Friends and Family Actors

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1. Michael Pataki

Actor | Rocky IV

Excellent, prolific and versatile character actor Michael Pataki had a long, varied and impressive career in both movies and TV shows, alike, that spanned a little over 50 years. Pataki was born on January 16, 1938 in Youngstown, Ohio. He attended the University of Southern California as a double ...

2. Rick Deming

Stunts | Universal Soldier

Rick Deming is known for his work on Universal Soldier (1992), Bad Blood (1994) and Supervan (1977).

3. Tom B. Bralley

Actor | Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Tom B. Bralley is an actor, known for Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982).

5. John Schneider

Actor | The Dukes of Hazzard

John Richard Schneider IV was born April 8, 1960, in Mt. Kisco, New York, to Shirley and John Richard "Jack" Schneider III, a pilot and U.S. Air Force veteran. His parents divorced when he was two. John began acting at the age of eight. He was in many plays in New York. He and his mother moved to ...

6. Robert Blake

Actor | Lost Highway

American actor who began as a child in Our Gang comedies and reappeared as a powerful adult performer of leading and character roles. Born in New Jersey, the young Mickey Gubitosi won a role in MGM's Our Gang series at the age of 5. As one of the more prominent children in the Gang, he gained ...

7. Roy E. Harrison

Stunts | The Abyss

Roy E. Harrison is known for his work on The Abyss (1989), Total Recall (1990) and The Untouchables (1987).

8. George Keymas

Actor | The Twilight Zone

George Keymas was born on November 18, 1925 in Springfield, Ohio, USA. He was an actor, known for The Twilight Zone (1959), Playhouse 90 (1956) and Wyoming Renegades (1955). He died on January 17, 2008 in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

9. Stone Bower

Actor | Against All Odds

Stone Bower is known for his work on Against All Odds (1984), Death Valley (1982) and Jimmy the Kid (1982).

11. Michael Leon

Actor | Days of Our Lives

Michael Leon was born on April 13, 1960 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Michael Leone. He is an actor, known for Days of Our Lives (1965), Hero at Large (1980) and Tubianski (2014).

12. Von Deming

Stunts | The Photographer

Von Deming is known for his work on The Photographer (1974), Eaten Alive (1976) and Crime of Crimes (1989).

13. Jay Adler

Actor | The Killing

Jay Adler was born on September 26, 1896 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Killing (1956), The Big Combo (1955) and Illegal (1955). He died on September 23, 1978 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

14. Ronnie Rondell Jr.

Stunts | The Saint

Ronnie Rondell Jr. was born on February 10, 1937 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Ronald Reid Rondell. He is known for his work on The Saint (1997), Waterworld (1995) and They Live (1988).

15. Jana Walters

Actress | Cold Case

Jana Walters is an actress, known for Cold Case (1997).

16. Johnathan Szeles

Actor | The Mad Men of Comedy Magic

Johnathan Szeles is an actor, known for The Mad Men of Comedy Magic (2008).

17. Mary Reckley

Actress | Short Circuit

Mary Reckley is an actress, known for Short Circuit (1986).

18. Judith Ransdell

Actress | American Gigolo

Judith Ransdell is known for her work on American Gigolo (1980), Top Dog (1995) and Hardcore (1979).

19. Buck Adams

Actor | No Motive

Buck Adams was born on November 15, 1955 in Chatsworth, California, USA as Charles Stephen Allen. He was an actor and director. He was married to Aspen Brock and Janette Littledove. He died on October 28, 2008 in Northridge, California.

20. Karen Price

Actress | Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Karen Elaina Price was born on July 17, 1960 in Pasadena, California. Her father was a professional drummer. Price became involved in gymnastics at age twelve. After winning first prize in several local gymnastic competitions, Karen went on to become a children's gymnastics coach and a gymnastics ...

21. Gene LeBell

Actor | Rush Hour

"Judo" Gene LeBell the "Godfather of Grappling" is both a renowned ex-world champion in both wrestling/judo, and one of Hollywood's busiest stuntmen. He is highly respected by many martial artists all over the world, and has been considered a ground breaker in many aspects of the art of grappling.


23. Michael Parks

Actor | Red State

Michael Parks is known as an actor's actor by his peers with a breadth of astonishing range that has allowed him to portray stunning contrasts--sometimes in the same film, like in Tusk (2014), starring in dual roles as an erudite serial killer opposite Justin Long, and as a feeble rube opposite ...

24. Jan-Michael Vincent

Actor | Bite the Bullet

Virile, handsome and square-jawed youthful star of the 1970s and 1980s whose early potential at super-stardom fizzled out. Jan-Michael Vincent originally made a name for himself portraying rebellious young men bucking the system, as in Tribes (1970), White Line Fever (1975) and Baby Blue Marine (...

25. Duff Miller

Art_department | Priest

Brother of Tom Miller.

26. Tony Carrafa

Camera_department | 2:13

27. Andrew Miller

Special_effects | Body of Lies

Brother of Tommy Miller And Duff Miller Sons of Donald T. Miller Prop Master (Retired).

28. Chad and Jeremy

Soundtrack | Men in Black 3

Though they had 11 top 40 hits throughout the 1960s, their biggest was their 1964 Top Ten hit, "A Summer Song".

