jailer who uses torture and violence on his victims.

Dermott, (Ralph Zucker), is a Photographer, who needs a place to shoot his fashion models, (ala "Blood and Black Lace", (1964), see Travis, but soon the horror begins.

When the models suffer brutal deaths, can anyone survive the horror?

Starring: Walter Brandt, (as Rick); Luisa Barrato, (as Louise Barratt)-Edith; Rita Klein, (as Nancy); Alfred Rice, (as Daniel Parks); Barbara Nelly, (as Suzy); Moha Tahi, (as Kinojo); Femi Martin, (as Annie); Nando Angelini, (Nik Angel)-as Perry.

Also starring:

Albert Gordon
Gino Turini
Roberto Messina.

"Il boia scarlatto" is a unusual horror movie from the mid-1960's. It was shown complete and uncut on SBS Australia, a decade or so ago, as part of the "Saturday Night Cult Movie" series of movies.

Trivia: Mickey Hargitay was a dancer for Mae West! ” - roberthelliger
Pit and the Pendulum (1961)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.1/10 X  
In the sixteenth century, Francis Barnard travels to Spain to clarify the strange circumstances of his sister's death after she had married the son of a cruel Spanish Inquisitor. (80 mins.)
Director: Roger Corman
“ "The pendulum swings..."...

Francis Barnard, (John Kerr), heads to Spain, where he hears news that his sister, Elizabeth Barnard Medina, (Barbara Steele), has vanished. Her husband, Nicholas Medina, (Vincent Price), uses a secret Pit that traps his wife underground, a pendulum swings left, then the right, over the Pit...

Francis tries to rescue her, (knowing that others have died at Nicholas's hands)....

Roger Corman/Richard Matheson re-team for the 2nd "Edgar Allan Poe" adaptions.

Beware of the swinging Pendulum.....

Co-starring: Luana "Dementia 13", (1963) Anders, (as Catherine Medina)-the 1st wife who vanishes in the Pit; Antony Carbone, (as Doctor Charles Leon); Patrick Westwood, (as Maximillian); Lynne Bernay, (as Maria); Larry Turner, (as a young Nicolas); Mary Menzies, (as Isabella); and Charles Victor, (as Bartolome).

"The Pit and The Pendulum" is one of the best Edgar Alan Poe movies of the early 1960's.

Re-made in 1991. ” - roberthelliger
Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 3.4/10 X  
A crook decides to bump off members of his inept crew and blame their deaths on a legendary sea creature. What he doesn't know is that the creature is real. (63 mins.)
Director: Roger Corman
“ "The creature lurks in the Sea...."

Sparks Moran / Agent XK150 / Narrator, (Edward Wain)-(Robert Towne), tells the story of a criminal called Renzo Capetto, (Antony Carbone), who heads to the Carribbean to get a lot of money....taking advantage of the local Revolution....

With the help of Loyalists, their escape is prevented by a Sea Creature, that attacks them.

Cheap horror thrills happen.

Starring: Betsy Jones-Moreland, (as Mary-Belle Monahan); Robert Bean, (as Happy Jack Monahan)-her husband; Beech Dickerson, (as Pete Peterson Jr.); Esther Sandoval, (as Rosina Perez); Sonia Noemí González, (Sonia Noemi Gonzalez)-as (Mango Perez)-Rosina's sister; Edmundo Rivera Alvarez, (Edmundo Rivera Alvarez), (as Gen. Tostada); Terry Nevin, (as a Cuban); Elisio Lopez, (as a Cuban); Tanner Hunt, (as a Cuban); and Blanquita Romero, (as Carmelita Rodriguez); and Armando Rowra, (as another Cuban).

Despite the cheap production, Robert Towne went onto one of Hollywood's best writer/directors, with "Chinatown", (1974), and other movies to his credit. ” - roberthelliger
Premature Burial (1962)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.6/10 X  
An artist grows distant from his new wife as an irrational horror of premature burial consumes him. (81 mins.)
Director: Roger Corman
“ "I don't want to be buried...yet"...

Emily Gault, (Hazel Court), arrives to Carrell Mansion, where she resumes her affair with Guy Carrell, (Ray Milland), much to the disfavor of her sister, Kate, (Heather Angel).

Guy builds a Crypt, obsessed with being buried alive, and trying to marry Emily in the process.

When he opens the crypt, his father, is buried there, and in a state of catatonia.

Can he overcome his irrational fears?

Starring: Richard Ney, (as Miles Archer); Alan Napier, (as Dr. Gideon Gault); Dick Miller, (as Mole); John Dierkes, (as Sweeney); Clive Halliday, (as Judson); and Brendan Dillon, (as a Minister). ” - roberthelliger
Color Me Blood Red (1965)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.3/10 X  
A crackpot artist kills various people to use their blood as his new crimson red color for his paintings. (79 mins.)
“ "Paint me dark blood red"....

An eccentric artist, Gordon Oas-Heim, (Don Joseph), plays Adam Sorg, a man whose artistic paintings are stale....So he needs a red color; he needs blood; human blood.

And, as he murders girls, he descends into madness.

