40 Hot Men Hollywood Should be Using More

These hot actors have yet to have the careers they deserve. Hollywood get with it!
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Shawn Christian
A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Shawn Christian grew up acting purely for the love of it. "Acting in and writing for talent shows and school plays was simply a small town passion until I graduated from Ferris State University." After earning a degree in Marketing Shawn left the next day to pursue...
“ Studly actor has been trapped in soaps. Should be doing a night time drama like True Blood or Dexter. ” - DaMarco-2
Aaron Hammond
Aaron Hammond had attended some of Australia's premier acting schools before moving to the United States to study at The New York Film Academy on a scholarship. He has performed in many theatrical productions at the famed Sydney Opera House, and has many TV/Film credits that include a supporting role...
“ A talented actor who so far being wasted in bit parts. Great face that should meet a loving camera. ” - DaMarco-2
Luke Pegler
Luke Pegler is an Australian actor who began his career in 2001. His early screen appearances were mostly on television and in film shorts before larger screen projects followed. The first of these was the World War II drama, The Great Raid (2005) starring Benjamin Bratt and James Franco. Next, he had...
“ An Aussie who made his first big foray into Hollywood films with "Hacksaw Ridge," who has stunning good looks, an amazing body, and great acting chops. ” - DaMarco-2
Shawn Roberts
Actor, X-Men
The year 1994 marked the beginning of the career for Canadian actor Shawn Roberts. Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on April 2, Shawn lucked upon a life-changing break while he was portraying the part of the Wolf in a school play version of Little Red Riding Hood. Award-winning screenwriter Robert Forsyth...
“ Sexy Canuck who plays bullies and jerks with great wit. Should transition to being a leading man. ” - DaMarco-2
Dave Baez
Actor, 9/Tenths
With a dedication to his craft, and consummate appetite for the world and people around him, Dave Baez has built a career on character study, and cultivated a passion to share his experience with a new generation of theater and film actors. Dave can next be seen in the feature Mothers and Daughters...
“ Sexy actor adds a great dynamic to every project he's in. ” - DaMarco-2
“ Striking prominent-chinned actor has a theatre pedigree waiting to be used in film. ” - DaMarco-2
Eion Bailey
Actor, Extortion
Eion is known for his performances in the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, and the long-standing television drama ER. Some of his film credits include Fight Club, Almost Famous, Center Stage, and Mindhunters. He also co-starred with Antonio Banderas in the HBO original movie, And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself...
“ No actor wears a five o'clock shadow so well, and should be wearing it in a series of movies. ” - DaMarco-2
Christopher Stapleton
Christopher James Stapleton was born on February 18, 1971 in Sherman, Illinois, a small rural town outside Springfield. Perhaps his first interest in acting came when his parents, Jim and Phyllis, purchased a camcorder. It wasn't long before Chris and his younger twin brothers, Tony and Brian, began to shoot their own short movies...
“ An actor with a great comic timing that has gone wasted so far. A handsome man comfortable with looking silly and making him even more appealing. ” - DaMarco-2
Bailey Chase
Actor, Longmire
Bailey attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, on a full athletic scholarship. He graduated in 1995 with a degree in Psychology. After graduation, Bailey moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, which has encompassed a training stint in London and performing in such plays as "A...
“ An excellent player of cads and jerks, he brings sexiness to bad guys. ” - DaMarco-2
Ryan Kwanten
Actor, True Blood
An Australian actor, Ryan Kwanten was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He appeared on several TV shows Down Under, including a five year stint on the popular series Home and Away. After graduating from business school at the University of Sydney, he came to Los Angeles for what was supposed to be a brief visit but decided to stay...
“ So handsome and buff that many fail to notice that he's a great actor. This Aussie can play American roles better than most American actors. His "True Blood" hiatus is wasted, when he should be the next superhero. ” - DaMarco-2
Rick Malambri
Actor, Step Up 3D
Rick Malambri (born November 7, 1982) is an American actor and model. Malambri was born in Florida, to Jeannie Deckert and Tim Malambri. He began his career as a model.Having moved to New York, Malambri was a featured model in clothing as well as a dancer. His acting career began with small roles in television episodes in 2007...
