Favorite Cinematographers

People whom i think have the best direction Camera Angles and Lighting!:)
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“ John Carter, Savages, The Amazing Spider-Man 2,Star Trek Into Darkness and The Upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens ” - KalKenobi83
David Tattersall
Cinematographer, The Green Mile
“ The Green Mile,Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Die Another Day and The Upcoming The Longest Ride ” - KalKenobi83
Amir Mokri
Cinematographer, Man of Steel
“ Transformers Age Of Extinction, Transformers Dark Of The Moon, Fast and Furious, Vantage Point & Man Of Steel ” - KalKenobi83
Wally Pfister
Cinematographer, The Dark Knight
Wally Pfister is an American cinematographer and film director, who is best known for his work with Christopher Nolan. He is also known for his work on director F. Gary Gray's The Italian Job (2003) and Bennett Miller's Moneyball (2011). He made his directorial debut with the film Transcendence (2014), starring Johnny Depp...
“ The Dark Knight Trilogy,Moneyball, The Prestige & Inception ” - KalKenobi83
Trent Opaloch
Cinematographer, District 9
“ District 9,Elysium,Captain America:The Winter Soldier and The Upcoming Chappie ” - KalKenobi83
Emmanuel Lubezki
Cinematographer, Gravity
Lubezki began his career in Mexican film and television productions in the late 1980s. His first international production was the 1993 independent film Twenty Bucks, which followed the journey of a single twenty-dollar bill. Lubezki is a frequent collaborator with fellow Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón...
“ Children Of Men, Gravity,Birdman,Tree Of Life and The Upcoming Knight Of Cups ” - KalKenobi83
“ The Darjeeling Limited,Moonrise Kingdom,The Life Aquatic and The Grand Budapest Hotel ” - KalKenobi83
Roger Deakins
Cinematographer, The Shawshank Redemption
Roger Deakins is an English cinematographer best known for his work on the films of the Coen brothers, Sam Mendes, and Denis Villeneuve. He is a member of both the American and British Society of Cinematographers, and received thirteen nominations for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Deakins' first feature film in America as cinematographer was Mountains of the Moon (1990)...
“ Shawshank Redemption, Revolutionary Road & Skyfall ” - KalKenobi83
Robert Richardson
Cinematographer, Inglourious Basterds
Robert Richardson an American cinematographer. He is best known for work with Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Oliver Stone. He has won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography three times, for his work on JFK (1991), The Aviator (2004), and Hugo (2011). He is one of three living persons who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography three times...
“ Kill Bill Vol.1, Inglourious Basterds & Django Unchained ” - KalKenobi83
Caleb Deschanel
Cinematographer, The Patriot
Caleb Deschanel is an American film cinematographer and film/television director. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards, each time in the field of cinematography. The first nomination came in 1983 for the film The Right Stuff. His second was in 1984 for The Natural. A third came in 1996 for Fly Away Home...
“ The Passion Of The Christ, Jack Reacher and National Treasure ” - KalKenobi83
Matthew Libatique
Cinematographer, Black Swan
“ Black Swan,Noah, Iron Man(1 & 2) & Cowboys and Aliens ” - KalKenobi83
Mauro Fiore
Cinematographer, Avatar
“ Avatar, The A Team & The Island ” - KalKenobi83
“ 300 ,Super 8, Watchmen ,Sucker Punch, Now You See Me and The Upcoming Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice ” - KalKenobi83
Hoyte Van Hoytema
Cinematographer, Interstellar
“ The Fighter,Her ,Interstellar and The Upcoming Bond 24 ” - KalKenobi83
Darius Khondji
Cinematographer, Amour
“ work with David Fincher ” - KalKenobi83
“ Hellboy II: The Golden Army, I Am Number 4 & Pacific Rim ” - KalKenobi83
Harris Savides
Cinematographer, Zodiac
“ work with David Fincher ” - KalKenobi83
“ Pirates Of The Caribbean Series,Prometheus,Exodus Gods And Kings and The Martian ” - KalKenobi83
Seamus McGarvey
Cinematographer, The Avengers
Seamus McGarvey BSC, born 29 June 1967 in Armagh, Northern Ireland, is an Irish cinematographer who began his career as a still photographer before attending film school at the University of Westminster in London. Upon graduating in 1988 he began shooting short films and documentaries, including Skin...
