Favorite movies by each Director

These are in order of how I like them....just something fun for me to do lol...if the director directed the sequel I only used the one...
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Adam McKay
Producer, Step Brothers
Adam McKay (born April 17, 1968) is an American screenwriter, director, comedian, and actor. McKay has a comedy partnership with Will Ferrell, with whom he co-wrote the films Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and The Other Guys. Ferrell and McKay also founded their comedy website Funny or Die through their production company Gary Sanchez Productions...
“ 1.Step Brothers
3.Talladegga Nights ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Bedtime Stories
2.A Walk to Remember
3.The Wedding Planner
4.The Pacifier ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Hills Have Eyes
3.Piranha ” - ace86-633-177197
Andrew Davis
Director, The Fugitive
Director/Producer/Writer) Andrew Davis is a filmmaker with a reputation for directing intelligent thrillers, most notably the Academy Award-nominated box-office hit The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford and 'Tommy Lee Jones' (Fqv). The film received seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and earned Jones a Best Supporting Actor award...
“ 1.The Fugitive
3.Collateral Damage
4.Chain Reaction
5.The Guardian ” - ace86-633-177197
Andrzej Bartkowiak
Cinematographer, Speed
“ 1.Cradle 2 the Grave
2.Romeo Must Die
3.Exit Wounds
5.Street Fighter:Legend of Chun-Li ” - ace86-633-177197
Andy Tennant
Director, Hitch
“ 1.It Takes Two
3.Sweet Home Alabama
4.Fool's Rush In
5.Fool's Gold ” - ace86-633-177197
Antoine Fuqua
Director, Training Day
Antoine Fuqua is an American film director and film producer. His first feature film was the action film The Replacement Killers, starring Chow Yun Fat. He then directed the crime thriller Training Day, for which star Denzel Washington won an Oscar, the action war drama Tears of the Sun, the Arthurian legend film King Arthur...
“ 1.Training Day
3.Tears of the Sun
4.Brooklyn's Finest
5.King Arthur ” - ace86-633-177197
Barry Levinson
Producer, Sleepers
Barry Levinson was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Violet (Krichinsky) and Irvin Levinson, who worked in furniture and appliance. He is of Russian Jewish descent. Levinson graduated from high school in 1960, attended college at American University in Washington, DC. He did well, but decided he wanted to go to Los Angeles...
“ 1.Rainman
5.Man of the Year ” - ace86-633-177197
Barry Sonnenfeld
Director, Men in Black
Barry Sonnenfeld was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from New York University of Film School in 1978. He started work as director of photography on the Oscar-nominated In Our Water. Then Joel Coen and Ethan Coen hired him for Blood Simple.. This film began his collaboration with the Coen Bros....
“ 1.Men In Black
2.The Addams Family
3.Big Trouble
4.Wild Wild West ” - ace86-633-177197
Ben Stiller
Producer, Zoolander
Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller was born on November 30, 1965, in New York City, New York, to legendary comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. His father is of Austrian Jewish and Polish Jewish descent, and his mother was of Irish ancestry (she converted to Judaism). It's not surprising that...
“ 1.Tropic Thunder
3.The Cable Guy
4.Reality Bites ” - ace86-633-177197
Betty Thomas
Betty Thomas was born July 27, 1947 in St. Louis, Missouri, graduating from Ohio University with a BA in fine arts. Initially sidetracked, Betty first taught school in Chicago but found herself restricted and needing more of an open forum for self-expression than a classroom. She found herself drawn inextricably to comedy...
“ 1.Doctor Dolittle
2.I Spy
3.Private Parts
4.The Brady Bunch Movie
5.28 Days
6.John Tucker Must Die ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Casper
2.City of Angels
3.10 Items or Less
4.Land of the Lost ” - ace86-633-177197
Brett Ratner
Producer, The Revenant
Ratner grew up in Miami Beach, the only child of a famous Jewish socialite mother. He attended Miami Beach Senior High and was President of the Leo Club in 1986. He was also a member of the "fraternity" Royal Palm. He attended NYU film school currently lives in a $3.6 M house in Beverly Hills. Ratner is also a good friend of Def Jam mogul Russell Simmons...
