10 films everybody hates I think are decent to good.

by The_Coma-Man | created - 20 Mar 2011 | updated - 02 Apr 2011 | Public

First off: all of these films are heavily flawed. And that for a reason. All have been panned by critics and fans of either the source material or the people involved.

However, for one reason or another, I found all of these at least a bit enjoyable. None of them are masterpieces, and the only one I really consider to be truly a "great" film is #1. But all of them are at least worthy a watch - even if you are disappointed or should dislike them, there are things about them that elevate them above the rest of the mediocre, artless run-of-the-mill films that are put out every year. I will add comments, and maybe even change some of the titles, as the last time I saw was many years ago.

Also, I'd be curious to hear which ten films everybody hates you think are "OK", "enjoyable" or "nice". Feel free to share.

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1. A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

PG | 108 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.8/10 X  
62 Metascore

When a massive fire kills their parents, three children are delivered to the custody of cousin and stage actor Count Olaf, who is secretly plotting to steal their parents' vast fortune.

Director: Brad Silberling | Stars: Jim Carrey, Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Liam Aiken

Votes: 173,963 | Gross: $118.63M

Definitely the best of the bunch. I must confess that I have never read the books, so I can in no way comment how close this film is to the first three volumes.

But case in point: the world portrayed in this film is more exciting, fascinating and beautiful than that depicted in the Potter films. The art direction is stunning! The cinematography is nice, the actors all fit their role and give great performances and even Jim Carrey isn't as unnerving as he's in his comedic roles. Not to mention that Emily Browning went on to become Hollywood's best kept secret.

Out of all the aborted fantasy-franchises that came out the last decade (Golden Compass, Inkheart, City of Amber), this is the one most deserving of a sequel, if not one of the most enjoyable US-mainstream-fantasy films of the last decade.

2. X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

PG-13 | 104 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.7/10 X  
58 Metascore

An all-out war looms when the discovery of a cure for mutations draws a line between the followers of Charles Xavier and those of Magneto.

Director: Brett Ratner | Stars: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen

Votes: 419,538 | Gross: $234.36M

Yes, I very much dislike the director of this film. Yes, I think the script feels like a patchwork - many lines are terrible and some of the inner logic feels terribly off. And yes, Phoenix could have been a lot better.

But on the up side: hey, it's not as bad as Wolverine Origins. It's got Beast. Kitty Pryde. Colossus. Jugernaut. Ang... OK, forget about Angel.

The cinematography is - surprisingly - not absolutely terrible, and everything that happened can be retconned easily, thanks to a bunch of loose ends thrown in.

X-Men 3 is weaker than its predecessors (of course), a lot less stylish and personal. Had I seen it back in cinemas, I'd probably hate it. But I saw it five years later, in a marathon of all four X-Men films in one go. And with all of its flaws, all of the bad dialogue, all of the crappy script decision, it is still a superhero film that works... in contrast to Wolverine Origins.

3. The Village (2004)

PG-13 | 108 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.5/10 X  
44 Metascore

A series of events tests the beliefs of a small isolated countryside village.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan | Stars: Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, Joaquin Phoenix, Bryce Dallas Howard

Votes: 211,309 | Gross: $114.20M

4. The Touch (1971)

R | 115 min | Drama

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.4/10 X  

A seemingly happy Swedish housewife and mother begins an adulterous affair with a foreign archaeologist who is working near her home. But he is an emotionally scarred man, a Jewish survivor... See full summary »

Director: Ingmar Bergman | Stars: Elliott Gould, Bibi Andersson, Max von Sydow, Sheila Reid

Votes: 774

5. Dune (1984)

PG-13 | 137 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.6/10 X  

A Duke's son leads desert warriors against the galactic emperor and his father's evil nemesis when they assassinate his father and free their desert world from the emperor's rule.

Director: David Lynch | Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, Francesca Annis, Leonardo Cimino

Votes: 104,418 | Gross: $30.93M

6. Birth (2004)

R | 100 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.1/10 X  
50 Metascore

A young boy attempts to convince a woman that he is her dead husband reborn.

Director: Jonathan Glazer | Stars: Nicole Kidman, Cameron Bright, Lauren Bacall, Danny Huston

Votes: 31,436 | Gross: $5.01M

7. Franklyn (2008)

R | 98 min | Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.2/10 X  

A portrait of the broken lives of four people (a vigilante detective, a worried parent, an awkward man looking for love and a suicidal artist) as they all struggle to cope in their religiously-dystopian city.

Director: Gerald McMorrow | Stars: Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill

Votes: 15,585

8. Southland Tales (2006)

R | 145 min | Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.5/10 X  
44 Metascore

During a three day heat wave just before a huge 4th of July celebration, an action star stricken with amnesia meets up with a porn star who is developing her own reality TV project, and a policeman who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.

Director: Richard Kelly | Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, Carlos Amezcua

Votes: 33,841 | Gross: $0.28M

9. The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)

R | 122 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.9/10 X  
25 Metascore

Tragi-comic, romantic whodunnit set in a run down hotel which plays host to mentally ill people too poor to afford medical insurance.

Director: Wim Wenders | Stars: Jeremy Davies, Milla Jovovich, Mel Gibson, Jimmy Smits

Votes: 19,241 | Gross: $0.05M

10. My Blueberry Nights (2007)

PG-13 | 95 min | Drama, Romance

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.7/10 X  
52 Metascore

A young lonely woman takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way.

Director: Kar-Wai Wong | Stars: Norah Jones, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Chad R. Davis

Votes: 47,084 | Gross: $0.87M

11. From Hell (2001)

R | 122 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.8/10 X  
54 Metascore

In Victorian Era London, a troubled clairvoyant police detective investigates the murders by Jack The Ripper.

Directors: Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes | Stars: Johnny Depp, Heather Graham, Ian Holm, Robbie Coltrane

Votes: 132,949 | Gross: $31.60M

12. Renegade (2004)

R | 124 min | Adventure, Western

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    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5.2/10 X  

Alledged wayward adolescent Louisiana gentleman Michael 'Mike' Blueberry is dumped by his family with a Wild West uncle. The brute's only 'motivation' is a stick. After a nearly fatal ... See full summary »

Director: Jan Kounen | Stars: Vincent Cassel, Michael Madsen, Juliette Lewis, Temuera Morrison

Votes: 9,622