Burn Notice guest stars

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Paul Tei
Paul was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida. After Paul received his MFA in directing at The Theatre School at De Paul University,he moved back to Miami where he founded the Mad Cat Theatre Company. Paul has remained the Artistic Director since it's humble origins in the fall of 2000. Paul has directed...
“ Role: Barry
Michael's metrosexual money launderer friend who is often used as a source of Information about/for introductions to Miami's criminal underworld ” - StuntmanMike91
Seth Peterson
Actor, Providence
Seth Peterson was born on August 16, 1970 in Harlem, New York. He is an actor known for Burn Notice, Providence and Godzilla. He has appeared on such hit TV series as NCIS, CSI: NY, Deadwood, Bones and many more. He has three children, including actor Lennon Henry of American Horror Story: Hotel fame...
“ Role: Nate Westen
Michael's brother who sometimes antagonises him but is overall very helpful ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Agent Harris
once part of Michael's FBI detail but now serves as his FBI contact ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Agent Harris
once part of Michael's FBI detail but now serves as his FBI contact ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Carla
Michael's handler for the unnamed organisation that burned Michael
Season 2 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Victor
Michael's former "wrangler" who's looking to take down the organisation that burned him.
Season 2 ” - StuntmanMike91
Ben Shenkman
Actor, Pi
“ Role: Tom Strickler
agent to the spies who coerces Michael into working for him but has some shady connections
Season 3 ” - StuntmanMike91
Chris Vance
Chris Vance is best known for his lead role as Frank Martin, in Transporter: The Series, which started airing worldwide in 2012. He is also known for his lead role as Dr. Jack Gallagher in the FOX series, Mental, and as James Whistler in the Emmy-nominated FOX series, Prison Break. Born in London, Vance was raised in the UK...
“ Role: Mason Gilroy
freelance sociopath who was hired to help a prisoner escape from a black flight and to get Michael to help
Season 3 ” - StuntmanMike91
Robert Wisdom
Robert Wisdom graces each of his diverse screen roles with a powerful, profound and cool presence-- from his commercial hits to his bold and proactive performances in a variety of new features. He starred on HBO's The Wire, generating wide critical praise. Wisdom appeared in The Hawk is Dying at the Sundance Film Festival...
“ Role: Vaughn
Michael's handler who is part of the organisation that burned Michael
Season 4 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Seymore
arms dealer who has a slight man-crush on Michael and wants to work with him
Season 2 ” - StuntmanMike91
Garret Dillahunt
Garret grew up in the state of Washington and attended the University of Washington where he studied journalism. He received his MFA from New York University's Graduate Acting Program. He appeared on and off Broadway and in theaters around the country before he began pursuing film and television roles. He has two brothers: Brett, a teacher; and Eric, deceased.
“ Role: Simon Escher
rogue spy responsible for the events that were blamed on Michael in his burn notice
Season 3-4 ” - StuntmanMike91
Jay Karnes
Actor, The Shield
Jay Karnes was born in Omaha, NE and attended the University of Kansas, where he studied theatre, history, and political science. He has performed extensively in the regional theater, including in The Tempest, Two Noble Kinsman, Richard II, Macbeth, Coriolanus, Love's Labor's Lost, and Tom Stoppard's Arcadia...
“ Role: Tyler Brennen
arms dealer who has no limits to what he'll do to get what he wants and never trusts Michael
Season 2-4, first recurring guest villain ” - StuntmanMike91
Tim Matheson
Tim Matheson is an American actor, director and producer perhaps best known for his portrayal of the smooth talking 'Eric "Otter" Stratton' in the 1978 comedy, Animal House, but has had a variety of other well-known roles both before and since, including critical accolades for his playing "Vice President John Hoynes" on the television series...
