People who need more roles

The title is obvious; An incomplete list of actresses and possibly actors that I feel should be given more roles. As with many of my lists I will expand them when I think of other people to add.
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“ Evidently, her only role has been the "Everybody Hates Chris" episode "Everybody Hates Big Bird." ” - Ddey65
“ Besides some announcing, all she ever played was a murder victim in the "Law & Order: SVU" episode "P.C." There have to be more roles for this woman. ” - Ddey65
“ Unfortunatley, the only role she ever wanted was a guest appearence on the second half of the Drake & Josh episode "Really Big Shrimp." Sad for us, but it's her choice. ” - Ddey65
“ Though another actress in the Lifetime TV-Movie "The Pregnancy Pact" looked like her, so far her only role has been on "The Suite Life on Deck." ” - Ddey65
“ As Evelyn Quong, she was a young Judy Tenuta, which means she was hilarious. ” - Ddey65
“ Come on, casting directors. She may've been good as Lisa Zemo, but one prior short film proves there's more to her than that. ” - Ddey65
Nicole Kalek
Actress, iCarly
“ The cute girl who played "Patrice" in a couple of episodes of iCarly. Where were girls like her when I was growing up?

Here's some incentive for casting directors: ” - Ddey65
Jennifer Stone
Born in a suburb in Texas, Jennifer started doing theatre at the age of six. Her favorite place to be was on the stage doing musicals and serious stage productions, even at a young age. This quickly transitioned to work in local Texas commercials, TV, and film work. Her most notable work in Texas was a film starring Michael Caine and Robert Duvall...
“ Sure, she's a big star now because of her position as Alex Russo's sidekick on "Wizards of Waverly Place," but so far many of her supposed upcoming projects appear to be just rumors. Plus, they shouldn't be just remakes in disguise like "Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars" or "Mean Girls 2." ” - Ddey65
“ She had an IMDb photo, but took it down and then put up another one. Hey she already reprised her role as "Nora Dirshlit" on another extended episoe of iCarly, a character that brough her lots of attention, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't do anything else afterwards. ” ” - Ddey65
“ Another cutie I only found out about thanks to IMDb. ” - Ddey65
Darcy Halsey
Darcy grew up in New Hampshire in the Lakes Region and went to boarding school in Connecticut at Westminster School, where she got her first taste of acting. She performed in an Improv troupe called The Players and starred in her first play, Wendy Wasserstein's one act Boy Meets Girl. Continuing her training at Colgate University...
“ Saw this gorgeous brunette on IMDb a while back, but I've never seen her in too much of anything, and from what I've read she has only had obscure roles. ” - Ddey65
“ Introduced to millions as aspiring actress and Kendall Knight's love interest Jo Taylor on "Big Time Rush," and boys of all ages have been falling for her ever since. She's not leaving show business, nor is she leaving acting, but it would be nice to see her on screen more. ” - Ddey65
“ Only known for playing Rebecca Berkowitz in a previously deleted scene on the iCarly episode "iSaw Him First." I suspect she was also in that Chef Boyardee commerical with Madeline Carroll. She has to be in more stuff. Maybe Dan Schneider can get her another part on Sam & Cat. ” - Ddey65
“ No other roles in 10 years? WTF, casting directors? Do you actually expect her to be Amanda Thripp forever? ” - Ddey65
Amanda Dillard
Miscellaneous Crew, Access Hollywood
“ Like Ashby Dodge, she played as a victim in an episode of Law & Order: SVU, specifically "Locum." Unlike Ms. Dodge, her character lived, even if their resepcted careers haven't moved anywhere since. ” - Ddey65
“ Another young actress I only found out about through IMDb. ” - Ddey65
Tania Pilar
Actress, Career Virgin
Tania Pilar is originally from Miami, Florida. She studied dance and drama since six years of age, attending a fine arts high school in Miami, and performing in theatrical productions throughout Florida. At a dance show, Tania was discovered by an agent in Miami, and began working in commercials and TV shows thereafter.
“ A bunch of guest starring roles and an outstanding part in a Citibank TV Commercial during the 2012 Christmas Season makes this Bolivian-American cutie worthy of Hollywood's attention. ” - Ddey65
“ She appeared in the last episode of "Good Luck Charlie," in 2014, as well as some obscure short films, YouTube videos, and TV commercials, but she's too good not to have bigger parts. ” - Ddey65
Ciara Bravo
Ciara was born in Northern Kentucky on the 18 of March, 1997. She resides with her father, mother, sister and brother. In 2006, Ciara participated in the Mike Beaty Talent Expo held in Dallas, Texas. There she was discovered by talent managers, Frederick Levy and Bryan Leder of "Management 101." She has had early success with voice over work and local commercials.
“ A pair of Nickelodeon made-for-TV movies after "Big Time Rush," but despite the praise for her work on "Red Band Society," so far nothing. The producers of "Hot in Cleveland" missed the chance to get her to play a younger version of Valerie Bertinelli's character, and even if they hadn't, it still wouldn't have been enough. ” - Ddey65
“ Her failed audition for the indie flick "Trust Me," has proved she is way better of an actress than the kiddie-fare she's doing now. She actually made me want to see the movie even though she's not in it, and makes me want to see her in something else really soon. ” - Ddey65
Shelby Wulfert
Shelby Wulfert is an American born actor, singer and voice over artist. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shelby pursued her passion for the arts at an early age - studying acting, singing and dancing. Before moving to Hollywood, she was starring in musicals and stage productions at her high school and local theaters...
“ One of Dove Cameron's body doubles on "Liv and Maddie." I'd like to see her do some genuine on-screen work. She doesn't have to leave her current job in order to do so, of course. ” - Ddey65
“ Another one of Dove Cameron's body doubles on "Liv and Maddie." I'd like to see her do some genuine on-screen work. Like Ms. Wulfert, she doesn't have to leave her current job in order to do so, either. ” - Ddey65
“ She got to play a kindergarten version of Trish De La Rosa in an episode of "Austin & Ally" and she made a great Raini Rodriguez look-alike. Now it's time she has more parts. ” - Ddey65
“ Only one other role besides that of the bitch queen cheerleader Robin Pretnar in "The Hard Times of RJ Berger." She needs some new work. ” - Ddey65
“ Her only big role was as the six-year old daughter of Patrick Dempsey in "Enchanted," and that was more than several years ago. She has a recent pic on IMDb, that should be telling casting directors something. ” - Ddey65
Carrie Wampler
Carrie Wampler can be seen in director Alexandre Moors' feature film, "The Yellow Birds," opposite Alden Ehrenreich and Jennifer Aniston. Based on the novel by Iraq War vet Kevin Powers, the story follows two young soldiers who become friends in boot camp and navigate the terrors of the war together...
“ As of this writing, she has no work lined up since the "Austin & Ally" episode "Mysteries & Meddling Kids." She has played other parts before being a recurring character on the Disney kid-com, she should get more afterwards. ” - Ddey65
“ The actress best known as the girl on the Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial who called her car "Brad," and had a toned-down flip hairdo, who actually had a few minor roles in other movies that IMDb isn't covering. ” - Ddey65