The Young and the Restless Current Contract Cast

Current Contract cast as of 03/01/2017 (per CBS credits)
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“ Jack Abbott (11/27/1989-present) ” - jcar03
Eric Braeden
Eric Braeden is a German actor in America who began his career playing Nazis and eventually became a star of daytime soap operas. Born Hans Gudegast in Kiel, Germany, during the Second World War, he was a superb athlete who excelled in track-and-field events. As a teenager, he immigrated to the United States and worked in Texas and Montana as a translator...
“ Victor Newman (02/04/1980-11/11/2009; 01/15/2010-present) ” - jcar03
“ Sharon McAvoy (09/07/1994-present) ” - jcar03
“ Paul Williams (05/1978-present) ” - jcar03
“ Ashley Abbott (1982-12/1988; 03/19/1999-01/11/2007; 12/28/2007-01/03/2008; 02/27/2008-02/28/2008; 03/25/2008-03/26/2008; 06/19/2008-06/23/2008; 09/26/2008-08/03/2012; 03/18/2013-03/19/2013; 10/25/2013-10/29/2013; 11/27/2013-04/21/2014; 09/--/2014-present) ” - jcar03
“ Chelsea Newman (11/11/2011-present) ” - jcar03
Daniel Goddard
Daniel Goddard was born in Sydney, Australia. He was majoring in finance when he went into acting. He was in the soap opera Home and Away. When he came to the USA, he did commercial modeling until he won the lead role, 'Dar' in BeastMaster. He also starred in a motion picture called _Man Called Rage, A (2002)_.
“ Cane Ashby (01/12/2007-present) ” - jcar03
“ Mariah Copeland (01/27/2014-present) ” - jcar03
“ Victoria Newman (03/21/2005-present) ” - jcar03
“ Chloe Mitchell (02/06/2008-05/27/2014; 10/14/2014; 10/13/2015-10/29/2015; 07/14/2016-present) ” - jcar03
“ Devon Hamilton (06/01/2004-present) ” - jcar03
“ Lily Ashby (08/14/2002-09/02/2005; 11/07/2006-present) ” - jcar03
“ Reed Hellstrom (12/29/2016-present) ” - jcar03
“ Michael Baldwin (12/1991-1993; 04/25/1997-present)

as Christian LeBlanc ” - jcar03
“ Esther Valentine (04/08/1982-present) ” - jcar03
Mishael Morgan
Actress, Total Recall
Mishael Morgan was born on July 15, in San Fernando, Trinidad. At the age of five, her family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Mishael caught the acting bug at the age of ten, during her elementary school's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat". She never pursued acting professionally...
“ Hilary Hamilton (06/14/2013-present) ” - jcar03
“ Nicholas Newman (06/21/1994-present) ” - jcar03
Melissa Ordway
Actress, Ted
“ Abby Rayburn (04/16/2013-present) ” - jcar03
Greg Rikaart
Born in Brooklyn, raised on Staten Island, New York. He graduated with honors from Villanova University (PA) in 1999. Spent a semester in college interning for a congressman on Capitol Hill. He went to Los Angeles to pursue acting and landed a recurring role as a gay student on "Dawson's Creek." After the role ended...
“ Kevin Fisher (07/11/2003-present) ” - jcar03
Melody Thomas Scott
Scott was born Melody Ann Thomas in Los Angeles, California. Her first film credit was as a child actress in the 1964 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Marnie. After bit parts in movies in the mid-'70s (most notably in John Wayne's final film, The Shootist), she was offered bit parts on nighttime series, such as The Waltons, The Rockford Files and Charlie's Angels...
“ Nikki Newman (02/1979-present) ” - jcar03
Kristoff St. John
Kristoff made his television debut at age 8 in the sit-com series "That's My Mama". Now, 39 years later, he is one of the stars on CBS-TV's "The Young and The Restless", the number one rated drama for the past 25 years on daytime television, playing the popular character of Neil Winters. Is it just a coincidence that Kristoff has been starring on Y and R for 23 plus years...
“ Neil Winters (02/14/1991-present) ” - jcar03
“ Billy Abbott (01/13/2016-present) ” - jcar03
“ Phyllis Summers (08/11/2014-present) ” - jcar03