Dream Cast for modern remake of From Here to Eternity

Modern dream cast for a 2012 remake of the immortal classic,
From Here to Eternity. This list is dedicated to fellow passionate movie fanatic, MPowell. Enjoy!
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Russell Crowe
Actor, Gladiator
Russell Ira Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand, to Jocelyn Yvonne (Wemyss) and John Alexander Crowe, both of whom catered movie sets. His maternal grandfather, Stanley Wemyss, was a cinematographer. Crowe's recent ancestry includes Welsh (where his paternal grandfather was born, in Wrexham), English...
“ As Sgt. Warden, the Burt Lancaster role. Crowe would be excellent as the tough, but fair Top kick, wonderfully portrayed by Burt Lancaster in the 1953 classic. ” - John Jacoby
James Franco
Actor, 127 Hours
Known for his breakthrough starring role on Freaks and Geeks, James Franco was born in Palo Alto, California on April 19, 1978. His mother, Betsy Franco, is Jewish, and his father, Douglas Eugene "Doug" Franco, was of Portuguese and Swedish descent, and ran a Silicon Valley business. James's mother, a writer, has occasionally acted...
“ As Robert E. Lee Pruitt. The Montgomery Clift role. The key to the cast of this classic is Pruitt. The performance of Monty Clift is indelible and can never be surpassed. Clift should have won the Best actor Oscar for 1953 in a walk. Oh well. That said, Franco has the brooding, sensitive persona as well as the great acting ability to pull off the key role in this remarkable and entertaining story. ” - John Jacoby
Naomi Watts
Actress, King Kong
Naomi Ellen Watts was born on September 28, 1968 in Shoreham, England, to Myfanwy Edwards "Miv" (Roberts), an antiques dealer and costume/set designer, and Peter Watts (Peter Anthony Watts), the road manager to Pink Floyd. Her maternal grandfather was Welsh. Her father died when Naomi was seven and she began to follow her mother and her brother around England...
“ As Karen Holmes. The Deborah Kerr role. Ms. Watts is the perfect blend of coolness and sensuality and is perfect for the role of
the neglected abused wife of the sadistic Captain, and the lover of
Sgt Warden. Curiously, I never thought Deborah Kerr was a perfect
fit in the original. As much as I like and respect her wonderful talents, it never quite worked. That said, Mr. Watts is a great fit
and is perfect for the part of Karen. ” - John Jacoby
Kate Beckinsale
Actress, Underworld
Kate Beckinsale was born on 26 July 1973 in England, and has resided in London for most of her life. Her mother is Judy Loe, who has appeared in a number of British dramas and sitcoms and continues to work as an actress, predominantly in British television productions. Her father was Richard Beckinsale...
“ As Lurene (Alma) Burke. The Donna Reed role. Kate is bulls eye perfect as the beautiful but tough, ambitious, but sympathetic lover of Pruitt. ” - John Jacoby
Giovanni Ribisi
Actor, Avatar
Antonino Giovanni Ribisi is an American actor who was born in Los Angeles, California. His parents both have careers in the entertainment industry. His mother, Gay Ribisi (née Landrum), is a talent manager for actors and writers, and his father, Albert Anthony Ribisi, is a musician. He has a twin sister...
“ As Pvt Maggio. The Frank Sinatra role. I think a good fit, difficult as it is to try and equal the career performance of Sinatra. ” - John Jacoby
Alec Baldwin
Raven-haired, suavely handsome and prolific actor Alec Baldwin was born on April 3, 1958 in Massapequa, New York, and is the oldest, and easily the best-known, of the four Baldwin brothers in the acting business (the others are Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin). Baldwin is the son of Carol Newcomb (Martineau) and Alexander Rae Baldwin...
“ As Dana (dynamite) Holmes. The Philip Ober role. Small but important role as the sadistic Captain. Baldwin is a good fit. ” - John Jacoby
Vincent D'Onofrio
Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio was born on June 30, 1959 in Brooklyn, New York, to Phyllis, a restaurant manager and server, and Gene D'Onofrio, a theater production assistant and interior designer. He is of Italian descent and has two older sisters. He studied at the Actors Studio and the American Stanislavski Theatre...
“ As Fatso Judson. The Ernie Borgnine role. Great fit for the versatile
D'Onofrio. ” - John Jacoby
John C. Reilly
Character actor, dramatic leading man, or hilarious comic foil? With an astonishing range of roles already under his belt, John C. Reilly has played a eclectic host of rich characters to great effect over the years, from seedy ne'er-do-wells, to lovable, good-natured schlepps. The fifth of six children...
“ As Corporal Buckley. The Jack Warden role. Small but important part as baracks ally to Warden, and a composite of the Mickey Shaughnessy and Harry Bellaver characters as well. ” - John Jacoby
“ As Sgt. Mahlon Stark. The George Reeves role. Very small part, but pivotal to the story. Corbett is perfect. ” - John Jacoby
Viggo Mortensen
Since his screen debut as a young Amish Farmer in Peter Weir's Witness, Viggo Mortensen's career has been marked by a steady string of well-rounded performances. Mortensen was born in New York City, to Grace Gamble (Atkinson) and Viggo Peter Mortensen, Sr. His father was Danish, his mother was American...
“ As Sgt. Buddy D'Hom. The Claude Akins role. One of the fighting non coms of the boxing team. The first to show any sympathy/respect for Pruitt. Nice part ( albeir cameo) for rugged
Viggo. ” - John Jacoby
Donnie Wahlberg
Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr. was born August 17, 1969, in Dorchester Massachusetts, into a family of Swedish (from his paternal grandfather), Irish, French-Canadian, and English descent. He is the eighth of nine children of Alma Elaine (Donnelly), a nurse's aide and clerk, and Donald Edward Wahlberg...
“ As Sgt Galovich. The Polish American boxing non com who ends up in a great fist fight with the reluctant Pruitt. D.W. is perfect for this part. ” - John Jacoby