Top 20 directors.

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Martin Scorsese
After serious deliberations about entering the priesthood - he entered a seminary in 1956 - Martin Scorsese opted to channel his passions into film. He graduated from NYU as a film major in 1964. Catching the eye of producer Roger Corman with his 1960s student films (including co-editing Woodstock)...
“ I think Scorsese is the best director that ever lived,almost every movie he directed became a classic,and if some directors make an emblematic movie once in a life time,Scorsese did one per decade:Taxi Driver,Raging Bull,Goodfellas,The Departed and i think if he does Sinatra it will be another one,no director to date can match him.And he is a good director because he is not so interested in camera movement as he is in pushing his actors to their boundaries and beyond and getting the best out of them.And because he directed the pilot for Boardwalk Empire it is turning out to be one of the best shows in tv history. ” - alexsoso15
Michael Mann
Producer, Heat
A student of London's International Film School, Michael Mann began his career in the late 70s, writing for TV shows like Starsky and Hutch. He directed his first film, the award-winning prison drama The Jericho Mile, in 1979. He followed that in 1981 with his first theatrical release, Thief starring James Caan as a safe-cracker who falls under the spell of the mob...
“ Michael Mann's is a master of suspense,I think that Heat is the best Heist movie ever made,and it was ignored by the academy and the HFP,it should have got a couple of nominations for Pacino,De Niro,the writing and directing,and the cinematography was amazing,every thing was,,Sharp,on the edge,where it's got to be,, Manhunter was terrific ,Collateral i think will pan out on being one of the classics,and Public Enemies just dazzled us with it's graphics,fines and grandeur,Michael Mann is the master of making scenes look f'ing epic. ” - alexsoso15
Stanley Kubrick
Director, The Shining
Stanley Kubrick was born in Manhattan, New York City, to Sadie Gertrude (Perveler) and Jacob Leonard Kubrick, a physician. His family were Jewish immigrants (from Austria, Romania, and Russia). Stanley was considered intelligent, despite poor grades at school. Hoping that a change of scenery would produce better academic performance...
“ He was a genius,nobody can deny that,he was masterful in shooting a movie,he knew how to break boundaries,but he was crazy,and not in the good way,I know that people won't like what I'm writing now,but i know I'm right,he was to exigent,he didn't protect his actors,he didn't like anyone disagreeing with him,he was scrupulous,but he was good.,,A clockwork orange,, is still disturbing in 2011,it was disturbing then it is disturbing now. ” - alexsoso15
Jean-Luc Godard
Director, My Life to Live
Jean-Luc Godard was born in Paris on December 3, 1930, the second of four children in a bourgeois Franco-Swiss family. His father was a doctor who owned a private clinic, and his mother came from a preeminent family of Swiss bankers. During World War II Godard became a naturalized citizen of Switzerland and attended school in Nyons (Switzerland)...
“ What can you say about Jean-Luc Godard,because of him Scorsese directs,he was a maverick,he shocked the world with Breathless,he was a magician with the camera,nothing can be said. ” - alexsoso15
“ The master of independent movies,he knew how to stretch a buget,he knew how to work with the actors,he knew how to film a scene,he is the real independent,and he inspired a lot of the big directors today. ” - alexsoso15
Clint Eastwood
Perhaps the icon of macho movie stars, and a living legend, Clint Eastwood has become a standard in international cinema. Born May 31, 1930 in San Francisco, the elder of two children in a middle-class family, Eastwood finished high school at the comparatively late age of 19 and worked odd jobs for several years before enrolling at Los Angeles City College...
“ The best drama directors to have ever lived,his movies reach perfection at some times,the pacing in his movies are slow but you don't want to take your eyes of them,Unforgiven was a masterpiece,it was a tribute gave to the great Sergio Leone.And all his movies were great,Million Dollar Baby who i think had the sadest ending in movie history,Gran Torino,that movie was a life lesson and so on,his movies are good,i can't think of any of his movies beeing bad. ” - alexsoso15
Sergio Leone
Sergio Leone was an Italian film director, producer and screenwriter, credited as the inventor of "Spaghetti Western" genre. Leone's film-making style includes juxtaposing extreme close-up shots with lengthy long shots. His movies include the sword and sandal action films The Last Days of Pompeii and The Colossus of Rhodes...
