Entertainers I have interviewed (2011)

From actors to musicians to authors - I've had the pleasure of interviewing many of today's popular figures on my radio program, "Livin' the Dream! with JBlair Brown" as well as for other publications. Check out my impressive list!
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Harry Lennix
Harry Lennix is an accomplished film, television, and stage actor. His recent credits include Warner Bros.' "Man of Steel", The CW's "Emily Owens, M.D.", Fox's "Dollhouse," HBO's "Little Britain," as well as the critically acclaimed series "24" as Walid Al-Rezani. Harry Joseph Lennix III was born November 16...
“ Supporting roles in films like Ray, Stomp the Yard and several others...and recurring roles in 24 and Commander in Chief, to name a few, means Lennix needs no introduction.

What a GREAT interview! My first actor - I'll always be grateful. The trend started here: http://bit.ly/jkLi3q ” - jbfreelancewriter
Tim Reid
Tim Reid was born December 19, 1944 in Norfolk, Virginia and came from a troubled, impoverished childhood. He straightened out his life enough to attend Norfolk State College (now University) and graduate with a business administration degree. He worked for Du Pont in Chicago for a period of time in the late 60s and married his first wife Rita...
“ What can be said of Tim Reid except, "WOW!" In spite of his multiple award-winning stints as actor, writer, and director, Reid's image is yet unblemished by the "lifestyle" of too many Hollywood types. And it is absolutely intentional. http://bit.ly/l3GNBH ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ What an honor to spend the hour with Dorian Missick. For someone who's shared the screen with some of the biggest names in film, including: Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, etc, Dorian displays a humble and approachable demeanor. (And he was kind enough to dial back in even after I accidentally disconnected him!) http://bit.ly/n1fVtY ” - jbfreelancewriter
J Michael Briggs
Actor, J Michael Briggs was born in Houston Texas. His career in entertainment started out in music. In 1989 while attempting to further his music career in Hollywood, J Michael, on the advice of actor friend, Peer Ebbighousen, started to do background work to make extra money. While working on a TV comedy for Disney/NBC called Hull High...
“ What a man! J Michael Briggs not only made his BIG international announcement on my show, but he showed us what graciousness and humanity is all about. Don't take my word for it: http://bit.ly/lvXaho ” - jbfreelancewriter
Michael Santi
Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. to a Large Italian family . Parents both being former artist, Mother was an actress and Father a musician. Michael started performing on the streets of Brooklyn with his sisters, performing original screen plays written by his 10 year old sister. He caught the bug of performing for others at a very early age...
“ He's all heart! We talked about current projects (including a recent award-winner), what's coming down the pike - and his philosophy of "diggin' deep" into acting...what he calls "EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN TRUTHS!" You'll love it! Hear it here: http://bit.ly/n73C4X ” - jbfreelancewriter
Moe Irvin
Moe Irvin is a Southern California native originally from Riverside, California. He is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio and a founding member of The Whitmore Eclectic Theatre group; a company formed in honor of the late James Whitmore. He is also the writer, director and star of the award winning Fake trailer Wacko Jacko as well as writer...
“ Moe was a delight. We kicked it like we were sitting on the back porch drinking lemonade. Probably one of the most gracious guys in the biz. http://bit.ly/itgd2J ” - jbfreelancewriter
George Duke
Music Department, Malcolm & Eddie
“ I had the pleasure of interviewing this legend in Feb 2011. He's forgotten more than most of us will ever learn. Phenomenal!
http://bit.ly/maIBOm ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ What can I say about Tangie Ambrose but "SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE CHARM!" If you've seen Tangie's character on the hit USA network's "In Plain Sight" (Delia), she's not too far from it. Her positive attitude and sunny disposition made this interview one of my all-time favorites! I called "Girl Talk," because she made ME feel at home! (How special is that?!) You can listen to the entire interview here: http://bit.ly/lIhfzZ ” - jbfreelancewriter
Jordon Hodges
Actor Jordon Hodges, best-known for playing Noah Daly in the award-winning Sand Castles, was born in Goshen, Indiana on March 2, 1987. Jordon's interest in acting came while studying Fine Arts at Indiana University of South Bend (IUSB). During his sophomore year he enrolled in 'Acting I: Fundamentals...
“ Star of Mary's Buttons; Impulse Black.

