Greatest Animators in History in Order

As the title says, this is a list of the best animators ever lived and a little info about them. The list is in order but remember: this is only my opinion. Please comment.
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“ Thomas is IMO the greatest of Nine Old Men because he never did a bad animation and during his early career he clearly was a master in his own right. ” - Jape0808
“ As one of the Nine Old Men Lounsbery was a major figure in early Disney and one of the finest animators Disney had to offer. He later became a director (with Reitherman) but his career as such was very brief due to his early death. ” - Jape0808
Bill Tytla
Animation Department, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Often cited as one of the greatest animators of all time, Vladimir 'Bill' Tytla was born of Ukrainian immigrant parentage in Yonkers, New York, in October 1904. His close-knit family strongly supported his artistic inclinations. By the tender age of nine he had become set on his course after attending a screening of Gertie the Dinosaur (a creation by America's first successful pioneer animator...
“ Tytla animated many excellent scenes during his short career. His most glorious work is Fantasia, especially Ave Maria segment which is truly a perfection ” - Jape0808
Milt Kahl
Animation Department, The Sword in the Stone
“ Kahl had most impact in development as it was he who designed the final outlook of the most memorable characters in film history. Kahl was also an excellent animator and he will be remembered as the creator of every classic Disney prince. ” - Jape0808
Ollie Johnston
Animation Department, Mary Poppins
“ Johnston's career was long and very creative and he was alongside with Thomas the greatest of Nine Old Men. While he never did anything truly stunning his great list of merit in animation is really one of the most impressive. ” - Jape0808
“ Reitherman's career was a great one. First he was one of the best animators ever lived and later he turned to be Disney's first supreme director and still beats modern animation directors easily. ” - Jape0808
Eric Larson
Animation Department, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Eric Cleon Larson was born on September 3, 1905 in Cleveland, Utah, to Peter and Nora Larson. In 1915 his family moved to Salt Lake City, where he became interested in journalism and also secretly took drawing lessons. In 1925, he entered the University of Utah, later moving to Los Angeles to look for a job in journalism and writing...
“ Larson was one of the greatest stars of Disney's Golden Age and was the lead animator for many of Pinocchio's and Bambi's best scenes. He was also a mentor for nearly all better modern animators (Bluth, Deja etc.). ” - Jape0808
Marc Davis
Animation Department, Cinderella
“ Davis had the shortest career of the Nine Old Men but his every character was a work of genius. His greatest achievement was without a doubt one of the best villains in history, Maleficent. ” - Jape0808
“ Moore was one of the first directing animators in Disney films and he did it in masterfully. In addition to his work with films, Moore was also the designer of Mickey Mouse's new look in the late 1930s. His career would have been brilliant had he not died in 1952. ” - Jape0808
Don Bluth
Producer/director Don Bluth is one of the most prestigious animators in the industry, admired by peers all over the world for his creative talent, as well as his versatility in bringing memorable characters to life. While working on his films, Bluth wears many hats. He designs all the characters, serves as key storyboard artist...
“ Many remember Bluth only as a director but he was the most skilled animator of the newer generation. His work in Disney was good but his work as the directing animator in Secret of NIMH is truly outstanding. ” - Jape0808
Art Babbitt
Animation Department, Fantasia
“ Babbitt never had the chance to make his name immortal at Disney but 50 years later with Thief and the Cobbler his work proved to be groundbreaking. ” - Jape0808
Ward Kimball
Animation Department, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ward Kimball joined Disney Studios in 1934 as an animator. He eventually became involved in all aspects of animation production, most notably as the designer of Jiminy Cricket for the film "Pinnochio." He was also responsible for the redesign of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney recognized Kimball's achievements by making him one of the "Nine Old Men"...
“ Kimball was usually the animator of comic characters. While he did his work well, comic characters are easier to animate due to their movements and simple look. Because of this Kimball never had the chance to show his true potential. ” - Jape0808
“ While Clark was a great animator and one of the first Disney's employees i still think he's the least of the Nine Old Men because he never became more than a regular animator. ” - Jape0808
McLaren Stewart
Animation Department, Cinderella
“ As one of Disney's first and best art directors, Stewart was really important figure in Disney history. Later in 50s he became a layout artist. ” - Jape0808
“ Though i don't like his films too much, i don't think anyone can question Williams' skill when it comes to details. ” - Jape0808
“ Lanpher is one of the only animators working in the 90s on this list. Secret of NIMH was his masterpiece for very few people would have been able to create such visuals with nearly no budget. His work is also stunning in Disney Renessaince films. ” - Jape0808
John Pomeroy
Animation Department, The Land Before Time
“ Pomeroy's best works without a question are NIMH, Land Before Time and the Firebird (Fantasia 2000). Most of his films are good but Pomeroy has animated pure rubbish also. Still, his works is clearly greatest recent animated films have offered. ” - Jape0808
Miles E. Pike
Visual Effects, Fantasia
“ Pike worked in 2 timeless films, Fantasia and Bambi, but that was enough to become one of the best visual effect animators of all time. ” - Jape0808
Yuriy Norshteyn
Animation Department, Skazka skazok
Born to Jewish parents and raised in a Moscow suburb, Yuriy Norshteyn painted as a hobby and trained as a carpenter before studying animation. He directed his first film in 1968 and made a series of short films notable for their attention to atmosphere and fine detail, using a multiplane camera to create the illusion of three-dimensional depth...
“ Norshteyn's stile is pretty unique and while prefer tradtional animation to cutout animation, Norshteyn is a good director and animator. I just hope he'll finish The Overcoat someday. ” - Jape0808