“ Dark-haired actor rose to the occasion of the silly "Step Up-3D." Now he deserves more serious material. ” - DaMarco-2
Jason-Shane Scott
Jason-Shane Scott was born in Los Angeles and moved to Reno, Nevada at the age of two. Jason's mother wanted to name him Jason but his father had adamantly always dreamed his son being named Shane after the classic film of the same name. They compromised, thus leading to Jason-Shane's hyphened first name...
“ Incredibly handsome raven-haired actor has been wasted in soaps and straight-to-video films. Now it's time to use his talents better. ” - DaMarco-2
Diego Serrano
Diego Serrano was born in Quito, Ecuador. During his childhood, he ironically did not watch television but rather played soccer. Other hobbies include playing golf, bike riding, hiking and dancing. At 18 he won a Star Search modeling contest, and soon after started playing Tomas on Another World...
“ Has demonstrated wit and flair in his work that needs to be used in similar material of greater note. ” - DaMarco-2
Timothy Adams
A graduate of Jersey City State University with a B.S. in computer science, Adams was a partner in a trucking company when he decided to pursue a career in entertainment. He signed with the Boss Modeling Agency and had his first major break as an actor in winning a role on the soap opera Sunset Beach.
“ This former model still has model good looks, so why isn't he a leading man or the perfect romantic villain? ” - DaMarco-2
Matt Bomer
Matthew Staton Bomer was born in Webster Groves, Greater St. Louis, Missouri, to Elizabeth Macy (Staton) and John O'Neill Bomer IV, a Dallas Cowboys draft pick. Matt was raised in Spring, Texas, and educated at Klein High School, near Houston. After school, he attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh...
“ With a chiseled jawline, he's hot in "White Collar," but should have been Superman, and still should be. ” - DaMarco-2
“ Another theatre-trained actor who has made a name for himself on TV, and should graduate to films. In addition to being a great actor, he is also a great singer. ” - DaMarco-2
“ A great resume of working with class talent like Jennifer Garner, Christina Ricci and Sara Jessica Parker, he should be getting his own projects and creating new sparks with these and other leading ladies. ” - DaMarco-2
Dylan Neal
Dylan Neal was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Shortly thereafter, his family moved to Oakville, just west of Toronto, where he spent the remainder of his childhood. As a young student, he attended the prep school, Appleby College, where he was introduced to the game of squash. Dylan quickly fell in love with the sport and was soon playing for Canada at an international level...
“ Aging beautifully, he should do so on the big screen. ” - DaMarco-2
Victor Webster
Actor, Mutant X
Victor Webster was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the summer of 1973 Victor and his family moved to San Clemente, Ca. where he attended high school. After graduation he attended Saddleback Junior College, and then went on to become a stockbroker. He later owned and operated an import/export company, and then slowly transitioned into acting after moving to Los Angeles in 1998...
“ A Sex and the City alum whose black hair and brown eyes deserve to be seen in a theatre. ” - DaMarco-2
Matt McColm
Stunts, Argo
“ Former TV superhero has gotten stuck doing stunt work. Well, we know he can do his own stunts, so let's make him the next Jason Bourne. ” - DaMarco-2
Jonathan Aube
Jonathan was born and raised on the east coast, in a small town of northern New Hampshire. Growing up, Jonathan had some great theater performance opportunities, and thanks to his incredible family, a pure love for Walt Disney. While enrolled in a liberal arts program at the University of Vermont, Jonathan was accepted into the Walt Disney College Program in Florida...
“ Great looking actor who is a bit too timid about showing off his great body. A good director should cure him of that. ” - DaMarco-2
“ Handsome actor would be perfect as the dupe in something like "Inception" or the mark in a gangster film. ” - DaMarco-2
Taye Diggs
Actor, Chicago
Taye Diggs was born in Newark, New Jersey, and was raised in Rochester, New York. He is the son of Marcia (Berry), a teacher and actress, and Andre Young, a visual artist. When he was a child, his mother married Jeffries Diggs, whose surname Taye took. He received a BFA degree in musical theater from Syracuse University...
“ Started with a bang in "Chicago," he should be playing the sexy detectives and cops of today's films. ” - DaMarco-2
“ This handsome actor with the lean-muscled build is made to be doing more work in movies. ” - DaMarco-2
Andrew Levitas
Director, Lullaby
Growing up in New York City, Andrew Levitas found himself surrounded by life and the many reflections of life. It was in these reflections and interpretations that he found his interest. A mainstay at city theatres, museums, and galleries at a very young age, Andrew found himself surrounded by many of the brightest and most unique artists of a generation...
