My Favorite Telenovelas Actors

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Albi De Abreu
Albi De Abreu, started his acting career portraying lead roles in many Venezuelan TV Series, getting him to became one of the most outstanding actors of his generation. Shortly thereafter, Albi had the opportunity to show his acting skills in several features films and plays. Being aware of the importance of being fully trained and prepared...
Juan Pablo Gamboa
Juan Pablo Gamboa Cook is one of most profilic character actors of both Colombian and Mexican television. He is a household name to all who are customized to watch telenovelas. Usually he portrays the slick antagonists, such as Willy in La Usurpadora (1998), Esteban in La Intrusa (2001) or Cesar in Nina Amada Mia (2003)...
Dominika Paleta
Dominika Paleta was born on October 23, 1972 in Krakow, Poland. Dominika was named after the daughter of one of her father's friends from Poland. The name is common in Poland, and comes from Latin's "Dominica", which means "God's own". She moved to Mexico at a young age, along with her sister Ludwika...
Ernesto Godoy
Actor, Fidel
Ernesto Godoy is an actor in Mexican cinema, TV and stage. Born Ernesto Godoy Lagunes on 5 April 1970 to actors Hector Godoy and Teresa Lagunes-Ryan, he started out on TV at the very young age, usually playing characters more mature than his age. Examples are roles of Mauricio Villagran is acclaimed telenovela 'Pobre Nina Rica' and Ramiro in 'El Noveno Mandamiento'...
Eduardo Victoria
Charismatic and unique Mexican film and TV actor Eduardo Victoria's debut was in 2000 and during the next decade, he filmed over 18 films and series. Although he did not have a breakthrough in starring role, like some actors do, he was always very notable in minor roles. Those include Leopoldo Araoz in La Hija de Jardinero and Andres Castaneda in Los Plateados...
Aracely Arámbula
This beautiful actress was born in March 1975 in the city of Chihuahua in northern Mexico. She was noticed for the first time in 1993. when she was chosen for the "Face of the year". Aracely's role model is famous actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, but at first she was too shy to shoot naked. However...
Anahi was born in Mexico. She's had roles in Tu y Yo, in which she played a 17 year old girl while she was 13, and Vivo Por Elena, in which she played Talita, a naive and innocent teenager. Anahi lives with her mother and sister name Marychelo. She hopes to become a fashion designer one day, and is currently pursuing a career in singing.
Carlos Ponce
Carlos attended South Miami High School in Miami, Florida, where he was active in the drama department's annual shows. He graduated in 1990.
Silvia Navarro
Silvia Navarro is a star of TV Azteca, Mexico. Before landing the leading role of Paloma in the novela "Cuando Seas Mía", she the hostess of the show "A la Cachi, Cachi Porra" in 1997, which was her second appearence for TV. Her first appearance was in the telenovela "La mujer marcada" in 1975. In 1998...
Fernando Colunga
Fernando Colunga was born on the 3rd of March 1966 in Mexico City, Mexico. His father is Don Fernando Colunga and his mother Dona Margarita Olivares. Fernando Colunga from the time that was a little boy wanted to be an actor. Fernando graduated from the University of Mexico as civil engineer. But after advice from a friend...
Lucero was born in Mexico City on August 29, 1969. She is the daughter of Lucero León and Antonio Hogaza and has one brother, Antonio. She first appeared in TV when she was 10, and her first TV starring role, Chispita, was when she was 13.
Maite Perroni
Maite Perroni is one of the most prominent and successful artists in the Latin World. She has starred in the hottest, most popular "Telenovelas" for over a decade. Maite is also an award winning recording artist, performing sold-out concerts throughout Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Ecuador. Her latest Cd...
Mariana Seoane
Actress, Rebeca
She released her first music CD, for the soap opera "Rebeca", when she sang the theme song "Me Equivoqué", this single being the most popular in the radio in Miami and México. After her first successfull song, she released her second single named "No me faltes tú" with the same results.
Gabriela Spanic
Actress, Soy tu dueña
Gabriela studied psychology, but she knew all the time that her real passion is acting. In 1992, she participated in a beauty pageant, and won the title of "Miss Venezuela International". Gabriela first appeared as an extra, which brought her the opportunity to earn bigger parts in the future. She appeared in Rosangelica...
Leticia Calderón
Actress, Principessa
Leticia Calderon was born in Mexico, on July 15, 1968. Since childhood her dream was to become an actress. Today she is one of the most popular actresses in Mexico. Her role in the telenovela Esmeralda boosted her popularity. When she is not working she likes to sleep, cook and meet with friends...
Imanol was born in Mexico City. His father introduced him to the theater at the early age of 2 in the musical "Que Planton". Later Imanol showed much interest in his father's work and decided to try it. He participated in Chiquilladas, Plaza Sésamo, and at the age of 9, got his first role in the film La última llamada...
César Évora
Even his good-looking appearance and his major in drama from Instituto Superior de Arte, Mr. Évora wanted to become a film director. So, he took direction courses at ICAIC and attended 2 years of studies at Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV de San Antonio de los Baños. Nonetheless, his drama skills got over his first vocation and Mr...
Rodrigo Tejeda
Rodrigo Tejeda Marrugal was born on July 3, 1980 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. When he was just 1 years of age, he moved with his family to Querétaro, Mexico. His father always wanted him to study Chemical Engineering, but Rodrigo decided to study acting instead. He then moved to Mexico City and was enrolled in the CEA (Centro Educativo Artístico) of Televisa...
Joaquín Cordero
Joaquin Cordero was born in the city of Puebla in Mexico. Shortly after his birth his family moved to Mexico City, and in the following years he studied in a seminary and even considered becoming a priest, but eventually he decided to pursue a law career. By the mid forties, after three years of law classes...
Ana Brenda Contreras
Born December 24th, 1986, native from Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. She arrived Mexico City at age 15 to participate in the reality show "Pop Stars" where she became a finalist and joined the musical band "t'detila". Studied at the Televisa's Centro de Educación Artistica. Her actress career includes participations in soap operas like Barrera de Amor (2005)...
Rafael Amaya
Rafael was born on February 28th of 1977 in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, but at age five, Rafael and his family moved to the little town of Tecate, Baja California. Since he was young, he'd been very active in sports, especially in athletics; also, since he was a teenager, he took theater and music classes...
Laura Flores
Laurita has always had the love and support of her family since she decided at a very young age to become famous. It was not unusual to want to be famous, after all, her own siblings were already very famous in showbiz. Laurita began singing on stage with a music group called Hermanos Y Amigos at the age of 14...
María Rojo
First actress, has developed a fructifies career that surpasses the 50 years. Has participated in various films, novels, television series and plays. She is known for projects like "El Albergue" "Mujeres assassins" "Cacaro Gumaro's crime" "El Infierno" "Las Contigo" "The Perfect Dictatorship" "She is...
Helena Rojo
Born in Mexico City on the 18th of August, 1944, Helena Rojo has an extensive career in theater, film and television acting, in both domestic and international productions (notably collaborating with Werner Herzog in "Aguirre, the Wrath of God", as well as Arturo Ripstein in "Fox Trot"). She began her career in the 60's as a model whilst studying drama...