10 top Female Country Stars

You'll find who I feel are the real women of 'today's country music' on this list, in no particular order, though Carrie and Miranda should be considered #1 and #2...Now many of you might remark that the classics aren't on this list(other than one), but thats because they're etched in stone already...This is more contemporary is all...that said, this is MY opinion, nothing more...hope you enjoy.:-)
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Wynonna Judd
Wynonna Judd was raised in various places across the country, beginning in her birth state of Kentucky. As her mother Naomi Judd continued pursuing her nursing career, the Judd family settled twice in California and later full-time in Kentucky. In 1979, Wynonna, Naomi and younger half-sister Ashley Judd settled in Franklin...
“ Many have called her voice a female Elvis-type with a sultry growl that could soothe any man's taste...and its true...don't let her few extra pounds deter you from enjoying this legend...society has thrown enough anorexic blondes at us over the past 10 years as it is...wynonna simply rocks bigtime.. ” - poetrymani69
“ As rock as country will let a woman be, this hot number(singing and looks) is awesome and deserves alot more credit for her talents than the constant taylor swift hype always gets.. ” - poetrymani69
“ The one solid Idol to come from that show where they pump out popstars as if they're making them on an assembly line. Carrie is the total package and a blonde worthy of this list for many reasons! ” - poetrymani69
Reba McEntire
Actress, Tremors
Reba Nell McEntire was born on Monday, March 28th, 1955 in McAlester, Oklahoma. The reigning queen of country music has pursued a musical career since the age of 5. In junior high, she performed with her siblings as the Singing McEntires. A fine athlete, McEntire followed in the footsteps of her rodeo champion father in competitive barrel racing...
“ Does anything really need to be said here? Except maybe redheads rule?...;-) ” - poetrymani69
“ One of the most fascinating, talented and prettiest brunettes to ever grace country music's stages. Martina is another fine example of non-blonde wonder on two legs... ” - poetrymani69
Shania Twain
Soundtrack, Notting Hill
Shania Twain was born as Eilleen Regina Edwards in 1965, the middle of three daughters to Clarence and Sharon Edwards (sister Jill is two years older and Carrie-Ann three years younger). When she was age 6, her mother remarried Jerry Twain, a full-blooded Ojibwa native from Timmins, Ontario, who adopted her as his own...
“ This incredible country talent was maybe the first successful female crossover into other genres that made us all sing along...Still able to WOW audiences better than many give her credit for,
Shania deserves this spot. ” - poetrymani69
“ Who else besides Carrie Underwood rules the females of country world but this awesome lady? Love her lots, so should you! ” - poetrymani69
Dixie Chicks
The Dixie Chicks are a popular trio of women country-and-western musicians who hail from Texas. Their public comments have increasingly made them controversial, even among their own fans. The group began in 1989 singing on a Dallas street corner. Their music initially stayed largely within the bounds of traditional bluegrass...
“ The absolute best female group in country music history, even though country music screwed them over so badly and praised that clown "TK" instead! the Chicks are were always on top and country music should be ashamed of itself because these ladies rule! ” - poetrymani69
Taylor Swift
Soundtrack, The Hunger Games
Taylor Alison Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter who, in 2010 at the age of 20, became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In 2011 Swift was named Billboard's Woman of the Year. She also has been named the American Music Awards Artist of the Year...
“ Though not pure country per se(who is nowadays?), she definitely has had an influence on this genre that will last for many decades to come. ” - poetrymani69
“ No list like this would be complete without the "Queen of Country" on it. ;-) ” - poetrymani69