Fantasy "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" Cast

If the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was ever made into a live action movie, these are the actors I think should play each role. Some of these choices I'm not completely sure about, but they are the best matches I could find.
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“ as Edward Elric. It was hard to find an Ed, but I do think Nick Roux does look the part and he's pretty easy on the eyes. ” - kaciemills
“ as Alphonse Elric. This kid is seriously the exact way I would imagine Al if he was a real person. ” - kaciemills
Danielle Chuchran
Danielle Ryan Chuchran was born in Upland, California but moved to Utah shortly after. She started her career with some ads, before she had her first role at the age of seven in "Little Secrets". With her part as Thing One in "The Cat in the hat" she consolidated her position as child-actress and did several films and series afterwards...
“ as Winry Rockbell. I think this girl would be a perfect Winry. She's pretty but she also can be tough. I can totally picture her in a mechanic's suit and a bandanna. ” - kaciemills
Jon Hamm
Actor, Mad Men
“ as Roy Mustang. I feel that Jon Hamm would be able to pull off the seriousness of Mustang as well as his rare moments of humor. ” - kaciemills
Yvonne Strahovski
Actress, Dexter
Yvonne was born and raised in Australia. Her parents were Polish immigrants. She attended the Santa Sabina College for her high school education. She then went on to study Performance at the University of Western Sydney's School of Contemporary Arts, graduating in 2003. Shortly afterwards, she landed her first role on television in an episode of Fear Factory...
“ as Riza Hawkeye. Yvonne has the ability to be a serious bad ass and would be able to play Hawkeye flawlessly. ” - kaciemills
“ as Maes Hughes. He looks like the fatherly type, as well as the loyal friend that makes up so much of Hughes' character. ” - kaciemills
Jason Momoa
Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa was born on August 1, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the son of Coni (Lemke), a photographer, and Joseph Momoa, a painter. His father is of Hawaiian descent and his mother, who is from Iowa, is of mostly German ancestry. Jason was raised in Norwalk, Iowa by his mother. After high school...
“ as Scar. He could be a cool Scar if he just cut his hair and shaved his facial hair. ” - kaciemills
“ as May. She is so cute, there's a picture of her with her hair in braids and I totally pictured May. ” - kaciemills
Wei Zhao
Wei Zhao was born in Wuhu, Anhui province. She is the second child of her family. Because she is the only girl, Zhao's father named her Wei, literally "Rose". Her father was a senior engineer, her mother was a music teacher. After filming A Soul Haunted By Painting (1994) as a figurant, Wei Zhao was inspired by Li Gong's performance and deter-minded to be an actor...
“ as Lan Fan. She can seriously kick butt and she is also really pretty. ” - kaciemills
Togo Igawa
Togo Igawa is an actor/director living in England. He trained in Japan at The Haiyuza Theatre Company Acting School and Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. In 1986, he became the first Japanese actor to become a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. His work spans stage, film, anime, games and television...
“ as Fu. I can definitely see him with a mustache and a bandanna, fighting in the shadows. ” - kaciemills
Ray Stevenson
Actor, Thor
Tall, dark, but somewhat gentle-looking actor Ray Stevenson was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland on 25 May 1964, on a British army base. His father was a British pilot in the Royal Air Force, and his mother is Irish. He moved with his family to Lemington, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in 1972 at the age of eight, and later to Cramlington, Northumberland, where he was raised...
“ as Alex Louis Armstrong. I really like Ray and he has the right build for the character. But after watching him in Thor I now know he could pull off the theatricality that makes up so much of Armstrong's character. ” - kaciemills
Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich is an Ukrainian-born actress, supermodel, fashion designer, singer and public figure, who was on the cover of more than a hundred magazines, and starred in such films as The Fifth Element, Ultraviolet, and the Resident Evil franchise. Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich was born on December 17...
