10 Underrated Directors

This is a list of directors that I think have been doing good work for years but are yet to get the credit they really deserve.
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“ Has showed with Chopper and Jesse James that he is a true genius. Hopefully Killing them Softly be appreciated a bit more. ” - djad88
“ Has shown that he can perform at the highest level in numerous genres. ” - djad88
“ Often unlucky with timing but maybe a bit more hit and miss than the others here. ” - djad88
“ Showed with C.R.A.Z.Y and The Young Victoria that he can make a masterpiece with very different ingredients. ” - djad88
“ A very interesting and original auteur. ” - djad88
“ The Proposition should have been seen by more people. Hopefully Wettest County will be the one. ” - djad88
Simon Curtis
Simon Curtis began his directing career at the Royal Court Theatre, where he was Deputy Director to Max Stafford Clark and director of the Theatre Upstairs. His many productions there included the world premiere of Jim Cartwright's ROAD, which transferred to the Lincoln Center, New York. He has since worked extensively with BBC Television and Films...
“ Performs at the highest level on television. My Week with Marilyn showed that he can do it on the big screen as well. ” - djad88
“ Another TV director ready for the big screen. ” - djad88
“ Like Percival and Curtis, I believe he will make features of the highest order in the future. ” - djad88