“ Role: Larry Sizemore
Michael's former partner until he "died" who is more interested in killing to sort out a problem and wants to work with Michael again
Season 2-4 ” - StuntmanMike91
Audrey Landers
Actress, Dallas
Audrey Landers is an accomplished actress, singer, writer, composer and producer. She is best known to fans all over the world for her memorable role as Afton Cooper for eight years on Dallas, her controversial Playboy pictorial (with her clothes on) and hundreds of television gigs in the 1980s and 1990s...
“ Role: Veronica
Sam's lady who buys him expensive gifts
Season 1-2 ” - StuntmanMike91
Gary Weeks
American Actor/Writer. Born on an US Air Force base in Weisbaden Germany, but after moved back to the U.S. a year later to Rome, NY, and raised in rural Morris, GA. He was an All-State Football player, a 2-time State Basketball Champion, and a varsity baseball player. He began making short films when he got his first camera in 1985...
“ Role: Campbell
Fiona's boyfriend who drives an Ambulance
Season 2 ” - StuntmanMike91
Alex Carter
Al grew up in Toronto, Canada and went to high school at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute. After graduation, he followed his dream and left for Hollywood where he studied at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. He then returned to Canada to pursue his acting career where things took off and he appeared in several series and movies...
“ Role: Jason Bly
Michael's ATF detail who was sent to make his life a living hell until Michael blackmailed him into backing off
Season 1-2 ” - StuntmanMike91
Otto Sanchez
Otto Sanchez is a native New Yorker. Growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, he was raised by his mother, Violeta Carbajal. He is the youngest of four (an older brother and two older sisters). Otto's passion for painting was his first connection into the arts. After pursuing Advertising Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from 1987-1989...
“ Role: Diego Garza
Michael's point of contact in Miami who gets caught up in his scheme with Strickler and Gilroy
Season 3 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Marv
Jesse's former handler who knew he was innocent but didn't trust Michael
Season 4 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Detective Paxson
Miami police officer who doesn't trust Michael and is certain he's up to something but can't prove anything
Season 3 ” - StuntmanMike91
John Mahoney
Actor, Frasier
John Mahoney is an award-winning American actor who was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. The seventh of eight children, Mahoney's family had been evacuated to the sea-side resort to avoid the Nazi bombing of their native Manchester. The Mancunian Mahoneys eventually returned to Manchester during the war...
“ Role: Management
part of the organisation that burned Michael who promises him hell if he stops protecting him
Season 2-3 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Natalie
thief who tricked Fiona into sympathising with her
Season 3-4 ” - StuntmanMike91
Navi Rawat
Actress, Numb3rs
“ Role: Kendra
assassin hired to guard Jesse's contact's house in case anyone came by looking for him
Season 4 ” - StuntmanMike91
Robert Patrick
Robert Hammond Patrick Jr. was born on November 5, 1958 in Marietta, Georgia, and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the eldest of 5 children. He attended the Bowling Green State University in Ohio, but dropped out after he took a drama course and became interested in acting. After leaving college, he took a job as a house painter and continued as such until a boating accident in Lake Erie in 1984...
“ Role: John Barrett
CEO of Drake Technologies who starts wars for profit and had a deal with Simon to use the bible to take down the organisation
Season 4 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Virgil
Sam's old buddy who works with Michael a few times and has a thing with Maddy
Season 1-2 ” - StuntmanMike91
China Chow
Actress, The Big Hit
China Chow, born in London, is known to divide her time between New York City and Los Angeles. She is the child of late model/designer Tina Chow (who died of AIDS in 1992) and restaurateur Michael Chow (whose Mr. Chow restaurants are the talk of the town in London, Manhattan and Beverly Hills)...
