50 Best ex-Yugoslavian Actors Under 35 (2011.)

List of 50 Best ex-Yugoslavian Actors Under 35 (2011.).
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Nikola Rakocevic
Nikola Rakocevic has been proclaimed as one of Europe's leading young screen actors, clocking up awards and critical acclaim at major international film festivals. Jurors at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival placed Nikola among the ten European Shooting Stars in 2014. The accolade was just one...
Milos Bikovic
Bikovic made his acting debut on television, in the popular RTS series The Dollars Are Coming, Serbian: "Stizu dolari". He then came to further prominence with the comedy series White Ship "Bela ladja", in which he acted from 2006 to 2011. In 2008, Bikovic had a supporting role in the B92 drama series The Storks Will Return (Vratice se rode)...
Bojan Navojec
Bojan Navojec is Croatian film and stage actor with an extraordinary charm and personal warmth, attracted attention as a student. Throughout his career, he worked with leading Croatian and regional directors, appeared in more than 70 films and 50 theatre plays across major Croatian theatre. In 2010 he joined Croatian National Theatre drama...
Miraj Grbic
Miraj Grbic was born on July 17th, 1976 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia. Miraj is Film, TV and Theatre actor known for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011), Halima's Path (2012), The Hunting Party (2007). He was accepted to the Academy of Performing Arts University of Sarajevo where he studied Acting for four years...
Relja Popovic
Relja Popovic was born on August 2, 1989 in Belgrade, Serbia. Besides being an actor, he is a singer. His stage name is Drima. With Vladimir Matovic, he is in the group Elitni Odredi. "Parada" was his breakout in the world of movies.
Stefan Kapicic
Actor, Deadpool
Stefan Kapicic is known for his work through Eastern Europe and USA. He speaks fluent English, Russian, German and 5 other languages including many dialects. He is adept in both comedy and drama and has played everything from a comedic stoner to a ruthless drug lord to a heartbreaking Savant. In his career he played more than 70 roles on film...
Petar Strugar
Petar was born in Cetinje in Montenegro, because Budva doesn't have maternity hospital of its own. His father, Vladimir, is a former volleyball coach and his mother, Dragana, was an accountant. Petar grew up on Adriatic coast, in Budva, where he went to elementary school "Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa". Later he enrolled into high school "JUSMS Danilo Kis"...
Ivan Bosiljcic
Ivan Bosiljcic is a Serbian actor, well known for for his leading roles in numerous television and cinematographic projects, as well as in theatrical plays and musicals. He works for the National drama theater in Belgrade. Ivan was born in a small town of Uzice in Western Serbia. After his graduation from the high school in 1997 he moved to Novi Sad...
Milos Tanaskovic
Milos Tanaskovic was born in Belgrade on March 25th 1982. After high school graduation he proudly sailed into acting hoping to achieve the greatness of his idols Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Kevin Spacey. He started acting back in 1994. in school plays but in 2002. he enlisted in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and has acted in several student films and plays...