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The basic function of this list is to act as a companion-piece to my 2016: A Movie Odyssey list (titles therein are noted under the applicable directors on this list).
The ultimate goal of this list is a comprehensive listing of notable and lesser-known directors on a global scale. Hopefully, this may prove to be a helpful reference tool in discovering some great directors & their films.

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Please note: A number of persons not normally categorized as directors, but having at least one or more directing credits, are included.

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Ted Demme
Director, Blow
“ Blow-(2001). ” - Dr-Faustus
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey has lived two charming but separate lives on film and television. From an exuberant, somewhat awkward charmer in college comedy films of the late 1980s and early 1990s, he has morphed spectacularly into a dreamy, wavy-haired television hunk of the new-age millennium and this seductive...
“ Lola-(1961).
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg-(1964). ” - Dr-Faustus
“ Beau Travail-(1999).
35 Shots of Rum-(2008).
White Material-(2009). ” - Dr-Faustus
Nelson Denis
A graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School, Nelson Denis also attended the NYU Graduate School of Film. His NYU film shorts won awards at the CineFestival and New York Latino Film Festival. Nelson wrote and directed the feature film "Vote For Me!" which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival...
Mark Dennis
Director, Strings
Roman Dent
Director, Ladybug
Roman Seth Griffin Dent is a Director and Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His parents are Thompson Dent and Joy Dent. Dent made his directing debut in his teens with the music video for Billboard Top 40 artists and TV Host Jessie James Decker. While attending the College of William & Mary Roman co-found Platinum Atlantic...
Ruggero Deodato
Ruggero Deodato was born on May 7, 1939, in Potenza, Italy, and grew up outside Rome. One of his close friends at the time was Renzo Rossellini, the son of famed Italian director Roberto Rossellini. Knowing Ruggerio's love for the movies, Renzo persuaded him to work as a second unit director on some of his father's productions...
Joseph Depew
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Beverly Hillbillies
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most versatile actors of his day and age in Hollywood. He was born John Christopher Depp II in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963, to Betty Sue (Wells), who worked as a waitress, and John Christopher Depp, a civil engineer. Depp was raised in Florida. He dropped out of school when he was 15...
Hopwood DePree
He was born in Holland. A casting director (Mali Finn) saw Hopwood in a small play and helped him to get his first paying role (as seen in the cult fav "Rhinoskin"). The next part of Hopwood's Hollywood journey was that a director (Whit Stillman) saw Hopwood's critically acclaimed performance in the...
Maya Deren
Maya Deren came to the USA in 1922 as Eleanora Derenkowsky. Together with her father, a psychiatrist, and her mother, an artist, she fled the pogroms against Russian Jews. She studied journalism and political science in at Syracuse University in New York, finishing her BA at NYU in June 1936 and then received her MA in English literature from Smith in 1939...
Talal Derki
Talal Derki is a director, producer and screenwriter. Talal Derki studied film directing in Athens at Stavrako High Institute of Cinematographic Art and Television, graduation in 2003. He worked as an assistant director for feature film productions and was a director for different Arab TV programs & TV films between 2009 and 2012...
Dominique Deruddere
One of the great names of Belgian cinema, Dominique Deruddere has been passionate about filmmaking since he was a child. Thanks to his older brother, who lent him his movie camera, young Dominique managed to make his own films, starting in super 8 at the age of fourteen ("Orange Licht"), proceeding to 16mm ("Bedankt Ma") before accessing to 35 mm ("Wodka Orange")...
Caleb Deschanel
Cinematographer, The Patriot
Tom DeSimone
Director, Hell Night
Writer/ director, Tom DeSimone, was born in Cambridge MA. He received his Bachelor's Degree in directing from Emerson College in Boston and then headed West to UCLA where he earned a Master's Degree in Motion Picture production. Following graduation Tom worked briefly as Post Production Supervisor at Bosustow Productions in West Los Angeles...
“ A Christmas Tale-(2008).