“ Sergio Leone,one of th most hated directors in Hollywood.Not by the people but by the producers.He pushed his films to masterpiece status,but the producers just wanted tits and guts.He worked and worked until a movie became epic,and the first real modern epic was ,,Once upon a time in America,,it was great,magnificent,a masterpiece,but the producers butchered it into a big pile of s**t,because they didn't want the audience to be bored.But luckily you can find his 4 hour version of this masterpiece,because some people believe in film and art and not money.Not to mention his other movies ,,Once upon a time in the west,, ,,The good the bad and the ugly,, and so on are great,and milestones for some directors today. ” - alexsoso15
Christopher Nolan
After The Dark Knight's success, Warner Bros. signed Nolan to direct Inception. Nolan also wrote and co-produced the film, described as "a contemporary set within the architecture of the mind". Before being released in theaters, critics like Peter Travers and Lou Lumenick wondered if Nolan's faith in moviegoers' intelligence would cost him at the box office...
David Fincher
Director, Fight Club
David Fincher was born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, and was raised in Marin County, California. When he was 18 years old he went to work for John Korty at Korty Films in Mill Valley. He subsequently worked at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) from 1981-1983. Fincher left ILM to direct TV commercials and music videos after signing with N...
Sidney Lumet
Director, 12 Angry Men
Sidney Lumet was a master of cinema, best known for his technical knowledge and his skill at getting first-rate performances from his actors -- and for shooting most of his films in his beloved New York. He made over 40 movies, often complex and emotional, but seldom overly sentimental. Although his politics were somewhat left-leaning and he often treated socially relevant themes in his films...
Ridley Scott
Producer, Blade Runner
Ridley Scott is an English film director and producer. Following his commercial breakthrough with the science-fiction horror film Alien (1979), his best known works are the noir science fiction film Blade Runner (1982), crime drama Thelma & Louise (1991), historical drama and Best Picture Oscar winner Gladiator (2000)...
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson was born as an only child in a small coast-side town in New Zealand in 1961. When a friend of his parents bought him a super 8 movie camera (because she saw how much he enjoyed taking photos), the then eight-year-old Peter instantly grabbed the thing to start recording his own movies, which he made with his friends...
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro was born October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Raised by his Catholic grandmother, del Toro developed an interest in filmmaking in his early teens. Later, he learned about makeup and effects from the legendary Dick Smith (The Exorcist) and worked on making his own short films...
Robert Altman
Director, Gosford Park
Robert Altman was born on February 20th, 1925 in Kansas City, Missouri, to B.C. (an insurance salesman) and Helen Altman. He entered St. Peters Catholic school at the age six, and spent a short time at a Catholic high school. From there, he went to Rockhurst High School. It was then that he started exploring the art of exploring sound with the cheap tape recorders available at the time...
David Lynch
Born in 1946 in Missoula, Montana, David Lynch was raised in small-town America. After high school, he went to Boston to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Shortly after that, he planned a three-year trip to Europe to work on his art, but didn't take to it and left after 15 days. In 1977...
David Lean
David Lean was an English film director, producer, screenwriter and editor, best remembered for big-screen epics such as The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Doctor Zhivago (1965). He is also known for the Dickens adaptations of Great Expectations (1946) and Oliver Twist (1948), as well as the romantic drama Brief Encounter (1945)...
Tony Gilroy
Tony Gilroy was born in Manhattan, New York, New York, USA; and raised in upstate New York. His father, Frank D. Gilroy, was a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, director, and screenwriter. Tony has penned many films, including The Devil's Advocate and The Cutting Edge.
Paul Greengrass
Paul Greengrass started his filmmaking career with a super 8 camera he found in his art room in secondary school. Those short movies were animation horror films he made using old dolls, artist dummies, and the general art room clutter. After studying in Cambridge University he got into Granada Television...