“ Role: Lucy
Michael's former student who works for a security company and reluctantly helped when he arrived in Miami
Season 1 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Tony Soto
car jacker who runs the business in Miami and acts as a contact for Michael's character Johnny
Season 2-4 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Bill Cowley
congressman who has a lot skeletons in his closet that Paul Anderson knows about and later helps Sam stop Vaughn
Season 4 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Javier
Michael's first client who has been accused of stealing from his boss
Episode - Pilot ” - StuntmanMike91
Ray Wise
Actor, RoboCop
Raymond Herbert "Ray" Wise (born August 20, 1947) is an American actor. Some of his best-known roles include Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks, henchman Leon C. Nash in RoboCop, Jack Taggart Sr. in Jeepers Creepers II, the Devil in the CW television series Reaper, Donald Wadsworth in Suburban Gothic...
“ Role: Mr Pyne
Javier's boss who stole from himself for the insurance and used Javier as a fall guy
Episode - Pilot ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Quentin King
con-artist who preys on elderly women with a lottery scam
Episode - Identity ” - StuntmanMike91
Jeff Chase
Born Jeffrey Lance Sniffen. Graduate of Passiac Valley Regional Valley Regional High School Little Falls NJ. Graduate of West Virginia University. Played football for the Mountaineers 1986-1991. Married to Kimberly 1991-2015 (Divorced). One son Cory Chase. Best Known for The Mechanic 2011, Mission Impossible 3...
“ Role: Wayne Ray
Fiona's rival bounty hunter trying to collect Thomas McKee's price
Episode - Wanted Man ” - StuntmanMike91
Marshall Manesh
Marshall Manesh was born in Iran. He lost his father at an early age and was raised by his beloved mother, whom he feels he got his strength from to make it in show biz. He came to America in the mid "70s" and joined the Persian Theater Group and traveled extensively through out The United States, Canada and Europe for 8 years...
“ Role: Anwar
Libyan contact who helps Michael upset Cowan by sending him a fruit basket
Episode - Wanted Man ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Lawrence Henderson
hotel owner who stole his own broach for the insurance and so he could sell it using Thomas McKee as a fall guy
Episode - Wanted Man ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Reyes
kidnapper who snatches victims of wealthy families and locks them in a safehouse
Episode - Hard Bargain ” - StuntmanMike91
Lucy Lawless
New Zealand icon Lucy Lawless, is most famously known for her role as "Xena the Warrior Princess". Lucy is married to producer Rob Tapert (Robert Gerard Tapert) and resides in New Zealand. They have two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert and Judah Miro Tapert, who were both born in New Zealand. Lucy also has a daughter, Daisy Lawless, from her first marriage to Garth Lawless...
“ Role: Evelyn
assassin who cons Michael into tracking a man believing him to be a deadbeat dad
Episode - False Flag ” - StuntmanMike91
Richard Schiff
Richard was born in Bethesda, Maryland, the middle of three sons of Edward, a real estate lawyer, and Charlotte, a cable TV and publishing executive. His parents divorced when he was 12. He dropped out of high school but obtained an equivalency diploma. He tried studying at the City College of New York (CCNY) in 1973...
“ Role: Phillip Cowan
the man who burned Michael who tells him he is part of a much bigger plan
Episode - Loose Ends part 1 ” - StuntmanMike91
Todd Stashwick
Stashwick was born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs right outside of the city. As a child, he always loved making people laugh, and he aspired to one day perform at Chicago's famous The Second City. Soon after graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Theatre, he began performing at several local improvisational theaters...
“ Role: Carmelo
Heroine dealer who helps Michael find the importer who's taken Sam
Episode - Loose Ends part 2 ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Jimmy
computer programmer who's been enlisted by Carla to steal information from a security company
Episode - Breaking and Entering ” - StuntmanMike91
Erick Avari
Actor, Mr. Deeds
Erick Avari was born on April 13, 1952 in Darjeeling, India. His credits include leading roles in films from Kevin Reynolds' cult classic The Beast of War to commercial megahits such as Stargate, Independence Day, The Mummy and Planet of the Apes. His comedic skills have landed him starring roles in the Adam Sandler remake Mr. Deeds...
