The 10 Best Movie Characters

For my third list I have decided to make a list a with a little less gay and lot more logic. Not that sitting here picking the sexiest women on the big screen isn't hard work.

With this list I have picked the candidates very carefully. They have accomplished a lot to be on this list, and I've put a lot of thought into it.

So please enjoy like I hope you have my other lists and comment if you see and/or don't see any characters you do and/or don't deem worthy of the list.
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“ Fun loving and one of the proudest lesbians, we can all find something to like about her. I think I can honestly say she's the only known character to date a male lesbian. Especially one called Lisa. ” - lucy_hartzing
“ If every other word out of her mouth isn't a curse then you've got the wrong person. She's hot, a bad ass cop and a true survivor. Her choice in men might not be the best; but that give's us all the more reason to hope she's a closeted lesbian. ” - lucy_hartzing
“ A lab geek, family man, serial killer, vigilante and occasional bowling champion. Talk about multiple personality disorder. But even though his 'Dark Passenger' can overcome the smiling family man we know he does care about people. ” - lucy_hartzing
“ Another one of our cop crew has sneaked onto my list. I am on the edge of my seat and waiting for this small town girl to get drunk and fall hopelessly out of the closet. I thought she would've given in after two of her ex boyfriends were using her to get to the CBI. ” - lucy_hartzing
Joey Tribbiani
Friends (1994 TV Series), Matt LeBlanc
“ Number one: If you don't know who he is then you do not have the right to read this list.

Number two: I shouldn't have to give a sufficient answer to why he's on the list. ” - lucy_hartzing
“ For a guy, he's rather lovable. Even though he is hell bent on revenge, he smiles. A lot. And he makes us laugh. A lot. But the one thing he is good at is sarcasm. It flows from him, radiating to anyone near him. Oh, and the coolest thing about him? He works with the police but still has complete and total disregard for the law. ” - lucy_hartzing
Santana Lopez
Glee (2009 TV Series), Naya Rivera
“ Don't judge me, I'm not a Gleek. I even fast forward the songs but we have to admit, for a sexually confused cheerleader she has a certain charm. Not only does she have a t-shirt that says 'Lebanese' instead of lesbian she had to be on the list because we wouldn't want her to 'go all Lima heights' on me now would we? ” - lucy_hartzing
“ Okay, she's been around the block. A few times. And granted she makes the worst decisions. But I bet the majority of lesbians wouldn't kick her out of bed. ” - lucy_hartzing
“ For a damsel in distress she isn't too bad. She has survived seven (yes I counted) bloodthirsty murderers and still holds it together. She may be a little helpless at times but she has the best lines out of any movie. And besides, what a girl wouldn't give to really make Sidney Prescott scream. ” - lucy_hartzing
Vince Masuka
Dexter (2006 TV Series), C.S. Lee
“ He's repulsive and can turn literally anything into a dirty joke or comment. Still he has one of those lovable qualities about him, kind of like a pet dog. And if you're a religious Dexter fan you will realize that he has the worlds sexiest tattoo artist going. ” - lucy_hartzing