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“ "One of Us"
smart man
"Deliver Me"
"Mind Going Down" ” - branaghsredrose
“ Time after Time--IT is his song...check out 5 by 5 on the official site ” - branaghsredrose
“ he who made Journey songs...yep
he wrote faithfully people ” - branaghsredrose
“ this dude can compose ” - branaghsredrose
Soundtrack, Moulin Rouge!
Bono was born Paul David Hewson in Dublin, Ireland on May 10, 1960, to Iris (Rankin) and Brendan Robert Hewson. He has been the lead singer of the rock band U2 since 1976. U2 has won 22 Grammy Awards to date, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. Lauded by fans and critics as an outstanding performer and songwriter...
“ from U2...enough said ” - branaghsredrose
“ Wrote "Missing You" one of my favorite songs EVER! Google him ” - branaghsredrose
“ i wish you were by my side, in the dark of the night, by my side...
simple but sweet...nice guy ” - branaghsredrose
Michael Hutchence
Soundtrack, Donnie Darko
Michael Hutchence is one of the greatest singers and performers in Australia's history, with a career that spanned 20 years. Born to Kelland Hutchence and Patricia Hutchence (a film and television make-up artist), Michael was the second of three children. He grew up in Hong Kong, USA, and Australia, and often hung out with his mother on film sets...
“ missing him..."two worlds collided, and they could never tear us apart..." ” - branaghsredrose
“ come on...listen to his lyrics...very cool ” - branaghsredrose
Neal Schon
Soundtrack, Armageddon
Neal Schon was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma on February 27th, 1954 to Matthew and Barbara Schon. Neal dropped out of school when he was 15 to join Carlos Santana's rock group Santana. Four years later Carlos Santana and his band split up, so Neal and Gregg Rolie formed Journey. Journey released its self-titled debut album in 1975...
“ a personal favorite ” - branaghsredrose