“ 1.Rush Hour
2.X-Men 3
3.The Family Man
4.Money Talks
5.Red Dragon
6.After the Sunset
7.New York I Love You ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Flintstones
3.Jingle All the Way
4.Snow Dogs ” - ace86-633-177197
Brian De Palma
Director, Scarface
Brian De Palma is the son of a surgeon. He studied physics but at the same time felt his dedication for the movies and made some short films. After seven independent productions he had his first success with Sisters and his voyeuristic style. Restlessly he worked on big projects with the script writers Paul Schrader...
“ 1.Scarface
3.Snake Eyes
4.Mission to Mars
5.Femme Fatale ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Usual Suspects
3.Superman Returns ” - ace86-633-177197
Cameron Crowe
Certainly idiosyncratic as a writer, Cameron Crowe has created a series of scripts that, while liked by the critics, were considered offbeat and difficult to market. Cameron Bruce Crowe was born in Palm Springs, California, to Alice Marie Crowe (née George), a teacher and activist, and James A. Crowe...
“ 1.Jerry Maguire
3.Vanilla Sky ” - ace86-633-177197
Chris Columbus
Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Ohio, Chris Columbus was first inspired to make movies after seeing "The Godfather" at age 15. After enrolling at NYU film school, he sold his first screenplay (never produced) while a sophomore there. After graduation Columbus tried to sell his fourth script, "Gremlins"...
“ 1.Home Alone
2.Mrs Doubtfire
4.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
5.Nine Months
6.Stepmom ” - ace86-633-177197
Christopher Nolan
Born in London in 1970, Christopher Nolan began making films at the age of seven years using his father's Super-8 camera and an assortment of male action figures. He graduated to making films involving real people, and his Super-8 surrealistic short 'Tarantella' was shown on P.B.S.' 'image union' in 1989...
“ 1.Batman Begins
3.Momentum ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Mask
3.The Scorpion King ” - ace86-633-177197
Curtis Hanson
After small films like The Bedroom Window and Sweet Kill, Curtis Hanson went on to direct major features including The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The River Wild and the Academy Award-winning L.A. Confidential. Setting his sights on another city, Hanson was critically acclaimed for directing Eminem in Universal Pictures' 8 Mile...
“ 1.L.A. Confidential
2.8 Mile
3.Lucky You ” - ace86-633-177197
D.J. Caruso
Director, Disturbia
Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, Caruso came west to play tennis and study Television Production at Pepperdine University. Interned at Disney Studios in the Product Placement department and later hooked up with Director John Badham, who mentored him into a second-unit director, after Badham lost his 2nd-unit director Rob Cohen to a first-unit directing career...
“ 1.Disturbia
2.Eagle Eye
3.Taking Lives
4.I Am Number Four
5.Two For the Money ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.127 Hours
2.28 Days Later
4.A Life Less Ordinary
5.The Beach ” - ace86-633-177197
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito has amassed a formidable and versatile body of work as an actor, producer and director that spans the stage, television and film. Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. was born on November 17, 1944, in Neptune, New Jersey, to Italian-American parents. His mother, Julia (Moccello), was a homemaker...
“ 1.Duplex
3.Death To Smoochy ” - ace86-633-177197
David Cronenberg
Director, The Fly
David Cronenberg, also known as the King of Venereal Horror or the Baron of Blood, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1943. His father was a journalist, and his mother was a piano player. After showing an inclination for literature at an early age (he wrote and published eerie short stories, thus following his father's path) and for music (playing classical guitar until he was 12)...
