Many degrees of Kevin Bacon - First Role

This is a variation on the game 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Each actor is linked to their first credited feature film that has not already been mentioned in the list. Each film in turn is linked to the first credited actor not already mentioned.
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Kevin Bacon
Actor, Footloose
Kevin Norwood Bacon was born on July 8, 1958 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Ruth Hilda (Holmes), an elementary school teacher, and Edmund Norwood Bacon, a prominent architect who was on the cover of Time Magazine in November 1964. Kevin's early training as an actor came from The Manning Street. His debut as the strict Chip Diller in Animal House almost seems like an inside joke...
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Tom Hulce
Actor, Amadeus
Thomas Edward Hulce was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up in Plymouth, MI, where he was raised with his two sisters and older brother. He is the son of Joanna (Winkleman), who had sung professionally, and Raymond Albert Hulce, who worked for Ford. He has English, German, and Irish ancestry. Wanting to be a singer...
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“ Links to Armando Calvo in Encadenada (El yugo) ” - dan_dassow
Armando Calvo
Armando Calvo's mother was Minerva Lespier De Calvo, the wife of Juan Calvo, Armando's father. Hence, Armando's surnames in Spanish are "Calvo Lespier." Juan Calvo met Minerva Lespier in Puerto Rico, where he performed as a baritone in Spanish operettas (zarzuelas). Minerva, who was about 16 when they married, gave birth to Armando in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at midnight on December 24, 1919...
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Carlos Gardel
Soundtrack, Frida
Known as El Zorzal Criollo, the songbird of Buenos Aires, Carlos Gardel is a legendary figure in Uruguay and Argentina. He was born on December 11st, 1890, in Toulouse (France). His place of birth have been claimed by the Uruguayans and Argentinians, however, his Birth Certificate and his Will proves...
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“ Links to Adolphe Menjou in Amor audaz ” - dan_dassow
Adolphe Menjou
The words "suave" and "debonair" became synonymous with the name Adolphe Menjou in Hollywood, both on- and off-camera. The epitome of knavish, continental charm and sartorial opulence, Menjou, complete with trademark waxy black mustache, evolved into one of Hollywood's most distinguished of artists and fashion plates...
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“ Links to Robert Warwick in The Face in the Moonlight ” - dan_dassow
Robert Warwick
A prominent matinée stage and silent-film star with handsome features offset only slightly by a prominent proboscis, Robert Warwick was born and raised in Sacramento, California, as Robert Taylor Bien. The gift of music was instilled at an early age (he sang in his church choir) and he initially prepared for an operatic career...
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John Barrymore
American stage and screen actor whose rise to superstardom and subsequent decline is one of the legendary tragedies of Hollywood. A member of the most famous generation of the most famous theatrical family in America, he was also its most acclaimed star. His father was Maurice Blyth (or Blythe; family spellings vary)...
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“ Links to Peter Cook in Bedazzled ” - dan_dassow
Peter Cook
Writer, Bedazzled
One of four stars of the London and New York revues Beyond the Fringe and Beyond the Fringe (with Jonathan Miller, Alan Bennett, and Dudley Moore). Later created scatological comedy routine "Derek & Clive" with Moore.
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Ian Carmichael
Unassuming, innocent-eyed and always ingratiating, Brit comedy actor Ian Carmichael was quite the popular chap in late 50s and early 60s film. He was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England on June 18, 1920, the son of Arthur Denholm Carmichael, an optician, and his wife Kate (Gillett). After receiving his schooling at Bromsgove High School and Scarborough College...
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Jean Kent
Vivacious, hazel-eyed, strawberry-haired Jean Kent was a popular star of British films in the 1940's and early 50's. The daughter of variety performers Norman Field and Nina Norre, she was convent-educated. By the age of ten, she accompanied her mother on tour, then spent several years in the chorus line at London's Windmill Theatre in the West End...
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Billy Merson
Billy Merson born William Henry Thompson in Nottingham in 1881, he began his career while working in a lace-making factory and performing shows as an acrobat and comedian in the evening at the Nottingham Theatre Royal. It took some time until he could make a good living from his stage work; he also wrote many songs including 'The Photo of the Girl I Left Behind'...
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Winifred Delavente
Winifred delevanti born in 1897 in England, began in music hall in the early 1910's, pretty brunette who starred in a handful of comedy films with Billy Merson and Lupino Lane the first of these films is ' The Man in Possession' directed by W.P. Kellino in 1915 for the Homeland Film Company, she also appeared in character roles in few well-known dramas...
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Isobel Elsom
Actress, My Fair Lady
The epitome of opulent, grande dame haughtiness, British character actress Isobel Elsom began on the stage in 1911 and went on to grace a number of silent and sound pictures in England, marrying and divorcing director Maurice Elvey in the interim. In the late 30s she settled in America and earned major Broadway success with the play "Ladies in Retirement," which she also took to film in 1941...
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“ Links to Thomas Meighan in Danny Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman ” - dan_dassow
Thomas Meighan
Sadly, this once-popular silent screen star and older matinée idol for Paramount Studios, is all but forgotten today. Thomas "Tommy" Meighan was one of the rulers of the Hollywood roost, between the years 1915 and 1928. He was born in Pittsburgh, his father a president of a major manufacturing company...
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Charlotte Walker
Actress, Kindling
Texan-born actress Charlotte Walker was the daughter of a wealthy cotton broker, who died when she was eleven. With her siblings she went on to live at a ranch owned by her mother's even more affluent family. In her mid-teens, Charlotte studied drama at Fort Edwards Collegiate Institute. She performed on the Broadway stage from 1901 and in silent pictures with the Lasky Organisation from 1915...
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“ Links to Rita Jolivet in The Unafraid ” - dan_dassow
Rita Jolivet
Actress, Theodora
Rita Jolivet was a silent film actress whose career spanned from 1914 when she made FATA MORGANA to 1926 when she filmed PHI-PHI. Afterwards, Rita dropped out of films. She made only 20 films in her brief career.
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