Adviser (31 mil BC), Cast For

We meet an alien who tell of how his people came to live on earth and yet we never see them. An Alien culture that has keep us from destroying the earth but belief they had never alters our behavior. A reflexion of earth history and alien observation as move closer to becoming amazing. The alien admits that he alone had affected us human as he connected to one such human in beginning of the 21 Century.
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“ Ideal as Maul A`Mai, Numidian from 1791 AD who became unstable in 2015. This biological aberration causing him to be projected back to arrival of his race on Terran in 31,000,000 BC. ” - bmccrayusa
“ Ideal as Zoph A`ShuKajet ” - bmccrayusa
Molly Hagan
Actress, Sully
Molly Hagan was born the seventh child of Jack and Betty Hagan in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the age of 4 the entire family moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. She grew up among cornfields and limestone quarries. Molly always wanted to be an actor. She toiled with her sister, Lucy Hagan, to create the best living room theatre a family could watch...
“ Ideal as Lorraine Chuang, a Swakia from 2423 AD ” - bmccrayusa
“ Ideal as Row A`GhuPewuth ” - bmccrayusa
Geena Davis
Actress, Beetlejuice
As a child, Geena dreamed of being an actress. While in high school, she felt left out and had low self-esteem because, at 6 feet, she was the tallest girl in school. After high school graduation, Geena entered New England College in New Hampshire and then transferred the next year to Boston University...
“ Ideal as Hid A`Tohazh, ” - bmccrayusa
Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon, who credits her striking looks to a mix of English, French, Hawaiian, Dutch, Irish, Filipino, and German ancestry, was born Shannon Marie Kahololani Sossamon in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the age of one, Shannyn and her family moved to a new locale: Reno, Nevada. Her youth was spent at a dance studio...
“ Ideal as Sus A`Foquch ” - bmccrayusa