Less And Best! List of The Masters of Horror And The Macabre!

Master of horror list? Gonna hear the same crap over and over! Nope! This has a Fresh Twist to it! We have the good.. And the bad! But! Entertaining! Get ready for the madness! (in order of who I was thinking of first)
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Fritz Lang
Director, M
Fritz Lang was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1890. His father managed a construction company. His mother, Pauline Schlesinger, was Jewish but converted to Catholicism when Lang was ten. After high school, he enrolled briefly at the Technische Hochschule Wien and then started to train as a painter. From 1910 to 1914...
“ Metropolis (1927)
M (1931)
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933) ” - iantracy69
“ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
Raskolnikow (1923) ” - iantracy69
Paul Leni
Art Director, Waxworks
“ The Man Who Laughs (1928)
Waxworks (1924)
The Cat and the Canary (1927) ” - iantracy69
Tod Browning
Director, Dracula
Belonging to a well-situated family, Charles Browning fell in love at the age of 16 with a dancer of a circus. Following her began his itinerary of being clown, jockey and director of a variety theater which ended when he met D.W. Griffith and became an actor. He made his debut in Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages...
“ Freaks (1932)
Dracula (1931)
London After Midnight (1927) ” - iantracy69
Georges Franju
Georges Franju is a figure of immense importance in the history of French cinema, not primarily for his films (exceptional though many of these are) but for being the co-founder, with Henri Langlois, of the Cinematheque Française in 1937--France's most famous and important film archive. He worked primarily as a film archivist until 1949...
“ Eyes Without a Face (1960)
Spotlight on a Murderer (1961)
Judex (1963) ” - iantracy69
Michael Powell
Director, The Red Shoes
The son of Thomas William Powell and Mabel (nee Corbett). Michael Powell was always a self-confessed movie addict. He was brought up partly in Canterbury ("The Garden of England") and partly in the south of France (where his parents ran a hotel). Educated at Kings School, Canterbury and Dulwich College...
“ Peeping Tom (1960) ” - iantracy69
Alfred Hitchcock
Actor, Psycho
Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born in Leytonstone, Essex, England. He was the son of Emma Jane (Whelan; 1863 - 1942) and East End greengrocer William Hitchcock (1862 - 1914). His parents were both of half English and half Irish ancestry. He had two older siblings, William Hitchcock (born 1890) and Eileen Hitchcock (born 1892)...
“ Psycho (1960)
Rear Window (1954)
The Birds (1963) ” - iantracy69
“ The Tingler (1959)
House on Haunted Hill (1959)
13 Ghosts (1960) ” - iantracy69
Edward D. Wood Jr.
Hacks are nothing new in Hollywood. Since the beginning of the film industry at the turn of the 20th century, thousands of untalented people have come to Los Angeles from all over America and abroad to try to make it big (as writers, producers, directors, actors, talent agents, singers, composers, musicians...
“ Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)
Bride of the Monster (1955)
Glen or Glenda (1953) ” - iantracy69
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Only one film-maker can claim the title "Godfather of Gore." That peculiar but apt identification seems to be the exclusive property of Herschell Gordon Lewis. With an unusual background that included teaching English Literature to college students, producing and directing television commercials, and voicing radio and television commercials...
“ Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964)
Blood Feast (1963)
Color Me Blood Red (1965) ” - iantracy69
“ Blood Freak (1972)
Flesh Feast (1970)
Barely Proper (1975) ” - iantracy69
“ Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)
Blood Bath (1976)
The G.I Executioner (1971) ” - iantracy69
Lucio Fulci
Lucio Fulci, born in Rome in 1927, remains as controversial in death as he was in life. A gifted craftsman with a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of dark humor, Fulci achieved some measure of notoriety for his gore epics of the late 1970s and early 1980s, but respect was long in coming. Abandoning his early career as a med student...
“ The Beyond (1981)
The House by the Cemetery (1981)
Zombie (1979) ” - iantracy69
Joe D'Amato
Joe D'Amato was born Aristide Massaccesi on December 15, 1936, in Rome, Italy. At age 14 he began working for his father, a chief electrician and later the founder of the company A.C.M. By going to school in the daytime, Massaccesi worked afternoons part-time as a stagehand and stage cameraman around various film sets...
