Notable CU-Boulder Filmmakers

Notable directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, writers and composers who have studied or taught at The University of Colorado at Boulder.
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Trey Parker
Trey was born in Conifer, Colorado, on October 19, 1969 to Randy Parker, a geologist, and Sharon Parker, an insurance broker. He has an older sister, Shelley Parker. He met Matt Stone (co-creator of South Park) while attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he had a double major of music and Japanese...
“ Trey was actually expelled from CU, but he still ended up in the University of Colorado's 'Hall of Excellence.' ” - tgreenburg
“ Master of experimental cinema and the late professor of Film Studies at CU. ” - tgreenburg
Robert Redford
Actor, The Sting
Charles Robert Redford, Jr. was born on August 18, 1936, in Santa Monica, California, to Martha (Hart), from Texas, and Charles Robert Redford, an accountant for Standard Oil, who was originally from Connecticut. He is of English, Scottish, Cornish, and Irish ancestry. Robert's mother died in 1955, the year after he graduated from high school...
“ Briefly attended CU. ” - tgreenburg
Derek Cianfrance
Derek Cianfrance began making movies at age 13. He later attended The University of Colorado where he studied under avant-garde film legends Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon. His first three films, 'Five O'clock Shadow', 'Raw Footage', and Brother Tied, won consecutive Goldfarb Awards for best film...
Michael Lauter
Director, Spectrauma
Award-winning motion picture director Michael Lauter began making short Super8 films at the age of ten and further experimented with image, sound and music throughout his junior high and high school years. In college he studied film and engineering. In 1990 Michael played keyboards in the industrial music group Creeping Eruption...
Monty Miranda
Monty Miranda is a director, writer and producer. He was born at Hahn Air Base, Germany. He began his post high school studies at the Air Force Academy and after six challenging months and one easy decision; he resigned and enrolled at the University of Colorado to study filmmaking and journalism. Mr...
Robert Muratore
Cinematographer, The Frame
Eric Stough
Animation Department, South Park
Chris Graves
Cinematographer, Cannibal! The Musical
Chris Graves has been making animated and live action movies since he commandeered his neighbor's super-8 camera at the age of nine, and doing photography since building his own pinhole camera at age 11. He studied at the University of Colorado, concentrating on cinematography after studies in computer science...
Glenn Miller
Soundtrack, The Aviator
Alton Glenn Miller was born on March 1, 1904, in Clarinda, Iowa; the son of Lewis Elmer and Mattie Lou Cavender Miller. He started his music studies when his father gave him a mandolin. He soon traded the mandolin for an old horn. In 1916 he switched to trombone. In 1923, he enrolled in the University of Colorado...
“ Teaches Film at CU. ” - tgreenburg
“ Amazing professor and writer. Author of 'Mindscreen.' ” - tgreenburg
Carl Fuermann
Camera and Electrical Department, Im Spiegel der Maya Deren
“ Woefully overlooked experimental filmmaker. He creates stunningly beautiful hand-processed films. Was a student of Stan Brackhage. ” - tgreenburg
Jasper Gray
Cinematographer, Uncle Jack
“ Known for his commerical work. ” - tgreenburg
Dalton Trumbo
Writer, Spartacus
Dalton Trumbo, the Oscar-winning screenwriter, arguably the most talented, most famous of the blacklisted film professionals known to history as the Hollywood 10, was born in Montrose, Colorado to Orus Trumbo and his wife, the former Maud Tillery. Dalton Trumbo was raised at 1124 Gunnison Ave. in Grand Junction...