Jimmy P.-(2013). ” - Dr-Faustus
Katta Deva
Director, Autonagar Surya
Deva Kaushik Katta is an Indian-born American-resident filmmaker who debuted as a successful writer/director on the big screen with the feature film Vennela (Telugu). Deva Katta also made a digital docufeature about Indian students in America which is titled Valasa. He has a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a vehicle crash worthiness expert...
Michel Deville
Director, La lectrice
Michel Deville, a singular talent in French cinema. For, except during a short period where he made two or three standard commercial films (but that was to repay the debts of his own film company, due to the defection of a business partner), Deville made pictures which, without being too elitist, show a distinctive talent and personality...
Rocco DeVilliers
Editor, The Flyboys
Born in 1970, Rocco DeVilliers' love of film began at an early age. Inspired by George Lucas' Star Wars, Rocco studied filmmaking in hopes of someday directing a major motion picture. In 1986, Rocco won a local award for best screenplay, and in 1987, P.M. Magazine awarded him Best Director for a short he did while in high school...
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito has amassed a formidable and versatile body of work as an actor, producer and director that spans the stage, television and film. Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. was born on November 17, 1944, in Neptune, New Jersey, to Italian-American parents. His mother, Julia (Moccello), was a homemaker...
Jamie DeWolf
Director, Smoked
Jamie DeWolf is a writer, performer and film-maker from Oakland, CA. After making his mark internationally as a slam poet and story-teller featured on HBO and NPR, he returned to film-making, writing and directing his first feature film "Smoked" about a cannabis club robbery. He's since gone on to make dozens of short films, PSA's and short documentaries.
John Dexter
Miscellaneous Crew, Othello
Maury Dexter
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Little House on the Prairie
Maury Dexter first entered the business as a teenage actor in The Three Stooges short, Uncivil War Birds. After a few additional movie roles, he busied himself with stage and TV work until the Korean War and military service intervened; following his discharge, he landed an acting job on TV's The Hank McCune Show and was soon working there behind the scenes as well...
Tom Dey
Director, Shanghai Noon
Tom Dey, born in New England, graduated from Brown University in 1987, and then went to study film in Paris at the Centre des Etudes Critiques. In 1990 he moved to Los Angeles and began attending the American Film Institute (AFI). He became a writer for American Cinematographer magazine. He graduated from AFI in 1993...
Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla
Writer, The Ode
Los Angeles-based writer-director-producer, Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla was born in Mombasa, Kenya where he sold his first article to a national magazine at the age of 13. He has since written for various national magazines and his literary and film work have been celebrated at MIT (2004), the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (2009) and at the prestigious Master's Tea at Yale (2011)...
Aishwarya Dhanush
Director, 3
Mohamed Diab
Writer, 678
Mohamed Diab is an award-winning writer and director, who's work is often centered on pressing issues concerning Egyptian society. He's known for his directorial debut film Cairo 678 (Les Femmes du bus 678), which was released a month before the Egyptian revolution and was deemed by the New York Times...
Dustin Diamond
Attended Zion Lutheran School in Anaheim, California. While in fifth grade, he portrayed 8th-grader Samuel "Screech" Powers in the television series Good Morning, Miss Bliss, which evolved into Saved by the Bell and its various television movies and spin-offs. Also appeared in the television series The Wonder Years.
Tom DiCillo
Tom DiCillo is an American director, cinematographer, writer and (sometimes) actor born in Camp Le Jeune, North Carolina, and who studied film at New York University. During his early career he began working with director Jim Jarmusch as a cinematographer on films that include Stranger Than Paradise and Coffee and Cigarettes...
“ Living in Oblivion-(1995). ” - Dr-Faustus
“ Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist-(1997 Documentary).
Twist of Faith-(2004 Documentary).
This Film Is Not Yet Rated-(2006 Documentary).
The Invisible War-(2012 Documentary). ” - Dr-Faustus
William Dickerson
Director, Shadowbox
William Dickerson graduated from The College of The Holy Cross with a degree in English and received his Master of Fine Arts in Directing from the American Film Institute. His debut feature film "Detour," which he wrote and directed, was hailed as an "Underground Hit" by The Village Voice, an "emotional and psychological roller-coaster ride" by The Examiner...
