The 10 most talented Brazilian movie actors

These ten wonderful Brazilian actors have done some amazing work through the years and at the top, number one is the beautiful, alluring and talented Sonia Braga - she is a joy to see, according to Judith Crist - and all of us!
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Sonia Braga
Born June 8, 1950, in Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil to a seamstress mother and a Realtor father. Made a notable appearance in the film adaptation of Jorge Amado's Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands. Played the central role of Dona Flor. Earned American recognition and a Golden Globe nomination for performance in Kiss of the Spider Woman...
“ The wonderful Sonia Braga is a three-time Golden Globe nominee, an Emmy nominee and a Bafta nominee, and winner of two Gramado Film Festival awards and a Lone Star Film &Television Award. When she was just 18, she hit it big on the stage in "Hair" and in the big screen as the leading lady of the delightful musical comedy "A Moreninha", directed by Glauco Mirko Laurelli. A few years later, she starred the hit comedy Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, which was nominated for a Golden Globe - best foreign film) and for which she was nominated for a Bafta - it made her an international star instantly. This classic, delightful comedy was the perfect vehicle for Sonia to win our hearts with her beauty, charm and talent. No wonder People magazine said "she is bewitchingly beautiful as the young widow" and New York Post considered her a "joy to watch as sensual Dona Flor". In Great Britain the alluring Sonia was nominated for a BAFTA for that brilliant work. The movie remained the number one box office hit in Brazil for thirty-five years, and now is number two. Her impressive performance in the follow-up "Lady on the Bus", based on a short story by Nelson Rodrigues was another huge success and remains the third biggest hit in the country. In the 80's, Newsweek praised Sonia's amazing, breathtaking performance in Arnaldo Jabor's I Love You, which was another big hit in Brazil and opened in selected theaters in the US. She cemented her stardom overseas through the acclaimed Kiss of the Spider Woman, which gave her a Golden Globe nomination and was nominated for four Academy Awards, including best picture (William Hurt was best actor). Because of her extraordinary success, Sonia Braga was invited to be an Oscar presenter in 1986 - looking stunning beside Michael Douglas on the big night and eventually became an Academy member. Since then she has worked with such great directors as Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood, both of whom directed her in The Milagro Beanfield War (Oscar for best score) and The Rookie (with Charlie Sheen) respectively. Miss Braga was a delight in Paul Mazursky's hilarious Moon Over Parador, with Richard Dreyfuss and Raul Julia (a friend with whom she also worked in The Burning Season and Kiss of the Spider Woman). In 1997 she founded the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts with Jimmy Smits and Esai Morales. The beloved star had another great performance in the art-house drama Two Deaths, opposite the renowned British actor Michael Gambon ( of Harry Potter fame). Her career on television has also been remarkable.After playing a school teacher in the successful Brazilian version of Sesame Street, she became a legend on Brazilian tv with two soap operas that are considered landmarks in her country: Jorge Amado's Gabriela - which made her a household name in Brazil - and Dancin' Days, on Globo Network. Sonia was cast as Gabriela once again opposite Marcello Mastroiani in the film version of the successful soap, and later was the star of "Tieta of Agreste". Those two movies, along with ''Dona Flor'', were based on Jorge Amado's bestsellers and established Sonia as the perfect personification of his heroines. The incredibly talented actress also made it big on American tv with memorable performances in The Cosby Show, Streets of Laredo (with James Garner), Ghost Whisperer, Sex and the City and Brothers & Sisters, among many others. In 2005 she was one of People en Español's 50 Most Beautiful. She went on shining in movies as well: Ethan Hawke's The Hottest State (with Michelle Williams), Bordertown (with Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas), An Invisible Sign (with Jessica Alba) and Andrucha Waddington's Lope. She was back to the Brazilian tv screen in "As Cariocas" and "Tapas & Beijos", looking gorgeous and showing her flair for comedy. The Brazilian bombshell's new movies are two lovely romantic comedies, "The Wine of Summer", with Marcia Gay Harden (watch the trailer on youtube) and " Meddling Mom", which premiered on Hallmark Channel last February with great reviews and became Hallkmark's 2nd most watched movie in its history. Her last Brazilian movie, 2012's ''Invisible World', was shown in the São Paulo Film Festival and marks her third collaboration with Dona Flor's leading man, chum José Wilker. Currently she is shooting "The Ordained' in NYC, with Sam Neil and Audra McDonald. The sultry, beautiful and gifted Sonia Braga is "a joy to watch... she is irresistible! "- according to Judith Crist (New York Post) and "the most life-enhancing movie star in the world "- according to Jack Kroll (Newsweek). We all agree. ” - waldemarlopess
Fernanda Montenegro
Arlette Pinheiro Esteves da Silva was born on 16th October 1929 in Rio de Janeiro. She adopted the name "Fernanda" because she thought it sounded good. "Montenegro" came after her family doctor. In late 40s she was translating and adapting famous theater plays to radio. She begun her artistic life in the theater with the play "Alegres Canções nas Montanhas" in 1950...