“ Death Smiles on a Murderer (1973)
Antropophagus (1980)
Absurd (1981) ” - iantracy69
Dario Argento
Dario Argento was born on September 7, 1940, in Rome, Italy, the first-born son of famed Italian producer Salvatore Argento and Brazilian fashion model Elda Luxardo. Argento recalls getting his ideas for filmmaking from his close-knit family from Italian folk tales told by his parents and other family members...
“ Phenomena (1985)
Suspiria (1977)
Deep Red (1975) ” - iantracy69
Ruggero Deodato
Ruggero Deodato was born on May 7, 1939, in Potenza, Italy, and grew up outside Rome. One of his close friends at the time was Renzo Rossellini, the son of famed Italian director Roberto Rossellini. Knowing Ruggerio's love for the movies, Renzo persuaded him to work as a second unit director on some of his father's productions...
“ House on the Edge of the Park (1980)
Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
Dial: Help (1988)
Cut and Run (1985) ” - iantracy69
Jesús Franco
He was only six years old when he started composing music under the protection of his brother Enrique. After the Spanish Civil War he was able to continue his studies at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid, where he finished piano and harmony. Being a Bachelor of Law and an easy-read novel writer (under the pseudonym David Khume)...
“ Christine, Princess of Eroticism (1973)
Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein (1972)
Esmeralda Bay (1989) ” - iantracy69
Bruno Mattei
Born in 1931, Bruno Mattei grew up in Rome, Italy, where his father owned a small film editing studio. At age 20 Bruno started working odd jobs at his father's company as his assistant, then went on to other small spots. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps as a film editor, and soon found himself working as an editor for a number of directors...
“ Rats (1984)
Night of the Zombies (1980)
Strike Commando (1987) ” - iantracy69
“ Black Christmas (1974)
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1973)
DeathDream (1974) ” - iantracy69
“ The Astro-Zombies (1968)
The Corpse Grinders (1971)
The Doll Squad (1973) ” - iantracy69
“ The Worm Eaters (1977)
The Brainsucker (1988) ” - iantracy69
Frank Henenlotter
Director, Basket Case
Writer/director Frank Henenlotter was born August 29, 1950, in New York City. He gleefully "misspent" his youth watching a large array of blithely cheap'n'cheesy low-budget exploitation flicks in various seedy grindhouse theaters on Mahattan's 42nd St. He began making 8mm films as a teenager. His 16mm black-and-white short Slash of the Knife actually played at a 42nd St...
“ Basket Case (1982)
Brain Damage (1988)
Frankenhooker (1990) ” - iantracy69
Mark Pirro
According to the news program, Hard Copy, "Mark Pirro practically made Hollywood history with his 1983 feature comedy, A Polish Vampire in Burbank." Shot for the unbelievable budget of $2500, the feature went on to make back over a million dollars in home video and cable television distribution. It played on USA network for two years in the late 80s...
“ Deathrow Gameshow (1987)
Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991)
Curse of the Queerwolf (1988) ” - iantracy69
Joseph Zito
Joseph Zito is a well known action film director. Three of his movies--Missing in Action, Invasion U.S.A. and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter--each reached the #1 box office position of top grossing film in the country in their opening weeks of U.S. theatrical release. "Missing in Action" is Chuck Norris' most successful movie and...
“ Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
The Prowler (1981) ” - iantracy69
George A. Romero
George A. Romero never set out to become a Hollywood figure; by all indications, though, he was very successful. The director of the groundbreaking "Living Dead" films was born February 4, 1940 ,in New York City to Ann (Dvorsky) and Jorge Romero. His father was born in Spain and raised in Cuba, and his mother was Lithuanian...
“ Martin (1977)
Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Creepshow (1982) ” - iantracy69
John Carpenter
Writer, Halloween
John Howard Carpenter was born in Carthage, New York, to mother Milton Jean (Carter) and father Howard Ralph Carpenter. His family moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where his father, a professor, was head of the music department at Western Kentucky University. He attended Western Kentucky University and then USC film school in Los Angeles...
“ Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
Halloween (1978)
Escape from New York (1981) ” - iantracy69
“ Hellraiser (1987)
Nightbreed (1990)
Lord of Illusions (1995) ” - iantracy69
Tobe Hooper
Honored with many awards for his films and achievement in the horror genre, Tobe Hooper is truly one of the Masters of Horror. Tobe Hooper was born in Austin, Texas, to Lois Belle (Crosby) and Norman William Ray Hooper, who owned a theater in San Angelo. He spent the 1960s as a college professor and documentary cameraman...
“ The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
Poltergeist (1982)
Spontaneous Combustion (1990) ” - iantracy69
Wes Craven
Director, Scream
Wes Craven has become synonymous with genre bending and innovative horror, challenging audiences with his bold vision. Wesley Earl Craven was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Caroline (Miller) and Paul Eugene Craven. He had a midwestern suburban upbringing. His first feature film was The Last House on the Left, which he wrote...
“ A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Scream (1996)
The Last House on the Left (1972) ” - iantracy69
“ Society (1989)
Bride of Re-Animator (1990)
The Dentist (1996) ” - iantracy69
Fred Olen Ray
Fred Olen Ray spent most of his childhood in Florida, where he was always a fan of horror movies on TV. He collected autographs of many of the actors in those films where he met Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. His early career was filled with low-budget horror and science-fiction films, but the...
“ Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)
Scalps (1983)
Evil Toons (1991) ” - iantracy69
Fred Dekker
Writer, RoboCop 3
Writer/director Fred Dekker was born on April 9, 1959 in San Francisco, California. An avid comic book fan, monster movie buff, and film nerd from an early age, Dekker was rejected by both USC and UCLA film schools. He wound up attending UCLA as an English major instead. His fellow UCLA classmates included...
“ Night of the Creeps (1986)
The Monster Squad (1987)
RoboCop 3 (1993) ” - iantracy69
“ The Lost Boys (1987)
Flatliners (1990)
The Number 23 (2007) ” - iantracy69
“ Faces of Death 1-6 ” - iantracy69
“ The Last Supper (1995)
Let the Devil Wear Black (1999)
Hood of Horror (2006) ” - iantracy69
Stuart Gordon
Writer, Re-Animator
Stuart Gordon started his film directing career in 1985. After graduating from Lane Technical High School, Gordon worked as a commercial artist apprentice prior to enrolling at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Unable to get into the film classes, he enrolled in an acting class and ended up majoring in theater...
“ Re-Animator (1985)
From Beyond (1986)
Dolls (1987) ” - iantracy69
Don Coscarelli
Writer, Bubba Ho-Tep
In much the same way that director George A. Romero creative output has been primarily centered around the highly successful "Dead" series of zombie films, then fellow fantasy director Don Coscarelli has for over two decades seen his universe swirling around the lesser successful, but equally cult, and much loved "Phantasm" series of horror movies...
“ Phantasm (1979)
BubbaHo-Tep (2002)
The Beastmaster (1982) ” - iantracy69
Don Edmonds
Don Edmonds was born on September 1, 1937, in Kansas City, MO. He came to Hollywood in the mid to late 1850s. He studied acting with noted acting coach Estelle Harmon and began performing in various California stage productions. His initial forays into television acting included such live TV shows as Playhouse 90...
“ Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1975)
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976)
Terror on Tour (1980) ” - iantracy69
Joe Dante
Director, Gremlins
Joe Dante is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art. After a stint as a film reviewer, he began his filmmaking apprenticeship in 1974 as trailer editor for Roger Corman's New World Pictures. He made his directorial debut in 1976 with Hollywood Boulevard (co-directed with Allan Arkush), a thinly disguised spoof of New World exploitation pictures, shot in ten days for $60,000...