“ 1.A History of Violence
2.Eastern Promises
3.The Fly ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Wedding Crashers
2.Clay Pigeons
3.Shanghai Knights
4.Fred Claus ” - ace86-633-177197
David R. Ellis
Stunts, Scarface
Began as child actor in Kurt Russell-Disney Films in 1974. Made the switch to the Stunt world following a successful career as a junior pro surfer. Born, bred, and continues to reside in Malibu. Many, many stunts later, David made the promotion to Stunt Coordinator in 1978 on Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Coordinating...
“ 1.Final Destination 2
3.Snakes on a Plane
4.Homeward Bound 2 ” - ace86-633-177197
David Fincher
Director, Fight Club
David Fincher was born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, and was raised in Marin County, California. When he was 18 years old he went to work for John Korty at Korty Films in Mill Valley. He subsequently worked at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) from 1981-1983. Fincher left ILM to direct TV commercials and music videos after signing with N...
“ 1.Fight Club
3.The Social Network
4.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
5.Panic Room
6.Alien 3 ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Pitch Black
2.The Arrival
3.A Perfect Getaway ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.My Boss's Daughter
2.Scary Movie 3
3.BASEketball ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Galaxy Quest
2.Fun With Dick And Jane
3.Home Fries ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Big Daddy
2.Happy Gilmore
3.Saving Silverman
4.I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
5.Just Go With It
6.The Benchwarmers
7.You Don't Mess With the Zohan
8.Grown Ups
9.National Security ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Richie Rich
2.Miss Congeniality
3.Grumpy Old Men
4.My Favorite Martian
5.How to Loose a Guy In 10 Days ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Bourne Identity
3.Mr. and Mrs. Smith
5.Jumper ” - ace86-633-177197
Edward Zwick
Edward Zwick is well-known for his heroic movies that include Glory, and the breathtaking works of art that include Legends of the Fall. Zwick has also been known for his thoughtfulness as a director, and for his record of working with television series and other films as a producer. Born in 1952...
“ 1.Blood Diamond
2.Love and Other Drugs
3.The Siege
4.The Last Samurai
6.Courage Under Fire
7.About Last Night ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Sister Act
2.Chances Are
3.Dirty Dancing ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Negotiator
2.The Italian Job
3.Law Abiding Citizen
4.A Man Apart ” - ace86-633-177197
Frank Coraci
Director, Click
Frank Coraci is an American film Director, Writer and Actor best know for his work with Adam Sandler. Coraci was born in Shirley, New York on Long Island. Coraci graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in Film. He has directed a number of Sandler's most revered and biggest box office hits (The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy and Click)...
“ 1.The Waterboy
2.Wedding Singer
4.Zookeeper ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Arachnophobia
3.Eight Below ” - ace86-633-177197
Frank Oz
Frank Richard Oznowicz was born in Hereford, England to puppeteers Frances and Isidore Oznowicz. His family moved to Montana in 1951, eventually settling in Oakland, California. As a teenager, he worked as an apprentice puppeteer at Children's Fairyland amusement park. He is one of the primary puppeteers...
“ 1.What About Bob?
3.Indian In the Cupboard
4.Little Shop of Horrors
5.The Score ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Runaway Jury
3.Dont Say A Word ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Pretty Woman
2.Valentine's Day
3.Exit To Eden
4.Runaway Bride
5.The Princess's Diary ” - ace86-633-177197
Gore Verbinski
Gore Verbinski, one of American cinema's most inventive directors who was a punk-rock guitarist as a teenager and had to sell his guitar to buy his first camera, is now the director of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest which made the industry record for highest opening weekend of all time ($135,600,000) and grossed over $1 billion dollars worldwide...
“ 1.Pirates of the Caribbean
3.Mouse Hunt
4.The Mexican
5.The Ring ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Superbad
3.Adventureland ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Good Will Hunting
3.Finding Forester ” - ace86-633-177197
Harold Ramis
Born on November 21, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, Harold Allen Ramis got his start in comedy as Playboy magazine's joke editor and reviewer. In 1969, he joined Chicago's Second City's Improvisational Theatre Troupe before moving to New York to help write and perform in "The National Lampoon Show" with other Second City graduates including John Belushi...
