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These Youtubers (-the very talented Sarah Fasha-
/Mystic/RichKidsTV/BlackLarry -that is what he calls hisself-) crack me up replying to my comments.Lance Stewart/Codee Yount taking my advice.
Lebron James, Stephan Curry and Kevin Durant commenting on Kristopher London's Vlog!!!
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“ Is It A "Miami,Florida Thing" For Females To Pierce Their Hips or Is It That Shana Is Trying To Be ""Unique""?
(I Think Shana Is Trying To Impress The Sharks!!!) ” - TheFan01
Marcella Bragio
Marcella Bragio was was born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Her father is a driver and her mother an accountant. Her father's family hails from Italy, while her mother is of Portuguese descent. At the University of Vicosa, Bragio majored in Business Administration in 2004 followed by a post degree in Business Management in 2006...
“ Very Entertaining/With Corvettes!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Also Is A "Professional Twerker"
(Who Knew You Could Earn 5 Zeroes -$100,000.00- Twerking)!!! ” - TheFan01
Joanna Kalafatis
Joanna Kalafatis was born in New York, and attended middle school and high school there, though she spent her early childhood in Greece. Since moving back to New York in 1997, Joanna pursued her creative interests, including acting, singing, ballet and flamenco throughout middle school and high school...
Giselle Bellas
Music Department, Louie
Carishma Basday
Actress, Material
Carishma Basday is a professional actress, dancer and model. The dynamic starlet has always had a penchant for the limelight. Starting Ballet at age 4 she has since trained in many styles of dancing including modern dance, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, belly dancing, funk, fusion, salsa and Latin American...
Valerie Star
Valerie Star is a celebrity beauty expert specializing in celebrity Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling & Nail Artistry. Valerie's work includes everything from print, film, video, multimedia, fashion, editorial, runway, avant-garde and red carpet. Valerie Star began her career in 1995 as the regional makeup artist for the cosmetic company Lancôme...
Mojan Nourbakhsh
Actress, Parvaneh
Originally from Northern Virginia, Mojan was raised in a classical education performing-arts private school, where she later worked as a theatre director and a substitute teacher through her college years. With extensive training in acting, singing, and dancing, she has always had a love for entertaining those around her...
Priyanka Samra
Priyanka Samra is an American Canadian actress and model. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Punjabi Indian parents. Priyanka spent most of her childhood in Medford, Oregon and started modeling at the age of 14 after being scouted by a local agency. At age 17 she went off to college to study medicine and play volleyball...
“ Miss World -Switzerland-(2014)
Miss Universe -Switzerland-(2016)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Miss Universe -Thailand-(2016)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Sports Illustrated Model(2016)
Playmate Of The Month(February 2017)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Miss Poland USA(2015)!!! ” - TheFan01
Jessica Andolino
Actress, Empire
Jessica "Jessie" Andolino [1] (born Jessica Taylor Andolino, December 07, 1997) is an American television actress,, socialite, and model. Early Life Andolino was born on December 7, 1997 in Clearwater , Florida, to parents Michael and Sahar samir (Salaman) Andolino . She has an younger brother Michael...
“ Slickster Magazine Girl Of The Week(December 25,2016)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ 1st Black Bachelorette "Ever"
(Please Don't Hate The Referee)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Miss Universe -China-(2016)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Miss Universe -Tanzania-(2016)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ (In Her Opinion) The -Greatest(bachelorette) Of All Time-
(But She Won't Tell Michael Jordan That)!!! ” - TheFan01
Celina Molina
Celina Molina is a name that has become synonymous with success in the world of American Quarter Horse racing. Now she plans to renew her focus on her other passions in life - singing and acting. She was born in Tucson, Arizona to rancher Inocente Molina and singer Maria Molina. Her mother Maria had dreams of becoming a singer...
Roxanna Medina
Roxanna Medina was born in Los Angeles. She was raised in Fontana, California by her Mexican American parents Alexar and Irma Medina. Her first big performance was Junior year of college in the production Living Out by Lisa Loomer where she played "Anna" the lead role. After graduating from the University of Redlands with a double major in Theater Performance and Spanish Literature...
