Egyptian Stars

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Omar Sharif
Omar Sharif, the Egyptian actor best known for playing Sherif Ali in Lawrence of Arabia and the title role in Doctor Zhivago, was born Michel Demitri Shalhoub on April 10, 1932 in Alexandria, Egypt to Joseph Shalhoub, a lumber merchant, and his wife, Claire (Saada). Of Lebanese and Syrian extraction...
Khaled Nabawy
Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy managed to quickly grab audiences attention and film critics respect through his choice of material, following his discovery by famous director, Youssef Chahine. He presented Khaled as the Hollywood's way in making stars, he put him in the best view and allowed the camera to love him...
Kal Naga
Actor, Tyrant
Kal Naga (aka: Khaled Abol Naga) is a heart-throb pan-Arab Egyptian star and one of the new wave cinema generation making International groundbreaking and Award winning Egyptian & Arab Cinema. He is a multi-Award winning Actor/Producer of feature films in the region, originally from Egypt, as an actor he collected numerous Best Actor awards from Egypt...
Amr Waked
Actor, Lucy
Amr Waked was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1972. He studied economics and theatre in the American University in Cairo. In his early experience as an actor Amr joined the Temple Theatre Troop in 1994, and Yaaru Theatre Troop in 1999, where he trained and developed his tools as a stage performer. With his experience onstage...
Mona Zaki
Although she had no interest at all on being an actress, Mona Zaki is now a remarkable leading star. Mona started her career in acting accidentally, when she met Mohamed Sobhi, the famous Egyptian Actor and Director. Mona is a Mass Communication student at the fourth grade. Her dream is to prove herself as a good actress...
Menna Shalabi
Menna was subjected to fame at young age through her sensational mother, the famous dancer 'Zizi Mustafa'. Making it in as an actress, though, was a dream she had and fought for on her own. Her first film was Al-saher, directed by the late Radwan El-Kashef whom she considered her godfather. Radwan taught Menna more than she could imagine...
Hend Sabry
Actress, Asmaa
Hend Sabry is a Cairo-based Tunisian actress and lawyer. She was born in Tunis on 20th November and received her license in law at the Faculty of Law of Tunis in 2001. Later she completed her masters in law intellectual property and copyright in 2004. Her acting debut was at the age of fourteen in the Tunisian production "Les Silences du Palais" (Silence of Palaces) in 1994...
Ahmed Ezz
Actor, Welad Rizq
Ahmed Ezz had always dreamed of being a super star. Because of his gorgeous look, the very handsome young man soon attracted the attention of modeling companies. Ahmed thought this would open the doors to the cinema, but soon discovered that modeling was not enough. Ahmed is a graduate of Faculty of Arts...
Ahmed el-Sakka
Actor, Tito
Graduated from the Egyptian academy of arts and began his acting career immediately in Egyptian mini-series, and ended up co-starring in several of the most important series broadcast during the holy month Ramadan seasons. Ahmed establish himself as a film star as early as 1998 when he co-starred in...
Ahmed Helmy
Ahmed Helmy made his first big screen appearance in film Aboud ala el hedoud, in which he co-starred alongside Alaa Waley El Din. Ahmed, through his amazing breakthrough performance, and comic sense of humor, nabbed all the attention he needed in this film. He quickly made a jump to starring roles in films such as Omar 2000, El Nazer, _El Selem We Al Thoghban_...
Yousra El Lozy
Actress, Microphone
Yosra was born in Cairo in 1985. She is half-Egyptian half-Syrian. Her father, Mahmoud El Lozy, is a Theatre Professor at the American University in Cairo. Yosra is majoring in Political Science at AUC and minoring in Theatre and Modern History. Her first experience in professional acting was in Youssef Chahine's "Alexandria..New York" where she played the role of young Ginger...
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz
Actor, Kit Kat
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz was born in Alexandria, Egypt to a middle class family. He studied Agricultural Sciences and during his college days he practiced acting through the university theatre. He started his acting career by taking a role in "Al Dawama" TV show in the mid 70s with Nelly and Mahmoud Yassin...
Sawsan Badr
Sawsan Badr have a distinctive role in her second movie (Habibi Daemn) directed by Hussein Kamal in 1980. She also won the best actress for the drama prize (land not sprout flowers), and its role in the series (Dawlat Fahmy), and multiple awards for her role in the movie (circles closed) in 2001, as well as the Cairo international Festival Prize in session 34.
Adel Imam
He is a graduate of the faculty of agriculture. He was more popular in theatres for his role in Madrasat Al Moshaghebin (School of Rascals). He became more famous in the 1970s for his comedic roles in Searching for a Scandal (Search for a scandal) and Khalli Balek min Aalak (Take care of your brain). He started to play far more serious roles in the 1980s. He is now one of the highest paid actors in Egypt.
Somaya El Khashab
She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, University of Alexandria in 1997. participated in a large number of films and TV series. Her career began in 1999, was preparing to make songs, but suddenly it was chosen by the directors of representation in more than one film, and before entering the field of singing has been working in the field of tourism and banking...