“ Role: Nefzi
forger who is to copy a key card for Carla
Episode - Turn and Burn ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Harvey Gunderson
agricultural official who Sam is pumping for information about Carla's cover
Episode - Comrades ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Timo
thief who's put together a crew to take on a heist that Michael wants to stop
Episode - Scatter Point ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Valentine
music producer who's had $2million stolen from him by his right-hand man
Episode - Bad Blood ” - StuntmanMike91
Amy Pietz
Amy Pietz born March 6, 1969 is an American actress, known for her roles on television. She received Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series nomination for her role as Annie Spadaro in the NBC sitcom Caroline in the City (1995-1999). She later had starring roles in the short-lived sitcoms Cursed (NBC...
“ Role: Jeannie Anderson
nurse and widow who inheritted her husbands fortune and is a target for Larry
Episode - Double Booked ” - StuntmanMike91
Zachery Ty Bryan
Zach was born in Colorado on October 9th 1981 to Jenny and Dwight Bryan. Beginning his acting career at an early age, he has appeared on television and major motion pictures. He is probably best-known for his role as "Brad Taylor" on Home Improvement. Movie roles included First Kid, The Rage: Carrie 2 and ESPN's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift...
“ Role: Drew
Jeannie's step-son who hired Larry to kill her so he can get the inheritance
Episode - Double Booked ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Rachel
con artist who gets parents to invest in a treatment for ill children and steals their money
Episode - Do No Harm ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Felix Cole
car jacker who forced himself onto a teenage girl and wants to kill her brother for attacking him
Episode - Hot Spot ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Coach Shawn Martin
Corey's coach who hired Sam and Michael to protect him against Felix
Episode - Hot Spot ” - StuntmanMike91
Marla Sokoloff
Born and raised in San Francisco, Marla Sokoloff moved to Los Angeles in 1994 and enrolled in the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, where she studied theater and music. She won numerous awards and accolades for her singing, performing the national anthem at such high profile events as the Oakland A's baseball games and for the USO...
“ Role: Melanie
Chandler's secretary who's convinced he killed her father and wants Michael to help her get him back
Episode - Seek and Destroy ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Jacob Orr
hitman who Chandler hired to kill Melanie's father and steal his painting from him
Episode - Seek and Destroy ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Scott Chandler
art dealer who hired Michael to find out who's been breaking into his office and bugging his phone
Episode - Seek and Destroy ” - StuntmanMike91
Mark Sheppard
Mark Andreas Sheppard was born on May 30, 1964 in London, England. He is an actor director and producer, known for Supernatural (2005), Battlestar Galactica (2004), Firefly (2002), Leverage (2008), Doctor Who (2005) In the Name of the Father (1993) and many others. He has been married to Sarah Louise Fudge since November 9, 2015.
“ Role: Tom Prescott
bank robber who performs a heist which traps Michael and Bly in the bank
Episode - Bad Breaks ” - StuntmanMike91
Rodney Rowland
Rodney Rowland was born in Newport Beach, California, the youngest of four children of a pastor and an aquatics athlete. Before he turned to acting he had a variety of model jobs for such brands as Calvin Klein, J. Crew and Perry Ellis. An immensely passionate actor, he prepares thoroughly for his roles...
“ Role: Bank Robber
part of Prescott's heist crew
Episode - Bad Breaks ” - StuntmanMike91
Dina Meyer
Dina Meyer is an American film and television actress best known for her roles as Barbara Gordon in Birds of Prey, Dizzy Flores in Starship Troopers and Detective Allison Kerry in the Saw installments. Meyer started acting in 1993, with her first major role playing Lucinda Nicholson in the TV series Beverly Hills...
