My Top 10 Favorite Big Brother Contestants(Male)

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“ Big Brother 10(Winner) and Big Brother 14(Runner-Up, should have won the game), I got to meet him when he came to Houston and I've got to say he is a really nice and cool guy!!! ” - buffyripleysalander
Will Kirby
Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Will Kirby, has a degree in Biology from Emory University. He received his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University and completed his first year of postgraduate training in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center. His dermatology residency training...
“ Big Brother 2(Winner) and Big Brother 7: All-Stars(Final 4) ” - buffyripleysalander
James Rhine
James was born and raised in Miami, Florida and then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he met his then girlfriend, Sarah (who also appeared on Big Brother 6 (2005) as his secret partner). He moved to Chicago, Illinois, with her after Big Brother 6 was over. Their relationship ended shortly after Big Brother 7 (All Stars) and James eventually moved to Los Angeles...
“ Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7: All-Stars ” - buffyripleysalander
Derrick Levasseur
Derrick Levasseur was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He was hired as a patrolman with the Central Falls Police Department at the age of twenty. Due to his street smarts and appearance, he spent three years as an undercover detective for the Special Investigations Unit, resulting in numerous arrests and seizures...
“ Big Brother 16(Winner) ” - buffyripleysalander
“ Big Brother Canada 2(Winner) ” - buffyripleysalander
“ Big Brother 8(Winner) and Big Brother 13(I wished he stayed longer. I would've love to see him torture Brenchel!! One can dream right?) ” - buffyripleysalander
“ Big Brother 2, Big Brother 7: All-Stars(Winner) and Big Brother 14 ” - buffyripleysalander
“ Big Brother 12(Winner) ” - buffyripleysalander
“ Big Brother 8(America's Player) ” - buffyripleysalander
“ Big Brother 11(Final 3) ” - buffyripleysalander