“ The Avengers, Godzilla, Sahara and The Upcoming Pan ” - KalKenobi83
“ Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, King Kong, The Hobbit Trilogy, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes & The Upcoming The Water Diviner ” - KalKenobi83
Dion Beebe
Cinematographer, Edge of Tomorrow
“ Gangster Squad,Green Lantern & Edge Of Tomorrow ” - KalKenobi83
John Toll
Cinematographer, Braveheart
John Toll is an American cinematographer. His filmography spans a wide variety of genres, including epic period drama, comedy, science fiction, and contemporary drama. He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in both 1994 and 1995 for Legends of the Fall and Braveheart respectively. He has collaborated with several noteworthy directors...
Donald McAlpine
Cinematographer, Moulin Rouge!
Dante Spinotti
Cinematographer, L.A. Confidential
Dante Spinotti was born in Tolmezzo, Udine, in the northeastern Italian Region of Friuli. He began his career at RAI (Italian TV), before that he spent lot of time in Kenia as cinematographer for his uncle. In 1985, producer Dino De Laurentiis offered him a chance to work in USA for the first time with Michael Mann for the feature Manhunter...
“ The Grey,Warrior,Out Of The Furnace and Silver Linings Playbook ” - KalKenobi83
Bill Pope
Cinematographer, The Matrix
“ The Matrix Trilogy & Cornetto Trilogy ” - KalKenobi83
“ Kick Ass,Wrath Of The Titans,Guardians of The Galaxy & The Upcoming Avengers Age Of Ultron ” - KalKenobi83
Eric Steelberg
Cinematographer, Juno
“ Juno ,(500) Days Of Summer and Draft Day ” - KalKenobi83
“ Batman(1989),12 Monkeys and Troy ” - KalKenobi83
Rodrigo Prieto
Cinematographer, The Wolf of Wall Street
Rodrigo Prieto is a Mexican cinematographer. He is best known for Brokeback Mountain (2005), Babel (2006), Argo (2012), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), and Silence (2016). He also worked with Alejandro González Iñárritu on the acclaimed Amores perros (2000), 21 Grams (2003), and Biutiful (2010). Pietro was nominated for two Academy Award for Best Cinematography...
“ Argo & We Bought A Zoo ” - KalKenobi83
Dean Semler
Cinematographer, Dances with Wolves
“ Dances With Wolves,Get Smart & Date Night ” - KalKenobi83
Newton Thomas Sigel
Cinematographer, Drive
John Bailey
Cinematographer, Groundhog Day
Michel Abramowicz
Cinematographer, Taken
Linus Sandgren
Cinematographer, La La Land
Linus Sandgren is an Academy Award winning Swedish cinematographer. He is best known for his work with Damien Chazelle on La La Land (2016) and his collaboration with David O Russell on the films American Hustle (2013) and Joy (2015). He also worked with Gus Van Sant on Promised Land where he shot the film in a unique format, Super 35mm 1.3x anamorphic...
Danny Cohen
Cinematographer, The King's Speech
Danny Cohen was born in London in 1963. He took a social sciences degree at Sheffield Polytechnic and had a long time interest in photography, particularly stills work. He became a photographic technician at Middlesex Polytechnic and then a camera assistant on documentaries, commercials and films for eight years...
“ Les Miserables & The Kings Speech ” - KalKenobi83
Phedon Papamichael
Cinematographer, The Pursuit of Happyness
Phedon Papamichael, an award winning Cinematographer, was born in Athens, Greece and moved with his family to Germany, where in 1982 he completed his education in Fine Arts, in Munich. Working as a photojournalist brought Phedon to NYC in 1983, where he started crossing over into cinematography. His first short film...
“ 3:10 To Yuma & Knight and Day ” - KalKenobi83
Robert Elswit
Cinematographer, There Will Be Blood
Robert Elswit is an American cinematographer. He is best known for Boogie Nights (1997), Magnolia (1999), Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), There Will Be Blood (2007), Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011), Inherent Vice (2014), and Nightcrawler (2014). Elswit frequently works with director Paul Thomas Anderson and has worked with George Clooney several times...
“ Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol ,The Town & The Bourne Legacy ” - KalKenobi83
Simon Duggan
Cinematographer, Hacksaw Ridge
“ I,Robot, Underworld Evolution,The Great Gatsby, 300 Rise Of An Empire and The Upcoming Warcraft ” - KalKenobi83
Matthew Jensen
Cinematographer, Wonder Woman
“ Chronicle, Game Of Thrones & The Upcoming The Fantastic Four Reboot ” - KalKenobi83
Barry Ackroyd
Cinematographer, The Hurt Locker
“ The Hurt Locker,Green Zone & Captain Phillips ” - KalKenobi83