“ Role: Samantha
Michael's ex-fiancee who hires him to help her get her son back from Brennen
Episode - Sins of Omission ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Harlan
Michael's old colleague who hires him to grab a Venezuelan land baron under the guise of expidition but was actually hired to kill him
Episode - Friends and Family ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Howard
diamond trader who's son was kidnapped for information about the security around a particular diamond
Episode - Question and Answer ” - StuntmanMike91
Nicholas Turturro
Actor, NYPD Blue
The whole Turturro clan and their extended family seem to have gotten into the show biz act at one time or another. The youngest of three boys, including famous older brother (by five years) John Turturro, Nicholas Turturro was born on January 29, 1962, in Queens, New York, and grew up in its Rosedale section...
“ Role: Tommy
wannabe gangster who Michael uses to get a bigger fish but develops a conscience and wants to protect Michael
Episode - Fearless Leader ” - StuntmanMike91
P.J. Byrne
P.J. Byrne A graduate of Boston College with a double major in finance and theatre and an M.F.A. in Acting from the prestigious Theatre School at DePaul University, actor P.J. Byrne has compiled a long list of impressive film and television credits. In 2014, Byrne starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio...
“ Role: Stacey Conolly
auditor who's been assigned to Sam's case and treats him harshly because he dated his mother
Episode - Fearless Leader ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Spencer
mathematical genius with crazy ideas about aliens and has found out about a leak in a security company and hires Michael to prove it
Episode - Signals and Codes ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Beck
businessman who Michael wants information from before they're taken and lost in the everglades
Episode - The Hunter ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Erik Luna
abusive step-father and businessman who brings credibility to his brothers business who wants custody of his wife's children
Episode - Shot in the Dark ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Amy
Barry's girlfriend who cons him into putting a tracker in his storage for people who wants his client list
Episode - Friends Like These ” - StuntmanMike91
Paul Blackthorne
Actor, Arrow
Blackthorne's first film role was as Captain Andrew Russell in the Oscar-nominated Bollywood film Lagaan. He spent six months learning Hindi for the role. He also starred in Mindcrime and the festival-winning indie feature length film Four Corners of Suburbia, winner of both the Crossroads Film Festival...
“ Role: Thomas O'Niell
Irish activist who wants to kidnap Fiona and sell her to one of her many enemies back in Ireland
Episode - Long Way Back ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Tina
works at the insurance office who befriends Maddy after she uses her as an asset
Episode - A Dark Road ” - StuntmanMike91
Jude Ciccolella
Jude was born in Burlington Vermont on March 11th, 1947. He spent his first three years in Middlebury Vermont where his father coached Football, Basketball and Baseball at Middlebury College. He then moved to Albany, New York, his hometown, where he would spend his formative years. After grade school at St...
“ Role: Connor Johnson
insurance scammer who forces cars into accidents so they can sue the people in the crash
Episode - A Dark Road ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Ryan Johnson
Connor's son who causes most of the accidents and is seeking for his approval
Episode - A Dark Road ” - StuntmanMike91
Danny Trejo
Actor, Machete
Danny Trejo was born Dan Trejo in Echo Park, Los Angeles, to Alice (Rivera) and Dan Trejo, a construction worker. A child drug addict and criminal, Trejo was in and out of jail for 11 years. While serving time in San Quentin, he won the lightweight and welterweight boxing titles. Imprisoned for armed robbery and drug offenses...
“ Role: Vega
gang leader who is hiding a fugitive from Michael and is presuring a local gangster for a share of his take
Episode - Friendly Fire ” - StuntmanMike91
Erik King
Actor, Dexter
“ Role: Bolo
the guy to talk to about hiring a thief who Lynch asks to get someone and Michael uses to get an in with Lynch
Episode - Noble Causes ” - StuntmanMike91
Dash Mihok
Dashiell Raymond Mihok was born on May 24, 1974 in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, to Andrea Mihok (née Cloak) and Raymond Thorne (born Raymond Mihok), both actors, with ties to the New York stage. He is of Czech and British descent. Dash was raised in a trendy artist building. He attended many different schools...