Herschell Gordon Lewis's final "Blood" movie, ended his relationship with producer David F. Freidman.

It's the weakest of the trilogy, that followed "Blood Feast", (1963); and "Two Thousand Maniacs", (1964).

Starring: Candi Conder, (as April Carter); Elyn Warner, (as Gigi); Pat Lee, (as Patricia Lee), (as Sydney); Jerome Eden, (as Rolf); Scott H. Hall, (as Farnsworth); Jim Jaekel, (as Jack); Irish Marshall, (as Mrs. Carter)-April's Mom; William Harris, (as Bill Harris)-( as Gregorovich); and Cathy Collins, (as Mitzi). ” - roberthelliger
The Masque of the Red Death (1964)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.1/10 X  
A European prince terrorizes the local peasantry while using his castle as a refuge against the "Red Death" plague that stalks the land. (89 mins.)
Director: Roger Corman
“ And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held
illimitable dominion over all....-Edgar Allan Poe

Roger Corman's "The Masque of Red Death", stars Vincent Price as Prince Prospero, a Satan worshipper, who lets the Red Death, (Plague), spread through the Village.

To ease the Villagers' fears, he arranges a Masked Ball.

Soon, a night of sex and debauchery happens. But, to his own horror, a masked man arrives.

Is it Satan Himself?

"The Masque of Red Death", is one of the last Edgar Alan Poe/Roger Corman movie adaptions. It's dread and evil is used to great effect in England, (where it was shot).

The ending of the movie has The Red Death speak in Latin:

RED DEATH: Quote: "Sic transit gloria mundi", unquote:
"Thus goes the glory of the world" in English.

Starring: Hazel Court, (as Juliana); Jane Asher, (as Francesca); David Weston, (as Gino); Nigel Green, (as Ludovico-Father of Francesca); Patrick Magee, (as Alfedo); Paul Whitsun-Jones, (as Scarlatti); Skip Martin, (as Hop Toad); Robert Brown, (as a Guard); Julian Burton, (as Señor Veronese); David Davies, (as a Lead Villager); Gaye Brown, (as Señora Escobar); Verina Greenlaw, (as Esmeralda); Doreen Dawn, (as Anna-Marie); and Brian Hewlett, (as Senor Lampredi). ” - roberthelliger
Blood Bath (1966)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.0/10 X  
A crazed artist who believes himself to be the reincarnation of a murderous vampire kills young women, then boils their bodies in a vat. (62 mins.)
“ Jack H. Hill's "Blood Bath", aka "Track of the Vampire", stars Karl Schanzer as Max, who thinks he's a vampire. As a result, he lures women to their deaths by boiling them in a vat.

Short, but to the point, the movie is one of the most unusual outings in the 1960's genre.

Starring: William Campbell from "Dementia 13", (1963), as Antonio Sordi; Marissa Mathes, (as Daisy Allen); Sandra Knight, (as Donna Allen)-Daisy's sister; Lori Saunders, (as Linda Saunders), (as Dorean); Biff Elliot, (as a Cafe Manager); Sid "House of 1,000 Corpses" Haig, as Abdul the Arab?; and David Ackles as a Carousel Operator....and others. ” - roberthelliger
Tower of London (1962)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.3/10 X  
The twisted Richard III is haunted by the ghosts of those he has murdered in his attempt to become the King of England. (79 mins.)
Director: Roger Corman
“ When King Edward IV, (Justice Watson), dies, Richard of Gloucester, (Vincent Price), assumes the Throne.

But the late King's sons, Edward V, (Eugene Mazzola), as (Eugene Martin); and Prince Richard, (Donald Losby), all vie for The Throne themselves....

As Richard kills his younger brother, (and others), the brother's ghost returns to let Richard know that his crime will not go unpunished; Richard turns mad, now he's crowned "King Richard III".

Starring: Michael Pate, (as Sir Radcliffe); Joan Freeman, (as Lady Margaret); Robert Brown, (as Sir Justin); Bruce Gordon, (as the Earl of Buckingham); Joan Camden, (as Anne); Richard Hale, (as Tyrus); Sandra Knight, (as Mistress Knight); Charles Macaulay, (as Clarence); Sarah Selby, (as The Queen); and Sara Taft, (as Richard's mother).

Roger Corman's movie has enough scares to make every horror movie buff happy. ” - roberthelliger
The Day of the Triffids (1962)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.1/10 X  
After an unusual meteor shower leaves most of the human population blind, a merchant navy officer must find a way to conquer tall, aggressive plants which are feeding on people and animals. (93 mins.)
Director: Steve Sekely
“ John Wyndham's "The Day of the Triffids", (aka "Invasion of the Triffids"), stars Howard Keel, (as Bill Masen), a man who finds out the World has been hit by meteorites, when he's in Hospital....As a result of a glow, people become blind....then, to everyone's horror, Triffids, (killer plants), arrive to overtake Mankind....

Masen, his girlfriend, Christine Durrant, (Nicole Maurey); Doctor Soames, (Ewan Roberts)-who attempts to destroy the plants; while Captain, SS Midland, (John Tate); a Flight 356 Radioman, (Arthur Gross)-provide a Military solution to ending The Triffids' terror.