“ 1.Caddyshack
2.Groundhog Day
3.The Ice Harvest
6.Year One ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Replacements
2.Getting Even With Dad
3.Grumpier Old Men
4.The Whole Ten Yards
5.My Best Friends Girl ” - ace86-633-177197
Ivan Reitman
Producer, Ghostbusters
Ivan Reitman, as a producer and director, has created many of American cinema's most successful and best loved feature film comedies and has worked with Hollywood's acting elite. Reitman has produced such hits as the ground-breaking sensation National Lampoon's Animal House, which introduced John Belushi to American filmgoers...
“ 1.Ghostbusters
3.No Strings Attached
4.Kindergarten Cop
5.My Super-Ex Girlfriend
7.Six Days Seven Nights ” - ace86-633-177197
James Cameron
Writer, Aliens
James Francis Cameron was born on August 16, 1954 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. He moved to the United States in 1971. The son of an engineer, he majored in physics at California State University before switching to English, and eventually dropping out. He then drove a truck to support his screenwriting ambition...
“ 1.Titanic
3.The Terminator
5.True Lies ” - ace86-633-177197
James Mangold
Director, Walk the Line
James Mangold is an American film and television director, screenwriter and producer. Films he has directed include Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line, which he also co-wrote, the 2007 remake 3:10 to Yuma, The Wolverine, and Logan. Mangold also wrote and directed Cop Land, starring Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, and Ray Liotta.
“ 1.Identity
2.3:10 to Yuma
3.Walk the Line
4.Cop Land
5.Kate & Leopold ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Up In the Air
3.Thank You For Smoking ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Super Troopers
2.The Dukes of Hazzard
4.Club Dread ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Austin Powers
2.Meet the Parents
3.Dinner For Schmucks
4.Mystery, Alaska ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Rat Race
3.First Knight ” - ace86-633-177197
Joe Dante
Director, Gremlins
Joseph Dante Jr. was born on November 28, 1946 in Morristown, New Jersey, and raised in the nearby borough of Parsippany. His father was a professional golf players and his father wrote some books on the instructions of playing golf some of which included Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf, and Stop that Slice...
“ 1.Small Soldiers
3.Looney Tunes:Back In Action ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Fargo
2.The Big Lebowski
3.No Country For Old Men
4.O, Brother Where Art Thou
5.True Grit
6.Raising Arizona
7.Intolerable Cruelty ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.A Time to Kill
2.Phone Booth
3.The Lost Boys
4.Batman Forever
7.The Client
8.Bad Company
9.The Number 23 ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2.The Breakfast Club
3.Plains, Trains, and Automobiles
4.Curly Sue ” - ace86-633-177197
John Landis
John Landis began his career in the mail room of 20th Century-Fox. A high-school dropout, 18-year-old Landis made his way to Yugoslavia to work as a production assistant on Kelly's Heroes. Remaining in Europe, Landis found work as an actor, extra and stuntman in many of the Spanish/Italian "spaghetti" westerns...
“ 1.Animal House
2.The Blues Brothers
3.Coming to America
4.Three Amigos ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Die Hard
2.Last Action Hero
6.The 13th Warrior
7.Medicine Man ” - ace86-633-177197
John Moore
John Moore was born in Dundalk, Ireland in 1970, a small town situated about 60 miles from the country's capital Dublin. Moore attended a technical college in Dublin where he studied filmmaking and after completing the school he went on to direct and write a series of short films all produced in his native Ireland...
“ 1.Behind Enemy Lines
2.Flight of the Pheonix
3.Max Payne ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The Santa Clause
2.Jungle to Jungle
3.Joe Somebody ” - ace86-633-177197
John Singleton
Director, Four Brothers
Son of mortgage broker Danny Singleton and pharmaceutical company sales executive Sheila Ward and raised in separate households by his unmarried parents, John Singleton attended the Film Writing Program at USC after graduating from high school in 1986. While studying there, he won three writing awards from the university...
