Actors characters and Reality TV stars I've fallen in love with!

Just a list of characters from TV or Movies whom I've fallen for :) Its girls and guys (mostly guys) <3
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“ I don't know why but I just completely fell for his character "Dustin Klepacki in the movie "I love you Beth Cooper" And I have a lot in common with him! We're both left handed and the way his character dressed up is the exact way I just go crazy for guys over when they dress up! <3 Yeah, I'll definately be dedicating some of my stories to his character "Dustin" in some stories and maybe more one day <3 Thank you Jared Keeso for giving me some inspiration! ” - BeeController
“ His character "Sean Doyle" in the movie "I love you Beth Cooper" I didn't care for as much as I did "Dustin Klepacki" but he was still cute, it would've been nice if he had some hair like he does in real life though...Oh well :) But yeah, real cute all the same! And his outfit in that movie wasn't so bad I guess, it just didn't get to me like Jared Keeso's! <3 ” - BeeController
Shawn Roberts
Actor, X-Men
The year 1994 marked the beginning of the career for Canadian actor Shawn Roberts. Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on April 2, Shawn lucked upon a life-changing break while he was portraying the part of the Wolf in a school play version of Little Red Riding Hood. Award-winning screenwriter Robert Forsyth...
“ This guy is something else! I've loved him in movies like his portrayal of "Kevin Michaels" in "I love you Beth Cooper" and also "Kurt" in "Mrs. Ashboro's cat" Although his character in "I love you Beth Cooper" seriously scared me a lot I still couldn't help but notice his hot muscles and rock hard buttox! 0_0 lolz And those of you who read this list cannot deny that! ” - BeeController
“ His character "Punch Epstein" in the gay movie "The mostly unfabulous social life of Ethan Green" was just too adorable to resist! I just wished he were real so I could hook up with him every now and then! <3 I mean come on people he was freaking sexy and cute! Not that many guys can pull of the "Cute and sexy" combination but this guy did it great! ” - BeeController
Kyle Dietz
Actor, bAd
“ A boy on his way up the ladder to success! I saw him on my favorite iCarly special iPsycho! His character was just too funny and adorable how he was the first person to ask that girl "Nora Dershlit" to come check something out! You don't see all that many hot guys who play such young kids! This guy pulled it off beautifully! ^_^ ” - BeeController
“ The way he played his character in "Alls faire in love" was just so cute! He may not be an extreme hottie but you can't deny that he has a personality that just makes you melt like butter in his hands! With his constant "Cool and whatever" attitude about the whole rennasiance fair was so funny, and I love the way he pulled that girl in the water with him when she pushed him and then took off his shirt and just lay on the dock with her while they dried off! And who could forget that song he played "This giraffe wants to do it with you"? ” - BeeController
“ I will always love the way Angelina did her thing on that incredibly stupid show "Jersey Shore" I also applaud her for leaving the way she did as well, the cast seriously needed to be told off and told how they really were! Its sad how they still act like complete idiots and get paid a lot of money for it :P I guess Angelina's warning didn't affect them in the least, except maybe Vinny ;) Angelina must be admired and respected for how she's still doing her own thing and actually benefiting society with her work, she's written and sung amazing songs and done several charities! So to all the haters out there I say "Get a life" and get over yourselves, if anyone deserves hate on that stupid show its Snooki :P Ugh, now theres a slut who should be abused! ” - BeeController
“ Vinny is the only person on "Jersey Shore" other than Angelina who I respect, I wish he'd just leave the stupid show and never go back and actually get a life! But he's still doing good, I know he's done some charity work as well :) Although I have to admit he's become a bit of a sleazebag like the rest of the cast he's still virtually the only normal one in that whole group, why doesn't he just leave? I gotta admit that I lost a lot of respect for him the way he's constantly *beep* that filthy little gremlin with bad hair, he might as well hook up with Pauly D like everyones expecting and save himself a little dignity! lolz But my biggest hope for Vinny is that he can get over that stupid "Jersey Shore" one day and make a name for himself. ” - BeeController
Tre Smith
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Tre grew up in front of the camera. At the age of 12 with requisite good looks and plenty of on-screen charisma, Tre landed the lead role in the television series 'Spirit Bay' and has continued to work steadily in the Film and T.V industry for the past 30 years. Tre brings a youthful and very natural look to the screen that compliments his talent as an Actor...
“ The only way I have a crush on this guy still is how he played that security gaurd in "Cheaper by the dozen 2" His uniform was too cute! But he's kind of lost it as time went by...I guess he's still okay now. ” - BeeController
“ OH. MY. GOD! lolz I just loved this woman and her portrayal of "Janice" on the show "Friends" I always wanted her character to end up with Matthew Perry's "Chandler Bing" but I guess the writers thought it would be better for her to just make unexpected appearances and introduce herself with "OH. MY. GOD!" I admit it was funny but it would've been funnier to have her in more episodes as Chandlers girlfriend and then have them get married and be happy <3 ” - BeeController
“ This guy may not be all that well known but all the same he's done an amazing thing! He punched that filthy sleazebag Snooki in the fat part of her ugly face! :D For that I will always hold a special place for him and he will forever be admired in my mind ^_^ God bless you Brad Ferro, you started the path for many other people with a brain to hate on that ugly little hooker! You are my number one man and I'd love to meet you one day! ” - BeeController