Leana Lewis
Leana Lewis is an American actress and model born on October 31, in Ashland, Kentucky, but raised in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming by her mother, Dane McFall and step-father, Kent Sanders. In high school, she began her modeling career and had quick success, winning the title of Miss Wyoming American Teen 1993...
Olivia Shiferaw
Actress, Nia
Olivia Shiferaw was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Despite her humble beginnings, Olivia developed an insatiable desire to pursue the arts at a young age. To her family and neighbors, she was known as the entertainer, always attracting, without intention, the spotlight. The very same spotlight that...
Stana Roumillac
Actress, Elza
Stana Roumillac is born in Guiana and spent her youth in Cayenne between music and dance. She arrived in France at 17 and after law studies, she attended acting classes. Her career started playing a leading character in TV series. In 2011, she plays her first leading role in the feature film Elza, directed by Mariette Monpierre.
“ Gorgeous Camaro!!! ” - TheFan01
Sharmita Bhattacharya
Sharmita was born and raised in the greater Houston area. Her draw to the arts started from a young age in the form of dance and music. She moved to Austin to study at the University of Texas at Austin, and it was there where she discovered her love for acting. She continued her education while testing her new found interest by dabbling with short films...
Nathalie Hart
Actress, Tisay
Jade Albany
Jade Albany Pietrantonio, born in Briancon, France just over the border from her house in Sansicario, Italy. Her father Fabio Pietrantonio, an artist born in Italy and her mom born in Australia, is a health worker with Aboriginal Maltese background. Her parents split up when Jade was a baby so she spent her life going back and forth from Australia to Italy...
Erica Fortes
Actress, The Clarinet
Erica Fortes is an actress and cinematographer, known for The Clarinet (2016), The Invisible Mother (2017) and Sugar Boxx (2009). She grew up coast to coast in a military family with her parents, brother and family dog, Patches. LA is now her home where she is an actor, writer, photographer and now a producer at The Pack Theater for an all women comedy team...
Sylvia Dierckx
"To be an actress, it is to make your own truth resound through every character, every situation, in the service of the cinema". It is what defines Sylvia Dierckx, born in Brussels. This actress in the soul is the second daughter in a family of artists. A father singer, composer and poet, a mother paintress...
Luna Racy
Luna Racy is a Brazilian comedic actress currently living in Los Angeles. Born in Massachusetts, and raised in the small Island, Ilhabela (SP, Brazil). She began her career at the age of 10 acting in multiples comedy plays. When she was 18 she moved to São Paulo to study acting for TV and Films. In 2016 Luna moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career while studying acting at UCLA...
Katie Luddy
Katie Luddy was born on March 6 in Rochester, New York, to Christine and William Luddy, and was the second of their three children. Katie began her career in modeling at the age of 18 while studying architecture and design at the University of Buffalo. Katie decided to relocate to Miami, FL to pursue a career in modeling...
Sofia Pellegrino
Sofia Pellegrino was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the United States at the age of ten. At the age of eighteen Sofia began working as a Real Estate agent in an effort to finance her college education. She quickly mastered the Real Estate business and has been a Top Producer Realtor in the Northern Virginia area for the past ten years...
Jazlyn Gabriel
She's imaginative. She's adventurous. She's unique. These are characteristics that Jazlyn displayed from a young age. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, she was quick to understand her vocal ability and began performing live shows all over Perth, and by the age of 18, had performed across the country...
Kenya McCoy
Actress, King Charles
Kenya was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Kenya has loved being in front of a camera since she was one year of age. One day she was playing dress up in her mother's closet and came upon her mother's modeling portfolio. Her mother kept this part of her life secret because she quit trying to model years ago...
Actress, Kaanchi
“ Former NFL (Atlanta Falcons/Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Cheerleader!!! ” - TheFan01
“ She Also Has Basketball Skills!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Miss Mexico U.S.(2013)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ Treviance Has Got My Vote For The Role Of "Pocahottie".
(I Mean Pocahantas)!!! ” - TheFan01
“ TV Host Of Garbage Time For Fox Sports!!!
-The Female "Jimmy Kimmel"-
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubHe2CIJF14) ” - TheFan01