“ 1.Four Brothers
2.Boyz In the Hood
3.2 Fast 2 Furious
5.Baby Boy ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Malibu's Most Wanted
2.Big Mamma's House 2
3.Deck the Halls ” - ace86-633-177197
John Woo
Director, Face/Off
Born in southern China, John Woo grew up in Hong Kong, where he began his film career as an assistant director in 1969, working for Shaw Brothers Studios. He directed his first feature in 1973 and has been a prolific director ever since, working in a wide variety of genres before A Better Tomorrow established...
“ 1.Face/Off
2.Broken Arrow
3.Mission Impossible 2
5.Paycheck ” - ace86-633-177197
Jon Amiel
Director, Entrapment
After studies in English literature, Jon Amiel graduated from Cambridge University and ran the Oxford and Cambridge Shakespeare Company, which often toured the USA. He became the Hampstead Theatre Company's literary manager and began directing there, relocating to the Royal Shakespeare Company. Amiel joined the BBC as a story editor...
“ 1.The Core
3.Entrapment ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.National Treasure
2.Cool Runnings
3.3 Ninjas
4.While You Were Sleeping
6.The Sorcerer's Apprentice ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.The 40 Year Old Virgin
2.Knocked Up
3.Funny People ” - ace86-633-177197
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Writer, White Chicks
Keenan attended college at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama but dropped out his senior year to persue comedy full time. His comic influence is Richard Pryor.
“ 1.Scary Movie
2.White Chicks
3.Little Man ” - ace86-633-177197
Kevin Reynolds
Raised as an Air Force brat, Kevin Reynolds' love for cinema inspired him to forsake his law school degree and move to Los Angeles to enroll in the University of Southern California's legendary film school. Reynolds' graduate thesis film "Proof" became the basis for "Fandango" starring Kevin Costner and was produced by Steve Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment as one of its first productions...
“ 1.The Count of Monte Cristo
2.Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves
3.Waterworld ” - ace86-633-177197
Kevin Smith
Kevin Patrick Smith was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, to Grace (Schultz) and Donald E. Smith, a postal worker. He is very proud of his native state; this fact can be seen in all of his movies. Kevin is of mostly German, with some Irish and English, ancestry. His first movie, Clerks, was filmed in the convenience store in which Smith worked...
“ 1.Clerks
2.Zach and Miri Make A Porno
3.Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
4.Chasing Amy
6.Cop Out
7.Jersey Girl ” - ace86-633-177197
Lee Tamahori
Director, Die Another Day
Beginning as a commercial artist and photographer, he joined the New Zealand film industry in the late 1970s as a boom operator. He became an assistant director a decade later. Making international award-winning commercials for 10 years, he has also directed several TV series. His first feature film, Once Were Warriors, won the PEN First Book Award.
“ 1.Die Another Day
2.Along Came a Spider
3.xXx:State of the Union ” - ace86-633-177197
Les Mayfield
Director, Flubber
“ 1.Encino Man
3.Blue Streak
4.American Outlaws
5.Miracle On 34th Street
6.The Man ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Trapped
2.Message In A Bottle
3.When A Man Loves A Woman
4.Angel Eyes ” - ace86-633-177197
M. Night Shyamalan
Born in Puducherry, India, and raised in the posh suburban Penn Valley area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, M. Night Shyamalan is a film director, screenwriter, producer, and occasional actor, known for making movies with contemporary supernatural plots. He is the son of Jayalakshmi, a Tamil obstetrician and gynecologist...