“ Classic looks make Andrew the epitome of the perfect lead in any movie or TV project. ” - DaMarco-2
Greg Vaughan
James Gregory Vaughan, Jr., was born in Dallas, Texas, on June 15, 1973, and was raised in both the big city of Dallas and the small German town of Fredericksburg, Texas, from his preschool years through his early teens, graduating from Mesquite High in 1991. Vaughan was involved in sports, student government...
“ Former soap star is waiting for his close up...and so are we! ” - DaMarco-2
“ A sexy glare and a great get-back stare make Sean prime for bigger roles. ” - DaMarco-2
Taylor Kinney
Taylor Kinney is an American actor and model. He is known for his role as "Kelly Severide" on the hit TV series, Chicago Fire, on NBC; as werewolf "Mason Lockwood" on The Vampire Diaries, on The CW; and as "Glenn Morrison" on Trauma, which aired on NBC. Kinney was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania...
“ A smoldering smile makes us want far more Taylor Kinney. ” - DaMarco-2
“ Better known to the wrestling world as Dolph Ziggler, Nemeth has charisma and humor to spare, and would make the perfect villain, such as a small town sherif. ” - DaMarco-2
Brad Hawkins
Actor, Boyhood
From starring in a #1-rated, syndicated children's television show, to 2 Top Ten country music videos, and a supporting role in the critically acclaimed Richard Linklater film, Boyhood, actor/recording artist Brad Hawkins has covered some ground in his career. A native of Dallas, Texas, he began his acting career in 1994 with the lead role in the children's television series V.R. Troopers...
“ Few other actors can cover the breadth of roles he has covered, now it is his turn to do it all in his own series or films. ” - DaMarco-2
“ A supporting player most of the time, he would make the perfect male lead opposite a sexy lady. ” - DaMarco-2
Brandon Routh
Brandon James Routh (pronounced like "south") was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and grew up in nearby Norwalk. He is the son of Catherine LaVonne (Lear), a teacher, and Ronald Wayne Routh, a carpenter. Routh has English, Scottish, and German ancestry. He attended the University of Iowa and starred in many productions at the Norwalk Theater of Performing Arts...
“ I totally don't get the blame he received for "Superman," which was a good film and he was great in it. It would be great to see him in more comedy performances. ” - DaMarco-2
Mark Deklin
Actor, Riverworld
A critically-acclaimed actor and fight director, Mark has worked on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and at regional theaters across the country in addition to his work in film and television. He holds an MFA from the University of Washington's PATP conservatory, as well as a BA from Penn State University (in English and History)...
“ With a jawline that has its own zip code, Mark has been bringing the goods in supporting roles. Now it's his turn to lead. ” - DaMarco-2
Chris Diamantopoulos
Chris grew up splitting his time between Greece and Canada. At age 9, he started doing TV commercials and professional theater. He left home at 18 to perform in a series of US national tours after which, he landed on Broadway. Chris now splits his time between New York and Los Angeles acting in TV and Film...
“ This Broadway star has seen some great TV roles and is in the new Three Stooges film as Moe (talk about prettying up your subject!). Hopefully that film will launch his deserved movie career. ” - DaMarco-2
Sam Horrigan
Actor, Accepted
Sam Horrigan was born and raised in Northern California. He has starred in over 30 movies and TV shows. Some of his most recognized parts include Spike in Little Giants, Val in the Disney movie Brink!, and Quentin on the Hit TV show Grace Under Fire.. You also might recognize him from One Tree Hill...
“ A natural comic talent and good looks merge to make this actor one deserving of a lot more work. ” - DaMarco-2
Gerard Celasco
Actor, Moneyball
Adrian Bellani is a Salvadoran actor, born in Miami and raised in San Salvador. There, Bellani not only competed in international horse jumping competitions, but he won and was invited to compete in the Central America Games representing his country. Bellani also became a very accomplished volleyball player and the team that he played for won the Central American tournament...
“ Also known as Adrian Bellani, this raven-haired beauty could bring dark mystery to any subject. ” - DaMarco-2