“ as Olivier Armstrong. I know for a fact that Milla can play the tough skinned General Armstrong. She is just a bad ass. ” - kaciemills
Carrie-Anne Moss
Actress, The Matrix
Carrie-Anne Moss was born on August 21, 1967, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the youngest of two children of Barbara and Melvyn Moss. At age 20, she moved to Europe to pursue a career in modeling; in Spain she was cast in a regular role in the TV show Dark Justice, which was produced in Barcelona for its first season...
“ as Izumi Curtis. She is very experienced when it comes to action films, so I can picture her as Ed and Al's teacher. Plus I think she would look cool with some dreads. ” - kaciemills
“ as Sig Curtis. I love Adam in the TV show Chuck. He can do all of the funny, manly grunts and arm flexes like Izumi's big muscly husband, but we all know he is a teddy bear on the inside. ” - kaciemills
Chris Evans
Christopher Robert Evans began his acting career in typical fashion: performing in school productions and community theater. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Lisa (Capuano), who worked at the Concord Youth Theater, and G. Robert Evans III, a dentist. His uncle is congressman Mike Capuano...
“ as Gene Havoc. I feel that he could play the laid back, smart ass, smoker. I would love to see him as this character. ” - kaciemills
Jessica Stroup
Actress, 90210
Jessica Stroup was born October 23rd 1986, in Anderson, South Carolina, USA. At the age of 17, she received a scholarship to attend the University of Georgia, but turned it down to pursue acting. At only 17, she moved to Los Angeles and immediately took acting classes and received both modeling and acting offers...
“ as Maria Ross. I really do like this actress and I think she would do the character justice. ” - kaciemills
Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Lee Renner was born in Modesto, California, the son of Valerie (Tague) and Lee Renner, who managed a bowling alley. After a tumultuous yet happy childhood with his four younger siblings, Renner graduated from Beyer High School and attended Modesto Junior College. He explored several areas of study...
“ as Heymans Breda. I actually think he kind of looks like the character. ” - kaciemills
Zach Roerig
Zachary George Roerig plays Matt Donovan on The Vampire Diaries, and is also known for his roles on TV series As The World Turns and One Life To Live. Roerig was born in Montpelier, Ohio to Daniel and Andrea Roerig in 1985. He attended Montpelier High school where he played both football and was also a wrestler...
“ as Denny Brosh. I think he can play the cute inexperienced soldier, wanting only to serve and protect his country. ” - kaciemills
Matthew Modine
The youngest of seven, Matthew was born in Loma Linda, Ca, to Dolores (Warner), a bookkeeper, and Mark Alexander Modine, a drive-in theater manager. After graduating high school in Imperial Beach, Ca. Modine moved to NYC (1979). Matthew studied with Stella Adler at her Conservatory of Acting. While still a student of hers...
“ as Vato Falman. This character was hard to search for but I think Matthew would play him well. ” - kaciemills
Jay Baruchel
Jay Baruchel was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is the son of Robyne (Ropell), a freelance writer, and Serge Victor Baruchel, an antiques dealer. He has a younger sister who also acts. He started acting in 1995 when he made his first of three appearances on the hit show Are You Afraid of the Dark?...
“ as Kain Fuery. Jay is great at playing the funny awkward characters and so he would be perfect for Fuery. ” - kaciemills
Daniel Lundh
Daniel Lundh is a Swedish actor, writer, director, journalist and artist. A multilingual in English, French, Spanish, Swedish and Italian, he often works internationally. After years in the theatre, directors Norman Jewison and Elie Chouraqui gave him his first break, respectively in 'The Statement' (2003) and 'O Jerusalem' (2005)...
“ as Miles. He could pull off Olivier's right hand man. ” - kaciemills
“ as Buccaneer. Kevin is awesome and I know that he could be a convincing Buccaneer, scaring and intimidating those around him. ” - kaciemills
Matthew Gray Gubler
Matthew Gray Gubler is an Emmy award winning actor, director, producer, painter, and voice over actor from Las Vegas Nevada. While studying film directing at NYU he interned for Wes Anderson who gave him his first feature film role as Bill Murray's loyal intern "Nico" in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. For the past eleven years Gubler has starred as the lovable genius Dr...