“ 1.The Village
3.The Sixth Sense
4.The Happening
5.Lady In the Water ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Monter's Ball
2.Stranger Than Fiction
3.Finding Neverland
4.Stay ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Simon Birch
3.Ghost Rider ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Mean Girls
2.Head Over Heels
3.Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past ” - ace86-633-177197
Martin Campbell
Director, Casino Royale
Martin Campbell knows how to entertain an audience when he steps behind the camera. When he directed The Mask of Zorro, the movie earned Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations and launched the international careers of Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Next, when he helmed Vertical Limit, the film was well received by the critics and earned over $200 million in worldwide box-office sales...
“ 1.Green Lantern
2.Vertical Limit
3.No Escape
4.Golden Eye
5.The Mask of Zorro
6.Edge of Darkness ” - ace86-633-177197
Martin Scorsese
Martin Charles Scorsese was born on November 17, 1942 in Queens, New York City, to Catherine Scorsese (née Cappa) and Charles Scorsese, who both worked in Manhattan's garment district, and whose families both came from Palermo, Sicily. He was raised in the neighborhood of Little Italy, which later provided the inspiration for several of his films...
“ 1.Taxi Driver
2.The Departed
3.Gangs of New York
5.Shutter Island ” - ace86-633-177197
Michael Bay
Producer, Transformers
A graduate of Wesleyan University, Michael Bay spent his 20s working on advertisements and music videos. His first projects after film school were in the music video business. He created music videos for Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, Lionel Richie, Wilson Phillips, Donny Osmond and The Divinyls...
“ 1.Armageddon
2.Bad Boys
3.Pearl Harbor
5.The Rock
6.The Island ” - ace86-633-177197
Michel Gondry
He grew up in Versailles with a family who was very influenced by pop music. When he was young, Gondry wanted to be a painter or an inventor. In the 80s he entered in an art school in Paris where he could develop his graphic skills and where he also met friends with whom he created a pop-rock band called Oui-Oui...
“ 1.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2.Be Kind Rewind
3.The Green Hornet ” - ace86-633-177197
Michael Mann
Producer, Heat
A student of London's International Film School, Michael Mann began his career in the late 70s, writing for TV shows like Starsky and Hutch. He directed his first film, the award-winning prison drama The Jericho Mile, in 1979. He followed that in 1981 with his first theatrical release, Thief starring James Caan as a safe-cracker who falls under the spell of the mob...
“ 1.Collateral
2.Public Enemies
3.Miami Vice ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Office Space
2.Beavis and Butthead Do America
4.Extract ” - ace86-633-177197
Neil LaBute
Acclaimed and highly discussed filmmaker Neil LaBute has made himself a force to be reckoned with and a name to watch. With his true-to-life cynical and self-absorbed characters and all-too-true social themes, he has firmly established himself as an unforgiving judge of the ugliest side of human nature...
“ 1.Nurse Betty
2.Lakeview Torrace
3.Death At A Funeral ” - ace86-633-177197
Nick Cassavetes
Director, The Notebook
Nick Cassavetes was born in New York City, the son of actress Gena Rowlands and Greek-American actor and film director John Cassavetes. As a child, he appeared in two of his father's films: Husbands and A Woman Under the Influence. After spending so much of his youth surrounded by the film industry, Cassavetes initially decided he did not want to go into the field...
“ 1.John Q
2.The Notebook
3.Alpha Dog ” - ace86-633-177197
Nimród Antal
Director, Predators
Antal was born in Los Angeles, California of Hungarian ancestry. He moved to Hungary in 1991 to study at the Hungarian Film Academy. After graduating, he went on to work in the film and television industry. In 2005, he moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles to pursue success in Hollywood. He is best known for writing and directing the Hungarian-language film Kontroll...
“ 1.Armored
3.Vacancy ” - ace86-633-177197
Nora Ephron
Nora Ephron was educated at Wellesley College, Massachusetts. She was an acclaimed essayist (Crazy Salad 1975), novelist (Heartburn 1983), and had written screenplays for several popular films, all featuring strong female characters, such as anti-nuclear activist Karen Silkwood (Silkwood, co-written...