Thorold Dickinson
Director, Secret People
Born in Bristol, England, Thorold Dickinson began his film career during the silent era as a writer. He went to work for Ealing in the 1930s, first as an editor and then as a director. He directed or produced military training films during World War II, and after the war he turned out a string of unique and well-received films...
“ The Queen of Spades-(1949). ” - Dr-Faustus
William K.L. Dickson
Cinematographer, Newark Athlete
Born in France to British parents, William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson stayed in that country until age 19, when he, his mother and sisters (their father had died sometime before) returned to Great Britain. Once there, Dickson--in an early indication of his lifelong fascination with science and mechanics--began a correspondence with Thomas A. Edison in the US...
Vin Diesel
Actor, Furious 7
Vin Diesel was born Mark Sinclair in Alameda County, California, along with his fraternal twin brother, Paul Vincent. He was raised by his astrologer/psychologist mother, Delora Sherleen (Sinclair), and adoptive father, Irving H. Vincent, an acting instructor and theater manager, in an artist's housing project in New York City's Greenwich Village...
William Dieterle
Born in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Wilhelm Dieterle was the youngest of nine children of parents Jacob and Berthe Dieterle. They lived in poverty, and when he was old enough to work, young Wilhelm earned money as a carpenter and a scrap dealer. He dreamed of better things, though, and theater caught his eye as a teen...
“ The Hunchback of Notre Dame-(1939).
The Devil and Daniel Webster-(1941).
Portrait of Jennie-(1948). ” - Dr-Faustus
Joe Dietl
Joe is best known for his work in commercials, as well as his work in the New York and Los Angeles Theatre scene. He's appeared in several dozen commercials, many of which have appeared on The World's Funniest Commercials Specials, and have gone on to win awards. A graduate of LA's Groundlings, and the esteemed Circle In The Square Theatre School in NYC...
Erwin C. Dietrich
Erwin C. Dietrich was involved in every aspect of film production, distribution, and exhibition. At various stages in his career he was considered Europe's biggest film producer, often with an annual output of more than 10 films. From early in his career Dietrich, a trained actor, recognized the potential of the "sexual revolution" of the 1970s and started producing and directing erotic movies...
Barry Dignam
Director, Dream Kitchen
Barry Dignam began his career studying drama in Trinity College, Dublin. He then directed a number of stage plays before returning to university to study for a degree in film at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology. In 1998 he wrote and directed "Stages" for which he won the Royal Television Society all-Ireland award for Best Student Film (Fiction)...
Aiden Dillard
Aiden Dillard is a producer and director, known for the humorous B-movie productions of Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre (2014), Meat Weed Madness (2006), and Meat Weed America (2007), all of which were released internationally on DVD by Troma Entertainment of New York City. Dillard released Death Print (2009) online...
Carmen Dillon
Art Director, The Omen
John Francis Dillon
Director, Sally
John started his career with Keystone in 1913 under the name `John Dillon,' working with Kalem, Farnum, Nestor, Universal, Keystone and Lubin Pictures. The latter part of his career was spent playing bit parts and second leads in B pictures.
Dinos Dimopoulos
In his childhood he used to climb to the lighthouse of the nowadays ghost-town of Koprena, where he was raised, and daydream he was in a ship, sailing for distant places. His family, though, forbade a sailor's career. As things turned out, he became one of the two or three greatest film makers of the so-called golden era of the Greek cinema...
Mark Dindal
Visual Effects, Aladdin
Paul Dinello
Paul Dinello was born on November 28, 1962 in Oak Park, Illinois. He is one of 5 children (one brother and three sisters). After graduating from DePaul University, he enrolled in the Second City Improvisation Troupe in Chicago. After taking a few classes, he auditioned to be in the touring company, where he met Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris...
Mehmet Dinler
Director, Suçlu
Kevin DiNovis
Kevin DiNovis studied dramatic craft with Pulitzer Prize winning Absurdist playwright Edward Albee. His first feature film, Surrender Dorothy (1998), won multiple awards, including the Grand Jury prize for Best Feature at the Slamdance, Chicago Underground, and New York Underground Film Festivals. Hand-picked by critic Roger Ebert as one of only ten films to inaugurate his Overlooked Film Festival...