“ She was nominated for an Academy Award as best actress for her great performance in Central Station, nominated as best foreign film. ” - waldemarlopess
Rodrigo Santoro
One of Brazil's most talented and famous actors, Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro was born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Maria José Junqueira dos Reis, an artist, and Francesco Santoro, an engineer. His father is Italian, while his mother, who is Brazilian, has Portuguese ancestry. Santoro is known for his performance in Warner Bros...
“ Such a talented actor - 300, I Love You to Death, Phillip Morris, Rio. He has worked in many movies, both in Brazil and the US: one of our favorite Christmas movies, "Actually, Love'', ''Heleno", "Hemingway'' -with Nicole Kidman and the new Arnold Swarzenegger movie. ” - waldemarlopess
“ Leonardo Villar is a great Brazilian actor who starred the Cannes Festival's Palm D'Or "O Pagador de Promessas" and "A Hora e a Vez de Augusto Matraga" in the 60's. ” - waldemarlopess
Wagner Moura
Moura was born in Salvador, a city located in Northeast Region of Brazil, but grew up in the small town of Rodelas, Bahia. His mother, Alderiva, was a housewife, and his father, José Moura, was a Sergeant in the Brazilian Air Force. At the age of 13, he moved with his family to Salvador, Bahia. Besides his acting career...
“ An excelent actor who made it big with Tropa de Elite - ''Elite Squad", a huge hit in Brazil and best film at the Berlin Festival. He will be in "Elysium'', with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. ” - waldemarlopess
“ Best actress for her great performance in Pixote (LA Critics), this gifted actress has also worked on Brazilian theatre and television In the late 90's Marília worked with the talented Sonia Braga in the amazing ''Tieta of Agreste''. ” - waldemarlopess
Selton Mello
Producer, The Clown
Selton Mello is a Brazilian actor. Since his childhood, he has acted in TV shows. Throughout his career, he developed a strong and solid experience in cinema, being publicly and critically acclaimed. He has many memorable performances in his trajectory, such as the roles he played in the movies "To...
“ Great actor and director whose movie ''The Clown'' was Brazilian critics favorite last year. He worked with the wonderful Sonia Braga in the Brazilian soap ''Força de um Desejo''. ” - waldemarlopess
“ Best actress at the Berlin Festival for her amazing performance in Toda Nudez Será Castigada (1972). Recently she was directed by Selton Mello in the art house drama "Christmas Party'' ” - waldemarlopess
Matheus Nachtergaele
Matheus Nachtergaele was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1969. He is one of the best young Brazilian actor at the moment. He showed his talent in many beautiful roles, both in cinema and television. For the TV he workes in the TV series "Hilda Furacao" in the role of the transexual Cintura Fina, in the TV series "A muralha" in the role of a problematic and frantic Catholic priest in Brazil of 1600...
“ Wonderful actor and director. ” - waldemarlopess
José Wilker
José Wilker de Almeida was born on 20th August 1947 in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil. He worked as a speaker in a radio there but he later moved to Recife where he started worked in the theatre as a member of "Movimento de Cultura Popular (MPC)". The group not only brought culture to people but also reading...
“ Great actor who has been the lovely Sonia Braga's leading man in three movies - The Couple, the megahit Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands and last year's ''Invisible World''. ” - waldemarlopess