31. Dolly Parton

Soundtrack | The Porter Wagoner Show

Dolly Rebecca Parton was born on January 19, 1946, one of 12 children of Robert Lee Parton, a tobacco farmer, and Avie Lee Parton (née Owens). Dolly grew up on a run-down farm in Locust Ridge, Tennessee. At 12, she was appearing on Knoxville TV and, at 13, she was already recording on a small label...

32. Dante Bonaduce

Actor | Breaking Bonaduce

Dante Bonaduce is an actor, known for Breaking Bonaduce (2005), Re-inventing Bonaduce (2009) and E! True Hollywood Story (1996).

33. Danny Bonaduce

Actor | The Partridge Family

Danny Bonaduce was born on August 13, 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Dante Daniel Bonaduce. He is an actor and producer, known for The Partridge Family (1970), Charlotte's Web (1973) and That '70s Show (1998). He has been married to Amy Railsback since November 22, 2010. He was ...

34. Shadoe Stevens

Actor | The Rich & the Ruthless

Shadoe Stevens started off in radio at 11-years-old in his hometown of Jamestown, North Dakota. Urban Legend has it that LIFE Magazine picked up the story that he was on the air as "The World's Youngest Disc Jockey." He graduated from high school, then for three years majored in Art at the ...

35. Kelsey Grammer

Actor | Cheers

A six-time Emmy Award winner, Kelsey Grammer was born in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, to Sally (Cranmer), a singer, and Frank Allen Grammer, Jr., a musician and restaurateur. He was raised in New Jersey and Florida. Grammer was drawn to the works of William Shakespeare and spent two years at ...

36. Charlie Sheen

Actor | Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3, 1965, in New York City. His father, actor Martin Sheen (born Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez), was at the time just breaking into the business, with performances on Broadway. His mother, Janet Sheen (née Templeton), was a former New York art ...

37. Nehemiah Persoff

Actor | An American Tail

Born in 1919 (some sources say 1920) in Jerusalem, Nehemiah Persoff immigrated with his family to America in 1929.

Following schooling at the Hebrew Technical Institute of New York, he found a job as a subway electrician doing signal maintenance until an interest in the theater altered the direction...

38. Chuck Connors

Actor | Soylent Green

Chuck Connors was born Kevin Joseph Connors in Brooklyn, New York, to Marcella (Londrigan) and Alban Francis "Allan" Connors. His parents were immigrants from the Dominion of Newfoundland (now part of Canada), and were of Irish descent. Chuck and his two-years-younger sister, Gloria, grew up in a ...

39. Valerie Bertinelli

Actress | One Day at a Time

Valerie Bertinelli was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Her father was a General Motors executive. In her early teens, her father was transferred to a GM assembly plant in the Detroit, Michigan area and her family resided in Clarkston, Michigan where she attended Clarkston Middle School. A short time ...

40. Edward Van Halen

Soundtrack | Twister

Edward Van Halen was born on January 26, 1955 in Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands. He has been married to Janie Liszewski since June 27, 2009. He was previously married to Valerie Bertinelli.

41. Don Dokken

Music_department | A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Don Dokken was born on June 29, 1953 in the USA as Donald Maynard Dokken.

42. Carrie Hamilton

Actress | Fame

Carrie Hamilton was born on December 5, 1963 in New York City, New York, USA as Carrie Louise Hamilton. She was an actress, known for Fame (1982), The X-Files (1993) and Tokyo Pop (1988). She was married to Marc Templin. She died on January 20, 2002 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

43. Penny Wiggins

Actress | Lotto Love

Penny Wiggins was born on August 14, 1961 in New York City, New York, USA. She is an actress and director, known for Lotto Love (2009), Real Bullets (1988) and Glitch! (1988).

44. Erica Vanlee

Actress | The Trust

Erica Vanlee is an actress, known for The Trust (2016), Lotto Love (2009) and Naked Vegas (2013).

45. Anastasia Syn

Actress | Nostrum

Anastasia Syn is an actress, known for Nostrum (2010), The Litch (2017) and James Galea's Best Trick Ever (2017).

46. Brett Loudermilk

Actor | Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Brett Loudermilk is known for his work on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015), Ave 43 (2009) and Igor and Gashta (2017).

49. Ryan Stock

David Blaine: Beyond Magic

Ryan Stock was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is known for his work on David Blaine: Beyond Magic (2016), The Jim Rose Twisted Tour (2003) and Guinea Pig (2007).

51. Gallagher

Writer | Gallagher: The Maddest

Gallagher was born on July 24, 1946 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA as Leo Anthony Gallagher. He is a writer and actor, known for Gallagher: The Maddest (1983), Gallagher: Overboard (1987) and Gallagher: Stuck in the Sixties (1983).

52. Greg Dow

Actor | Masters of Illusion

Greg Dow is an actor, known for Masters of Illusion (2014), Wizard Wars (2014) and Penn & Teller: Fool Us (2010).

54. Scott Land

Team America: World Police

Scott Land was born in 1962. He is known for his work on Team America: World Police (2004), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).

55. Joaquin Ayala

Actor | 6 Beers of Separation

Joaquin Ayala is known for his work on 6 Beers of Separation (2009).

56. AmberLynn Walker

Actress | The Profane Exhibit

AmberLynn Walker is an actress, known for The Profane Exhibit (2013), Guinea Pig (2007) and Sideshow Still Alive (2008).