“ Gremlins (1984)
The Howling (1981)
Piranha (1978) ” - iantracy69
“ Aftermath (1994)
Genesis (1998)
The Abandoned (2006) ” - iantracy69
“ Irreversible (2002)
I Stand Alone (1998)
Carne (1991) ” - iantracy69
David Cronenberg
Director, The Fly
David Cronenberg, also known as the King of Venereal Horror or the Baron of Blood, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1943. His father, Milton Cronenberg, was a journalist and editor, and his mother, Esther (Sumberg), was a piano player. After showing an inclination for literature at an early age (he wrote and published eerie short stories...
“ The Fly (1986)
Dead Ringers (1988)
Videodrome (1983) ” - iantracy69
“ Tetsuo, the Iron Man (1989)
Tokyo Fist (1995)
A Snake of June (2002) ” - iantracy69
David Lynch
Born in 1946 in Missoula, Montana, David Lynch was raised in small-town America. After high school, he went to Boston to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Shortly after that, he planned a three-year trip to Europe to work on his art, but didn't take to it and left after 15 days. In 1977...
“ Blue Velvet (1986)
The Elephant Man (1980)
Eraserhead (1977) ” - iantracy69
Vincenzo Natali
Director, Cube
“ Cube (1997)
Cypher (2002)
Splice (2009) ” - iantracy69
Tim Burton
Timothy Walter Burton was born in Burbank, California, to Jean Rae (Erickson), who owned a cat-themed gift shop, and William Reed Burton, who worked for the Burbank Park and Recreation Department. He spent most of his childhood as a recluse, drawing cartoons, and watching old movies (he was especially fond of films with Vincent Price)...
“ Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Batman Returns (1992)
Sleepy Hollow (1999) ” - iantracy69
Tom Holland
Writer, Fright Night
Tom Holland is an American director and screenwriter of horror and thriller films. His early writing projects include Class of 1984 and the Robert Bloch- inspired Psycho II, the latter starring Anthony Perkins as the menacing psychopath, Norman Bates. Tom gained more notoriety, however, as a director...
“ Child's Play (1988)
Fright Night (1985)
The Langoliers (1995) ” - iantracy69
William Lustig
Producer, Maniac
William Lustig was born on February 1, 1955 in Bronx, New York. During his teenage years, Lustig avidly watched a huge volume of lowdown trashy exploitation fare at numerous 42nd Street grind house theaters in Manhattan and also worked as a movie theater usher in Fort Lee, New Jersey. After graduating from high school, he took a few film classes at New York University...
“ Maniac (1980)
Vigilante (1983)
Maniac Cop (1988) ” - iantracy69
Andreas Schnaas
Born in Hamburg, Germany on April 1, 1968, filmmaker Andreas Schnaas embraced the cinema at a very young age. Since many of the local theaters in his city didn't care about how young their patrons were, he was exposed to violent martial arts, zombie films, and splatter at a very tender age. The results...
“ Anthropophagous 2000 (1999)
Violent *beep* II (1992)
Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence (1991) ” - iantracy69
David DeCoteau
A dual citizen of Canada and the USA, David DeCoteau has worked professionally in the movie business since he was 18 years old. He got his start through a generous offer from movie legend Roger Corman, who hired him in 1980 as a production assistant at New World Pictures. In 1986, DeCoteau directed and produced his first feature film for another generous film legend...
“ Final Stab (2001)
Leeches! (2003)
Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991) ” - iantracy69
Danny Draven
Director, Patient Seven
Danny Draven is an American born filmmaker of Irish-Jewish decent. He is an award-winning writer, director and producer of primarily genre films & TV. After receiving his film degree from Emerson College, he moved to Hollywood and worked his way up through the ranks until he began producing and directing sci-fi/horror films for independent genre studio Full Moon Pictures (Puppet Master Series...
“ Dark Walker (2003)
Deathbed (2002)
Hell Asylum (2002) ” - iantracy69
Terry Gilliam
Terry Gilliam was born in Minnesota near Medicine Lake. When he was 12 his family moved to Los Angeles where he became a fan of Mad magazine. In his early 20's he was often stopped by the police who often suspected him of being a drug addict and Gilliam had to explain that he worked in advertising....
“ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Brazil (1985)
Twelve Monkeys (1995) ” - iantracy69
Jeff Lieberman
Writer-director Jeff Lieberman has crafted a handful of highly quirky, creative, and distinctive horror movies that are much enjoyed and appreciated by fans of offbeat and imaginative fright-film fare. His pictures are distinguished by their novel oddball plots and an amusingly eccentric sense of off-center humor...
“ Blue Sunshine (1978)
Just Before Dawn (1981)
Satan's Little Helper (2004) ” - iantracy69
Juan Piquer Simón
Writer, Slugs
Juan Piquer Simon (who goes by "J.P. Simon" on foreign releases) resides in Madrid, Spain, where he has produced and directed "exploitation" pictures for two decades running. He owns his own studio and creates and/or designs many of the impressive special effects sequences you see in any of his many imaginative undertakings...
“ The Pod People (1983)
Pieces (1982)
Slugs: The Movie (1988) ” - iantracy69
“ Begotten (1990)
Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
Suspect Zero (2004) ” - iantracy69
David Fincher
Director, Fight Club
David Fincher was born in 1962 in Denver, Colorado, and was raised in Marin County, California. When he was 18 years old he went to work for John Korty at Korty Films in Mill Valley. He subsequently worked at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) from 1981-1983. Fincher left ILM to direct TV commercials and music videos after signing with N...
“ Se7en (1995)
Fight Club (1999)
Zodiac (2007) ” - iantracy69
Ridley Scott
Producer, Blade Runner
Ridley Scott was born on November 30, 1937 in South Shields, Tyne and Wear (then County Durham). His father was an officer in the Royal Engineers and the family followed him as his career posted him throughout the United Kingdom and Europe before they eventually returned to Teesside. Scott wanted to...
“ Hannibal (2001)
Blade Runner (1982)
Black Rain (1989) ” - iantracy69
William Friedkin
Director, The Exorcist
Friedkin's mother was an operating room nurse. His father was a merchant seaman, semi-pro softball player and ultimately sold clothes in a men's discount chain. Ultimately, his father never earned more than $50/week in his whole life and died indigent. Eventually young Will became infatuated with Orson Welles after seeing Citizen Kane...
“ The Exorcist (1973)
Cruising (1980)
Bug (2006) ” - iantracy69
Brian De Palma
Director, Scarface
Brian De Palma is one of the well-known directors who spear-headed the new movement in Hollywood during the 1970s. He is known for his many films that go from violent pictures, to Hitchcock-like thrillers. Born on the 11th of September in 1940, De Palma was born in New Jersey in an American-Italian family...
“ Dionysus (1970)
The Fury (1978)
Sisters (1973) ” - iantracy69
“ Frogs (1972)
To Kill the King (1974)
Run, Simon, Run (1970) ” - iantracy69
Larry Cohen
Writer, Phone Booth
Larry Cohen was born July 15, 1941, in Kingston, New York, a small town north of New York City. At a young age, his family moved to the Riverdale section of the Bronx, and he eventually majored in film at the historic City College of New York, graduating in 1963. An independent maverick who got his start in studio-based television...
“ Full Moon High (1981)
Perfect Strangers (1984)
Perfect Strangers (1984) ” - iantracy69
“ Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
Sleepaway Camp (1983) ” - iantracy69
“ Wishmaster (1997)
Buried Alive (2007)
The Rage (2007) ” - iantracy69
Danny Steinmann
Writer/director/producer Danny Steinmann was the son of noted East Coast art collector Herbert R. Steinmann. Danny made his debut as both writer and director with the funky hardcore porno picture High Rise, on which he used the alias Danny Stone. Steinmann was a production associate on Arthur Hiller's...
“ Savage Streets (1984)
The Unseen (1980)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) ” - iantracy69
“ Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)
One Dark Night (1983)
The Unsaid (2001) ” - iantracy69
Robert Rodriguez
Producer, Grindhouse
Robert Anthony Rodriguez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, USA, to Rebecca (Villegas), a nurse, and Cecilio G. Rodríguez, a salesman. His family is of Mexican descent. Of all the people to be amazed by the images of John Carpenter's 1981 sci-fi parable, Escape from New York, none were as captivated as the 12-year-old Rodriguez...