Mostafa Shaaban
Actor, Mafia
Mostafa Shaban is one of Egyptians leading actors. Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Mostfafa Shaban, taking up a diverse range of roles from action hero to being a romantic lover . He continues to wildly vary his film choices attracting different types of viewers.
Nelly Karim
Nelly Karim is an Egyptian actress, fashion model and ballerina. She was born December 18, 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt for An Egyptian father and Russian Mother. Nelly Karim has drawn attention for her 2006 refusal to portray "seductive roles". She won Best Actress award in the Cairo International Film Festival in 2004 for her role in Enta Omry...
Actress, Tyrant
Ula Ghanem
Actress, Mohami khulaa
Ola Ghanem, born in Kwait, raised in Alexandria, Egypt. She married to Walid Eldefrawy and gave birth to two beautiful girls, Kamilia and Farida, after she got a divorce from Walid, she moved to Cairo to start her acting career. As soon as she started studied acting, she started getting jobs; one of her first projects ever was a video clip with Mohamed Foad...
Actress, 678
Egyptian actress and singer. She began artwork since the beginning of the third millennium through a comedy series (Youth Online) in 2002, and participated later in several series, including (Emperor, The Aunt Nour, dignitaries), which enabled it to achieve significant penetration in record time, but...
Amr Salama
Director, Asmaa
Amr Salama has directed and written 4 feature films, including On A Day Like Today (2008), Asmaa (2011), which received more than 20 international awards, Excuse My French (2014) which received more than 15 awards, only directed Made In Egypt (2014) and only wrote Snapshot (2012). Salama Co-Directed Tahrir 2011: The Good...
Marwan Hamed
Marwan Hamed is a young Egyptian film director, He is the son of author Wahid Hamed and journalist Zeinab Sweidan. He was graduated from the higher institution of cinema in 1999. He has worked as a director assistant for The directors Samir Saif and Sherif Arafa. He Directed short films and one of his most famous short film is Li Li...
Khaled Youssef
Writer, El Akhar
One of the outstanding leaders of the students' movement in eighties. Head of Students' Union - Zagazig University - Banha Branch, 1988-1989. Obtained Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Electronic and Electrical communication Engineering in 1990. Head of the Film Commission, the Supreme Council of Culture in 2012...
Mohamed Khan
Director, El harrif
The director Mohamed Khan was born on October 26th 1942. He completed his high school in Egypt, then traveled to England where he earned his diploma in 1962. He directed several movies in 8mm. He went back to Egypt in 1963 & worked as script writer in a Cairo production company. Worked in Lebanon for few years as an assistant director...
Arwa Gouda
Actress, El Gezira 2
Arwa Gouda is an Egyptian Actress, who speaks fluent English, French and Arabic. She started her career as a Model at the age of 13 and won the "Best Model of the World" 2004/2005 title in Turkey which finally launched her acting career. Soon after, the Nefertiti looking Arwa Gouda became a popular actress known for her vast range of characters...
Sherine Abdel Wahab
Her career began early in 2000 with the song "Ah Ya Leil" but they were not the first songs where he appeared with the singer "Mohamed Mohy" in duet titled "You love of eye and the heart" of this before you share with Tamer Hosni, as a representative cinemas with "Ahmed Helmy" it resulted in a film "Mido Mashkel"...
Hanan Turk
Actress, Dunia
Hanan Hassan Mohamed Abd El-Karim, Hanan Turk, was born in 1975 into a family of five members. Her father owned his own factory for clothes. She started off as a ballerina and completed her studies in the Ballet Institute in 1993. She then became a member of the Cairo Ballet Group and soon after moved to the Classic Ballet Group...
Tamer Hosny
Actor, Nour Einy
Tamer Hosny is a pop singer, actor, composer, lyricist, director, producer and novelist. His artistic career began in2002. Extensive enthusiasm, hard work, and passion in terms of music and acting made him within 5 years the most promising celebrity/singer in the Middle East &Africa. That's why he was...
Amr Diab
Soundtrack, The Dictator
Amr Daib was born in Port Said, Egypt into an artistic family. His father Abdul Basset Diab worked for the Suez Canal Corporation where he was chairman of Marine Construction & Shipbuilding. He possessed a fine singing voice and encouraged the young Amr to sing. One evening, when Amr was only 6 years old...
Donia Samir Ghanem
Actress, Teer enta
Donia Samir Ghanem is an Egyptian actress and singer. She was born in January 1,1985 in Cairo, Egypt. She was born to Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem and Egyptain actress Dalal Abdel Aziz. Besides her well known parents her sister Emy Samir Ghanem is a famous actress too. She started her acting career when she was 10 in a TV series called (Emra'a wa Emra'a)as Nadia...
Yasmin Abdel Aziz
Actress, Zaky Chan
Yasmin Abdulaziz is an Egyptian actress. She started in commercials at the age of 15 because of one of her mother's friends who owns a company of commercials. After a while she started to act in cinema and television. Then she focused in the last period on showing in cinema movies more than television movies while the other actresses of her generations were not...
