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Gabriel Figueroa
Cinematographer, Kelly's Heroes
“ The Fugitive ” - cinemavis
Robert Krasker
Cinematographer, The Third Man
A somewhat underrated figure in cinematographic history, Australian-born Robert Krasker handled some of the most memorable films made in Britain after the Second World War. In his youth, he attended art classes in Paris and studied photography at the Photohaendler Schule in Dresden. He briefly worked for Paramount in Paris...
“ Odd Man Out ” - cinemavis
John Alton
Cinematographer, Elmer Gantry
Starting out in 1924 as a lab technician at MGM, John Alton left there for Paramount to become a cameraman. He traveled to France and then to South America, where he wrote, photographed and directed several Spanish-language films. Returning to Hollywood in 1937, he soon achieved a reputation as one of the industry's most accomplished cinematographers...
“ T-Men ” - cinemavis
Jack Cardiff
Almost universally considered one of the greatest cinematographers of all time, Jack Cardiff was also a notable director. He described his childhood as very happy and his parents as quite loving. They performed in music hall as comedians, so he grew up with the fun that came with their theatrical life in pantomime and vaudeville...
“ Black Narcissus ” - cinemavis
Charles Lawton Jr.
Cinematographer, 3:10 to Yuma
“ The Lady from Shanghai ” - cinemavis
Nicholas Musuraca
Cinematographer, Out of the Past
Italian-born Nicholas Musuraca's first job in the film business was as a chauffeur to early pioneering producer/director J. Stuart Blackton. Having a knack for photography, he worked behind the cameras in a variety of jobs before finally becoming a cinematographer (or, as they were called in those days...
“ Out of the Past ” - cinemavis
William H. Daniels
Cinematographer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Oscar-winning director of photography William Daniels was a master of black-and-white cinematographer most famous for the 21 films he shot that starred the immortal Greta Garbo between 1926 and 1939. Among the Gabro classics he lensed were The Torrent, Flesh and the Devil, Love (Garbo and home studio MGM's first crack at Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina")...
“ Brute Force ” - cinemavis
Charles Lang
Cinematographer, Some Like It Hot
One of the outstanding cinematographers of Hollywood's Golden Age, Lang spent most of his career at Paramount (1929-1952), where he contributed to the studio's well-earned reputation for visual style. Lang was educated at Lincoln High School in L.A., then proceeded to the University of Southern California to study law...
“ The Ghost and Mrs. Muir ” - cinemavis
Karol Szczecinski
Cinematographer, Powódz
“ Powódz ” - cinemavis
“ Powódz ” - cinemavis