“ From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
The Faculty (1998)
Planet Terror (2007) ” - iantracy69
Sean S. Cunningham
Producer, Friday the 13th
Like William Girdler, Oliver Hellman or even Ed Wood, Sean S. Cunningham had a successful career of starting films cheap and fast. Originally from New York, Cunningham had a vast knowledge of directing films and came to Hollywood. He started about the same time Wes Craven did. Cunningham meets Craven and decided to make a comedy-romance film called Together...
“ Friday the 13th (1980)
DeepStar Six (1989)
Jibaku (2006) From "Trapped Ashes" (2006) ” - iantracy69
Steve Miner
Steve Miner has had a very popular career in making films and remains one of Hollywood's most prolific directors and has worked with a variety of stars that includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielsen, C. Thomas Howell, Tom Arnold, Rick Moranis, and Bill Pullman. Before becoming a director...
“ Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
Friday the 13th Part III (1982)
House (1986) ” - iantracy69
Sam Raimi
Writer, Spider-Man 3
Highly inventive U.S. film director/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi first came to the attention of film fans with the savage, yet darkly humorous, low-budget horror film, The Evil Dead. From his childhood, Raimi was a fan of the cinema and, before he was ten-years-old, he was out making movies with an 8mm camera...
“ The Evil Dead (1981)
Crimewave (1985)
Darkman (1990) ” - iantracy69
“ From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999)
Intruder (1989)
My Name Is Modesty: A Modesty Blaise Adventure (2004) ” - iantracy69
Anthony Hickox
Director, Waxwork
Anthony (Tony), started as a club promoter in London in the early eighties and financed his first short 'rock-a-bye baby' by holding an event at Le'quipe Anglaise, where all the door money went to finance the film. In fact, when it was finished it was the clubs owner Shariffi who showed it to producer Micheal White (Rocky horror show) who was so impressed...
“ Waxwork (1988)
Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) ” - iantracy69
“ A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)
Alone in the Dark (1982) ” - iantracy69
“ Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)
Children of the Night (1991)
Fist of the North Star (1995) ” - iantracy69
Michael Haneke
A true master of his craft, Michael Haneke is one of the greatest film artists working today and one who challenges his viewers each year and work goes by, with films that reflect real portions of life in realistic, disturbing and unforgettable ways. One of the most genuine filmmakers of the world cinema...
“ Funny Games (1997)
Time of the Wolf (2003)
Benny's Video (1992) ” - iantracy69
Quentin Tarantino
Writer, Pulp Fiction
Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. His father, Tony Tarantino, is an Italian-American actor and musician from New York, and his mother, Connie (McHugh), is a nurse from Tennessee. Quentin moved with his mother to Torrance, California, when he was four years old. In January of 1992...
“ Reservoir Dogs (1992)
Death Proof (2007)
Inglourious Basterds (2009) ” - iantracy69
Eli Roth
Producer, Grindhouse
Eli Raphael Roth was born in Newton, Massachusetts, to Cora (Bialis), a painter, and Sheldon H. Roth, a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and clinical professor. His family is Jewish (from Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Poland). He began shooting Super 8 films at the age of eight, after watching Ridley Scott's Alien and vomiting...
“ Cabin Fever (2002)
Hostel (2005)
Hostel: Part II (2007) ” - iantracy69
Adam Green
Writer, Frozen
Adam Green is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor known for his success within the horror genre with films like the "Hatchet" franchise, "Frozen," and "Digging Up The Marrow." He is also the creator, writer, director, star, and show runner of the television comedy series "Holliston." Born and raised in the small town of Holliston...
“ Hatchet (2006)
Frozen (2010)
Spiral (2007) ” - iantracy69
Ti West
Director, V/H/S
“ Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)
The House of the Devil (2009)
The Roost (2005) ” - iantracy69
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro was born October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Raised by his Catholic grandmother, del Toro developed an interest in filmmaking in his early teens. Later, he learned about makeup and effects from the legendary Dick Smith (The Exorcist) and worked on making his own short films...
