Greatest TV/Movie Characters

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“ Daniel Day-Lewis never fails to impress and I must say this is his best of all time. His Bill 'The Butcher' is why I rated Gangs of New York a solid 10/10. ” - Deanna_K
“ Heath Ledger's stunningly chilling portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight was easily one of the best performances of all time. It is a sad sham that we will be not be able to enjoy Heath's incredible acting abilities in the future. ” - Deanna_K
“ Perfectly creepy and terrifying at the same time there is no one else who I could think of other than Gary Oldman who could have pulled off a better Norman Stansfield the drug-addicted cruel dirty cop who squares off against Jean Reno in the Professional. ” - Deanna_K
“ Christopher Waltz' perfomance as Col. Hans Landa stole the show. I was thoroughly impressed by his language skills. ” - Deanna_K
“ What to say about dear old John McClane the words ass kicking, terrorist crushing, tough as nails yet humourous humble cop come to mind. Just when we thought John McClane was retired Bruce Willis provided us with, my personal favourite, Live Free or Die Hard. YIPPEE KAI YAY! ” - Deanna_K
“ I think Anthony Hopkins should have had to have a psychiatric evaluation because he was so very convincing as the psychotic Dr. ” - Deanna_K
“ Jet Li always kicks ass but Unleashed goes deeper even though his lines are few the emotion is there. A pleasant new side to Jet Li while still maintaining his 'don't mess with me or I'll kill you' status. ” - Deanna_K
Frank Castle
Daredevil (2015 TV Series), Jon Bernthal
“ I'm a little confused as to why they have a picture of Thomas Jane but than list Frank Castle as Dolph Lundgren The Punisher I want on my list is Tom Jane's version as he certainly delivers well planned revenge upon John Travolta ” - Deanna_K
“ Seeing as I have not yet seen the Christian Bale free Batman movies he is my top pick but having viewed his performances in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight I doubt they will compare! ” - Deanna_K
“ Witty, gorgeous, strong, and loyal need I say more... other than Dean Winchester is the human, yet fictitious, embodiment of a perfect man! ” - Deanna_K
“ My personal favourite of all the shirelings Pippin delivers that much needed comedic relief and he does it so well! My fav Pippin scene LOTR The Two Towers when he and Merry are climbing Treebeard and he sees his eyes open his look of disgust/horror is absolutely priceless! ” - Deanna_K
“ Sam Rockwell is an incredible, yet under rated actor, who I believe should be given more credit for the stunning work he does. As Wild Bill in the Green Mile he certainly does not disappoint. ” - Deanna_K
“ Again Jason Statham + Awesome Martial Arts 90% if the time = a note worthy character for me at least! ” - Deanna_K
“ Same comment as above! ” - Deanna_K