Jordon (the "don" is emphasized) was a complete surprise. I kept thinking: He's only 24? Really? A maturity beyond his young years...and a great guy. http://bit.ly/l0FE2M ” - jbfreelancewriter
Layon Gray
Writer, Black Sparta
Layon was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. He has spent more than two decades writing, directing and developing stage plays and films that reflect a wide array of African-American cultural movements, creating new paradigms for the stage. Focusing on creating conversational dialogue in his works, Layon continues to make his mark in traditional African-American theater...
“ WOW! A plethora of knowledge! This actor/writer/director/producer is changing the game - in a big way. His "Black Angels Over Tuskegee" stage production has been a huge hit in NYC and on its way to Broadway...and that's just the start. Hear all about it: http://bit.ly/kn37Cf ” - jbfreelancewriter
Jayson Williams
Actor, Veep
Jayson Ward Williams, originally a product of Harrisburg, PA, discovered at the age of 8, that acting was to be his lot in life. Even after being discouraged by many, he decided to set forth a course of action, to obtain this dream. After graduating from the Harrisburg Arts Magnet, he was accepted to The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama...
“ If there was ever a poster man for too much humility, Jayson would be that guy. "Sorry Jayson, you're already great! Let it go." http://bit.ly/k0wv2M ” - jbfreelancewriter
R.C. Ormond
Stunts, Transformers
RC Ormond, like Barack Obama, was a bi-racial child raised by his white American maternal grandparents. Growing up in suburban Dallas, RC gained a reputation as both a theatrical actor and fearless stuntman at an early age-landing his first professional gig in the Batman stunt show performed live at the Six Flags Over Texas theme park while still a teenager...
“ One of the most down-to-earth guys you'll ever meet. Bar none. It was an honor getting to know him. Find out why: http://bit.ly/jMcZiz ” - jbfreelancewriter
Carl Marino
Carl Marino was born and raised in upstate New York in the city of Hornell, the son of Carl and Carol Marino. He was the only boy of four siblings. After graduation from High School, Carl attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for 2 years. Following West Point, and while studying Criminal Justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology...
“ Carl Marino's on a role. He's been featured on ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel -- and he's slated to star in a brand new series in October 2011! All that going on...and he's still one of the most unassuming people you'll ever know. Get to know him here: http://bit.ly/po0p0h ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Screenwriter, "Jury of Our Peers." Following this interview, I was able to call this man my colleague and (dare I say?) friend. A self-taught writer and producer, he's blowing up the industry with some great stuff! Check out how he did it: http://bit.ly/il1Hge ” - jbfreelancewriter
Ryan Gielen
Producer, The Graduates
Independent producer/director (The Graduates, Drinking Games, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn) born in Columbia, Maryland. Graduated from Washington & Lee University with a degree in Print Journalism. Two-time WEBBY winner for one of the web's earliest cross-media interactive video series, Deleted: The Game. Contributor to NoFilmSchool.com...
“ A day trip in NYC resulted in an informative article (written for The Independent) on the effectiveness of social media and the opportunities it presents to independent filmmakers. Ryan taught me more about the connection between show business and social media than anyone else. Ever. And in just 2 hours.

Read it here: http://bit.ly/lucmH2 ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ A phenomenal jazz artist whose work speaks for itself. It was truly a pleasure.

You can listen to it here: http://bit.ly/kY5mKX ” - jbfreelancewriter
Kieran Roberts
The Brooklyn born actor/vo artist/recording artist, Kieran Roberts, has excelled in a variety of roles and genres. Appearances in such successful films as Training Day and He Got Game, as well as the popular television shows Third Watch, and 30 Rock are a clear indication of Kieran's appeal. He has also performed in Off-Broadway productions of The Wizard of Oz and From My Heart To Yours...
“ This guy's on fire! Kieran Roberts is fast becoming one of the busiest actors on the scene today...and he's moving at the speed of light! What's more, he's not just an actor but a singer as well...all that talent...and that face! Have mercy! Hear all about his history and what he's doing now: http://bit.ly/r9kwXy ” - jbfreelancewriter
James Rogy
Actor, Tormented
Born in Stratford New Jersey, James Gary Rogy has always had a passion for film. His infectious attitude and positive drive in the industry has provided him with lots of opportunities to land various roles in over 20 plus films over the years in the Greater Philadelphia area. Being SAG/AFTRA eligible at the moment...
“ I had the pleasure of interviewing screenwriter and director James Rogy along with cinematographer Jose Hernandez, and actors Derek L. Warren and Keith Stahler, who both star in Rogy's new film "The Friendship." This production team is on the road to real success. Hear all about it here:
http://bit.ly/oxgjUP ” - jbfreelancewriter
Damian Bailey
Producer, Gang Girl
Damian auditioned for his first professional role in Robert De Niro's "A Bronx Tale" at the age of 15. Although he didn't get the role, De Niro was gracious enough to employ him as a biker and its been on ever since. Work followed from theatre, student and independent films and roles appearing on 100 Centre Street and All My Children...
“ What a man! From his first role, cast in Robert DeNiro's A Bronx Tale, at age 15, to his recent turn as slain rapper Tupac Shakur, Damian Bailey is well on his way to cinematic and theatrical success. http://bit.ly/qzvsWR ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Director of Impulse Black, Ryan Kelly O'Moren joined us in June 2011. Listen to the full interview here: http://bit.ly/jnBSMO ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ CEO, Women in Film and Video (Washington, DC Chapter).