“ Mimic (1997)
Cronos (1993)
The Devil's Backbone (2001) ” - iantracy69
“ High Tension (2003)
Mirrors (2008)
Piranha (2010) ” - iantracy69
“ Session 9 (2001)
The Machinist (2004)
Vanishing on 7th Street (2010) ” - iantracy69
“ Wolf Creek (2005)
Rogue (2007)
ICQ (2001) ” - iantracy69
James Isaac
Director, Jason X
“ Jason X (2001)
Skinwalkers (2006)
Pig Hunt (2008) ” - iantracy69
“ The Crazies (2010) ” - iantracy69
James Wan
Producer, The Conjuring 2
James Wan (born 26 February 1977) is an Australian film producer, screenwriter and film director of Malaysian Chinese descent. He is widely known for directing the horror film Saw and creating Billy the puppet. Wan has also directed Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious, The Conjuring and Furious 7...
“ Saw (2004)
Death Sentence (2007)
Insidious (2010) ” - iantracy69
“ Deathwatch (2002)
Wilderness (2006)
Solomon Kane (2009) ” - iantracy69
“ August Underground's Mordum (2003)
Maskhead (2009)
The Redsin Tower (2006) ” - iantracy69
“ Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (2006)
Slow Torture Puke Chamber (2010) ” - iantracy69
Nick Palumbo
Nick Palumbo attended film school in Los Angeles. He wrote, produced, and directed one of the most notorious horror cult films of all time; Murder-Set-Pieces. Shot on location in Las Vegas on 35mm and screened for its theatrical world premiere at the prestigious Sitges International Film Festival in Barcelona...
“ Nutbag (2000)
Murder-Set-Pieces (2004)
Sinister (2002) ” - iantracy69
Ryan Nicholson
Makeup Department, Stargate SG-1
“ Gutterballs (2008)
Hanger (2009)
Torched (2004) ” - iantracy69
“ Geek Maggot Bingo or The Freak from Suckweasel Mountain (1983)
War Is Menstrual Envy (1992)
They Eat Scum (1979) ” - iantracy69
“ Rubber's Lover (1996)
Den-Sen (2006) ” - iantracy69
Takashi Miike
Takashi Miike was born in the small town of Yao on the outskirts of Osaka, Japan. His main interest growing up was motorbikes, and for a while he harbored ambitions to race professionally. At the age of 18 he went to study at the film school in Yokohama founded by renowned director Shôhei Imamura, primarily because there were no entrance exams...
“ Audition (2000)
Ichi the Killer (2001)
Imprint (2005) ” - iantracy69
“ Dumplings (2004)
Don't Look Up (2009)
Public Toilet (2002) ” - iantracy69
“ Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)
The V Word (2005)
Blind Faith (1998) ” - iantracy69
Rob Zombie
Soundtrack, The Matrix
Robert Bartleh Cummings, more famously known as Rob Zombie, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts on January 12, 1965. He is the oldest son of Louise and Robert Cummings, and has a younger brother, Michael David (aka Spider One; b. 1968), who is the lead singer of Powerman 5000. Growing up, Zombie loved horror movies...
“ House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
The Devil's Rejects (2005)
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009) ” - iantracy69
“ Dark Ride (2006)
Perkins' 14 (2009)
A Good Night to Die (2003) ” - iantracy69
John Waters
Actor, Hairspray
Growing up in Baltimore in the 1950s, John Waters was not like other children; he was obsessed by violence and gore, both real and on the screen. With his weird counter-culture friends as his cast, he began making silent 8mm and 16mm films in the mid-'60s; he screened these in rented Baltimore church halls to underground audiences drawn by word of mouth and street leafleting campaigns...
“ Eat Your Makeup (1968)
Polyester (1981)
Cecil B. DeMented (2000) ” - iantracy69
Edgar Wright
Edgar Howard Wright (born 18 April 1974) is an English director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He is best known for his comedic Three Flavours Cornetto film trilogy consisting of Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World's End (2013), made with recurrent collaborators Simon Pegg...
“ Shaun of the Dead (2004)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
Hot Fuzz (2007) ” - iantracy69
“ The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) ” - iantracy69