Co-starring: Janette Scott, (as Karen Goodwin); Kieron Moore, (as Tom Goodwin)-Karen's husband; Mervyn Johns, (as Mr. Coker); Alison Leggatt, (as Miss Coker)-Mr. Coker's wife; Geoffrey Matthews, (as Luis de la Vega); Gilgi Hauser, (as Teresa de la Vega)-Luis's wife; Carole Ann Ford, (as Carol Ann Ford)-(as Bettina); Colete Wilde, (as Collette Wild), (as Nurse Jamison)-who takes care of the blind patients in Hospital; and Ian Wilson, (as the Greenhouse Watchman),-where The Triffids are using as their, quote, "Base of operations", unquote.

Note: The Triffids are "Space Aliens", whose spores cause blindness in humans; in the novel, The Triffids move around-then kill people, by spitting out substances that cause humans blindness. Since The Cold War was happening, and President JFK was in charge of the US, a lot of sci-fi/horror movies, and books, dealt with alien threats to America, England, and her Allies, like Australia.

The Triffids provide a terrifying new threat in horror movies in the early 1960's.

Directed by Steve Sekely, from a screenplay by Bernard Gordon.


Re-made as a mini-series in 2009. ” - roberthelliger
13 Ghosts (1960)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.1/10 X  
A family inherits what proves to be a haunted house, but a special pair of goggles allows them to see their ghostly tormentors. (85 mins.)
Director: William Castle

William Castle's "13 Ghosts", (1960), stars Donald Woods, (as Cyrus Zorba), who spends time in a haunted house, with his wife Hilda Zorba, (Rosemary Decamp), (as Rosemary De Camp), and their son, Buck Zorba, (Charles Herbert); and daughter, Medea Zorba, (Jo Morrow).

Cyrus is the nephew of Dr. Zorba, a scientist, whose work on the paranormal, hides a dark secret: He has trapped 12 ghosts inside The House....he needs one more person to make 13 ghosts...And Cyrus is perfect for his evil plan.

Benjamen Rush, (Martin Milner), who worked for Dr. Zorba, wants to warn them about the ghosts; Margaret Hamilton, (as Elaine Zacharides); and John Van Dreelen, (as Van Allen), provide support.

Co-starring: David Hoffman, (as a Messenger-who also warns the family); John Burnside and Roy Jenson, (as Ghosts)-(you can only see the ghosts by wearing special goggles!), "13 Ghosts", (written by Robb 'House on the Haunted Hill", (1958)), White, is a scary, fun horror movie, that was badly re-made in 2001. ” - roberthelliger
The Sorcerers (1967)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.4/10 X  
The great hypnotist Professor Montserrat has developed a technique for controlling the minds, and sharing the sensations... (86 mins.)
Director: Michael Reeves
“ "The hypnotism of Evil"....

Prof. Marcus Monserrat, (Boris Karloff)-in one of his last horror roles, is a hypnotist. Working with his wife, Estelle Monserrat, (Catherine Lacey), they hypnotise Mike Roscoe, (Ian Ogilvy)-who likes being a, quote, "Young man", unquote...To the Professor's horror, his wife is obsessed in controlling Mike...for her own evil ways....Leading to control people that she meets. Can her husband stop her?

When Insp. Matalon, (Ivor Dean); and Detective George, (Peter Fraser), investigate, they enter the world where magic and evil collide.

Starring: Susan George, (as Audrey Woods); Elizabeth Ercy, (as Nicole); Sally Sheridan, (as Dani Sheridan), (as Laura Ladd); Maureen Booth, (as Maureen Boothe), (as a Dancer), with Victor Henry, (as Alan); Alf Joint, (as The Mechanic-Ron); Meier Tzelniker, (as the Jewish Banker); Gerald Campion, (as a China Shop customer); Martin Terry, (as a Tobacconist); and Bill Barnsley, (as a Fur Store Constable).

Micheal Reeve's second last horror movie is one of the best UK horror movies of the late 1960's. It is highly recommended for fans of Boris Karloff-late in his career. ” - roberthelliger
Incubus (1966)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.2/10 X  
On a strange island inhabited by demons and spirits, a man battles the forces of evil. (78 mins.)
Director: Leslie Stevens
“ "Mr. Shatner....was in a horror movie"....

Before being famous as "Captain James T. Kirk", William Shatner got his break in "Incubus", (1966).

Kia, (Alison Ames), is a Succubus, (a female Demon, who sleeps with human men to satisfy), who lures sinful men to Hell....One night she is sick of her duty, and to the shock of her sister, Ameal, (Eloise Hardt), seeks out Marc, (Wiliam Shatner)-who is good-not evil.

Blinded by love, the sister and a Incubus, (Milos Milos), (a male Demon who sleeps with human women), try and stop them. Can love conquer the Demons?

Director/Writer Leslie Steven's 1966 horror movie is one of the best 1960's horror movies in the mid-to late period, and is very underrated. ” - roberthelliger