Hilarey's testament to women in film was a real eye-opener for me. The work that the organization does is nothing short of amazing! http://bit.ly/kPpdM4 ” - jbfreelancewriter
Ohene Cornelius
Actor, Kick-Ass
American born Actor and Musician Ohene Cornelius has been seen on the big screen (Kick Ass, Zenith), small screen (Blindspot, Person of Interest), the internet (blackandsexytv) and your favorite music venue/festival (SXSW, Santos, A3C). His recent work in fashion led him to model in Yeezy Season 3 and...
“ He is HOT! I knew I had to have Ohene on the show once I saw his YouTube video (check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA7HIJcxVqI&feature=related).

The interview wasn't a disappointment. Hear the LIVE broadcast right here: http://bit.ly/qrRGUf ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Without a doubt: James Hunter is THE most popular person I've interviewed to date! He's so hot...we had to schedule this 2-hr show because the first 1-hr show was filled with his admirers who bombarded the switchboard to the point I couldn't get in an actual interview! If you hear this interview you'll understand why: every day he faces insurmountable obstacles and never complains! I'm very privileged to have had the pleasure to interview him. http://bit.ly/pCjJhT ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Thanks for a friend of mine who absolutely adores Euge, I was strong-armed into this one...but it was well worth it. We had a few technical glitches in the beginning - but that's never stopped me before: http://bit.ly/mhL1TK ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ This singer and actress is a firecracker! So lively, enthusiastic and just "up" with life! I adore her. Find out why: http://bit.ly/komijl ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ A man who is passionate about New Orleans! He does the city proud. Unfortunately I decided to 'try something new' which botched the first TWO MINUTES of the show. Thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown when I couldn't get the audio right. I was like, "Oh, Lord!" Totally forgot I was on the air! Hear my most embarrassing interview to date: http://bit.ly/lqmIZ6 ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ This man did EXACTLY what he claimed: He started a nationwide campaign to travel the country and visit a school in every city he would perform in. Truly a man of integrity. http://bit.ly/k2qr7b ” - jbfreelancewriter
André Joseph
Staten Island, NY native Andre' Joseph had a love for movies from a very early age. He began his career making short films with family and friends on home video. Mr. Joseph attended the New York Film Academy summer program in 2001 where he first gained experience working with 16 millimeter film and...
“ Writer/director Andre Joseph shared some great insight into the endeavors of a first-time director. With several films now to his credit - he's the one to follow! http://bit.ly/meI4kl ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Actor, model and hip/hop artist. Chaysen now goes by the name "Chaysen Stylefreer" (or SF for short). The name says it all: be the YOU you're meant to be. Don't limit yourself. http://bit.ly/jvkUgN ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ BET.com's co-host and producer of its original hit "Travelista" and actress (Jury of Our Peers).

A REMARKABLE woman who truly has a vision for herself, her business and her brand. I was really humbled by her knowledge of...well...everything! http://bit.ly/iY3jnK ” - jbfreelancewriter
Jean Senelier
Cinematographer, Burned
“ In June 2011, cinematographer Jean Senelier was obviously fed up! And he wasn't ashamed to talk about: http://bit.ly/jebJnJ ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ One of my best interviews to date (no offense to my previous guests). Perhaps best known for his role as Dr. Preston Burke on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, actor, activist and author ISAIAH WASHINGTON talked about his new book “A Man From Another Land.” It was a WONDERFUL and insightful experience - for me as well as my listeners.

Hear it in its entirety here: http://bit.ly/pwRJ8d ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Shavar Ross (featured in Diff'rent Strokes, Family Matters, Chicago Hope, Benson, The White Shadow, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Magnum PI, and much more) shared his story of growing up in Hollywood - even becoming emancipated at age 15!

It was a great interview and you can hear it here: http://bit.ly/sAW6Of ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Almayvonne Dixon is among the busiest women in the biz! Actress, writer, director -- she's done it all! Starting out on In Living Color, Dixon went on to appear in the film Mo' Money with Damon Wayans, as well as the hit TV series Martin with Martin Lawrence, and The Jamie Foxx Show, to name a few.

http://bit.ly/uK0iAd ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Black has written four films, most notably “Call for Backup,” which was recently accepted in the Black Film Festival! “Call for Backup” is a dark comedy that tells the story of a vain, less-than-talented “star” on the rise. We had a ball on this call: http://bit.ly/nEbY3J ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ "The Therapist" is fast becoming one of the hottest web series on the 'net. I had the pleasure of interviewing most of the cast during this segment. WE HAD A BLAST! After listening to this interview you'll know why it's so popular: http://bit.ly/mVrlDl ” - jbfreelancewriter