“ as Niel. I think Matthew is already a cool laid back guy, and would be able to play the friendly mechanic perfectly. ” - kaciemills
Christopher Plummer
Actor, Up
Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer was born in Toronto, Ontario. He is the only child of Isabella Mary (Abbott), a secretary to the Dean of Sciences at McGill University, and John Orme Plummer, who sold securities and stocks. He is a great-grandson of John Abbott, who was Canada's third Prime Minister (from 1891 to 1892)...
“ as Grumman. I can picture him as the quirky old General. ” - kaciemills
Tom Selleck
Thomas William Selleck is an American actor and film producer, known for his starring role as Hawaii-based private investigator "Thomas Magnum" on the 1980s television series, Magnum, P.I.. Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Martha S. (Jagger), a homemaker, and Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate investor and executive...
“ as Fuhrer Bradley. He looks so much like the character, it's scary. His voice even sounds the same. ” - kaciemills
Alexa Davalos
Alexa Davalos was born in Paris, France, to American parents, Jeff Dunas, a photographer, and Elyssa Davalos, an actress. Her father's family were Jewish immigrants (from Russia and Lithuania). After a quintessentially bohemian childhood that found her straddling New York, Paris, Italy and Los Angeles...
“ as Lust. She is beautiful in a very unique way and would play Lust very well. ” - kaciemills
Tom Hardy
With his breakthrough performance as Eames in Christopher Nolan's science fiction thriller Inception, English actor Tom Hardy has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide. However, the versatile actor has been steadily working on both stage and screen since his television debut in the miniseries Band of Brothers...
“ as Greed. He is so good at playing the annoying, selfish, *beep* talker that you love and so I think he would be a great Greed. ” - kaciemills
“ as Gluttony. Matt is very good at playing the creepy characters and could definitely portray Gluttony well. ” - kaciemills
Jamie Campbell Bower
Jamie Campbell Bower was born in London, England, to Anne Elizabeth (Roseberry), a music manager, and David Bower, who works for Gibson Guitar Co. His 4 times maternal great-grandfather was Sir John Campbell, the 7th Baronet of Ardnamurchan and Airds. Jamie is also the lead singer in a band called "Counterfeit"...
“ as Envy. He looks scrawny enough and can do an excellent evil, creepy glare. ” - kaciemills
Asa Butterfield
Actor, Hugo
Asa Butterfield was born in Islington, London, England, to Jacqueline Farr and Sam Butterfield. He began acting at the age of 8, after a talent spotting casting director saw him at his local after school drama club, The Young Actors Theatre in Islington. Following on from a couple of small roles in films...
“ as Selim Bradley/Pride. A cute kid, but can be a little frightening with those icy blue eyes. ” - kaciemills
“ as Sloth. Big guy, enough said. ” - kaciemills
Cloris Leachman
Actress, The Croods
The record-breaking actress set a record when at age 82, she appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Cloris Leachman was born on April 30, 1926 in Des Moines, Iowa to Berkeley Claiborne "Buck" Leachman and the former Cloris Wallace. Her father's family owned a lumber company, Leachman Lumber Co. She is of Czech (from her maternal grandmother) and English descent...
“ as Pinako Rockbell. I would love to see Cloris play Winry's hard-headed, mechanic grandmother. ” - kaciemills
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson was born on June 7, 1952 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK, to Katherine (Brown), a cook, and Bernard Neeson, a school caretaker. Liam worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, truck driver, assistant architect and an amateur boxer. He had originally sought a career as a teacher by attending St...
“ as Hohenheim. Liam is very good at playing the characters that have a powerful presence but are very caring and trustworthy. I think he could play Ed and Al's father very well. ” - kaciemills
Keri Russell
Keri Russell was born in Fountain Valley, California, to Stephanie (Stephens) and David Harold Russell, an executive at Nissan Motors. She began her career on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1991. She stayed with the show until 1993. After leaving The All New Mickey Mouse Club (where she, along with her castmates recorded an album...