Hend Rostom
Actress, Cairo Station
Hind Rostom(November 11, 1929 - August 8, 2011) was one of the most popular Egyptian actresses. Actress Hind Rostom, is a star from the golden era of Egyptian cinema. With her blond hair and good looks, Rostom often played the sultry seductress, and she quickly rose to become one of Egypt's best-known actresses...
Faten Hamama
Faten Hamama (known as "The Lady of the Arabic Screen") has become an icon and the most important actress of Egyptian and Arabic cinema. She is also the most honored actress in the Middle East. Every decade of her life represents a new era of acting and witnessed the reshaping and progression of Egyptian cinema...
Soad Hosny
Souad Muhammad Kamal Hosny Al Baba was born on January 26th, 1942 in Ataba, Cairo, Egypt. She was the 10th sibling of 17 brothers and sisters. Husni was known as the "Cinderella" of Arab cinema and one of the most influential actresses in the Arabic art world. She ascended to stardom in the end of the 1950s...
Mai Ezzidine
Actress, Booha
Since an early age, Mai Ezzidine was chosen to address the audiences at the nursery graduation party, even at the EGC school in Alexandria she was the leader of the school theatrical group. She had interests in arts too, she liked making portraits, this is not far from her family, as her Uncle Raouf Nassry...
Nadia Lutfi
Actress, Al-mummia
Nadia Lutfi was born Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafiq in 1938, Cairo to an Egyptian father and a Polish mother. Her father was an accountant. Acting for Nadia started as a hobby, when she was 10 years old she participated in a play at her school and did very well Her first role in Egyptian Cinema was in a black & white drama called Soultan in 1958...
Youssef Chahine
Director, September 11
Youssef Chahine (born in Alexandria, Egypt, 1926) started studying in a friars' school, and then turned to English College until the High School Certificate. After one year in the University of Alexandria, he moved to the U.S. and spent two years at the Pasadena Play House, taking courses on film and dramatic arts...
Gamil Ratib
He graduated from the School of French Law, and completed his university studies in France. The first movie appearance was in 1946 through the movie (I Am The East), and then returned to France again to continue the art work in the cinema, and then returned to Egypt again with the mid-seventies, and began appearing in Egyptian cinema since that time intensively...
Actress, Nora
Sammy Sheik
Sammy Sheik was born in Alexandria, Egypt. His passion for acting drove him to leave home shortly after high school and move to New York to study theatre. He soon landed his first film role in the Albert Brooks' satire comedy "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World", playing Al-Jazeera executive "Mukhtar...
Actress, El Shoq
Rubi started her career as a model by coincidence when Murielle Romanoff, Polish singer spotted her in front of the AUC. He found in her the tipical Arab beauty he was looking for. He chose her to to do the video clip for his song "Don't make me cry". Rubi did commercials for Sparkle, Alo and others...
Abdel Halim Hafez
Abdel Halim Hafez was born on June 21, 1929, in the village of Al-Hilwat in the province of Al-Sharkia, the fourth child of Sheikh Ali Ismael Shabana following after Ismael, Aliah, and Mohamed. His mother died during his delivery. His father was to die five years later. His work included 16 feature films...
Hala Sedki
Actress, Wannous
Egyptian actress got a Bachelor of Arts in 1981. Her relationship to art began after returning to Egypt with the director "Nour El-demerdash" in the series (No, my Dear Daughter) in 1979, and its launch point was in the series (Trip of Million), and the period of the eighties of the twentieth century was the beginning of her true fame generally...
Ahmed Ramzy
Actor, Ibn Hamidu
Ahmed Ramzy was a famous Egyptian actor who was born in Alexandria in 1930. He played the leading roles in many Egyptian films in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. He was born Ramzy Mahmud Bayumi to Dr Mahmoud Bayoumi, a famous Egyptian orthopedist, and Helen MacKay, a Scottish lady. His dad died in 1939 after he lost a fortune (250,000 Egyptian Pounds) in the stock market...
Actress, Soft Hands
Ragaa Al-Gidawy
Thanks to her work for an advertising agency, Ragaa el-Geddawy had the opportunity to launch a career in modeling, then later moved into working as an actress. After the birth of her daughter, she took a break from acting for a time in order to travel with her husband, a professional football player...
Soheir El-Bably
She joined the Institute of Performing Arts and the Institute of music at the same time,So she face a great family pressure.She worked in the theater, and made a play (Shamshon and Galila) and play (Suleiman al-Halabi), but shined in plays (Madraset El Moshaghbeen), and (Nargis), and (Ria and Skena)...
Soheir Ramzy
Her first appearance in the cinema where she was not exceed the age of six, through their appearance in the movie "Sahefet Sawaba" in 1956, but she decided to stop then return after four years in the movie "Girls and Summer". He worked as a hostess and then a fashion model but returned again to the...