“ 1.Mixed Nuts
2.Sleepless In Seattle
3.Lucky Numbers
4.You've Got Mail
5.Bewitched ” - ace86-633-177197
Oliver Stone
Director, Platoon
Oliver Stone has become known as a master of controversial subjects and a legendary film maker. His films are filled with a variety of film angles and styles, he pushes his actors to give Oscar-worthy performances, and despite his failures, has always returned to success. William Oliver Stone was born in New York City...
“ 1.Natural Born Killers
2.Any Given Sunday
3.Born On the Fourth of July
4.Wall Street
5.World Trade Center ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Peter Pan
2.My Best Friends Wedding
3.Murriel's Wedding ” - ace86-633-177197
Paul W.S. Anderson
Writer, Death Race
Paul W.S. Anderson gained a fair bit of notoriety in his native England when he directed the ultra-violent Shopping (which he also wrote), starring Jude Law and Sean Pertwee in a story about thieves who steal by ramming a car into storefronts. The film was banned in some cinemas in England, and became a direct-to-video slightly edited release in the United States...
“ 1.Resident Evil
2.Mortal Kombat
3.Event Horizen
4.AVP ” - ace86-633-177197
Paul Verhoeven
Director, Total Recall
Paul Verhoeven graduated from the University of Leiden, with a degree in math and physics. He entered the Royal Netherlands Navy, where he began his film career by making documentaries for the Navy and later for TV. In 1969, he directed the popular Dutch TV series, Floris, about a medieval knight...
“ 1.Starship Troopers
2.Hollow Man
3.Total Recall
5.Showgirls ” - ace86-633-177197
Paul Weitz
Writer, About a Boy
Paul Weitz was born on November 19, 1965 in New York City, New York, USA as Paul J. Weitz. He is a director, writer and producer, known for Grandma, About a Boy, and Mozart in the Jungle, for which he won a Golden Globe. He has been married to Patricia Brown since December 15, 2001. They have three children.
“ 1.American Pie
2.About A Boy
3.Down to Earth
4.Little Fockers
5.American Dreamz ” - ace86-633-177197
Peyton Reed
Director, Ant-Man
“ 1.Yes Man
2.Bring It On
3.The Break Up ” - ace86-633-177197
Penelope Spheeris
Director, Wayne's World
Spheeris is often referred to as a 'rock 'n roll anthropologist'. In 1974 she formed the first Los Angeles music video production company, ROCK 'N REEL. She concluded her music video work with the Grammy-nominated, "Bohemian Rhapsody" video for "Wayne's World". Spheeris' feature film debut was the 1979 documentary on the Los Angeles punk scene...
“ 1.Wayne's World
2.The Beverly Hillbillies
3.The Little Rascals
4.Black Sheep
5.Senseless ” - ace86-633-177197
Peter Berg
Producer, Lone Survivor
Peter Berg is an American actor, director, writer, and producer. His first role was in the Adam Rifkin road movie Never on Tuesday. He went on to star in the Word War 2 film A Midnight Clear. Roles in Fire in the Sky and Cop Land followed, and the Tom Cruise films Collateral and Lions for Lambs...
“ 1.Hancock
2.Very Bad Things
3.Friday Night Lights
4.The Kingdom
5.The Rundown ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Dumb and Dumber
2.There's Something About Mary
4.Me, Myself, and Irene
5.Fever Pitch
6.Stuck On You
7.Shallow Hal
8.Hall Pass
9.Osmosis Jones
10.The Heartbreak Kid ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Tom & Huck
2.Bill & Ted's Bogus Adventure
3.The Barrowers
4.Garfield ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Sliding Doors
2.Johnny English
3.Antitrust ” - ace86-633-177197
“ 1.Tommy Boy
2.The Longest Yard
3.Anger Mangagement
4.50 First Dates
5.Nutty Professor 2
6.Get Smart
7.My Fellow Americans ” - ace86-633-177197