Famous People I've Met

by David C. Bohn | created - 09 Mar 2011 | updated - 22 May 2012 | Public

In alphabetical order, Celebrities I've met, however briefly.

1. Claude Akins

Actor | Rio Bravo

Broad-shouldered and beefy Claude Akins had wavy black hair, a deep booming voice and was equally adept at playing sneering cowardly villains as he was at portraying hard-nosed cops. The son of a police officer, Akins never seemed short of work and appeared in nearly 100 films and 180+ TV episodes ...

Shook his hand, and talked with him, briefly, during a visit to Little Rock, back in the mid-70s, while in town to promote Kenworth trucks, during his run on 'Movin' On'.

2. Pat Buttram

Actor | Robin Hood

The son of a circuit-riding Methodist preacher in rural Alabama, Pat Buttram became one of America's best-known comic entertainers. He left Alabama a month before his 18th birthday to attend the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. An announcer from radio station WLS was on hand to interview members of the ...

Met and spoke with him, at length, during the 1984 Memphis Film Festival. Very friendly and talkative. Pretty cool ol' dude!

3. Rory Calhoun

Actor | Motel Hell

Rory Calhoun was born Francis Timothy McCown in Los Angeles, the son of Elizabeth Cuthbert and James McCown. Rory starred in over 80 films and 1,000 television episodes. Before becoming an actor he worked as a boxer, a lumberjack, a truck driver and a cowpuncher. Tall and handsome, he benefited ...

Met and talked with him during the filming of 'Revenge Of Bigfoot', in Texarkana, back in 1978. Had my picture taken with him, and have a 5x7 black and white print of it on my nightstand, to this day. I was in the movie, too, but I'm pretty hard to spot.

4. William Campbell

Actor | The High and the Mighty

William Campbell was born on October 30, 1923 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. He was an actor, known for The High and the Mighty (1954), Star Trek (1966) and The Breaking Point (1950). He was married to Tereza Pavlovic, Barbara Bricker and Judith Campbell Exner. He died on April 28, 2011 in Woodland ...

Another one I met at the '84 Memphis Film Fesitval. Nice guy, and very friendly.

5. Bill Clinton

Self | The War Room

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas, to Virginia Dell (Cassidy) and William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., a traveling salesman. His father died in a car crash three months before Bill was born. He was raised by his grandparents for four years while his mother was in ...

Shook his hand, and spoke to him briefly, on two separate occasions (Before he became President).

6. Walt Garrison

Self | First Cowboys

Walt Garrison was born on July 23, 1944 in Denton, Texas, USA as Walter Benton Garrison.

A real Texas cowboy,as well as a Dallas Cowboy, I met the former star running back at the Fort Worth Gunfight And Stunt Competition in 1983. He gave me a sample tin of Skoal Bandits.

7. Hal Holbrook

Actor | Into the Wild

Hal Holbrook is an Emmy- and Tony-Award winning actor who is one of the great craftsman of stage and screen. He is best known for his performance as Mark Twain, for which he won a Tony and the first of his ten Emmy Award nominations. Aside from the stage, Holbrook made his reputation primarily on ...

Met him when I auditioned for a movie he was set to direct, back in 1991. But, the project fell through.

8. Bill McKinney

Actor | First Blood

Bill McKinney, the movie and television character actor who was one of the great on-screen villains, was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on September 12, 1931. He had an unsettled life as a child, moving 12 times before joining the Navy at the age of 19 during the Korean War. Once, when his family ...

Met and talked with him at the Memphis Film Festival, back in '84. Still have his autographed picture, somewhere.

9. Mike Nichols

Director | The Graduate

He, along with the other members of the "Compass Players" including Elaine May, Paul Sills, Byrne Piven, Joyce Hiller Piven and Edward Asner helped start the famed "Second City Improv" company. They used the games taught to them by fellow cast mate, Paul Sills 's mother, Viola Spolin. He later ...

Met him when I auditioned for 'Biloxi Blues', back in 1987. He told me I was good, but didn't cast me.

10. Charlie Sheen

Actor | Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3, 1965, in New York City. His father, actor Martin Sheen (born Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez), was at the time just breaking into the business, with performances on Broadway. His mother, Janet Sheen (née Templeton), was a former New York art ...

Had a couple of brief scenes with him in the road comedy 'Three For The Road', back in 1986.

11. Clint Walker

Actor | The Dirty Dozen

Clint Walker was born Norman Eugene Walker in Hartford, southwestern Illinois, to Gladys Huldah (Schwanda), a Czech immigrant, and Paul Arnold Walker, who was from Arkansas. Walker almost single-handedly started the western craze on TV in the 1950s as Cheyenne Bodie in Cheyenne (1955). Growing up ...

Met the big guy during the Fort Worth Gunfight And Stunt Competition, back in 1983. He was one of the judges.

12. Sean Young

Actress | Blade Runner

Mary Sean Young was born on November 20, 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Lee Guthrie (née Mary Lee Kane), an Emmy-nominated producer, screenwriter, public relations executive, and journalist, and Donald Young, Jr., an Emmy award winning television news producer and journalist. ...

She came to a cast party for a play I appeared in, back in 1985, and I talked to her briefly.