10 female victims that should of survived

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Ellie Cornell
Perky actress and producer Ellie Cornell was born in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, USA. After graduating from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida in 1986, Cornell had a small guest appearance in a 1988 episode of Thirtysomething. The same year, she played an assertive reporter in the Oscar-nominated comedy movie Married to the Mob...
“ Much like Danielle Panabaker's character's in Friday the 13th remake and The Crazies, Ellie Cornell's character "Rachel" in Halloween 4 and 5 play's the down to earth, natural, pure teenage girl. Putting her step sister, Jamie Lloyd before her and fighting/surviving people's favorite villain Michael Myers what made people care so much for her character. Rush and poorly made Halloween 5 took what we gained from Rachel's character and killed it within the first 20 minutes of the movie. For as much as she went through in Halloween 4, scissors through the chest was a cheap way to kill off people's favorite character! ” - TJMars3420
“ A tough decision was made between first and second place. Both Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street are America's classic horror movies that have made people develop a strong sense of care to the female lead. Heather Langenkamp's character "Nancy" is much like Laurie Strode in the Halloween series, a survivor and a fighter. At the beginning of the movie the character is pure, natural, high school teenage girl. By the end of the movie you see her turn into a strong, independent, and scrappy character. Nancy learned how to survive and defeat her nemesis "Freddy Krueger". Two sequels after the first her character is brought back in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Much like where Nancy left off in the first she is strong, confident, and much indeed a survivor. After seeing her be killed off at the end of NOES 3 put me it shock. I couldn't believe she didn't make it out. I agree it made you appreciate what she brought to the screen but a strong character like Nancy should of survived! What makes this film different between Halloween and Friday the 13th is this movie was one of the most successful out of the series, so Nancy being in a successful movie and biting the dust is a lot better than her falling victim in a sequel that is more of a joke. ” - TJMars3420
Jamie Lee Curtis
Actress, True Lies
Jamie Lee Curtis served as an honorary chairperson for the Building Resilience for Young Children Dealing with Trauma program held at the Shakespeare Theatre - Harman Center for the Arts in Washington, D.C. She was an inspiration for the youth that were celebrated. Jessey Love-Wadkins (formerly known...
“ Laurie Strode did not get first place in my opinion because her character had survived 3 of the Halloween films. I do agree that her character should survived and be left alone. Halloween H20 left on a good note, you thought the sequels were finally over and Laurie Strode had finally won, but Hollywood is much smarter than that and found a way to resurrect Michael Myers. After H20 there was really nothing much you could do with Laurie's character, we have pretty much been there done that and really what was left was to leaver her alone or kill her off. Writer's thought killing her off would bring much to the dinner table to Halloween: Resurrection. Indeed it did, really the only strong, thoughtful, and caring part of Halloween 8 is when Michael finally gets what he wants from his sister, her fate. In conclusion Laurie Strode's character should have survived but what can ya do! ” - TJMars3420
Danielle Panabaker
Actress, The Flash
Danielle Nicole Panabaker (born September 19, 1987) is an American actress. She began acting as a teenager and first came to prominence for her roles in the Disney films Stuck in the Suburbs (2004), Sky High (2005) and Read It and Weep (2006), the latter alongside her younger sister Kay Panabaker, and in the HBO miniseries Empire Falls (2005)...
“ Both of her character's in Friday the 13th and The Crazies, Danielle played the sweet, wholesome, outgoing teenage girl. You cared about her character because she is so petite,sweet, and fragile. During the movie you think she is going to survive because of her pureness and "follow the rules" stereotype, but in both films she sadly bites the dust. ” - TJMars3420
Ali Larter
A native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Ali began modeling at age 13 and traveled the world before moving to Los Angeles to study acting. Her first professional acting job was a role on the television series Chicago Sons. She received her breakthrough in the high school football drama Varsity Blues which included her infamous whipped cream bikini scene...
“ Ali Larter's character "Clear Rivers" in the Final Destination series was the most unique to me. Clear River's went from a girl to a woman! Clear started off quiet, shy, and minded her own business and ended up going to a scrappy, feisty, and strong confident gal. To see her character be killed off in Final Destination 2 all because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time was such a waste of a character to me. Her character should of been left alone. ” - TJMars3420
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Emmy Award-winning Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on April 14, 1977 in New York City, the daughter of Rosellen (Greenfield), who taught at a nursery school, and Arthur Gellar, who worked in the garment industry. Her maternal grandparents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants, and her father was also from a Jewish family...
“ With the little body count thriller, I Know What You Did Last Summer had, I knew Sarah's character "Helen Shivers" had no chance. Helen's character was not as leading and strong as Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Julie James" but Helen did nothing wrong. She put up a great fight with the killer "Ben Willis". Helen gave great options and advice and tried to play it safe but sadly her character passed on. ” - TJMars3420
Adrienne King
Adrienne was born in and raised Oyster Bay, Long Island and did her first commercial when she was six months old, and has stayed at it with a brief hiatus or two ever since. She has also studied voice and dance, being continually involved in some phase of show business. She has done numerous television and radio commercials...
“ Watching the Friday the 13th movies I never knew who was really going to survive, but I knew there was always a female lead who would live. Adrienne King's character "Alice" defeated Mrs Voorhees in the first installment. Not only did she defeat her, she decapitated the revengeful mother. Friday the 13th part 2 then came along and her survival really meant nothing because some how Mrs. Voorhees son, Jason, found Alice and was killed off in the movies first 10 minutes. For such little time we had with Alice she was cared for a lot and should not of been killed off so quickly in the series. ” - TJMars3420
“ In 1978's John Carpenter's "Halloween" the character "Annie" did not survive, but in the 2007 remake of "Halloween", Rob Zombie decided to surprise us with letting her survive. Quickly and poorly made Halloween 2 (2009) Annie get's attacked again by Michael Myers, pretty much the same as the first remake, but this time she does not survive. I was tickled to find Annie character to be back but that feeling quickly went away when she was killed off. I seen it coming but was let down! ” - TJMars3420
“ In most scary/thriller movies there is always a strong, surviving female lead. In Deep Blue Sea there was a strong female lead but not a surviving one. I was completely shocked that they killed off Susan in this movie right at the end and they should of left her survive. ” - TJMars3420
“ The Descent was one of the creepiest movies in my opinion. Shauna Macdonald's character "Sarah" went through a lot of trauma in the movie but she pulled her self together and survived. That's what made everyone love this character so much was because of the fight in her. In The Descent 2 she delivered us the same Sarah from the first but she does not make it in the end. She ends up sacrificing herself to save another character and it makes it even more upsetting that someone that strong could be killed off. ” - TJMars3420