“ as Trisha Elric. She gives off a very soft and warm presence that I feel Ed and Al's mom should have. ” - kaciemills
Cillian Murphy
Actor, Inception
Striking Irish actor Cillian Murphy was born in Douglas, the oldest child of Brendan Murphy, who works for the Irish Department of Education, and a mother who is a teacher of French. He has three younger siblings. Murphy was educated at Presentation Brothers College, Cork. He went on to study law at University College Cork...
“ as Kimblee. This guy is good at acting as a crazy psycho killer, and would play the mass murderer very well. ” - kaciemills
Ian McShane
From a lawless, foul-mouthed saloon owner in "Deadwood" to a tough no-nonsense British gangster in "Sexy Beast," Ian McShane has virtually cornered the market on playing rogues, villains and all-around bad asses. A natural at portraying complex anti-heroes and charismatic heavies, the classically trained actor was born in Blackburn...
“ as Dr. Marcoh. I can picture Ian as the old conflicted alchemist trying to help others to in order to make up for all the bad he did in his past. ” - kaciemills
“ as Yoki. I think Toshi could play the whiny coward very well. ” - kaciemills
Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to Sigrid Birgitta (Tjerneld), a language teacher, and Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren, an engineer and economist for the Swedish government. He lived in Stockholm until the age of 13, when he moved in with his grandparents in Nyland, Ångermanland, Sweden. Despite an early interest in music and the fine arts...
“ as Heinkel. I can picture Dolph as the half lion half human chimera, who, as well as the other chimera's, is bad at first but then turns good. ” - kaciemills
Steve Austin
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was born in Victoria, Texas, as Steven James Anderson, on December 18, 1964, the youngest of five children. His mother, Beverly Jane (Harrison), remarried to Kenneth Williams, and he took his stepfather's surname. He played football at the North Texas State University. He was worthy of achieving a free education because of his football skills in school...
“ as Darius. Half gorilla half human chimera. ” - kaciemills
Terry Crews
Terry Crews was born in Flint, Michigan, to Patricia and Terry Crews, Sr. He earned an Art Excellence Scholarship to attend Western Michigan University and also earned a full-ride athletic scholarship to play football. Crews was an All-Conference defensive end, and was a major contributor on the 1988 MAC champion WMU Broncos...
“ as Jerso. Half toad half human chimera. ” - kaciemills
Randy Couture
Randy Couture is a collegiate wrestler and fighter turned actor from Everett, Washington. He served as a four time US Olympic wrestling team alternate as a soldier in the U.S. Army, and is also a 6 time world heavyweight and light heavyweight UFC champion and Hall of Famer. He is a graduate of Oklahoma...
“ as Zampano. Half Boar half human chimera. ” - kaciemills
“ as Paninya. Paige could totally play the spunky and fearless girl with a bazooka on in one leg and a knife in the other. ” - kaciemills
Philip Arditti
He is a British actor based in London. He was born in Geneva to Sephardi Jewish parents of Italian and Turkish origin and grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. He began his TV and film career in some of British television's most popular series including Casualty, Spooks and Silent Witness. He received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Uday Hussein in HBO/BBC drama "House of Saddam"...
“ as Scar's Brother. He looks like he could play a man obsessed with his research, but who would risk his own life to save his brother's. ” - kaciemills
Byung-hun Lee
Byung-hun Lee was born in 1970 in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in a wealthy family, thanks to his father, who was a successful businessman. He never dreamed of pursuing acting until a friend of his mother's suggested it. He auditioned for the KBS television network in 1991 and was accepted. His first project was a short lived TV series called "Asphalt My Hometown"...
“ Oh my gosh! I am so in love with this guy! He could be a really good Ling. Not only does he have the physical ability to play a prince who has been trained in the art of ass-kicking since childhood, but he actually has some legit acting cred. I've watched some of his interviews and he seems a jolly enough guy to portray Ling's funny side, but also serious enough to play "angry Ling" as well as Greed. And he has the same deep voice that Greed has so there you go. ” - kaciemills