“ Role: Jack Fleetwood/Yablonski
magician who dropped Michael's name to some cartel when Larry was pretending to be him
Episode - Enemies Closer ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Gabriel
kidnapper and former doctor who wants to stop a company dumping waste in his home town's water supply
Episode - Good Intentions ” - StuntmanMike91
Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside has made a strong and indelible impression with his often incredibly intense and explosive portrayals of fearsome villains throughout the years. He was born as Frederick Reginald Ironside on February 12, 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ironside was a successful arm wrestler in his teenage years...
“ Role: Gregory Hart
arms dealer who works for an anonymous e-mail address before he is killed by a drone
Episode - Friends and Enemies ” - StuntmanMike91
Frank Whaley
Frank Whaley is a critically acclaimed actor/writer/director. He is best known for the films Pulp Fiction and Swimming with Sharks, and has worked with Oliver Stone multiple times. His feature directorial debut, Joe the King, earned him the Waldo Salt Screenwriting prize at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival...
“ Role: Josh Wagner
charity patron who lost all the money in a scam and holds the grifter hostage and draws Sam and Michael in
Episode - Breach of Faith ” - StuntmanMike91
Alan Dale
Actor, Neighbours
Alan Dale was born on May 6, 1947 in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand. He is best known for his eight year role as Jim Robinson in the long running Australian soap opera Neighbours, played Caleb in the hit Fox series The O.C., featured on Lost and has a long list of recurring roles...
“ Role: Ken Bocklage
businessman who owns an expensive sword that is the target of a mysterious international thief
Episode - Entry Point ” - StuntmanMike91
Burt Reynolds
Enduring, strong-featured, and genial star of US cinema, Burt Reynolds started off in TV westerns in the 1960s and then carved his name into 1970/1980s popular culture as a male sex symbol (posing nearly naked for "Cosmopolitan" magazine) and on-screen as both a rugged action figure and then as a wisecracking...
“ Role: Paul Anderson
washed-up old spy who is being targetted by Russian military for an operation in his day
Episode - Past & Future Tense ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Christian Aikins
rich husband who's wife is kidnapped and held to ransom and won't cooperate with Michael's plan
Episode - Where There's Smoke ” - StuntmanMike91
Michael Rooker
This year marked an exciting time for Rooker, as he starred in two films premiering just two months of each other. On March 17th, audiences saw Rooker in Blumhouse Tilt's indie horror thriller, THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. The film is the terrifying yet humorous look at a group of employees that become guinea...
“ Role: Dale Lawson
gang leader who kidnaps a defense attorney's daughter as a threat to get his brother acquitted
Episode - Guilty as Charged ” - StuntmanMike91
James Ransone
Actor, Sinister
James Ransone attended Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Towson, Maryland from 1993-1997. The school is a "magnet school" that allows students to specialize in subjects such as theater, dance, writing, fine arts, and film as well as all the required academic classes. Ransone specialized in theater, then changed majors to fine arts and graduated in 1997. he currently lives in NYC.
“ Role: Dennis Wayne Barfield
bomber with a god complex who was hired by Adam Scott to kill Dale and his gang in revenge
Episode - Eyes Open ” - StuntmanMike91
Marcus Chong
Actor, The Matrix
Marcus Chong began as a child actor in Roots II- The Second Generation as Frankie Warner where he met Alex Haley. Marcus then went on to work on 'Little House on the Prairie' directed by Michael Landon. As a young adult Marcus did the lead on Broadway in 'Stand Up Tragedy' where he won the Theater World Award...
“ Role: Caleb
gangster who stole his bosses heroine and framed the mechanics hired by Michael
Episode - Brotherly Love ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Ted Seyers
junkie who killed a cop for his partner to frame for stealing a load of cocaine and helps Michael get proof
Episode - Dead or Alive ” - StuntmanMike91
“ Role: Unknown
after Michael escapes Vaughn and is taken away he ends up in Washington and meets him
Episode - Last Stand ” - StuntmanMike91